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4 September 2002

From: Jess B.

Subject: Haunted House


My name is Jess...I had been out one day ghost hunting in a house that was supposedly haunted and I took some pictures and one of them had balls of light on...so when I blew it up...I saw that there was a face in the background.
   But while I was in the room taking pictures I couldn't leave...and I happened to look down and see something on the floor and when I picked it up it was a penny with a cross cut out of it.
  So I picked it up and kept it.... and then I snapped a picture...and in the picture it looks like the "ghost" is holding it's hand out...
 my question to you is that...could the penny have been used in some sort of exorcism or something is there like a connection between copper and ghosts?

 I am afraid that I perhaps interfered with some exorcism that the penny might have been put there in the doorway to keep something in there... and I might have let it out. It would be very helpful if you could give me any information on this. Also is it possible to bring ghosts back with you?
Iíd really appreciate any information you could give me on this subject
thank you



4 September 2002

From: Jeff Davis

TO: Jess B.

Subject: Haunted House


It seems possible that someone could have used a penny or more likely several pennies for an exorcism.  The way exorcisms work is for the person performing the rite to have something to concentrate on.  Something that moves the spirit out, or traps it within some boundaries.  Priests use holy water, some shamans use burning sage.  Oriental Buddhist priests "fan" the spirits out of the house.  In the late middle ages, they imprisoned spirits within pentagrams, or glass bottles or chests.  It rings a kind of bell, where someone drew a circle in coins, with the proper "signs" on them.  That may account for the crosses on your penny.  Was there more than one?

I did a visit at a Catholic girl's orphanage last Halloween.  When I visited, I came with a reporter, his photographer and a psychic.  While we were there, Janet, my psychic detected the presence of boys as well as girls.  There was a boarded over storage closet, where Janet said she detected the spirit residue of a traumatic event, events.  Where a priest had taken small girls into the closet and molested them. 

This was borne out later, after the article was published.  Two elderly women who told him that they had been orphans, and had been molested by a priest contacted the reporter.  They also said that during WWII, boys had also been kept there too.

While Janet was doing her readings, she detected the spirit of a little English boy.  She said that the boy was fascinated with the reporter, who was also English.  When we left, she performed a cleansing ritual, with burning smudge; to make sure no spirits attached themselves to any of us.  It didn't work.

Sometimes ghosts are attracted or attached to objects, such as a favorite piece of furniture, or people who remind the ghost of their living experiences.  In this case, when the reporter, Paul drove home, he had immediate happenings.  He was unpacking his car in his gravel driveway.  He could see inside the car fairly well by the light of a power quartz spotlight.  While he was unpacking, he heard footsteps crunching along the gravel driveway behind him.  He turned round quickly, but there was no one there.  The light illuminated the entire driveway.  There is no way someone could have snuck off without being seen.

Over the next few nights, he was not able to sleep.  He said that he kept dreaming about a little boy sitting at the foot of his bed, staring at him.  Paul also said that for some reason, his entire house seemed darker, even though he had all the lights on.  For some reason, the normal shadows seemed even darker.

I found all this out about a week after the orphanage visit.  Janet called me and told me to call Paul... and ask how he was sleeping.  That's when Paul told me all of these happenings.  It surprised both he and I that Janet knew what was happening.  She drove down and performed another exorcism smudging and actually took the spirit away with her.  She tried to send the little boy on to another plane of existence.

So, yes, I believe that ghosts or some spirit energy can follow someone home.  I suggest you take the penny back where you got it.  And leave it where you found it. It may not help, but it wouldn't hurt if you concentrated real hard and prayed to whatever spirit being you hold sacred, that whatever was attached to/ or kept in place by the spirit, stay there.  If it makes you feel more comfortable, some sacrament or focus, like burning sage or Holy water would help.  It may sound strange, but I believe that it is not the trappings that make an exorcism successful, it is the faith the person has that seals the ritual.

I would be interested in hearing if this is successful and seeing copies of your photos if you have the time to scan and send me copies.  If you are located in Washington or Oregon, Janet or another psychic friend of mine might be interested in helping you.


Jeff Davis



5 September 2002

From: Jess B.

