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In recent weeks it has come to my attention that certain parties are using my ghost stories and those of my contributors as references for their own commercial enterprises.  If you or someone you know is writing a for profit book on ghosts in the Pacific Northwest, PLEASE DO NOT!!! copy or use the following stories or any other materials within this website as references without my permission.  

Jefferson Davis (25 April 2003)




FROM:         Tami C.

DATE:          30 July 2004

SUBJECT:   A Fan Letter

 Dear Mr. Davis,

I just wanted to send a short note expressing my delight in your books. So far Iíve only seen for dealing with the Oregon and Washington area. Do you have plans for anymore books? As a fan of your books as well as someone interested in haunted sites myself. I will look forward to any future works.

Tammy C. 


FROM:          Toni S.

DATE:           25 June 2004

SUBJECT:     Welches House

 Hello again ,Mr. Davis,

I wrote you a couple of months ago about a house in Welches, OR. that my friend lived as a child. I thought you were right when you wrote back saying it was the bed and breakfast, but it's a completely different place, that that Mr. Welche built from what I understand it was a toll booth for travelers on the Oregon trail. Itís an intriguing story from what little I read. We are hoping you can get more details for us.





 FROM:         Losh T.

DATE:          25 June 2004

SUBJECT:   Missing Something?

 I couldn't help but notice quite a few places which have been omitted from this site, such as Hot Lake, La Grande park and others. Please get back in touch with me if you would like any information or help on these and others. I have been doing my own investigations for a couple of years now in the Pacific Northwest. 

Losh T. 


FROM:         Jonas G.

DATE:          22 June 2004

SUBJECT:   Ghost Story


In High school of 1998 and 2001 I was dating a girl who was in the Wiccan religion. One weekend while I was staying at her house we were laying down together watch a movie in her brothers room he fell asleep and she was dozing off.  Their rooms were attached by a bathroom which they shared, and the door that always closed by itself, by being off-balanced, or so I thought, so they had it propped open by a 1 gallon glass jug they had filled to the brim with coins.  I glanced over for whatever reason and I saw the jar slide by itself across the floor, and the bathroom door didn't just slowly shut but as if someone pushed it and it slammed shut. 

Surprisingly enough, I just thought to myself..."weird" and fell right asleep.  However the next day when I was the first to wake up I looked over and the wooden door to the bathroom was still shut but the 1gallon glass jar full on coins was right in front touching the door.  I asked her mom, dad, her brother and her if they were up at all the night before, and all of them said no.  Needless to say I was a little creeped out.

Jonas G.  


 DATE:          22 June 2004

FROM:          Jude

SUBJECT:   Native American ghost

In my closet, there is this Native American type ghost, it doesnít talk out loud but I just see it there hanging on a rope.  Once I saw it angry with a knife I've seen it for two years now.  How do I get it to go away?  I left paper in there for it to write on, I came back and it was soaking wet..  Nobody was in the house at the time.  How do I get it to go away?  What can I do?



FROM:         Jodi J.

DATE:          12 June 2004

SUBJECT:    My Ghost story

 About 3 yrs ago, in the middle of July, my boyfriend and I were watching TV in our old apartment.  We had the doors shut to keep the bugs out and we don't have air conditioning, so it was extremely hot in our apt.  All of a sudden the temperature dropped dramatically.  It went from 80 degrees to the point where we had to grab a blanket.  I saw something move out of the corner of my eye.  I looked at Jeremy and asked if he saw that.  We looked over toward the window, and the strings on the blinds were swinging back and forth as if someone had just swung them, sort of like the pendulum on a clock.  This went on for about a minute, then just stopped.  When it stopped, the temperature returned to very warm.

But, it doesn't end there...a few nights later I was asleep in bed.  Something caused me to wake up.  There was a dark figure standing over me.  I thought it was just Jeremy, but when I rolled over, he was sound asleep in the bed next to me.  I never mentioned it to anyone until my neighbor said he was sitting on his couch about a week later, and saw a dark figure standing over his wife as she slept in their bedroom down the hall

FROM:         Jodi J.

DATE:          23 June 2004

SUBJECT:   My Ghost Story

I live in Washougal Washington.  My apartment was built in 1996, and I was one of the first people that moved in.  As far as I know, the property that the buildings sit on used to be duck blinds and hunting grounds a long time ago.  Other than that, I don't know much more than that.  The address of the apartment is on Addy ST Washougal, WA if that helps any. 


