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In recent weeks it has come to my attention that certain parties are using my ghost stories and those of my contributors as references for their own commercial enterprises.  If you or someone you know is writing a book on ghosts in the Pacific Northwest, PLEASE DO NOT!!! copy or use the following stories or any other materials within this website as references.  

Jefferson Davis (25 April 2003)

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DATE:  May 15 2016
FROM:  Mia S.
SUBJECT:  Hi, I am seeing Native ghosts

Hi my name is Mia, I have a story, four years ago I was living in Hayward California I was living with a wealthy man things were not working well with us. One day we were fighting I was looking out the window crying for help I felt helpless I looked across the street to large tree with big branches and leafs? On the largest trunk of tree there were no leaves just long bare trunk on the trunk I saw and black fire burning out of the fire comes out black shadow man. The black shadow man stood in front of the fire rising his hands up to the sky then I realized he had a feathers on head and wearing long dress, he started dancing around fire he was a native! I didn’t know much about natives, I was not scared but curious to what I was seeing after a while he and the fire vanished. I started seeing more things after that viewing I can’t explain and I hear things what does this mean? I have since moved to Vancouver B. C. and have talk to many elders about these visions? I am not native or aboriginal I’m looking for answers no one knows why I’m seeing can you guide to an answer.

Thank you



DATE:  25 June 2016
FROM:  Beverly L.
SUBJECT:  Mouth of the Columbia River

Fort Canby which is located at Cape Disappointment in Illacco Wa. Did some EMF and EVP work. Meant a officer named Henry. Who touched me and gave me chills.



DATE:  9 July 2016
FROM:  Margaret C.
SUBJECT:  Thornewood Update

Hi Jeff,

On a recent two-night stay at Thornewood Castle, I came across not one, but two copies of your "Ghosts, Critters, & Sacred Places of WA and OR III".  I went to Thornewood without much prior knowledge, having never seen the King miniseries, and knowing nothing of its haunted background.  My husband had told me a few very vague tidbits, and the owner, when we met him, declared flat out that the place was "not haunted." 

However, this has been the experience I’ve had at other high-end hotels and bed and breakfast establishments that have a….let’s say checkered past.  I knew he was hiding something, so I started reading the journal entrees in the guest journal of the “Blue Room,” the relatively modest 2nd floor room where we were staying.  Half the people who wrote were at Thornewood solely looking for ghosts; the rest were there for weddings, anniversary commemorations, or romance. 

One sad widow stayed in the Blue Room with hopes of connecting with the spirit of her dead husband.  They had celebrated their honeymoon or an anniversary in the Blue Room, she missed him terribly, and hoped to find him in some way, shape, or form by returning there.  She relived her memories of their time together at "the castle,” and she claimed that she could smell his cologne, but she had no corporal visitations. 

Another person, obviously young and female, insisted that the rocking chair at the end of the hall kept rocking by itself the entire time they were staying.  She also claimed she heard someone running up and down the hall, all of which I took with a big block of salt, seeing her sensationalist writing style. She was a big fan of the King mini series, saw were several of the Blue Room visitors.

As we were the sole guests and given the run of the castle, I do what I always do when in an old, supposedly haunted place.  I roamed about the entire mansion alone with my camera.  I am mostly an open-minded skeptic; I neither believe nor disbelieve, but like a good story and look for evidence. Show me proof, and I’ll entertain the notion.  I don’t usually watch shows where they seek out ghosts using fancy “scientific” equipment.  I know a script when I hear it, and have seen enough of certain ghost-hunting shows to know their formula, and the “beat” of each episode.  I don’t believe ghosts, if they do want to show themselves, generally come when they’re called.  Why on earth should they.  I do, however, entertain the notion that you can catch things on film that you can’t see with the leaked eye, and I’m open to the theory that repeated activities of people long gone can some how be captured, images replayed like a film loop.

    So… I took about 40-50 pictures with my cheap point and shoot camera, and then went back to the Blue Room to look for anomalies.  Lots of dust orbs. (Thanks in your book for clearly explaining what those orbs are and how they’re made. My son-in-law was absolutely right about them just being dust motes reflecting the flash.  Looking through other pictures, I did find two with three-dimensional, blue/green/white objects floating about 2-3 feet off the floor, but one of these pictures was in an old Gold Rush jail cell, floating near my husband’s knee, and the other was on the well-worn stairs at a place that has every right to be haunted, Jamal Haven, a very old and storied retreat that has since been closed, probably for good. That’s another story altogether. The most “haunted" places I’ve visited in CA universally end up closing as they can’t keep staff!)