Subject: Haunted House

The house was a condemned house and it was falling apart and stuff...and I didn't see any other penny's but I could have missed them...I wasn't really looking I only saw that one because I just happened to notice it. I took pictures of all the rooms or what was left of the rooms because they were all falling down and rotting.

The story behind the house was supposedly a bunch of people went crazy in there and people were murdered. And if you go in and you go to the third floor...you can feel that there is something not good in that house. Like I was terrified to walk up there... and that's where I got the picture from on that floor. I felt really safe in that room but at the same time it was like I was knew there was something in their cause I just couldn't leave it was very strange.

I had also brought along my younger sister and a friend of mine and as soon as we got to that room my friend's digital camera died as well as mine...but I had a spare set of batteries in my pocket. And when we got back outside his camera worked again. Iíve read instances where paranormal activity has affected the energy of like equipment and such.

I do have the picture still it's in my other email I will forward that to you also...I live in Pennsylvania not Washington or Oregon. I saw your website and I had some questions.
See I was going to take the penny back and I tried to like a couple weeks ago...I went with some other friends back to the house but when we got there...there was no house. Someone must have ordered it to be torn down because it's not there anymore.
Iím concerned I brought it back because there is something really bad in my house. Iím prone to feel strange on occasion when there is spirits around...and I know when there is something bad lurking...because I can feel it. I don't think that the ghost I got in the picture was bad I think there were 2 of them.

Iíd like to hear your opinion on the picture.





Date: 5 September 2002

From Jeff Davis

To: Jess

Subject: Haunted Cabin

Hi Jess,

Thanks for the added information and the pictures. There are two reasons I hate digital cameras. One is that they use a lot of battery power, and often go funny in haunted houses. The other is that sometimes it's hard to blow stuff up on them. Oh and the third is that there are no negatives, so people always claim you faked the photo with a software program.

You've definitely got an unexpected figure in your photo. If it had been the same shade or color as the background, I would have suggested there was a software error creating it out of background pixels when you blew it up. I don't think that is the case. I think it's really there. It was not there when you took the photo, right? Just checking.

That doesn't solve your dilemma though, does it? I did forward your email and my response to a couple of psychic friends. One of both of them may email you with suggestions. I recommend you take the penny back to the property and bury it on the old house site with the best wishes of who ever or what ever is attached to it. You might also ask them to not follow you home. Maybe take someone elseís car and don't go directly home.

I suggest this because someone else who I have consulted with lived in a house where he was chased out. He returned after a month to collect his stuff, and the entity traveled part of the way with him. He stopped along the way and waited and it faded away. I hope that helps rather than scares you more. Please let me know what you intend to do.




Date: Sun, 8 Sep 2002 07:31:17 -0600

From: Sue G.

Subject: Haunted Cabin

I just moved from a cabin built circa 1861 in Denver, Colorado.  I had many strange occurrences that happened, but I'm not sure I should use the words "Haunted Cabin", out of the 6 years I lived there, I heard footsteps, saw a woman in Victorian clothing walk across the room and out a wall that led to the backyard, heard a childís laughter in my living room when no one was around in the middle of the night, saw a man with glowing eyes stand in front of my garage and watch me hang clothes on the line, and many funny incidents also.

I had volunteered to make "deviled eggs" for the company picnic. I don't know why I did this, as I had never made them myself before!! I looked up a recipe on the Internet and bought the ingredients. The morning I was preparing to make them, I was standing in my kitchen and heard a woman softly say "Boil the eggs for 15 minutes...carefully cut the eggs in half and scoop out the yolk...She walked me through the entire recipe, then told me I should clean up after myself!! (Who needs a cook book?)

On another occasion, I was putting clothes in my washer in the garage, and I started coughing. I suddenly heard a man say "That doesn't sound good!! You had better quit smoking or you will end up like me!!!" He then tugged on my shirt sleeve!! I quit smoking a few months later (That encounter was very effective!!)

I found out my property was a trail that the early settlers use to travel. The cabin was built right on the trail, and many people had died right there while fighting over the land. It had started out as a ranch with cattle. Sometimes you could smell cattle (maybe in the soil)

With everything that happened, it didn't happen on a daily basis. Sometimes it would be months before something happened. It always caught me and my son off guard.

Thank you for listening



Date: 9 September 2002

From: Candice E.

