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In recent weeks it has come to my attention that certain parties are using my ghost stories and those of my contributors as references for their own commercial enterprises.  If you or someone you know is writing a book on ghosts in the Pacific Northwest, PLEASE DO NOT!!! copy or use the following stories or any other materials within this website as references.  

Jefferson Davis (25 April 2003)



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DATE:  27 January 2013
FROM:  Steven 
SUBJECT:  Ghosts in Washington State

I found your site looking for ghost stories near where I live. I live in Shelton WA. A small logging town near Olympia. I worked at the bowling alley in town where a man named Ev worked for 20+ years. He lived in a small apartment in the attic and died of a heart attack near the front cash register. I saw him once out of the corner of my eye while I was alone on top of a machine thinking it was a Co worker who was no where even near me. other current at the time and former employees have there own stories of him. The most impressive and what the hell of the bunch was one of my friends was closing up for the night. He had all the machines turned off as will as the lights and was locking the last of 2 gates that separate the bowling lanes from the back door. Out of no where in the dark the very loud sound of a ball going down the lane and then a crash. he unlocked the gates turned the lights on and old Ev got a strike and there was still a pin spinning on the deck. The bowling alley was completely destroyed in a fire that started in the attic in late 2008 about 2 months after new owners took over the business. If this email actually makes it to you I can give you contact info for people that can corroborate what i have just written to you.....thank you



DATE:  26 March 2013
FROM:  Daphne 
SUBJECT:  Streaks on Face

Hi my name is Daphne. I am looking everywhere for answers. My daughter is living in an apt that seem to have the sprite of a little boy in it. She says he hasn't caused her any harm. And she has blessed the house. But last month her Aunt died and now she says that tear streaks seems to have appeared on her face. I am in Georgia she is in California in school. Have you ever heard of such a thing?  If you could even point me in the right direction any help would be nice.

Thank you Daphne G


DATE:  13 April 2013
FROM:  Jeff 
SUBJECT:  The Oar House

I am not sure who told you that ridiculous story about the Oar House but that is the biggest sack of garbage I have ever heard. My grandfather built the oar house the year before I was born (1982) and to tell people somebody died there is a crock. You should seriously take that down. You could potentially be hurting that businesses revenue. And get your facts in line!

I did speak with some guests who stayed at the Oar House at the time I posted my original story.  They stated they did have odd experiences.  Are you sure that the Oar House was built from scratch by your grandfather?  That there was no structure there earlier or that he did not use older wood or beams?  I removed the Oar House story from my tour guide some years ago at the request of the then owner.  The prior owner* promoted the story I originally posted. 

Jeff Davis

The house that was there before was a small house that they built over....My grandfather added 3000 square feet to the foundation. I can assure you nobody has ever died there since that happen and the story that is on your site and a few others state that there was a death on the "widows walk" which wasn't built until my grandfather built it in 1981. The "hatch/trap door" is a small door for a fire pole you can slide down from the 3rd story to the second where the bar is. That was a request from my grandmother who was a fire chief for the local fire department. The original "real" house that was built by the supposed captain by boat wood was actually next store and was a brothel...but like any "haunting" story, most have to be taken with a grain of salt. I spent a lot of my childhood in this house and have been pretty open to superstition and can honestly say, although the house can be eerie, I have never seen or heard anything..I have actually stayed there a lot since my grandmother sold it to the current owner. I almost bought the house in 2007 before the market crash but backed out. Unfortunately stories create fans, and fans knock on doors....I know it drives them nuts...it is what it is.

* NOTE:  This kind of dispute sometimes happens when you write books on the paranormal or even mundane subjects like… history.  Everyone has an opinion, which they are free to air.  However, it is interesting in this case, where  I was confronted by someone, whose grandfather spoke with me, and allowed me to post stories about his business. 


DATE:  27 April 2013
FROM:  Kim
SUBJECT:  John Wayne

I stumbled onto your Weird Washington web site while looking up the baby graves for my daughter.  Thought I would share a bit about John Wayne visiting the islands with you.  I moved to Friday Harbor in 1970, and prior to that my family vacationed on a small cruiser in the islands for many years. I spent a lot of time in my coming up year at Roche.  Every night at dusk they would do ‘Colors,’ or bring the flag down which was at the end of the old dock (which had the little store and shower etc on it).  After the flag came down they would blow off a cannon. and when Mr. Wayne was moored in the harbor he would always blow his cannon back!  Us locals would always know when he was in town, (cuz our mothers had run around looking to get a peek at him) so we would go out and watch the ceremony for fun.

 One sad thing I remember about colors is that one of the Tarte (owners of Roche at the time) cousins got hurt really bad with the cannon one 4th of July.

 You should also look up the mausoleum out in back of Roche, I’m pretty sure it was done by McMillin, there was a pillar for everyone, but one was knocked down, for the black sheep of the family was the story.

 Anyway, fun memory, I didn’t know about the bathtub, my mom will love that story.  We had some great times at Roche, but that was the ‘70’s, used to sneak into the restaurant late at night and get pie.  Boy if Mr. Tarte only knew then!

 Thanks for your stories,


DATE:  18 May 2013
FROM:  Carrie 
SUBJECT:  Ghost Walks


 Hello. I ran across your name again; the first time I saw it I was doing some ethnography work in Ocean Park. One of my goals was to record residents' paranormal experiences, and I found your name and work when I did some pre-trip research.

 Then, tonight, I was researching a pleasure trip I want to take to Astoria and ran across your name on a Carnival Cruise site saying you gave ghost tours in Astoria, OR. On viewing your site this seemed odd in light of your statement about people using your books, your current work, and where you live, so I've included the link below. If it is legitimate, do you give tours to folks who aren't on Carnival Cruises? If not, I hope you're able to protect your IP.



DATE:  27 June 2013
FROM:  "Zandrea 
SUBJECT:  Vancouver Post Hospital Pics


    A few years ago, i snapped this picture of the post hospital, not too sure what it is, but it kind of looks like a female with dark hair and a dirty white gown. thought you could check it out. Let  me know what you think, i have a few more of the hospital as well, if you would like them.


 >Hello Zandrea,
>Your picture is very interesting.  Do you have a higher resolution image you can send me?  I would really like to see more.
  There might have been an employee in the building when you took the picture.


DATE:  23 July 2013
FROM:  David 
SUBJECT:  Think I Have a Ghost

Take a look at the white orb. A few months before I had a dark, man shaped figure walk right in front of me and disappear. The previous tenant died in this room. He was beaten into a coma by his son and never fully recovered. Just wondering if you have any advice?

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