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In recent weeks it has come to my attention that certain parties are using my ghost stories and those of my contributors as references for their own commercial enterprises.  If you or someone you know is writing a book on ghosts in the Pacific Northwest, PLEASE DO NOT!!! copy or use the following stories or any other materials within this website as references.  

Jefferson Davis (25 April 2003)



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DATE:  15 January 2012
FROM:  "Stacy M
SUBJECT:  Interested

I am interested in possibly joining your team.  This would be my first official participation in such an organization aside from investigating both the Mt. Washington Hotel in NH and The Stanley Hotel in CO with the TAPS/TVís Ghost Hunters team on paranormal weekends.  The great thing about TAPS is that they are fantastic at debunking and never assume anything.  My family has a long history of experience with the paranormal.  


FYIómy husband is currently considering occupying an office space in downtown Vancouverís ďThe AcademyĒ which I understand may have a history of paranormal activity.  I have a friend and neighbor who knows how to reach the current owner of the former residence of Charlie Manson although Iím not sure going there is a good idea. 


I have many family members and neighbors who have had their own ďsightingsĒ and/or paranormal experiences.  While Iím not sure where these things actually originate from, I know such situations do occur.  We certainly have had more than  our share of spirit sightings, big foot screams witnessed along with a northwest viewing by one of my neighbors and his brother (both skeptics by nature).  One of my 2nd cousins in NC has plans to write a book documenting all of our strange encounters.  My own mother & biological father had an other-worldy craft descend upon them shortly before my conception in OH.  Might sound crazyóbut itís all true.  Iím not sure why my family has had so many experiences but I only know from personal occurrences that such things do happen.  It both frightens and intrigues me.


If you have an opening for someone who is open to learning about equipment and who can be available most anytime please let me know.

Stacy M



DATE:  29 January 2012
FROM:  "Cara A
SUBJECT:  Haunted Map Guide

Hi Jeff,


I think your website is great! You have a lot of neat locations listed that I have not seen elsewhere on your Haunted Map Guide. I do have a bit of information to add. Fort Worden in Port Townsend, WA has several buildings that are potentially haunted. I know that what is now a school but used to be a hospital has some activity there. There are other sites like Building 405, the gun batteries, house 333 (I think, but might need to double check if thatís right) and Alexanderís castle are all supposedly haunted.


 I also have an excel spreadsheet with a list of allegedly haunted locations in Oregon and Washington. There are some I have that are not on your site. Most are things Iíve heard rumors about, or things Iíve found in books or online, and many I have not yet filled in a description for what the claims are. I can send it to you if youíd like, though.


 Again, thanks for the great list!

Cara A

DATE:  2 February 2012
FROM:  Marylou" 

Hello Jeff,

I recently found your books at the Lake Oswego Library.  I can't wait to read them.  I am interested in ghost and I have a few ghost stories to tell.   However, I am not ready to tell about them yet.  I am curious to know if you know of a web site locally who has information regarding "Black Eyed Kids" or "Black Eyed People" ???  I have been research this phenomenon for months now and wonder, could there be such a thing?  Are there photos, videos to see?  Anyway, since you have  a wide knowledge about paranormal, etc. thought I would go to the source. 


Thank you in advance.


Best regards,



Hello Marylou,

Thanks for your email.  I hope that you had a chance to look at my books in the last week.  And that you were not disappointed.  I do not know if any local group or data base that had a lot of references to Black-Eyed Children (or kids).  They are an interesting subject of discussion, but I am not convinced about whether they are real, an urban legend, local phenomena, or ???????

There are plenty of paranormal research groups in the area though.  I am sure that looking through the links section of my website, or a google search could lead you to them.  There is also a paranormal conference in Oregon City soon.

Thanks for your interest, and please do keep up with things.

Best wishes,
Jeff Davis


Hello Jeff,

 Thank you for responding to my email.  I really appreciate it.  I have read your books and enjoyed reading them!!! I have also checked out the web site for the upcoming Oregon City Paranormal Conference.  My brother, sister and I love checking out ghost tours.  We recently went to the "Bizarre Ghost Tours" here in Portland.  It was really interesting, except for the rain.  We did enjoy the tour however and hope to see more this year.  Hoping to get my book signed this March when I attend the conference.  Looks like a great conference to attend.  In any case, thanks again!

