September to October 2005 Ghost Stories


In recent weeks it has come to my attention that certain parties are using my ghost stories and those of my contributors as references for their own commercial enterprises.  If you or someone you know is writing a book on ghosts in the Pacific Northwest, PLEASE DO NOT!!! copy or use the following stories or any other materials within this website as references.  

Jefferson Davis (25 April 2003)



DATE:  8 September 2004

FROM:  Vic

SUBJECT:  Oregon Ghosts

 I have lived in Southern Oregon most of my life, and married someone from there. He owned a piece of property that had several houses on it,  most of which were used for rentals. He built our house with bricks, lumber, stone and glass from old buildings he salvaged, many of which were old and historic. The original house on the property, up on the road, was the first one that we noticed was haunted. People who rented it seldom stayed: we heard stories about chairs rocking by themselves, tapestries falling off walls, washing machines turning on and off by themselves, etc. The worst one was the house he built. We saw orbs circling our beds at night; while pregnant with our daughter.  

I awoke to see a small girl dressed in 1900's clothes suspended above me; my older kids were at the house with a teen babysitter, and they heard footsteps along the upstairs hallway and a man's voice which demanded "What are you kids doing here alone?" My son was five: he was so scared he cried. The kids all ran to the neighbor's house until we got home. Another time, I was going into the house with an armload of laundry, and struggling to open the door...as I watched, the knob slowly turned and the door swung open. I thought it was my stepson playing tricks on me, so I pushed the door open as hard as I could, but it just banged against the wall: no one was in the whole house, but the house was about 10 degrees colder than usual. This is only some of the things that happened on that property: I understand my stepson's girlfriend went in and blessed the house, and there have been no paranormal incidents since that time



DATE: 17 September 2005

FROM:  Angela S. 


Hello Jeff,

First, I'd like to thank you for allowing me to share this horrifying experience my son & I had on August 23, 2005. I cannot even believe I am actually sitting here being able to say my son & I both saw this apparition. Around 4:30 pm on August 23, 2005 I picked up my 3 yr old from my parents home, which is only 2.4 miles from my home. On the way I decided to make a video on my camera phone of my son sitting in the backseat listening to the new song called, "Mr. Lonely" actually a re-make of the original. the beginning sounds a little creepy to me & personally I think that is what could have called this ghost. 

Anyway, I live in the remote town of Apple Valley, Calif.   So since I had to wait for some cars to pass then I could make my right-hand turn onto the main road.   I decided to take this 15 second video. mainly because the song, Mr. Lonely was sent to me on my cell phone voicemail from my son's Father (we had been over the last 2 months not speaking to each other) & I thought the gesture was not only appropriate, but sweet.  My son smiled when I started the song, turned his head to his right to look out of the window, and his smile quickly turned to a look of "terror". 

I didn't see this at the time, not until we got home & I played the video back to him so we could look at it together. He told me "scared Mommy."   At the time, however I was busy getting him ready for bed, making dinner for him., etc..  So I didn't pay attention. Later on after I put him to bed, I looked at it & saw his facial expressions which were obviously that of a major change from smiling & happy to a look of fright, amazement, surprise, horror & extreme FEAR. The weird thing is he didn't cry. I did cry, every time I looked at the video which had to be at least a hundred times in my attempt to make out what he saw or analyze his facial expressions to maybe, I don't know, see something or figure out what he may have seen. Another reason is I played it back "frame by frame" over & over again is because while I studied his face I was very UPSET that something can be so close to my child & scare him like that.  

Although I was right there I couldn't protect him. Anyway, on September 10, 2005, in the early morning hours while having coffee & a cigarette in my garage I had a feeling come over me to look at the video again & to my sheer horror & amazement I see in the far left-hand corner EXACTLY what my SON saw & am astonished. Keep in mind I attempted to share my story in the beginning with my Sister, & my parents, but we already have had a rocky relationship over the last 3 yrs, instead of even looking at the video & then deciding what they think, they decided to ridicule me, put me down & accuse me of being a crazy person; basically out of my mind.