FROM:         Jodi J.

DATE:          30 June 2004

SUBJECT:   Apartment

 Hi Jeff. I wound up moving out of the apartment last summer, but not because of the spookables.  You asked if anything else has happened since I wrote last.  No, but the shadowy figure and the cold air are not the only strange things that happened in the old apartment.  I'd come home from work and find all of my collectorís plates turned upside down on the walls.  The only way this is possible is to take them out of the holders and turn them around.  Jeremy and I worked the same shift at the time, so I know it wasn't him, and no one else had a key to the place.  Also, my cat was weirded out several times.  He would be running through the house, then stop dead in his tracks and start hissing, hair standing on end.  Then he would go hide out under the bed in the spare room.  I hear that animals can   spirits.  Is this true?



 FROM:        Summer C.

DATE:          7 June 2004

SUBJECT:   A Fan would like to share her story

 Dear Mr. Davis,

    Hello my name is Summer and I have read all of your books. I'm writing to you because I know of a few northwest stories that I didn't know whether or not you had heard about before. Please forgive me if you already have.  Anyway, there has been a rumor running around my school about the Fort Vancouver High School curse. I had been hearing these rumors for years but they just popped up again so I thought I would tell you about it.

    Rumor has it that since the original building was constructed in the 1930's or so and since then there has been many tragedies connected to the school. Apparently the first victim of the curse was a maintenance man the fell to his death while hanging a basketball hoop. Since then, at least one student or staff member has died each year.

    The school moved to a new building some time in the 70's I think, but even with the move the curse still lingers.   I know it sounds a little silly but I still believe it.

    Another thing I've heard is about the Jantzen beach carousel. Apparently the ghosts of a boy and a girl in 1920's style clothes have been seen through a door at the center of the carousel. I personally have never seen the kids but I have heard about a fire that ravaged the carousel in 1927. Who knows, maybe some kids were playing in the carousel when it caught on fire. Maybe they're the ones who started it. Or maybe this is yet another tall tale that gets eaten up by suckers like me!

    I also wanted to ask you if you had heard any stories about the Orchards Feed Mill. I haven't heard any but I did take a ghost picture there. Itís just an orb photo, nothing special but it did surprise me so I thought I'd ask. Scroll down to see the feed store ghosts. ; )

    Anyway thank you for writing such great books.




FROM:         V.S.

DATE:          7 June 2004

SUBJECT:   Alice Rheem Picture

Do you have any idea where I can find a picture of Alice Goodfellow Rheem - the ghost at Rosario on Orcas Island?  Have been looking for a picture of her on-line but can't find one.  My husband and I just had the pleasure of meeting her this weekend while we were staying at the resort


FROM:         Heather T.

DATE:          6 June 2004

SUBJET:      Haunted Places

Hi my name is heather Torres I am a 15 year old teen that loves ghost and paranormal things I really enjoy your websites so if you can send me some information on places I can investigate?



 FROM:          Nattie S.

SUBJECT:     Hello, my name is Nattie

DATE:            29 May 2004


Iím Nattie S.   Iím 19 years old from Portland Oregon. I have seen some ghost, some very scary like and so really sweet.  How can I join something like what you are in.....I do have a ghost that shows up sometimes but I haven't seen her in a year or so, Sometimes when she is here, she is talking about something but It doesn't really make sense...

Is there away you can help me ???  Please write back

Her later thoughts on the matter, and a question


From:                 Nattie S.


DATE:             2 June 2004

 Well really, I just can't get a hold of my Ghostly friend.  She is normally here for me when i need her, But I haven't see her or heard from her...  Do you think some thing is wrong with her?  I even tried to call her to me with this book all about ghost and looks like a bible.  I tried to do what the book says but still no word from her....................

Is it possible for other ghost to kill another?  Or am I just talking crazy?




FROM:          Natalie S.

DATE:          12 June 2004

SUBJECT:    She is still missing


Well today I just got back from Fort Worth Texas where Reggy once lived, I even went to her broking down home to find her... But there was no sign of her... Just her little brother Todd, he told me Reggy Was killed so fast she doesn't know that she is dead.... He can see her too sometimes and he just acts like she is still alive. But he hasn't seen her for a year or two either.  

I have known Reggy for 14 ages. She came to me one day when I was so scared and only. She promised me she would never leave my side with not telling me.....  Jeff ? I don't know what to do. But I do know one thing when I came home and went to my room, it is the biggest mess I have ever seen in here.  I think  I might have said something to piss her off


FROM:            Megan R.

