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In recent weeks it has come to my attention that certain parties are using my ghost stories and those of my contributors as references for their own commercial enterprises.  If you or someone you know is writing a book on ghosts in the Pacific Northwest, PLEASE DO NOT!!! copy or use the following stories or any other materials within this website as references.  

Jefferson Davis (25 April 2003)



DATE:  7 March 2005

FROM:  Brandi W.

SUBJECT:  Haunted B&B 

 I was searching Bed & Breakfast locations in Washington for future reference and I came across what could be an orb in one of their photos. Check it out and see what you think??


It is in the picture of the red Dining Room





DATE:  22 March 2005

FROM:  David P.

SUBJECT:  Ghostly Encounters


  I wanted to share my story with you and your fans.  I am 22 years old and ever since I was just a child about the age of eight I've had sort of a gift, or a curse depending on the situation.  I grew up in Virginia for most of my life before joining the service and on 2 occasions have I felt the presence of the supernatural.  Once when I was a child growing up in Madison, Virginia, and the other in Pensacola, Florida. 

 When I was young I lived on a farm.  It was already over one hundred years old when my parents moved in.  When I first got there It just seemed like an ordinary farm house, just old.  But after a few weeks of living there I started thinking otherwise.  I started to encounter "things".  At night I would be laying in bed and I would hear footsteps walking across my bedroom floor.  My closet would open and close on its own without a draft in the room.  And every once in awhile I could almost see a pair of red eyes pearing out at me even though when I walk over to the closet and turned the lights on it was completely empty.  I would look out my window at night and see small figures running through the fields of hay and straw. 

 My mother one day felt like she was being pushed down the stairs where my bedroom was and my father came home from work one day and thought he heard me shout for him even though I was in school.  He said he looked everywhere but couldn't find me.  It wasn't long after these instances and reoccurrences that my family moved out to another part of Virginia.  Then for what seemed many years I didn't feel a thing.  No fuzzy feelings or numbing chills that paralyzed me.  I feel like I sense more than just the spirits of people, but the supernatural as well.

After I graduated I joined the Navy and my first duty station was Correy Station in Pensacola, Florida.  Needless to say the old feelings returned.  I was walking around the base chapel when I felt them again.  Tears started to fall down my face.  I felt the presence of something not human and when I closed my eyes I could see ghostly wolf-like forms watching me from the woods behind the chapel.  When I went near the base library, I felt the same things, but these were human presences that felt evil.  I went to an old fort near Pensacola Beach where Geronimo was held captive when the government was moving the Indians and I felt the spirits of people there.

But instead of the vile evil I normally felt, I felt sadness, suffering, and misery.  Right now I am stationed in Everett, Washington.  And the feelings haven't left me yet.

I don't know how many stories you get that are like mine but while I'm not working I'm looking for supposed haunted locations to see if I can unlock anymore of my gift and to understand how to use it.  You can use my story if you want just not my email.  If you ever visit the east coast, travel to Madison county via highway-29 from Charlottesville and right after you cross the county border you should soon see an old white farmhouse back behind some trees.  That should be the place, I wish I could remember the numbers and all.  And if you ever find yourself in Pensacola, visit the bases and the historical forts.  Thank you for your time.

David P. 



 DATE:  22 March 2005


SUBJECT: Spooky Kells 


I experienced a very spooky haunting as a patron of Kells pub a few years ago.  I am wondering if any of your books touch on Haunts at Kells.  If so, I would love to purchase this book.  My spooky story is as follows: 

I had just arrived at Kells on a weekday evening to meet friends.  We headed down to the smoking room to share a cigarette and avoid the crowd.  Shortly after arriving, I excused myself for a trip to the ladies room.  I headed down the long hallway to the women's restroom.  A heavy wooden door allowed access to the room inside.  I found a sink straight ahead of me, and two stalls.   

I was alone, so I simply chose the first stall.  Almost as immediately as I had entered the stall, a terrible and frantic pounding began beating on my stall door with a frightening urgency.  I had thought it strange for someone to be beating on my door with an open stall right next to me, but as I looked straight ahead there was no one in the room.  The heavy wooden door would not have been able to open and shut without my noticing, and I found myself frozen with fear as the doors rattled and shook with every forceful pound.