SUBJECT: Haunted House


Hello Jeff,

I know 4 brothersí who were 'harness makers' built this house, but supposedly never lived here!! My shed was a stable for horses. This place is freaky. My cat, who is called 'Panther', pure black & sleek, went into the dining room the day we were moving in. She is not your normal 'domestic house cat'. She has a wild streak in her. I believe there is 'panther blood' in her, not kidding. Anyway, she was half way into the dining room; she let out this unbelievable hissing wail like a cry of anguish, & turned around & ran out the kitchen door!!!

My friend saw her also. I told him, "See Mark, she smells that 'death smell' just like me!" He still couldn't smell it!!!! I heard that burning incense in every room can help drive out spirits. Is that part of the cleansing? My boyfriend and I are fighting. It is draining both of us. I wonder if some spirit has entered me? My bedroom is upstairs, it's small. No telling who slept in this room!! AAHHH, I'm freaking myself out again.

I let my imagination go wild, or do I????? (in fact, I don't sleep in this room. I sleep in our big bedroom next door. I don't feel comfortable in this room, & it's not the BED). You have really helped me. I know there are spirits, & another 'side'. Some people aren't ready to go.

I almost forgot, my father's spirit entered me when he died. He died over night of an aneurysm in his stomach. It was a traumatic death, 5 surgeons couldn't save him. His dying words to his good friend were, "Make sure Candice takes care of Helme." Helme is my mom, his wife. She is still alive. I wonder if my dad's spirit is back??? I think that is it!!! My bedroom set was his motherís, my grandma's. That could explain why I don't feel comfortable in the bed. He wants me to feel uncomfortable.

I sound crazy I'm not. I wonder if the death smell was my father? He died May 3rd, 2000. My mom helped me buy this house. She is part owner. We moved in on 'fathers day', 2001!! I think he is the spirit. I thought he was gone, but NO WAY!!!




Date: 22 September 2002

From: Robin H.

Subject: Ghosts of Oregon

Your website is very interesting!

We've recently moved from the Bay Area to the Cedar Flat neighborhood of Springfield, Oregon. Ghosts and the supernatural have always intrigued me as I experienced a haunting phenomenon as a teenager. I'm anxious to learn more about Oregon's ghostly history and hope to participate in this type of investigation in the future myself.

Interestingly, my youngest child was photographed with two different cameras at a Chuck E. Cheese birthday party in San Jose several years ago. The pictures all came back showing vortices to his side. We only recently heard that the ghost of a young girl supposedly haunts the third floor of that building, which is where my son happened to be when the pictures were taken.

Thanks again for your fascinating site!

Robin H.



Date: 27 September 2002

From: D. C.

Subject: Vancouver Barracks


Your pages are truly awesome. I just recently moved back home after a year of duty at the Vancouver Barracks. I would suggest you update your material. I was there a few months before anyone told me of any "hauntings". It was not long before nearly everyone had advised me of their own personal or hand-me-down story.

I had the west end of the National Guard Recruiting Offices. There were many times before Sept. 11th and the fencing went up that I would drop an applicant off at Recruit Medical Facility and returned to use the bathroom in the basement - only to hear someone walking around upstairs. I would hurry upstairs to find nothing. I was concerned due to the fact my laptop was upstairs and office unlocked.

There was another incident in which we had a young soldier in the middle office. We advised him to keep any individual below the rank of Colonel. out of our offices. Later he explained that he swore someone was in my office, as he heard papers shuffling around on my desk.

The guard force also has many stories about the buildings as they would have to walk the grounds and secure the buildings/shut off lights. There was one incident where all of the wall lockers in our bathroom were violently opening and closing. The installation had already been cleared and there were no personnel except for the guard force. The individual that encountered the event quit.

On the other side of the building there is also a basement bathroom. There are previous full-time personnel that swear to this day that some entity placed a hand in the middle of their shoulders while they were relieving themselves. It does not occur just there. I would occasionally feel what seemed like a fly or gnat landing on the side of my flat-top haircut. Eventually it came to happen so often, I just ignored it as a phantom feeling - only to reflect and realize it may have been exactly that.