    In any case, in the Thornewood photos I found many, many dust orbs, and a solid white orb, which on closer inspection turned out to be a ping pong ball in the rather spooky game room on the 3rd floor. While a skeptic, I’ve had an interesting life (too many close brushes with death, including a fall into the Grand Canyon as a child, where my mother literally saved my life by grabbing my hand while I was in mid-air) not to be in tune with things that don’t feel right; changes in temperature, shifts in energy, currents in the air of a room.  I’m extremely sensitive to changes in temperature, and can, without any instruments, detect as little as a one degree change, and usually tell you within a degree the temperature of any place I occupy. 

    So, during my Thornewood walkabouts, I noticed that the music room (the room next to the kitchen) was about 2 degrees cooler than the other first floor rooms, and made me feel very uncomfortable and antsy. I really had a “fight or flee” response every time I walked through there. I happily played the piano in the main hall, but couldn’t touch the one in the music room, I didn’t even feel comfortable enough in that room to explore it further.

This may have been the gun room where Thorne’s son-in-law accidentally shot himself in the head.  (Do know if this is so?)  That room, and the dark game room on the third floor, plus Anna’s rather dark room, were the only rooms that unsettled me.  No, Anna did not peer at me in the mirror or anything.  Nothing at all noted in the supposedly haunted Captain’s Room, though I suspect from my reading, that the room they call The Captain’s Room is now the library.  Thorne’s room would have faced the lake, not the mountain, and the current Captain’s Room is on the same side of the house as Anna’s, facing the mountain (unless “The Captain” was someone other than Thorne himself.) There is a lot of residual energy, also, on the back servants’ staircase, which is chained off, closed, and the stairs unvarnished.  The Rose Red room - nothing but t.v. series paraphernalia.  No vibes of any kind.

The only truly unsettling thing that happened at Thornewood occurred outdoors.  After dinner the second night we decided to go to the Hidden Garden.  In spite of my husband’s warning to avoid the stairs and enter through the level entrance on the left side, I headed directly to the short flight of cement stairs, which I promptly fell down. Hard. For no reason at all. (I am not elderly and have no history of falls!)  I fell down all of the stairs and into the grass, ending up completely flipped over and turned around, facing the house instead of the garden, looking right up at Anna’s windows when I finally came to a stop.  No, I didn’t see her form standing there glowering at me, but I was very unsettled and literally shaken. 

It was the worst fall (other than the Grand Canyon brush with death) that I’ve ever had.  While I had instinctively rolled up in a ball, and thus prevented my head from striking a concrete brick at the base of the stairs, I came away with the biggest, most livid bruise I’ve ever seen on anyone anywhere.  Four hours of intense ice application (in my explorations I discovered all the freezers where ice might be found) did not stop a small watermelon-sized royal purple bruise from forming overnight on the back of my left thigh.  Plus, my back was skinned and bruised, and one elbow cut.  I had fallen so quickly I couldn’t get my hands down to stop my fall, but then again I might have broken a wrist if I had! 

Now, more than two weeks later, that bruise has not quite completely faded, and frightened that it would cause a blood clot when I fly to Ireland (not necessarily to find ghosts - I have a friend who bought a small place in County Mayo), I bought a pair of those heavy, anti-embolism hose to wear on the flight.  I’m also having the giant bruise checked by a doctor next week, and I’m pretty sure it will still be visible, though it will have been 3 1/2 weeks since the fall by then!

So, if you ever do an addendum to your Thornewood Castle account, please add a warning to guests to be particularly mindful on the stairs, and not to use stairs without railings, as I foolishly did.  I had no trouble on the large, 500 year old wooden staircase in the house.  My husband and I do plan to return again in a year or so.  Further exploration is needed.  And maybe a better camera.  We’ll just avoid those railing-less garden stairs!

In any case, as my daughter and her husband recently moved to Vancouver, WA, we’ll be up there a lot in the future.  I’d be interested in going on any ghost hunts or whatnot when there.  Something usually happens when I explore old places.  In fact, I only became interested in ghost-hunting after people started noticing things in my photographs of old buildings.


Margaret C


My response:

Hello Margaret,


Thank you for sharing your amazingly detailed, and intriguing experiences at Thornewood Castle. I hope that since a week has passed, you have continued healing, and your bruise has faded away. I hope you enjoy your trip to Ireland. The further away from the Pacific Northwest I go, the less I know about the paranormal sites in that region. That is true about Ireland, but I do know quite a bit about the haunts in England and Scotland. If you make a trip there and are interested in some haunted locales, I might be able to come up with some background information for you.

