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124 pages of illustrated of stories of hauntings from Vancouver, Washington

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Vancouver USA Ghosts Volume I

Vancouver, Washington, known to some as Vancouver USA is one of the oldest cities in the Pacific Northwest.  Founded as the Hudson's Bay post of Fort Vancouver in the 1820s, a small town quickly grew up around it.  In the 1840s, American settlers began arriving, and in 1849, the U.S. Army came,  establishing the Vancouver Barracks.  Although the army left in 2011, many of its old soldiers remain, and have not faded away.  

There are many stories from the Vancouver Barracks, such as the ghostly sentry who haunts the Parade Ground.  There is General Alfred Sully, and the many other resident ghosts at the Ulysses S. Grant House.  There are also the spirits along Officers Row, such as the ghostly nanny of Windemere Realty, mentioned in Haunted History: Northwest, and the other buildings, such as the Post Hospital, built in the early 1900s.

There are many stories from downtown Vancouver's historic core, including the buildings lining Main Street, Esther Short Park, and several of downtown's historic homes.  Stories include the Slocum House Theater, visited by the TV show, The Dead Files. There are also several stories of haunted houses, where the author hid the location, to protect current tenants.  

This book retails for $12.95, and has 124 pages, with over a dozen illustrations. Some of the locations in this book are mentioned in Jeff Davis' earlier books.  However, he has updated the original stories, to include recent hauntings, as well as newly discovered historic facts.  There are many locations that will be new to readers of Jeff's previous books.  

Table of Contents

Introduction,   Revised and revisited stories - Ockham's Razor

Ghosts and Hauntings,   What is a ghost and ghostly etiquette?

Vancouver USA,  A brief history of Vancouver

Vancouver USA Ghosts,    Ghosts in downtown Vancouver

Hidden Haunted Houses,   Anonymous haunts

History of the Vancouver Barracks

Parade Ground Ghosts

Officers Row,  Historic Haunted Houses

South and West of the Parade Grounds,  The remaining haunts



191 fully illustrated, fully bound pages of anecdotes and hauntings from Washington and Oregon.

-=| $12.95 |=-

Table of Contents

Introduction What is a ghost? | Chance and coincidence vs. the paranormal | Ockham's Razor

Native American Ghosts Sacred Mountains| Burial grounds and ghostly guardians | Chief Umtuch and Tum Tum Mt. | Shamans and spirits

The Portland Basin Battle Ground | Cornelius | Portland | Vancouver | The Vancouver Barracks

Western Oregon Salem | Springfield

Western Washington and the Puget Sound Bellevue | Centralia | Everett | Fort Lewis | Morton | Olympia | Port Townsend | Renton | Seattle | Skyhomish | Steilacoom | Tacoma | Whidbey Island

Eastern Washington Colbert | Spokane

The Columbia River Gorge Stonehenge near Goldendale | Grants Pass | Troutdale

Eastern Oregon Baker City | Pendleton | Seneca

The Northwest Coast Astoria | Bandon | Newport

Strange Critters Mythological Native American critters | Bigfoot: Early explorers, kidnapping, doubts about Bigfoot on film | the sea monster named "Claude" | a spirit snake|

Some Thoughts on Ghost Hunting Natural phenomena mistaken for hauntings | Infrasounds | Summoning the dead through music | Psychic fraud and spiritualist churches | scrying or visions

190 fully illustrated, fully bound pages of anecdotes and hauntings from Washington and Oregon.

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Table of Contents

Introduction What is a ghost? | Chance and coincidence vs. the paranormal | The stream of time|

Native American Ghosts Sacred Mountains| Burial grounds and ghostly guardians | Chief Umtuch and Tum Tum Mt. | Shamans and spirits

The Portland Basin Portland | Vancouver | The Vancouver Barracks |

Western Oregon Ashland | Crater Lake | The Oregon Vortex | Salem |

Western Washington and the Puget Sound Bellevue | Centralia | Everett | Morton | Olympia | Port Townsend | Seattle | Skyhomish | Tacoma | Whidbey Island

