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In recent weeks it has come to my attention that certain parties are using my ghost stories and those of my contributors as references for their own commercial enterprises.  If you or someone you know is writing a book on ghosts in the Pacific Northwest, PLEASE DO NOT!!! copy or use the following stories or any other materials within this website as references.  

Jefferson Davis (25 April 2003)




DATE:  19 May 2010

FROM:  Nicholas J

SUBJECT:  Baby Graves, Washington

 Hello, my name is Nick J. and I saw your list of haunted places in Washington. I noticed you had some info on the Baby Graves in Pasco. I visited that spot not long ago and several friends and I experienced some rather weird things out there at night.

I'm not sure if this is what you meant when you said to email you any further info that I might have.

So aboutt 4 weeks ago, 3 of my friends and I went out there at about 11 p.m. and set out with a camera and a sensitive voice recorder. We are all 16 or 17, and I'm sure if the land owner knew we were out there, he probably would have shot us (yes, he will shoot at you...). Well, I've visited that spot several times before, and every time I do, I will bring a few teddy bears and some flowers and place them on graves. All of this was done in the daylight though. So anyways, we enter through the gate, and the first place I decide to visit is the fenced-in tombstone that is above the 2 brothers. There has been 2 bears in that fenced area for ages now, and no one disturbs it. I place a rose on the tombstone and walk away. We set up the voice recorders at various tombstones, leave them be. While my friend is taking pictures, my other friend and I are placing the teddy bears on various graves. We all meet up at the fenced in tombstone, where I notice the rose gone. My friends swear to this day that they never tampered with anything that is to follow.

We start out on asking questions to the tombstones and unmarked graves (like you would see in "Ghost Hunters" on the Sci-Fi channel on Wednesdays. I notice that several of the bears are missing. As I look around my friend kind of... shrieks, so to speak. He had just taken a picture and had looked at it when he saw what looked like a teddy bear (it was wearing a blue navy sailor suit) in the distance. All he could see is the head/face, but at least 8 feet in the air. Now, I know it seems hard to believe, but this is all true. I'm not sure why it would be 8 feet in the air though, as there is only babies in that grave, aside from a very very few amount of parents.

Later, I find that all the roses I placed were somehow placed at the gate next to my friends' car, the petals all ripped off the stem and in what looked like a crooked circle. This particular event scared me the most. The next rather creepy experience we had is something that has been rumored for some time. People say you can see the faces (not skull's, but actual faces) of babies who are buried in unmarked graves late at night with a dim amount of light. We thought we saw one, but it turned out to be a small mound of dirt. It seemed to have been freshly dug and set, and when I started digging with my hands, I found a bear. The one with the Blue Navy Sailor Suit.

After that I decided we'd had enough, and decided to leave. (The car ride home was rather eerie as we played no music and didn't talk while there was no moonlight and nothing to been seen except from our headlights) The next day, we listened to the voice recorders and the most chilling sound came from one of them. It sounded like a baby crying. We had no idea where it could have come from. We didn't hear coyote's, and we personally didn't hear anything except our footsteps and ourselves talk to each other.

I haven't gone back yet, but I plan on going hopefully either tonight or tomorrow, as today is my birthday and I wanted a good thrill as a birthday present.

I don't know much about the land owner, other than he is very temperamental when it comes to the graves and WILL shoot towards you if he sees you. If you're lucky, you'll just get yelled at.

Well, this is something my friends and I experienced the last time we were there. I hope this finds it's way to you and that it interests you. Everything you have read is true.

Good day,

~Nick J



DATE:  14 June 2010

FROM:  Ross Allison (AGHOST)

SUBJECT:  Help Request

Hi Jeff,

Could you help Nancy with her request?

A.G.H.O.S.T. -- Advanced Ghost Hunters of Seattle Tacoma

Got Ghosts? Contact us at investigations@aghost.org

----- Forwarded Message ----
From: Nancy 
To: visitors@aghost.org
Sent: Sun, June 13, 2010 9:46:03 PM
Subject: Military Housing

Good evening,

I live in 1905 military (officer) housing in Hammond, OR.  It seems as if all of the homes around the parade ground might have a ghost or two.  After moving in June 2008 and experiencing several odd things going on in my home, I talked to neighbors regarding my experiences.  All have had different but the "same".  I have not spoken of the ghost in my home for over six month, as it makes for more happenings. 

Do you have any information on the Ft Stevens Military Houses in Hammond, OR 97121?  If so, please share.

Thank you, 
Nancy L  


Hello Nancy,

Sorry for the delay in getting a response to you.  I am sure that it seems like forever.  Ross Allison of AGHOST forwarded your question to me because I have been in the paranormal 'biz' for about as long as he has and I also wrote a book called, Haunted Astoria a couple of years ago.  As part of that book, several of us, including Ross stayed at the Officer's Inn B&B, near where you live now.  I heard a few stories, some of which might relate to your question. 

 The area you are living in, as you know had several residences for military personnel.  It is no longer there, but at one time, there was a hospital nearby.  Many of the residences were for doctors or other medical personnel.  In addition to the hospital, there was also a stockade, a military jail in the vicinity too.  It may well be that there are some psychic remnants wandering around the old parade ground, and the vacant lots where the stockade and hospital were.  In addtion, I would find it likely that some of the medical personnel might have 'brought something home' from the hospital with themselves in the past.  And it might still be there. 

 Although the people living in these buildings were mostly officers and senior sergeants, the life was not always genteel.  I spoke with the inkeeper at the Officer's Inn once. She told me that she had a visitor once, who lived in the building as a child.  Her family was so cash strapped that they hung sheets over the windows because they could not afford curtains.  So other families there might have had similiar trials in their lives, which could have led to some kind of imprint on the buildings.

 Without more details from you, I am afraid that I cannot help much more.  If you are looking for more detailed history on your house itself, you might start by asking for information from the Fort Steven's State Park folks.  Oh, I suggest you do not mention ghosts to them; they are a bit negative on the subject.  I hope I have helped, if only a little, and they you will email me later to let me know if you find out any more information.


Best wishes,
Jeff Davis




DATE:  18 June 2010

FROM:  Wayne B


Dear Jeff,
                   What you do is wonderful, but stop messing with the supernatural world. You don't want to have a demon  following you every where. Do not let that happen, or your spirit will walk the earth forever. If you want to share the world with ghosts, first you must under stand why I put them on the planet. DO NOT!!!!!!!
They live, they..... are living things to.  








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