We had a fight & my parents & I didn't speak for the past week. Little do they know I have seen this image in the video & plan on showing it to them. Then they will see I am NOT crazy. Another interesting bit of information is I live in Apple Valley, California known for it's apple festivals, but also the roads are Native American Indian names like "Standing Rock" "Pahute" "Sitting Bull Rd" etc., and this vision was an image of a Native American Indian!! I plan to research the town of Apple Valley and maybe get some answers and/or information to better understand what happened. 

What I am really afraid of too is the fact that before I saw the vision & at the time maybe 2 wks ago.  All I knew was my son saw something he was terrified of, everyday we come home & turn onto the road I live on, he always says "Bad Man". I thought he was referring to this weird looking man that drives past our house in his van. We nicknamed him "Bad Man" but what I didn't know but now know is my son refers to any man that makes him feel like they are bad or could harm him is "Bad Man". 

I told my son about 2 months ago about "stranger danger" & not to go with anyone Mommy does or doesn't know. He is a very loving, caring child although we have gone through the terrible ones, twos, & threes! He is a beautiful kid. I just wonder why this spirit wants to bother him. It really scares me because I think it wants to harm him. Although I pray & have Jesus in my heart.   I attended 12 years of Catholic school.  But I have not been to Church for a very long time. I feel this may be one possible reason this happened is to get me back on the right track with the Lord. Thanks for allowing me to share this with all....

Angela S.



DATE:  17 September 2005

FROM:  Darrell N. 


 Hi Jeff,

I'm new to the area.  I came from California and just moved here.  We will be living in West Linn.  I wasn't a member of a Ghost Society in Ca., but I have colleagues who I would discuss matters with.  I have had experiences growing up, and will eventually share them on your website.  I take a great interest in hauntings.  Maybe someday we can meet and chat.   My sister bought me an autographed copy of your book "A Haunted Guide Tour of the Pacific Northwest."  I will read it when I things settle down.  Please feel free to email me.  Thanks for writing the books. 



DATE:  23 September 2005


SUBJECT:  Geiger Corrections Center

 Jeff, for security reasons, I cannot give you my name.  But I will tell that there is something ghost, demon that haunts the mess hall and the maintenance building. I know for a fact that there has been EVP recordings done and the voices are for real.  One officer has heard noises coming from the dining hall and another saw an soldier on one of the floors... still people deny there’s a ghost in Geiger............



DATE:  8 October 2005

FROM:  Mike B.

SUBJECT:  Could a spirit be following us?

 My wife and I moved into our apartment complex four years ago, but in two different apartments.  We were in #8 from 08/2002 to 06/2005, then we switched to a bigger size #140, where we live currently. Our first two years in #8 seemed pretty ordinary, not much unusual activity that I recall.   Our last year there, we noticed quite a few strange things going on.  I had to convince my wife not to be scared, because it was nothing bad.  When home alone, we liked to spend a lot of time together in our bedroom talking, watching television, reading, whatever, as opposed to our living room.

We noticed our cat acting very weird over a 2-month period.  She would sit in corners of dark rooms facing the wall looking at something.  She was always staring at something in the rooms that my wife and I could not see. She would be laying sound asleep in my lap and all-of-a-sudden jump up and stand in the doorway staring at whatever it was.  She didn't act terribly frightened, she just didn't seem to know what she was looking at, like she was trying to figure it out.

I have always been intrigued in the supernatural and based on research, I knew our cat wasn't going crazy, she really did see something, or felt it. After a couple months of this, other little things would happen.  We have one of those tall corner lamps and when we would turn it on after a while we would hear it click (the sound the knob makes when turning it on and off.)  And it would turn off by itself.  Another 15 minutes and it would come back on.  This would go on nearly every time we had that light on.  I would be sitting in the living room watching TV about to fall asleep and the stereo (power off) pops on full blast on some staticy AM station.  I'd look and see the remote on the other side of the room. This happened about 6 times in that year. 

I would be alone in the house, laying on the bed reading.  I'd be in the middle of a sentence and I hear my name, or hear someone talking in the other room. I'd get up, walk in there and see no one around. That happened quite frequently.  I figured if a spirit was present, that it was more than likely a child or something playing pranks on us, having fun.