Eastern Washington Spokane | The Tri-Cities

The Columbia River Gorge The Cape Horn Grange | Hood River | Troutdale | Welches |

Eastern Oregon Baker City | Burns | Shaniko |

The Northwest Coast Astoria | Coos Bay | Newport | Seaview | Tokeland |

Strange Critters Mythological Native American critters | Bigfoot | Cryptozoology | Rain of Salamanders |

Some Thoughts on Ghost Hunting Natural phenomena mistaken for hauntings | Ghost photographs |

222 pages

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This book includes haunted locales which range from hotels, to bed & breakfasts, to restaurants, to museums . In my other books, I only discussed Washington and Oregon. Here, I include haunted places in British Columbia.

It is divided by geographic sections: The first section begins with the southern end of the coast. The listing continues northward through Washington. The next section is southern British Columbia. The guide then moves south, into the Puget Sound. It continues south through the Portland Basin and Willamette Valley, then east through the Columbia River Gorge and eastern Washington and Oregon.

There are nearly 200 locales in this book. They are generally listed in alphabetical order. In the case of cities with several hauntings, such as Seattle, the haunts are divided into sections: Places to Stay; Restaurants, Clubs and Theaters; and Shops, Sights and Sounds.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements . . . 3

Table of Contents . . . 4

About This Tour Guide . . . 5

What is a Ghost . . . 9

The Northwest Coast . . . 11

Yachats , Newport, Depoe Bay,  Lincoln City, Nehalem, Wheeler, Canon Beach, Astoria, Knappton, Seaview, Menlo , Tokeland, Aberdeen, Quinault

British Columbia . . . 42

Burnaby, New Westminster, Port Moody, Vancouver, Victoria

The Puget Sound . . . 68

Bellingham , Everett, Coupeville, Roche Harbor, Orcas, Island, Port Townsend, Renton, Seattle, Snohomish, Skykomish, Steilacoom, Tacoma, Olympia, Centralia,  Silver Lake, Morton

The Portland Basin and Willamette Valley 121

Ashland, Cave Junction, Gold Hill, Wolf Creek, Crater Lake, Salem, McMinnville, Forest Grove, Oregon City,  Portland, Vancouver , Vancouver Barracks, Camas

The Columbia River Gorge . . 184

Cape Horn, Carson, White Salmon,  Goldendale, Trout Lake, Troutdale, Welches , Hood River 

Eastern Oregon & Washington . . 200

Heppner, Frenchglen, Redmond, Pendleton, Baker City, Bend, Spokane, Pasco,Yakima, Ellensburg, Ritzville

Index . . . 217

192 fully illustrated, fully bound pages of anecdotes and hauntings from Washington and Oregon.

-=| $13.95 |=-


Table of Contents . . . . 9


Introduction . . . . . 11

What is a ghost? | Types of ghosts | Ghosts in space and time | Ghost hunting as a science


I Sacred Places. . . . . 22

Messages from beyond | Cape Arago near Coos Bay | Nehalemís Neahkahnie Mountain | Stevenson | Sunnyside


II The Portland Basin . . . 34

Portland | Ridgefield


III Western Oregon . . . 65

Corvallis | Klamath Falls | Keno | Roseburg


IV Western Washington and Puget Sound 76

Bellevue | Fort Lewis | Olympia | Rainer | San Juan Islands | Seattle | Tacoma | Seattle | Whidbey Island


V The Columbia River Gorge and Eastern Washington . . . . 120

Bingen | Kennewick | Selah | Spokane


VI Eastern Oregon . . . . 128

Heppner | Moro


VII The Northwest Coast . . . 134

Aberdeen | Lincoln City | Seaview


VIII Strange Critters . . . . 149

The Rock Lake Monster | Mutant Fish in Oregon | Disappearing Livestock


IX Some Thoughts on Ghosthunting . 154

Paranormal Investigating on the Internet | Linking up with ghosthunters | Ghost Walks | Digital Cameras and ghost hunting | Ghost Orb photographs | White Noise and Electronic Voice Phenomenon | How radio works and White Noise does not


Index . . . . . . 184

96 Pages

-=| $10.95 |=-

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This book is meant to be the first in a series of collected ghost stories from in and around Portland, Oregon.  Volume Iís focus is primarily on historic haunts on the oldest parts of Portland, on the west bank of the Willamette River.  These include stories of lost graveyards, Shanghaii tunnels, and Portlandís many flamboyant personalities.  Most of these locations are now restaurants, bars, office buildings, or other retail stores.  In addition to these places, this volume includes stories on some of Portlandís more famous haunts from other location.  These include the White Eagle Saloon, Pittock Mansion, and the former location of the KWJJ Radio station.

