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In recent weeks it has come to my attention that certain parties are using my ghost stories and those of my contributors as references for their own commercial enterprises.  If you or someone you know is writing a book on ghosts in the Pacific Northwest, PLEASE DO NOT!!! copy or use the following stories or any other materials within this website as references.  

Jefferson Davis (25 April 2003)


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FROM:  Julie S.
DATE:  27 April 2015
SUBJECT:  Elk Rock Island

Hi Jeff,

I am really enjoying your books. We talked about Elk Rock Island in the Willamette River close to Milwaukie, OR. Here is the most information in one article I could find. I hope you enjoy it. To complete things do explore Elk Rock. There is a garden to walk through and also some history if you go to the restaurant called Chart House on Terwilliger Blvd.

This past weekend I explored The Pow Wow Tree in Gladstone, OR. I discovered that there was an Indian burial ground there. Wonder if the is some haunted houses there?

It was so great meeting you.

Elk Rock Island Link

Happy Haunting,
Julie S



DATE:  16 May 2015
FROM:  Matthew
SUBJECT:  Gush Gush Monster

Hello Jeff.  You report of the Gush Gush monster at Lacamas Lake. I'm sorry but you have been lied to.  We must be honest about these things don't you think?

I grew up in the Leadbetter Mansion at Lacamas Lake on Leadbetter Rd.  What is in the lake is known as the Lacamas Lake Lunker.  It was reported in the Post Record (camas newspaper) in an article by David Rice sometimes in the 70's.  My best guess would be 1977. It is a large Blue gill that would sometimes come up out of the water and swallow an entire boat with fisherman in it, and then return back underwater.  It has only been seen a few times by local fishermen.

Now here is another one for you. And Iím not lying, you can still find some old timers that remember this stuff.


There was a second email from Matthew:

Sorry accidentally sent too soon, it was in the 60's I believe at the far end of Leadbetter rd in camas, a house burnt down, It was the home of the camas ghost "Karen Kister" I believe is how to spell her name(but needs to be looked up).  She often would appear in the Leadbetter Mansion.  Rumor had it that she was killed in a car accident. One day playing with a friend at the site of the old burnt house we found an article about her death in a glass bottle.  I do not have it any more.  She was a high school girl.  Do some asking around about that one!  IF you want more stories about the Leadbetter Mansion and ghost and stuff, email me!  I grew up in the Mansion.


\Matthew... WAHAHahahhaaaaa....... :)


My Response:

HI Matthew,

Thanks for sending me updates on the Gush Gush Monster and Leadbetter Mansion.  I"ll post your updates on my website.  It is interesting how uban legends grow up.  I am open to a Jonah's whale experience too to explain strange goings on at Lacamas Lake.

I was looking up the Leadbetter House online.  There is a bit of history I was unaware of.  Are you a leadbetter descendent?  I would be interested in visiting the mansion myself.

I have not heard of Karen Kister/Kyster before.  I did some checking and could not find an online reference.  If you can find the original article, I would be interested in reading it.

Jeff  Davis



DATE:  29 June 2015
FROM:  Jeanette P.
SUBJECT:  Ghost story? Please help

Iím well into my forties, with a calm, cool, and collected personality. I donít jump at every unexplainable sight or sound. Iím very reasonable. Logic always comes first!

On a Summer day, some time back, I was visiting Washington Park. After seeing the Rose Gardens, I had taken the city Trimet bus on the way down. The bus was very crowded, but there was something that had immediately caught my eye. Right there walking by the side of the road was a very distinct figure, who clearly was a man dressed in a full length, hooded black robe. The face wasnít visible, which I thought was strange, as it appeared to be a person. On the back of his robe was a very large emblem of a gold cross. My first thought was that this was perhaps a renaissance re-inaction, as someone posing as a medieval monk. Upon looking back, he had disappeared.

Iíve been doing some research, and have not found any such activities taking place in Washington Park over the years.

Any information you have pertaining to this would be greatly appreciated.

You have permission to use my story. I donít wish to remain anonymous.

Jeannette P.


Hello Jeannette,

Thanks for emailing me.  I have begun consulting with some other paranormalist types in the Portland area.  I hope to hear back from them very soon.  I will share their results with you.



DATE:  28 September 2015
FROM:  Tedi R.
SUBJECT:  Question on ghost history

Mr. Davis Ė

I am working on an employee newsletter & wanted to include information on one of our locations in eastern Washington.  It has been referred to as the ďGlenwood GhostĒ & is at an elevator near Colfax, Washington (a few miles northeast).  I canít seem to find any information about it, or who to ask.  Have you come across anything in your writings?

Thank you!

I had never heard of the Colfax elevator ghost.  Has anyone else?


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