To answer your question about the gun room. Yes, Chester Thorne's son in law, Cadwallader (cannot remember last name), shot himself there. He did not die, but survived the attempt. They had to remove his eye, to get to the bullet embedded in his skull. Thorne's daughter waited a decent time, then divorced him, to marry a local Army commander.

I am glad that they keep a guest log now, for people to share their experiences. If you stay at some of the larger McMenamins hotels, the ones that are haunted, they also keep guest logs. The bad thing is, many people have stolen the logs, recording the oldest events. Nowadays, the staff make guests read the log in the front desk area.

I like your open minded skepticism, which is kind of refreshing to me. While I do believe the paranormal exists, I do not believe that every purported haunted locale that I have visited, really is haunted. Or, the haunt is minimal, but urban legends and a bit of sensationalism has blown real events out of proportion.

When the show Rose Red originally aired, the promotions department went a long way to creating a mystique around the concept, and many people thought the place and legend were real. They went so far as to create a website for the fictional college sponsoring the investigation. I got into a heated email exchange with one person, who thought the entire thing was real.

With your permission, I will put your email to me on my website soon. I will remove your email address and last name. I think my visitors will be interested in reading of your experiences. If you are back in the Northwest in August, I will be hosting a paranormal talk and ghost hunt in Seattle, at the Spooked in Seattle location, at the end of the month. Here is a link to their events page. It has not been updated to show the end of the month of August yet.


Best wishes,




DATE:  18 July 2016
FROM:  Margaret C.
SUBJECT:  Thornewood Update

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for your lengthy letter - almost as lengthy as mine.  I had a doctor check out my "Thornewood Bruise" a few days ago, as it's healing, but still there, even after more than three weeks! I wonder if it will become a permanent discoloration to remind me of Thornewood.  It's shaped kind of like Thornewood's Hidden Garden pond.  In any case, after thorough examination the doctor declared me fit for travel abroad, so we're off to Ireland in four days.  

Ireland has a deep, dark history, so if I have any paranormal experiences this summer, I expect them to be there, perhaps at evil King James' Castle in Limerick, which we hope to tour our second day.  We'll also be visiting what's left of Frank McCourt (Angela's Ashes) house and neighborhood, 'though as he was unfavorable in his depiction of Limerick, I gather the Limerick locals do not care much for his writing. In, any caseI'm avoiding all staircases that look dangerous or are without railings, having considered the Thornewood fall a warning. I'm staying away from cliff edges and such, as well as I want to live to enjoy my recent retirement!

Back to Thornewood - is the current "Music Room" (off the main kitchen) indeed the old gun room where Cadwallader shot himself in the head?  That was the only room where I felt truly uncomfortable in the house, 'though I didn't care for the dark pool table/game room much, either.  There are a couple of interesting turn of the century-looking toys in that room, near a window, as well.  

I remember reading about the fact that a lot of people confused the fiction of Rose Red with the nonfiction of Thornewood, and were thoroughly sucked into the Rose Red story. People will believe what they want, I guess.  It's like when I once invented a phony Blondie album for my college newspaper's Lampoon issue, and people kept asking me where they could get their hands on the non-existent album.  

Sure, you can use my email about the Thornewood experience on your web site.  Would you be interested in hearing about any experiences I have in Ireland, or is that too far away from your area? 

I also have some unusual stories to relate about CA Gold Rush establishments that have highly haunted pasts. I'll just say that one former stage-coach stop, The Springville Inn, until its recent closing had at least four distinctive spirits who would scare customers and employees on a regular basis.  As we were the only guests at dinner there one summer evening, the manager/cooked flipped the front sign to "closed" and gave us the ghost tour.

First he took us through the kitchen, where the spirit of an old man who used to sit on a barrel and peel potatoes would trick the manager by flipping off the light switch, leaving the manager in sheer darkness.  

We went on up the steep staircase, where we were to look out for the spirit of a wily miner who was known to pinch the women's tushies, and on to the upstairs "holding room," where they would keep dead bodies on ice during the winter months while waiting for the ground to thaw enough to dig graves (the inn is located in the Southern Sierra's, above Bakersfield).  Supposedly the bodies of a miner who was killed in a duel in front of the inn, and a little girl who died from some mishap, both lay on ice at the same time.  Reportedly they were friends in life (maybe shared a stagecoach ride), and friends in death as well, as their figures were seen walking and talking together around the inn by many patrons. 

The most traditional spirit there was a classic "woman in white," a bride who died at the inn while waiting for her fiancee.  Her spirit is seen floating back and forth outside a few hotel rooms.  

