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In recent weeks it has come to my attention that certain parties are using my ghost stories and those of my contributors as references for their own commercial enterprises.  If you or someone you know is writing a book on ghosts in the Pacific Northwest, PLEASE DO NOT!!! copy or use the following stories or any other materials within this website as references.  

Jefferson Davis (25 April 2003)





DATE:  12 November 2010

FROM:  Kristen G

SUBJECT:  Ghost Pics?

 Last Saturday we took a ghost hunting adventure in Portland, Oregon, Portland Walking tours, they said you helped developed it. One of our stops was the Benson Hotel in downtown, now we pick up the normal orb looking lights, but when we got home and put this up I was a little bothered. It appears that I am holding something in my arms, the first photo is the original, the second is a close up where you can clearly see some sort of face looking up at me, the third photo was taken right after and the only difference is I stepped forward 3 feet to the mirror. There is a mark on the mirror that you can use as a reference point as to where this thing should be in both photos. After a closer look I also noticed some sort of shadow figure in the blue light that is right above the ghost head, over my shoulder, now keep in mind I am standing on a stair case, and no one was behind me. Please let me know your thoughts, I have always had ghost experience since I was a little girl, I am now almost 40. Just wondered if you can seen anything like this before, or know of the haunted history of the hotel. Thank you. Kristen PS I love your books.

I hate to say this, however the file was so big that I could not include it here.  So if you are curious, you will have to take the tour yourself. 



DATE:  21 November 2010

FROM:  Joycet

SUBJECT:  Baby Cemetery

I understand they are out side of Benton City not Pasco... per Locals that have been there.



DATE:  4 December 2010

FROM:  Karyn 

SUBJECT:  Your Website

Dear Jeff Davis,

I read your website "Some Thought on Ghost Hunting". It is very interesting and taught me some! You wrote like very good explaination and good detail what we should "common" need to know. Thank you! The reason, I was surfing for a Ghosts/Spirits Store in Washington State to buy a book like Ghost Hunter 101 and maybe some equipments via internet because I live in Seattle but I glimpsed your website and
curiously so I read it.

May I ask you personally? What make you interesting in ghost stories?  Is that because you saw a ghost/spirit?

Best Regards,
Karyn, from Tacoma


My Response:

Hello Karyn,

 I am sorry that I did not answer your email sooner.  I thought I had, but when I double checked my email profile, I saw that I had not.  So if I can try to answer your questions, if you are still interested in reading.

 I have been interested in the paranormal since I was a 12 year old.  It has been an interesting journey.  I am glad that you are interested in studying it yourself.  I do not know that any one book is better than the other.  However, I do have a few suggestions.  Ghost hunting is not all about gizmos.  It is about learning how to be an observer and recorder.  There was a book that came out about 25 years ago, called A Ghost Hunter's Guide, by Peter Underwood.  If you can find a copy of that used, it will tell you a lot about that part of the job.  Since it predates a lot of the digital recording equipment, he has a lot of hints on low tech work.

I would not recommend buying too many gizmos from online stores.  Most of these businesses buy the instruments at commercial electronic stores, and slap cute labels on them.  For a digital audio recorder, look for one on sale at office depot.  For an EMF meter, I bought a trifield meter from Frys electronics for a bit less than $100.  There are plenty of different commerical digital cameras, some with nightshot built in.  look online at the techinal specs, and wait for the one you want to come on sale.

 I had thought myself to write a complete ghost hunting manual, but I have not had the time to do so yet.  Have you thought about finding a ghost hunting group in your area and learning from them?  I have a bunch of them listed in the links section of my website.  I suggest you look at their website and see if any groups character stands out positively to you.

 I hope this helps, even if I am late in writing to you.
Best wishes,
Jeff Davis



Hello Jeff!

Nah, no need to say sorry... because I am late, too :) Of course, I am still interesting and many thanks for writing back. I greatly appreciated it very much! 

I've always believed in ghosts/spirits since I was little girl in my heart. Sounds odd?  But I do! Anyway, I want you to know I am deaf since I was 3 years old (Unknown) it happened overnight, no sick or like that.  

Anyway, in summer 2010, at home I relaxingly sat on lazy chair to watch television. I happened seeing a man walking to hallway from foyer room, oh, I thought it was my 33 years old son, but it was NOT him, I perplexed and thought it was a robber, nope it was NOT robber, because I saw his face was like gray, unfinished clay pottery or drown ( in the water too long) but his (dry) hair was light brown, his shirt was white with blue stripes, blue jean..I knew it is an full apparition ghost! because he turned to look at me and disappeared. I watched him more than 5 seconds with my both eyes, not glanced. My body was frozen, I was surprised that I didn't leave quick or get out of my house.. I just stayed, it was hard to explain! In a few days later, I saw him again through laundry room window, he was outside. I started thinking, maybe it was my mind. Next day my son, asked me if I was home that afternoon which I was not. I told him I was not. I asked him why, he said that he knocked the door, he saw through window front door, (window has a thick and blurry) he saw someone (the ghost) came to the door window and then walked away, he described he had white shirt with blue stripes as same as what I saw... So I know I am not crazy. :)

Firstly, I hesitated to tell my son the truth what I saw.. because you know mothers did not scare their children .. The following the day, I told my mother, I was worrying what my mom would say because she is strong Catholic..but I was surprised that she asked me if I think it was my dad ( my dad died in 1974 due stroke) I told her, I do not know because of face was hard to tell but the rest of him was normal.  

So I researched / surfed that is how I found your website.. yours was very good explained.. sometimes. I found a new friend, she is deaf .. she owns a website. http://deafghostyparanormalsociety.blogspot.com/

I would like to set up one for myself, after I learned Ghost 101 :) but one thing about EVP , I have to figure it out in a way..I am sure, I will!

Sorry I write too much :) thank you for listening by the way! And especially thank you for your kindness information! 

Have a good evening,


DATE:  23 December 2010

FROM:  Jansie n

SUBJECT:  Silver Creek Falls

Dear Jeff,

 My husband has a friend who in or around 1990 took a picture while standing behind one of the waterfalls at the Silver Creek National Park in Oregon. He said that it was the waterfall that was after the first and largest waterfall on the hiking trail. He was using 126 film and didn't notice anything out of the ordinary until it was developed. Is there any history about ghosts or spirits at this location? I have attached photos of the pictures and if you are interested I am sure that I can scan and send a better copy.

 Thank You,















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