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In recent weeks it has come to my attention that certain parties are using my ghost stories and those of my contributors as references for their own commercial enterprises.  If you or someone you know is writing a book on ghosts in the Pacific Northwest, PLEASE DO NOT!!! copy or use the following stories or any other materials within this website as references.  

Jefferson Davis (25 April 2003)



DATE:  15 September 2009

FROM:  Stef 

SUBJECT:  Hello Old Friend!  And Link Request


Hey this is Stephanie (PPR of Washington) President/Founder. You spoke with my group at my office in Edgewood, Wa a couple of years ago. I wanted to let you know that my group is now:
Tacoma Spirit Investigations, TSI

 If you could do a great favor and change our information on your LINKS page that would be awesome! I have attached a NEW banner for you to put up!

Many thanx & we are reading and following your path!
Stef R.



DATE:  22 September 2009

FROM Dave Galvan   dave@paranormalleagueofamerica.com

SUBJECT:  EMR radio interference


 Please excuse the form letter.  I wanted to bring attention to all paranormal groups a method I recently stumbled upon using a humidifier while investigating.  So far, it appears that when I use the humidifier, I get a large amount of residual EVPs.  I have everything detailed at my blog, which you can read by clicking the link below.

 Have a great week!
Dave Galvan



DATE:  25 September 2009


SUBJECT:  No Subject

I have a room that feels very unsafe every time I am sleeping in there it feels like a lot of pressure on my chest and I canít move when it happens what do I do? And who can I contact?



DATE:  26 September 2009

FROM:  Rachel 

SUBJECT:  Haunted Christmas Wreath?

Jeff !

Thank you for the web info.  I want to share with you, that I bought a xmas wreath last November  2008.
Well it never died.  It's still green.  It never shedded.  You can still smell it.  My little girl (now 11) still talks to Joseph.  He died in the house 5 years before I bought it.  We think Joseph is keeping the wreath alive.

If you are intrigued, I would be very happy to send you a photo of the
wreath.  I would love to get your "expert" opinion.  I also put this on
a blog under Ghostly Experiences.

Let me know!




DATE:  30 September 2009

FROM:  Nestor 

SUBJECT:  More Haunted Places

Cheney, WA
Eastern Washington University
Dryden Hall- A contorted face of a man can be seen in the grain of the wood on door 203. Reportedly a young man commit suicide in the room in the 1960's. Strange cold spots, odors, and senses of panic have also been noticed on this floor.  Outside of the building there is a ghostly face that appears every night. The lights have been replaced and moved, but the face does not move




DATE:  20 October 2009

FROM:  Carol N

SUBJECT:  What is a Ghost?

Do you still wonder about that or do you have the answer?

HI Carol,
It has taken me a few days to think about the answer to your question, and I still don't have the answer.  So I'll keep looking.  Do you have the answer yet either?



Hi, Jeff.  I must say I was very intrigued by your website.  You are an excellent writer. 
I was wondering if you had considered writing some fiction based on your research and ideas which explores the answer to your question.  I was thinking that maybe you could employ the method mathematicians sometimes use to find an answer-- plug in a postulated value for a variable, solve the equation, test the answer, then if all comes out correct they have a solution.  If it comes out wrong they try a new postulate.  This is probably used in logic as well--- postulate what you think a ghost is, explore how that would apply in the scenarios you've come across, then if it would explain the scenario you have one possible answer for your data set. It seems natural that your talent for writing would lend itself well to a collection of short stories based on that exploration.
Somewhere in my reading, I ran across a statement that it is only in our modern times that people don't know much about ghosts.  According to that article, this was among other considerations of a spiritual nature which were lost from common knowledge as man moved into materialism.  If I recall correctly, it stated that hauntings were even a bit of a deterrent to dueling, as a killed opponent may perpetually haunt their enemy!
What got you interested in ghost hunting? 