The manager's scariest story was very recent; that summer (about 2012, I want to say).  Two women had stopped by around 10:00 one night as they were too tired to continue their trip into the Sierras.  They had been in their room less than one hour when they appeared back at the manager's front door, screaming and pounding on the wooden panels, their suitcases in tow.  While he never got a straight story from them, they claim they had been"touched" by something unseen in their room.  

He gave them a full refund and they went back down the mountain to Bakersfield (where we eventually spent the night, as I actually wanted to sleep and not have visitors that night). The manager/cook (and perhaps owner) was afraid he might have to shut the inn down, as he couldn't keep employees and visitors kept having unpleasant things happen to them while staying. A year later, by which time I had worked up the courage to spend the night at the inn, it was closed, as I believe it still is today.  You can look it up and see what you find.

Well, that's my story for now.  More will come, I'm sure!  Before a 22 year career as a teacher, I had some short dark fiction stories published, many based on these odd stories I keep hearing!



DATE:  12 August 2016
FROM:  Margaret C.
SUBJECT:  Ireland and Ghost Nights Out

Hi Jeff,

We've been back from our two-week visit to Ireland for about 10 days, and I just saw your book laying about and remembered that I was going to tell you my impressions of spirits in a very old country with a violent, complicated history.  At first I didn't think I'd have anything to report, but you can't stay at a 150-year old renovated western Ireland farm cottage, in the western land of the Great Famine, and not have something to report!

Our first three nights were spent at former Lord's manor house that has been renovated and turned into a posh boutique hotel (One Pery Square in Limerick). Across the street was the beautiful, green People's Park and around the block, in an area less posh was the old school where the famous contemporary Irish author, Frank McCourt (who wrote the award-winning Angela's Ashes), was educated. 

The school was the starting point of the Frank McCourt walking tour (either guided, or self-guided), but the times were not convenient so we never paid the fee for the tour map. A kind soul at the hotel, however, told us the whereabouts of McCourt's local pub, Pub #1, where we had a pint and a toasted cheese and tomato sandwich for supper. The pub is very decorative and full of gold an white froo-froo figurines, which I somehow doubt were there in McCourt's time.

However, we went to the back room, which is like a library full of works of Irish authors from the last 250 or so years.  Somehow I think that's where McCourt would set up camp. We chatted with a business woman who was a regular.  Irish men and women traditionally relax after the work day at their local pub.  They generally don't go there to get drunk; but just relax with a pint or glass (I drink Guinness, but I notice most of the Irish women prefer something paler), and then go home for supper as most pubs don't serve much for supper, but rather serve an elaborate lunch. 

In any case, we sat there in the writer's room, and I got a real sense of McCourt being there with us. I suddenly  wished I had writing materials at hand, and had to settle for filling out a postcard to the States. The fact that the men's restroom door has a sign saying "Frank" and the ladies' room says "Angela" added to the mood.

Nothing really spooky to report about staying in the lush former lord's house, except that we were in the lord's personal bedroom, which was extremely spacious and decorated all in period furniture. (It cost a pretty penny, and would have been too expensive for us had not my dad been paying for our trip!) One had the feeling, however, that the room was holding it's breath, and watching us to see what we would do.

I had a great fear of falling in the bathroom, where the shower was oddly slippery, but survived a bath without mishap. There is no elevator in the old lord's manor house, and we were on the fourth floor with the largest bedrooms (the lord's and lady's separate rooms).  There was no elevator in that, the older part of the hotel, and we were thankful that the bellboy could haul our heavy suitcases up the four flights of stairs.  (The newer section of the hotel, across the central garden and connected by an interior "bridge", has an elevator and more modern rooms.) 

By the way, I asked our original cabby, who met as at 7:00 a.m. at Shannon Airport after our redeye flight, about ghost stories.  He paused significantly before asking if I was interested in ghosts, but refused to answer my questions.  I have the feeling that older Irish people all have at least one ghost story to tell, but they are usually afraid to share it, especially with Americans, as they probably don't want to seem frivolous or superstitious.  However, my friend, Julia, who bought her County Mayo house a year ago, and spends her school vacations there (like me, she's a grade school teacher, although I retired as of this last June), had a few things to say in person about ghosts.

Her cottage, which was originally a poor potato farmer's cottage from the 1850's, was left derelict, without plumbing or electricity for 40 years.  Then an English couple bought it in the late 1980's or early 1990's, added on a kitchen (it had none!), 1 1/2 bathrooms, and moved the old staircase to enlarge the front parlour/living room. They ran the extra building, formerly a granary, as a guest rental unit for several years, but then put the place up for sale about a year and a half ago. Julia bought it for something like $250,000.