 Best regards,


DATE:  24 February 2012
FROM:  Chuck E
SUBJECT:  Two other Prospects

I donít believe in ghosts but Iíve heard of two other possibilities in Oregon Heceta Head Lighthouse and the Baldwin Hotel & Museum in Klamath Falls . 

Chuck E



Hello Chuck,

Thanks for contacting me.  I have heard of and visited Haceta Head, but had not heard of the Baldwin Hotel and Museum.  I may have to make my way down there in the near future.

DATE:  29 February 2012
FROM;  "Chastain O
SUBJECT:  Picture



My daughter had this on her camera that she had taken in our living room. There is no light on her camera and the TV was not on but did have Christmas lights hanging by windows. Several months ago we had our house blessed and cleansed because of possible paranormal and a lot of negativity in our home-which was not normal. Since then it has quieted down and can feel more positive energy in our home. We were experiencing electrical problems and would hear footsteps. Iíve attached the lightened photo and the original. I know you may get a lot of these every day.


Thanks for your help.



DATE:  29 March 2012
FROM;  "Steve W
SUBJECT:  Interstate Bridge Ghost

Hi Jeff:


I ran across your book while posting about Grover Percival. Hope it gains you some new readers!


Best, Steve W



DATE:  6 April 2012
FROM;  "Dorene 
SUBJECT:  Gold Hillís Stagecoach Stop Ghost

Dear Mr. Davis;

 There's also one more ghost in Gold Hill, Oregon that you don't have listed. Its at the old stagecoach stop. The place has since been bought and is now the Del Rio Winery located just outside Gold Hill.


Back in 2005 I was a blog news reporter for Southern Oregon News.com. I was looking for a story and decided to do one on the Stagecoach Stop in Gold Hill. I stopped in and had a nice visit with the owners, and that's when they told me of the ghost. But when the owner of the publication I worked for decided to retire and enjoy his golden years he closed down the website, and I was never able to get the story in print.


From what I can remember back when it was used as a stage stop there was a man who was in love with a lady. Something happened to where they weren't able to be together. He was so angry that he went in back and took out his frustrations on a pile of wood in need of splitting. As he was doing this something went wrong, it was either the ax or the splitter, but he was struck in the head and died. Many have said that he still walks the old building. It may be worth making a call to them to find out more information.


There seems to be many ghosts walking about in Sams Valley. I've been told of an old man on Dodge Creek Road that watches out for anyone living in his old home. I've even been told by a few people who have stayed in my home that they've seen a women walking about and then vanishing. I've lived here for over twenty-one years and have never seen her. The closest I've come was last week. I have a very fluffy, twelve-pound, Pomeranian that sleeps on top of my bed at night. I always have my room lit in case he's on the floor so I won't step on him. On night as I was trying to go to sleep my dog kept walking over my legs. He never stepped on me, but I could feel his weight and even the pressure. Tired of this I sat up to tell him to stop, but found he was not even close to me and had been sleeping all that time. I told the ghost good night, and went to sleep. The next time I was sitting at my computer in my home office. My chair was given several light shoves that caused me to turn around. Being I was home alone there wasn't anyone alive that would have done this. Once again my dog was of no help for he was sleeping fast near another desk. Well, if I have a live-in ghost she's not a bother, nor anyone to be afraid of. lol


Anyway, it would be interesting to your readers to find out more regarding Gold Hill's Stagecoach Stop Ghost.

Sincerely, Dorene 


DATE:  10 April 2012
SUBJECT:  Moore Mansion Ghost

Tell me about the  history of Moore Mansion in Pasco, Wa, if u can, Iím doing research, Iím a paranormal investigator, I heard there is a story of a young girl who committed suicide there in the 1920s any info would be great!

Thanks and have a great day! My name is April.


DATE:  27 July 2012
FROM:  "Loyal B
SUBJECT:  Silver Falls Ghost

I was recently shown a photo of an amazing picture from Silver Falls in Oregon. The little girl is back. Check it out. I first saw this picture and searched the web to see if anyone else had seen anything like this at the falls. That's where I saw the pic on your site of the girl above the falls.