DATE:  9 October 2009

FROM:  Victoria B

SUBJECT:  If you could help me answering these questions:



Hi my name is Victoria B., I'm a sophomore at Lee's Summit High School. I'm doing a research paper about ghost. My topic question is "What if ghosts aren't real, then what is it people claim that they saw a ghost?". I saw your article on the internet and thought that you might know how to answer that question, and many others such as:
   How many people have claimed they've seen a ghost?
   Could these people just possibly be going crazy?
   Do people see ghost more at night or day?
   Could these "ghosts" be spirits that havenít passed over?
   If so, could there be any way to help these "ghosts"?
So if you could, if you get the chance to take a second and read/answer these questions, and I will let you know if I think of anymore. Please and thank you.

Victoria B



DATE:  12 October 2009

FROM:  Malchert Family  malchert@q.com

SUBJECT:  Haunted Walking Tour of Astoria

Hi Jeff,

My husband and I met  you last October when we were in Astoria.  We really enjoyed listening to your presentation and watching that really creepy movie, something with Christopher Lee..City of the Dead...City of the Damned...or maybe City of the Dead and Damned :)  I got kind of freaked out later that night when we got back to our Bed and Breakfast we were staying at, Britta's Inn.  The sound of someone running along the hallway and up the stairs woke me up.  It was probably just the inn keeper taking his dog out in the middle of the night.  I should have asked the next day.

Anyway, I wanted to ask your permission to refer to your book, Haunted Astoria, for one of my letterboxes.  A letterbox is a hidden little box with a hand-carved stamp and logbook.  People follow the clues from the internet (www.atlasquest.com or www.letterboxing.org) to find the box and stamp the stamp into their own logbook.  I'm thinking of hiding the box somewhere near the Hotel Elliot.    It is a really fun hobby.  I would put a link to your website and only briefly sum up a couple of the hauntings for my clue.  I would mention that they should buy your book so they can read the whole story and a bunch more.  I know they can buy the book at the Flavel House and probably a few of the other book stores around Astoria.  I hope you'll allow me to mention your book.

Maybe we'll see you in November when you are going to be in Astoria again..  Geez, maybe I should plan to have my box ready by then so you could try to find it :)

Looking forward to hearing back from you,

Renee Mt


DATE:  18 October 2009

FROM:  Sean  admin@ghostsstory.com

SUBJECT:  Link Exchange


Love your site! it's quite interesting.  I would like to exchange linkswith you. I invite you to visit and check out my site:


I would be more than happy to link you under my Partnered Websites sectionlocated here: http://ghostsstory.com/other-ghostly-websites.html

I can and will add your site as a text-link, if you'd like? Also, I could add whatever URL name and description of your choice to your link. :)

Ghostsstory.com was  registered in June of 2009, so it's still fairly newand content is somewhat slim(as the emphasis is on user-submitted content) but I'm slowly gaining attention and members.  I never thought that maintaining a website would prove to be quite difficult...so if you have any tips, suggestions, criticisms, appraises, etc,  feel free to let me know. Thank you for your time and I'll hope we'll be able to exchange links,

Admin - www.ghostsstory.com



DATE:  23 October 2009

FROM:  Gerrad gerrad@portlandparanormal.net

SUBJECT:  Link Exchange

Greetings Jeff,
 I represent Portland Paranormal Society and would like to participate in a link exchange with you.  As a courtesy I've gone ahead and placed your link on this page. 

 Although I know you normally submit links to the section dedicated for it, I was hoping perhaps we could persuade you to at least temporarily place our logo and link on this page. 

Verb age could be something like,
 "Portland Paranormal Society, Oregon's Investigation and Research Society.  Growing the Community in Portland, with
evidence of Ghost Sounds, EVPs, Spooky Videos, Haunted Images, Ghosts Stories and News.  You can also sign-up to go to investigations and events at Portland Paranormal"

And have the link be
"Portland Paranormal"

Thank you so much you are have helped a non-profit out a lot and if there is anything more we can do to help repay you please let us know.

Best Regards,
Gerrad R

I am sure that I will disappoint Gerard, but I'll post his link, along with the others I've recently added to my What's New Section.



DATE:  31 October 2009

FROM:  Grey Wolf  dystant1@hotmail.com

SUBJECT:  This is fun


This is fun
C.C.C.P.  ( Clark County Couples Paranormal) is now C.C.P.I. 
( Clark County Paranormal Investigators ) We are frequently updating our website !!   http://spirithunters.home.comcast.net


Visit our website often for recent updates !!







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