We stayed in the Granary, also 150 years old, for 9 nights and there was nothing really extraordinarily at first to report other than during the first night we were suddenly awoken by the very loud lowing of a couple of cows in the field next door. Also, after we had been there about 5 nights (we slept there 9 nights in a row), my husband and I distinctly heard footsteps crunching on the gravel driveway below us, but there was no one there when we looked out the windows, which offered a clear bird's eye view as they're two stories above the driveway.   Julia says she often hears someone walking around outside, night and day, but never sees a soul, unless her carpenter, Mike is there to work, or its Fergis, the neighbor who helps with her vegetable gardening, who brings a couple of his many kids whenever he visits. Julia is not bothered by this mysterious gravel-crunching walker, but I was, a lot!

     In the Plough House Julia said she she could sense a loving, supportive presence, maybe that of her deceased father, who was born in America of two Irish parents.  After the place became hers, she (very wisely, I think!) arranged to have a Catholic mass, or a "station" at her house, inviting all of her country neighbors, with the local village priest officiating.  She transformed her living area into a chapel, bringing in rented chairs, an alter, etc.  The priest led a mass and blessed the house and its inhabitants, after which she served a proper tea. Since her house is blessed, she lives in peace with both her living neighbors and whatever spirits may be lingering.  She says she is aware of a "kindly" presence or presences, and that the house can be very noisy at night.  However, she does not feel threatened by the noises, and no longer investigates them.  By now she is so used to them that she just sleeps through the racket. Note; she kept the original "cooking arm" in the original large fireplace downstairs, and the racket seems to emanate from that area of the house (now the parlor, but formerly the kitchen/parlor) on many occasions.  However, she's so used to it she just accepts it, and it doesn't bother her. (No, she has no pets, nor a husband or roommate, so there is no explanation for all of the noises she hears.)   The Granary, right next door to the house in a separate building, was relatively quiet except for the cows the first night and the crunching footsteps three nights later.

     Julia, by the way, did share two wonderful, specific ghost stories, but they both occurred in her old, historic L.A. apartment.  (It was called Los Altos, and was designed by Julia Morgan, who designed the famous Hearst Mansion in San Simeon, and Hearst's mistress, Marianne Davis, lived a floor below Julia's apartment back in the day). One of Julia's Los Altos ghost stories really scared me.  Her younger sister had just died from cancer, and had been buried just days earlier. Julia was up late, reading in bed, when she heard someone knocking politely at her front door.  Julia's cat, laying on the bed with her, pricked her ears and stared at the front door.  Which proceeded to open by itself.   She heard footsteps approaching, and a childish voice was then heard to say, "Hello?" in an inquisitive voice.  Julia knew it wasn't just her imagination, as her cat puffed up and was reacting to the disembodied voice.  After a while, it was quiet, and Julia got out of bed, closed and locked the front door, which was hanging open, in spite of being locked earlier that night.  Again, Julia had no room mate, husband, or boyfriend.  Her late sister, however, had had a key to her apartment.    Hmmm...  She had another story to tell of a friend who had unbeknownst to her gone into a coma and was in a hospital, yet managed to communicate directly to her and help her make an important decision in her life.  Julia, indeed, seems to be kind of living antenna when it comes to communication with the dead.

In any case, if I compile a collection of Riverside ghost stories (and I already know where to start, the Riverside Mission Inn is ripe with stories), I'd like to know if I could possibly publish through your press.  I don't have an agent or anything at this time,  but I don't really want to go down the traditional road, either.  Small press is fine for me right now.  My last short horror story was published by a dentist who published horror anthologies in his spare time. 

-Margaret C.



 DATE:  27 September 2016
FROM:  Holly M.
SUBJECT:  Winthrop Hotel

I heard from a friend who lives there that not too much has happened but a few years back her boyfriend and herself lived there and he used to throw his hat in the middle of the floor at night and when he would wake up it would be moved.  He did this deliberately.  It never happened when they were awake.  She also mentioned smelling strange perfume when she lived on the first floor.


My friend also spoke of hearing voices talking on the elevator with nobody there.



 DATE:  5 October 2017
FROM:  Asher S.
SUBJECT:  Supernatural phenomena

Hello, Jeff. My name is Asher S. I live in the town of Kelso, Washington and today, I happened to stumble upon a website that was published over a decade ago. If you are still responding to people about Paranormal happenings in the state of Washington, I have many good stories to tell. One that actually occurred just recently was something that took me by surprise. Me and my good friend were walking along an old logging road(perhaps where we should not have been) and after a few minutes of walking, my friend claimed to have heard a noise behind us. He threw a rock in the direction of it and stirred a few birds out of a tree. From then on, I felt as though we were being watched. After a few more moments, we faintly heard a scream but we barely thought anything of it. Then we heard another noise thst stopped us in our tracks. We blamed it on an animal and continued on, eventually reaching a tree line. We decided that the immediate area ahead felt far too ominous and turned back. We got into the car where we conferred with each other and agreed that we both thought that someone or something had been following us from behind and just to the left off the gravel road. We decided to call it a night and go home and the entire rest of the night felt entirely too ominous and the winds that picked up after the encounter sent a chill down our spines. If you are interested in other encounters, I'd be glad to talk with you about them.