The following stories have appeared in earlier Jefferson Davis books, © 1997 Ė 2001: The Crystal Ballroom, The Benson Hotel, The Heathman Hotel, The Noisy Ghosts of Piggotís Castle, KWJJ is on the Air, and Pittock Mansion.  Some elements of stories from the following places have appeared in other Jefferson Davis works: Old Town Pizza, Dan and Louis Oyster Bar, Kellís Irish Pub, The White Eagle Saloon, © 1997 Ė 2001:

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements.... I

Table of Contents ...... II  Introduction.....  5

Founding Portland and its Ghosts..... 7

Native Americans and diseases traditions * Founding Portland * Shanghai Tunnels * The Oregon Trail * Portland Graveyards South Old Town Portland.....18

Crystal Ballroom * Hotel Vintage Plaza * U.S. Bank Ghost * Benson Hotel * Joe Hillís Ashes * Dan and Louis Oyster Bar * Kellís Irish Pub * Mama Miaís * The Morrison Bridge * Heathman Hotel

North Old Town Portland..... 49

Ericksonís Saloon * Cabaret Lounge * Dixie Tavern * Hoodoo Antiques * Oregon Leather Company * Old Town Pizza* Powellís World of Books

Outside Downtown Portland Proper           70  

Piggotís Castle * KWJJ Radio Station * Pittock Mansion

The Willamette and East Portland..... 76

The Steel Bridge * White Eagle Saloon


Index.....   90  


96 Pages

-=| $9.95 |=-

Jeff Davis wrote this 96 page book in celebration of the Third Annual Pacific Northwest Ghosthunters Conference in Astoria, Oregon, in November 2006. Jeff gathered stories on the Astoria area from his previous books, but also visited Astoria several times, finding new stories of haunted locales.

There are tales of ghostly sailors, still lingering in their old homes, like Captain George Flavel. Then there is Fort Stevens, where old soldiers have still not faded away. At the Liberty theater, perhaps some of the stage ghosts are still active. Astoria burned to the ground not once, but twice, and perhaps a firefighter or two remains watchful at the Uppertown Firehouse Museum. There are strange sea critters, haunted hotels, B&Bís and restaurants, as well as a ghostly lady at Knappton Cove.

In addition to his own experiences, Jeff worked with the Advanced Ghost Hunters of Seattle Tacoma; AGHOST for insight on many of the more spectacular hauntings. These include the Officerís Inn B&B, the Rosebriar Inn, and the Liberty Theater.

Table of Contents

 Foreword        4

 Table of Contents      5

 Chapter 1        The History of Astoria    6

     Native American traditions * Lewis and Clark *  Fur Traders* Fishers and Foresters * 

Chapter 2 Ghost ships and Sea Monsters           16

     Phantom Ships * Peter Iredale * Claude the sea monster

 Chapter 3 Uppertown           25

     Uppertown Fright * Firefighterís Museum *  Ghostly Sailor

 Chapter 4 Astoria and Uniontown           32

     Flavel House * Eagles Lodge * Liberty Theater *  Owens Adair Apartments * Hotel Elliott * Astoria  Heritage  Museum * Cemetery Ghosts * Rosebriar Inn * Victorian Lady * The Lion

Chapter 5 Warrenton and Hammond           67

     Fort Stevens * Officerís Inn

Chapter 6 Other Haunts Nearby           79

     Lamplighter Inn * Knappton Pest House *  Bandage Man * Tillamook Rock Lighthouse

Index           89 .







Copyright © 1996-2001 by Jeff Davis | Maintained by J. Davis