I had a Saturday that I had to finish up paperwork on one soldier. Upon returning, I was the only one in the building. I could smell aftershave really strong in the west classroom above the bathroom. I pulled the double doors closed and started to close my office door. As I did, the other doors would slightly squeak open. I slowly opened my door and the double doors would close. I repeated this several times and got the same response and attributed it to the air-pressure changes. That was until I tried it one last time and instead of the double doors closing upon my door opening, they opened full shoulder width and stayed open.

There are also many stories about Mikey Pikey and his story of living in the building. And being awakened by what sounded like hundreds of soldiers scrambling for a roll-call. He opened the door and it was icy-cold and though he could hear the sounds, he saw nothing. This is the same side that the guard force radios would automatically have a "hotmike" when they entered the area. Our building would do it every time regardless of handset carried.

The maintenance techs would be really good sources of info also as they have been there for nearly 20 years. I encountered a smoke smell one evening and went through the entire building and it was specifically in and just outside my office. I have a witness to this and later, I found that there had been a fire in the building the killed a few soldiers. Eventually, we had a digital camera up in the attic where there are still charred rafters and we had photos of the white orb you mention.

Well, hope to be of some assistance - 



Date: 6 October 2002

From: Aaron D.

Subject: Strange Encounter in Cannon Beach, OR


Me and my girlfriend stopped by the side of Highway 101 in Cannon Beach and we were getting "intimate" when all of a sudden a man covered in bandages and smelling like rotten flesh flung open the door of my car and pulled my girlfriend out and started attacking me. I was lucky to get him off of me. I kicked him off and he started running down the road. I never saw him again but the next morning I checked the inside of my car and it still smelled like burning flesh and I bent over my back seat and I found a piece of what looked like part of the man's bandages. Can you tell me what I saw?


Aaron Davey



Date: 26 October 2002

From Cindy C.

Subject: Growing upÖ

Just a story to add to the many you probably get.

Growing up in La Grande, OR, my parents and I lived in a very old house that must have had an interesting history, though I've never researched it. There are a few things that happened to me, and a few of my friends over the years, that I'd like to share.

First and foremost, I always used to tease my friends about my 'pet ghost' that I kept in the attic. I was too young to remember if I actually experienced anything out of the ordinary, but when I was in high school, I most certainly did.

1: One morning, I was rinsing conditioner out of my hair in the kitchen sink. The sink being stainless steel, I couldn't hear much of anything clearly, so I made sure all the doors were locked. I was a very paranoid child. :) Both parents being gone at work, and not due home for hours, I heard the front door suddenly slam shut, and felt more than heard heavy footfalls coming into the kitchen. Now, we all know that feeling that -someone- is watching you, behind you...but usually, when you turn around, there's someone there. I turned...there was no one.

No big deal! I was fine, I convinced myself it was the water running, my imagination, something else. But as I put the towel around my head, making myself a turban of sorts, I heard, very loudly, very clearly: ĎCINDY.í Mhmm. I stayed in the living room until my mother got home from work. Did she believe me? No.

2: I was napping in my parent's bed. The stairs leading to the second story of the house are in their bedroom, with a wall separating them from the room, rather than just a banister. I was lucky enough to be roused from my sleep by a woman humming at me.

3: There were other things that happened, little things. No one ever believed me, because I was always alone when it happened. Finally, one night, a friend of mine was with me in our living room. Upstairs (where my bedroom was, but no one else's, I'm an only child), we both heard a heavy *THUD*, followed by running footsteps from the front of the house, to the rear. Another loud *THUD* shook the house, and it was gone. Finally! Someone else heard what I'd been hearing.

4: Other things happened, of course. But this was by far the funniest. A few years later, I was visiting friends in Indiana, when I received a phone call from my mother. We chatted, but she sounded a bit...odd. Finally, she said, 'I got a visit from your friends.í I asked her who, thinking it was someone from college, old high school buddy, something. 'You're ghostie friends,' she replied. Apparently she heard them walking around upstairs, enough to prompt a call to the police. They surrounded the house and searched it, to find no one. My mother, who for YEARS had thought I just had an active imagination, finally learned her lesson.

I have other friends who have told me they felt odd things in the house. Felt they were being watched, felt coldness, a presence, what have you. But those, I feel, are the most entertaining. Thank you so much! Your site is great. :)

Cindy C.

Portland, OR. Formerly La Grande, OR.

(Sure, you can add my email, if you like)

Cindy C" <KrystalTurtle@msn.com>





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