Sincerely, Asher S.



DATE:  14 October 2016
FROM:  Melissa
SUBJECT:  Your old camera repair gal acquaintance


Don't know if you remember me But I certainly do you. I use to work for XXX Camera repair and you have me a copy of one of your books which I really have enjoyed. Here is the reason for my email. I am currently living in a restricted access house off of Mill Plain. I am not allowed to give the exact address. The people here have been told it used to be a hospital with a morgue on the bottom level.

My second night here I had a terrible dream of a little girl about 7 or 8 with thick straight blonde hair hugging her legs, rocking at the end of my bed and staring at me with huge black eyes. I awoke immediately and almost ran to the lighted restroom.

Another new resident let me know the other night she has been hearing a male's voice and smelling men's cologne in her room. She had a nightmare as well that a male was inches from her face, staring at her with huge black eyes.

Another gal smells valerian root in her room. There is an unexplainable smell on the bottom floor (essentially where the morgue was) that comes and goes. There are bars on the windows here. We have done some research and think it may have been an old mental asylum.

I want to know what you think about this and if you may have any information. I honestly don't know that I was really dreaming when I saw the little girl. I have never had an experience quite like this. The air is thick here.

There is a child's left hand print on the inside of the quirky elevator that cannot be cleaned off (they have tried; it has been there for as long as the advocates know). Another thing is that I usually take a ton of pictures but have had no desire to here. Just want to know what you think and if you might have any information. Let me know if you get the chance.

Thank you,



My response:

Hello Melissa,

I remember coming into Knight Camera many times, though less lately, because I am not so active in picture taking any longer.  I remember giving some books out there once.  As far as the meaning of your events, and the other woman's, there may be something beyond coincidence to them.  Basically I recommend you try to find out what has happened to you and others, which you have not shared before any incidents or dreams.  Things that no one would have known of before, so they would not be predisposed to have a similar dream or event.  If there are commonalities, which go beyond the laws of probability, then I would say there may be something paranormal involved.  However, I have to also suggest you look at whether this could be natural human psychology.

It may well be that the stress and strain of moving into the homewas so traumatic that all of you have had very vivid dreams, which you remembered because of their emotional intensity.

Then again, smells are hard to hallucinate.  Have more than one of you smelled aftershave, without pointing it out to the others?  If not, again, I would suggest something more than chance or the power of suggestion.

Regardless of the normal or paranormal, it seems to me that you are taking this the best way, as a series of questions to be answered, instead of a mystery to be feared.  I recommend you keep some kind of quick journal or notes on what is happening.  When any event happens, jot down a few quick notes, time of day, who present, what happened, etc.  Over time, you may see a pattern, be it weather related, people related, or does it happen to correspond to events happening in the shelter.

Please let me know if any of my observations or opinions make sense.  I am curious about your situation.




DATE:  16 October 2016
FROM:  Melissa
SUBJECT:  Moving Chair

I had one more experience last night. I put my boys to bed and got their clothes ready for the morning. I had them neatly folded on the chair next to their bed. I went downstairs for a snack and a smoke and when I came back my boys were still sleeping and the chair had been moved to the end of my bed, facing the door, with the clothes still neatly folded and stacked but on the floor. I took a pic and will try to send it. The other resident told me her experience before I told her about my dream. Thank you again. I will try to add the pics. The first one is of the empty space where it was and the second is where it moved to. One of the staff told me this is not the first time she has heard of this happening here


My response on  19 October:

 Hello Melissa,

 Your Saturday night must have been a long one, what with the chair moving.  It sounds a bit like whoever or whatever was there moved the chair so they could wait for you.  Maybe I should not have written that.  However, it does not sound ominous, rather like a friend looking in on you and your sons.  It is good that the phenomena was reported before you knew about it, no one can call you crazy for that.  The chair pictures are interesting, though I did not see any anomalies.  Which can be a good thing.  Have you had anything happen since then?

 I have not heard back from my friend at the county museum.  I will ping him in a few minutes.  I will email you when I know more about the locations around your neighborhood.  I hope the days get better for you and your sons as well.