SUBJECT:       Lafayette Schoolhouse

DATE:             14 May 2004

 While in the basement of the Lafayette Schoolhouse antique mall in Oregon, I had a very strange feeling that someone was either killed or buried there.  I was wondering if you had any information about the schoolhouse.





FROM:            Samantha

SUBJECT:       None

DATE:             13 May 2004

 Hello, I thought I should contact you and hope you don't mind that I used your web page as my favorite link on my website, I have not used it in any other way but as a web site of the "other side" I have used many websites and  hope to have my web page up and running, I really love your site, it is very interesting.  And I hope others like me will visit it from my website.  IT is Great!  Keep up the great work.

Well hope you have a great day!




FROM:            Tim and Veronica

SUBJECT:       Homeward Bound

DATE:             13 May 2004

Hey Guy,

 How's it going?  Bet you canít wait to get yourself back to the good old Pacific N.W.!

We recently went to Portland (the Oregon Governors Conference on Tourism) where we stayed at the Heathman, had drinks at the Virginia Cafe, ate pizza at Old Town Pizza, and tried to eat at Elephant Castle and pub, but it was closed down.  We thought of you often!

They are going to bring in experts to locate the sunken ship at the mouth of Schooner Creek (the Ghost Ship), so that is very exciting.  That will be going on in June, I think...

 Come visit us!  We canít wait to hear your tails!

 Tim and Veronica



 FROM:            Amber S.


Date:                8 May 2004

 Dear Sir,

I have tried to speak with a few people, but no one seems to be able to answer my questions.  I've been looking at your site and decided I had nothing lose by emailing you.  I am hoping you will be able to help.  I have felt spirits all of my life, but I do not understand why there are times when they are always present and other times when I don't feel anything for months.  I have had several experiences through out my life, but the most powerful one was in Portland OR.  I was surprised not to see the Witch's Castle on you site.  Do you only deal with buildings, or do you also look at open places?

Do you know anything about, or do you believe in soul wars?  Do you understand the meaning of dark and light spirits?  I have several other questions, but if this is not your area of study, I do not wish to take your time.  Thank you for reading this letter and have a wonderful day?  :)




FROM:            M. R.

SUBJECT:      Greetings from Salem

DATE:             7 May 2004


 I just wanted to say that I believe that the Spaghetti Warehouse here in Salem is haunted.  This building was a brothel.  At the middle of the staircase to the top landing there is definitely an unusual energy.  You can reach out with your hand and feel it.  There is a very strong feeling of sadness or remorse.  Others who are sensitive have also felt some kind of a presence.  I don't know what goes on but I think it would be worth investigating.


M. R.


 FROM:            Allen

SUBJECT:       Whatís up with you?

DATE:             6 May 2004

 Dear Jeff,

It's me Allen again.  Right now, I am in Honduras I wrote to you about my experience at the barracks.  Well I have a friend stationed here with me, we are going home this July, and he his wife and I are looking into doing some hunts while we where on leave.  Thatís where you come in we where wondering if you had any places in the northwest that you have not yet gone and hunted for ghost yet but wanted to. 

This is where we come in we want to investigate them for you if you don't mind.  I know that one of his in-laws that live in Salem Oregon does hunting but not sure what her name is so I told them that I would contact you to see if you had any places you wanted checked out and we would be more than happy to do that for you.  Besides I think it will be more fun than sitting at home watching TV.  

If you do let me know and I will give you the info on when we will be back in the northwest.  Also, Honduras where I am stationed at has a lot of paranormal activity.  My friend took some pics at Copan Mayan ruins and you see nothing but orbs all around and not just one several.  Just last weekend when I was at a Hondurans house with a friend we saw a door knob turn and open and closed all by itself also some other doors opening by themselves.  But we did not ask our host about it cause those people there take religion way too serious if you ask me and thought that they might take offense to that.  Well I got to go so write back please and let me know if you can hook us up with some hunts this July.  Here are my email addies to contact me.  I also have some pics I took in Ashland that I want to mail you and you tell me what you think about them and caused them if you don't mind later.




FROM:            Nick W.

SUBJECT:      Tri-Cities

DATE:             1 May 2004


Baby graves outside Pasco, sounds have been recorded hearing babies crying and calling out "momma" there is also been reports of baby handprints on the backs of cars that have been out there when they get home.





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