We have now been in #140 for four months and we now have the corner lamp in our bedroom, instead of the living room. Two months ago I turned it on and I'll be damned if it didn't turn off 15 minutes later. I am pretty familiar with electronics, so I took it apart and looked at the wiring and everything looked normal, I didn't see anything that could short out. This now happens with regularity when we have it on again. On ... off ... on

... off. I bought a DVD player and hooked it up to our TV in the bedroom.

The power actually comes on and off by itself.  We can't watch a half-hour show, without the power shutting off and having to turn it back on. When it is off it will periodically come on.  On three separate occasions, I was watching something and the channel actually changed.  My wife thinks one of our neighbors has a similar remote and it may be interfering with ours, but I doubt it. It happens I'd say 4-5 times a day. None of this happens when we have company, for some reason, so our friends think we're nuts, but I feel something. Could we have actually been followed from apartment to apartment by a spirit?  It happens, but it is fairly new to me, so it's hard to believe it's happening to us. There is nothing bad feeling about it at all, if anything it is kind of a funny, playful type of aura.  Email me if you want and let me know what you think, I'd like other input.  Is there some simple explanation for all these things happening?



DATE:  22 October 2005

FROM:   Natalie A.  

SUBJECT:  Wondering if you saw this…

 Mr. Davis,

 I attended the Paranormal conference last weekend and saw your lecture on photography. Thank you for taking the time to be there, and while I didn't hear all of the "gasps of horror" (as the Oregonian put it) during your lecture, I was glad to see someone else scrutinizing every orb that showed up on film. 

I was wondering if you saw the Apple press release about their new product called Aperture.hhttp://www.apple.com/aperture/specs.html

This caught my attention to send it to you: (from the features & specs page) Non-destructive image processing Master image becomes locked digital negative.  This would mean not having to worry about saving the RAW format (if you uploaded directly from your card to this program, the image is locked), and that it is a locked digital       !!!negative!!! would give an overly skeptical person a tough argument to make.

 I am sure Adobe will come out with a PC version of this soon-- but I thought it was a great possibility for those interested in taking real photographs of the supernatural!

Happy October,



 DATE:  27 October 2005

FROM:  Jake S.

SUBJECT:  Ghost!

 I had always loved to hear ghost stories as a kid.  I remember staying up late with my Dad in a candle lit room while he told me scary stories.  However, I never believed them until I had a supernatural experience.  We were in the process of moving from our duplex that we'd lived in for a year and a half.  While hauling and packing our things I noticed my then two-year-old daughter sitting at her table with a scowl on her face swatting at the air.  Puzzled, I walked over to her and asked what she was doing.  She answered, "That man over there with the black hat keeps trying to hit me!" 

 Maybe it was the imagination of a toddler, but it sure gave Goosebumps and made our packing go a lot quicker.



 DATE:  30 October 2005

FROM:  Heather F.

SUBJECT:  Hauntings in Lincoln City, Oregon

 I have worked in several stores at the Factory Stores in Lincoln City, Oregon and have experienced numerous strange occurrences.  Things like doors slamming, product falling off of shelves, being touched when alone in the store, always feeling like I was being watched and followed, voices, toys turning on all by themselves, doors rattling, faces in the computer screen when the screen had been turned off.  The list goes on and on.  At one time, I was working in a store and I heard someone walk into the office, thinking it was my boss returning to the store.  I turned to say something to her when I saw a woman I had never seen before.  She vanished.




 DATE:  31 October 2005

FROM:  Jenna H. 

SUBJECT:  Haunted University Dormitory


My name is Jenna H.  I noticed you had no links to ghost stories within Ellensburg!  Central Washington University is rumored to have a haunted dorm.  It is called Kamola Hall, and has recently been renovated.  The ghost is said to be a woman who hung herself from the rafters above the stairway near her room.  People have said that they have seen her, heard her swinging or walking etc.  Also, the town of Ellensburg burnt down in the late 1800's, and there are supposed to be lots of ghosts hanging around here!



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