 Best wishes,




DATE:  21 October 2016
FROM:  Melissa
SUBJECT:  Moving Chair

Had another gal tell me stuff moved around in her room. I did not tell her my story first. I will talk to you soon hopefully



DATE:  31 October 2016
FROM:  Melissa
SUBJECT:  Moving Chair

How did your pics come out? My chair moved again in my room lol. I asked the thing to please not move my stuff because it creeps me out. In response my rolling hamper that I keep against the wall fell to the ground.  I watched it happen. Glad I will be out of here soon. Something pulled my covers off the other night. No way I could have kicked them off. I was still in the same position and my blankets were pulled to the end of the bed with the tops laying slightly over the end of the bed. It was a perfect fold back. They were not all crumpled, they were folded back. Woke up to see a black mass hovering over me. I know it cannot get me though. God protects me. ?

My response:

    Hello Melissa,

    I was going to email you this morning, and found you had emailed me first.  It sounds like your spirit is very active, and aware of you.  In many cases, the ghosts are not really aware of the living beings around them.  They are kind of locked in a time warp.  The way it made your hamper fall over, suggests it heard you, and of course decided to ignore your request.  While messy, it does not seem truly harmful, and your faith is a strong protector.

    The careful way it folded back your blanket is at odds with it's other messy tendencies, and kind of creepier too.  Oftentimes when I talk to people about hauntings, their own fear is worse than the paranormal.  Despite that, I hope you do get a safe place to live soon.



DATE:  1 November 2016
FROM:  Melissa
SUBJECT:  Moving Chair

I think the activity in my room suggests they are trying to mess with me. More keeps happening. Today I got my kids up, grabbed all of out tooth brushes and paste and took them to the bathroom. After helping them I turned to brush my teeth and my toothpaste was gone. I ran back to my room and searched the drawer where I keep it. Could not find it. Went back to the restroom and used my kids toothpaste. When we got back to the room the drawer was open again and my toothpaste sitting right on top. I think whatever it is is a prankster ? . I think it thinks it is fun to mess with me. Hope you are doing well despite being busy. Talk to you soon.




DATE:  23 October 2016
FROM:  Jacob M.
SUBJECT:  Question about Parade Ground Sentry & Tour


I was in your tour today.  I was particularly intrigued by the story of the prisoner-turned-sentry who committed suicide after his shift on the parade grounds.  I wanted to do some more research.  What was this prisoner's name, and is there any book that you would recommend that might address this information?

Thank you for your detailed and informative tour today.

Please advise,
Jacob M.

My response:

Hi Jacob,

Thank you for emailing me, I hope you liked the tour yesterday.  There is no current reference on the case of Trygvie Ygerdwine, or other guard house tales, to the best of my knowledge.  I am in the process of writing a book on Vancouver's ghosts, and his story and others are included within the draft.  I am attaching a pdf to this email, with the text of an original newspaper story, as well as a scan.  This particular article uses a different spelling than I did; the newspapers did not always get the names correct.  He is buried in the Vancouver Barracks Post Cemetery.   If you want to visit his grave, I can send you placement information, or maybe give you and others a tour?

I have other harder to scan references I cannot find at this time, listing his occupation, etc.  I hope this satisfies some of your curiosity about the barracks.

Best wishes,



DATE:  25 October 2016
FROM:  Dawn R.
SUBJECT:  Post Hospital Officer’s Row

Do you know if there is a way to get a walk through of the post hospital at officer's row? I know they did one in 2013.

Thank you

My response:

HI Dawn,

I do not think that you can get into the Post Hospital as a walk through.  They have it locked up and the burglar alarm is on.  You can try calling or emailing the Historic Trust, if you like.   http://fortvan.org/




DATE:  31 October 2015
FROM:  Joy H.
SUBJECT:  Question

Hey - was searching for an answer I stumbled on your web page - I have a question I don't like to use the word supernatural but - last night while daughter was watching tv in one room and I was in the other end of the house close to our woods and bamboo forest  we both heard sounds come from the woods that sounded like hundreds of Indians on a war path - does that have any kind of meaning - I cannot seem to shake off the sounds that I heard - I know I am not nuts b/c my daughter heard it too - TN

My response:


Thanks for emailing, I do not know if I have an exact answer for you.  When things like that happen, I always look for natural explanations for a strange situation.  It may be you had some animals fighting in the bushes.  Have you gone online and googled for sounds of various animals such as raccoons, opossums, bobcats, etc?  That might explain the sound. 