I finally raced out of the bathroom, back down the long hallway and met up with my friends in the smoking room.  With tears in my eyes I relayed the story of the urgent pounding only to find faces of disbelief.  I asked a waitress upstairs if strange things were know to happen in the basement and she replied "oh, did something happen to you in the basement? I refuse to work down there alone" The pounding on the door is unforgettable.   

Perhaps the same sort of pounding that a firefighter might use to warn or alert someone?  (My father was a firefighter) I have returned to the basement a few times.  I also have pictures of myself and friends in the smoking room at Kells with balls of light floating over our heads.  I have taken many many pictures (with friends and for special occasions, never for purposes of capturing abnormal occurrences) and never captured balls of light as I did in the Kells' photos.

 Recently, I visited Kells to find the hallway and bathrooms locked up and sealed off.  A birthday had me returning to the bar a few weeks later, to find the hallway and bathrooms sealed permanently behind a new wall!

 Any insight?



Hello Amy,

  Hi Amy,

Yes I do mention Kells in one of my books, my Haunted Tour Guide.  Unfortunately, I had to abbreviate the ghost tale for brevity (200 locales in 236 pages) and because the manager would only tell me that in the Depression, there was a fire in the building and a firefighter had died in the basement of smoke inhalation.  This fits in with your experience.

That locale in Old Towne Portland is very strange.  The Shanghai Tunnel club across the street and a few other nearby locations have their own ghosts.  I wish I could spend a few nights down in the basement/tunnel complex.  I did not know that they had closed off the old bathroom down in the basement at Kells.  When I get home I'll look into it. 

It looks like I will be in Afghanistan for longer than planned.  I hope you will allow me to include your story in an update to my website when I finally do come home.


Jeff Davis


DATE:  18 April 2005

FROM:  Steve P. 

SUBJECT:  Shaniko Question


I was over in Eastern Oregon this weekend shooting some pictures in and around Shaniko, and I wondered if, in your research, you ever ran across any stories pertaining to the Shaniko Hotel?  The place certainly has an odd feeling to it.

By the way, great catching up with you awhile back.  Hope the Washington project's going well.




DATE:  25 April 2005

FROM:  Jennifer W.



Dear Jeff,


So glad to hear you are doing well.  A friend of mine is really interested in your website and as she works for public records and I had mentioned that you had gone to Kuwait.  She let curiosity take over and looked up your name and it had said DECEASED... naturally I kinda freaked out, so I thought, "well whatís the best thing to do, just email Jeff"?  Good to know you are alright. and I guess it is more of a blessing than a curse to have a curious friend who works at public records?

 I no longer live in Washington.  I miss it.  We now live in California.  Iím sure there plenty of haunted places here aw well.  But it just isnít the same!

 Good luck in fixing up your house and let me know when your book comes out as I will definitely be purchasing it!



DATE:  25 April 2005 reply to the above email:

Hi Jennie,

 Thanks for your interest.  You can tell your friend that Sergeant Major Jefferson Davis was killed in 2002.  We have some mutual friends.  When I was in Bosnia (in 1997), I was waiting on a helicopter to pick me up, and it crashed on the way, killing everyone.  Through a paperwork error, I was declared dead for three hours.  One of my friends here in the US was the chaplain, and he was on his way out to his car to tell my wife of my demise, when the call came in that I was alive.

Life and death is strange.  I'll let you know when the book is done.  And California does have it's one characteristic ghosts.  My wife and I just got back from a holiday in  England, where we attended several ghost walks.

Take care,



DATE:  29 April 2005

FROM: Gema

SUBJECT:  First Infrared Cameras



 I believe in ghosts (or spirits as some say they prefer to be called:-))  I am trying to find out when infrared photography was first used (for anything, not just to try to see into the spirit world, though I would like to know the first time it was used for this too, if possible).  Can you help, please?




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