I think if you had that sound repeated on several occasions and it was not a natural animal, the pattern of when it occurred could tell you something.  Sometimes events that people believe are supernatural occur on anniversaries of events, or in certain weather or times of year, which are similar to the conditions of past tragic events.

Personally I would be more worried about a natural animal causing noise that you described, rather than any spirits.  I hope this helped a bit.

Best wishes,


Joy’s final response:

Yes thank you for your time and reply  you did help a bit i am just glad you did not say it was anything really bad  ... Thanks Joy



DATE:  2 November 2016
FROM:  Pamela
SUBJECT:  picture of interest to paranormal investigation

Dear Jeff,

I am writing this letter to you as a result of your books.

 I live in Coupeville WA, on WHIDBEY ISLAND.  I am very interested in the Paranormal  and have had experiences with ghosts throughout my life.  I have seen ghosts in my families homes as well as in other people's homes from here, Kent, Cle Elum, Cave Junction OR, and California.  I have never been really scared of them, except for in Oxnard, CA.

 My boyfriend and I  were asleep, and I awoke to something, and as

I turned over there was something at the bedroom door, when all of a sudden I was paralyzed.  I tried to wake my boyfriend up but could not speak or move.  I felt it was evil and wanted to hurt not me, but my boyfriend.  I am religious, so I started praying in the name of The Father to protect us from this.  It seemed forever, though probably a few minutes and it disappeared and I was able to speak and move.  I have never experienced that sort of thing again. 

Have you ever heard of this type of paranormal and if so, what is it?

Second,  I have a picture of my Great Grandmother who had this picture taken of herself.  When the photographer developed the picture, there were seven other people in it, that were not present for the sitting.  I would like to send you a copy, as my aunt has an original. I am not sure of the year it was taken, but had to be early to mid 1900's.  Possibly either in Sequim WA, or Montana.

If this is truly an untouched picture which  I believe it is, as the family has not done nothing to alter it, then ghosts are able to project themselves when a camera takes a photograph.

Please let me know, and I am willing to send a copy of it so you may see it.

 Thank you for your time.


Letter to Pamela dated 7 January 2017

Hello Pamela,

OK, here I am.  I apologize for waiting so long to send you this email.  I tried responding in November, but somehow the email was sent out without content.  I hope my late email makes up for my lapse.

By the information you have sent me, you have lived in some very haunted locales.  I have been to Cave Junction a few times, as well as Whidbey Island. 

As far as what happened to you when you woke up in bed with your boyfriend.  What you experienced may have been a paranormal event.  There are many accounts of people who have awakened, and felt themselves paralyzed and/or held down.  Some people attribute that to a demon or vengeful spirit.  In the past, some people used the Latin terms Incubus or Succubus to describe the demons.  There was also a sexual component to some of these attacks.  However, there is also a physiological explanation for some of these incidents that may or may not apply to you.

There is a form of sleep apnea called sleep paralysis.  This is documented phenomena where someone is asleep, and they wake up but the internal parts of the brain that regulate body movement have gone a bit wonky.  When we sleep, normally a switch in the brain is triggered, which causes people to become paralyzed, so that they do not move around and hurt themselves in their sleep.  Sometimes people wake up, and the paralysis switch does not turn back, and they cannot move.  Along with that, another form of sleep disturbance can kick in.  That is called hypnagogic hallucinations.  In this altered brain state, some people begin hallucinating, and/or develop feelings of danger, oftentimes seeing the movement of curtains as the shroud of a ghost, etc.

These phenomena usually happen to children or teenagers, and go away as people get older.  This phenomena also tends to happen repeatedly to people.  So you do not seem to fit the pattern, unless you have other sleep disorders, such as sleep walking, etc.  You will have to let me know if this has happened since your last incident.

I would be interested in seeing the family picture, if you can send me a scan of it.  If it is unaltered, maybe you had several deceased relatives posting with your Great Grandmother?

Best wishes,


DATE:  26 December 2016
FROM:  Jackie
SUBJECT:  Sighting of the Young Lady at Yaquina Bay Lighthouse in Newport, Oregon

On the evening of October 31st of 2000 and a full moon, We were cruising through Newport like we always did playing CB tag(Hide and Seek except with cars)and somebody mentioned driving through the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse park, so since I was driving we headed in that direction. As we entered the park I got an eerie feeling but I just kept driving not letting anyone else know how I was feeling and as soon as my car was in front of the lighthouse my car engine stalled and stopped and we all noticed a young lady ghost figure wearing a long white flowing dress. She kept saying "Help Me" over and over until each one of us physically told her that we couldn't help her. As soon as each one of us said that we couldn't help her my car started back up on its own and believe me we were OUT of THERE.


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