DATE:  25 August 2012
FROM:  Sandy
SUBJECT:  Oregon Caves


I went to the Oregon Caves several years ago with family and took a picture of my son in law.  When it came out, you can see what I saw.  I was fascinated so I looked up the caves and found out about the man who discovered it.  It showed a picture of him and it strangely resembled the man in my picture.  Let me know what you think.

Thank you



DATE:  5 September 2012
FROM:  Natalie
SUBJECT:  Hood River Hotel

My boyfriend recently stayed there for work and claimed it was haunted... He sent me a picture pls call or text me so I can discuss it with you 

Sorry, no picture to post here.


DATE:  13 September 2012
FROM:  Brad 
SUBJECT:  Priest River, ID Ghosts

Hello JD, my name is Brad and I have a ghost story that I live with daily. It's a very long story and started in 2006 when I moved to Priest River Id. It has become so much a part of me that I accept it as part of my life. I type very slow and I really don't know if this e--mail will go thru . I will tell you that I have proof of my story and photos of things that even someone of your expertise has not seen.  I'm almost 60 and not a story teller but have a story that I really think you would like. If you do get this message and want to know more, please send me a couple lines and I promise what I have to tell you will make your day. I will also tell you I'm interested in you because of what I read in your web page.

Sincerely, Brad



JD, this is 3 of my recent photos. The red light at bedtime was taken after 4:00 this morning. I picked this photo because it shows the light bolt going in front and behind  my beds top rail and my flint lock rifle & behind my hanging glass structure. I hope this will spark your interest. I do not mess with any photos, I don't even know how. You are the first person I have ever sent any pictures to.  I respectfully ask you to delete these 3 photos if you are not interested in my story, only because there my personal property and I do want to have control over how they are used. Up till now I have only shared my photos and story to my family and 2 friends. The main reason I just started to reach out is because more new developments have  started with my friends ( friends is what I call my troop of spirits, ghost or whatever they are) and I find I can no longer keep it to myself . It is just to much to keep in. My friend has been trying to get me to go on utube with a story that is spread out over a long period of time and also show 3 or 4 photos every few days with the story line. I was wondering what u think of that idea in case your not interested in my story. I haven't met or talked with you yet, but I believe you would be a good match with me because of your knowledge and honesty in your web page. If you would rather talk with me, 

Hi JD, I forgot to mention on the photos with the red and yellow light bolts, I use my headlamps red light. I take several pictures as soon as I turn it on and they come out normal looking. After several minutes the bolts start to appear. Well tonight when I turned the redlamp off, I took another pic and there was still a bolt. 

  Yesterday, my wife Jan & I drove into Spokane and I took the red light with me and left it on the whole trip and took many picturees to see if it followed me . Three times there was a very short red bolt and orbs in many of the pictures.

  I hope you will contact me at least once because I am really confused and perhaps you could give me your take on all of this. This all seemed to have started when I bought several historical buildings here in Priest River. I lived in the very old and very cold apartment upstairs. Ialso bought my first digital camera and started getting orbs in the photos. A couple minor scary moments happened but that was that. Seven months later I moved to a home out in the woods about 6 miles from my buildings downtown. We had been there a few months and things got hot and heavy, I started getting haunted almost nightly and many of those nights I was scared to death. My wife of 27 years started thinking I was losing my mind and I had no way to prove to hear that I really was getting haunted. It got so bad that I was afraid to go to bed at night. We ended up moving back to Spokane in less then 2 years and I only had a few episodes after that. Then my Dad passed and I moved to Barstow Ca. to help my mother out and I had all but forgot about the haunts. We then moved back to Priest River to retire and less then 2 months went by and the haunts started up again. But the was no fear because I had Gotten so used to them from the years before. The really big difference was this time they not only let me get some very awesome photos on the third night, they started giving me hundreds of photos covering a wide range of different haunts. Now after about a year and a half we are old friends. They still try to put the hairs up on my neck but mostly they just want their pictures taken.

  I am very fortunate to experience all of this, but I also have learned and know things that science would love to know about. Everything I have told you and much more that I have not yet can be proven with all the equipment that is available today. 

  In closing  I would just like to say, this isn't a place that might be haunted, this is a place that has the anomalies happening every single day. Sincerely, Brad


DATE:  22 September 2012
FROM:  Meloney
SUBJECT:  Silver Falls State Park


I was on your web site reading Nov to Dec 2004 stories. Came across the story about a visitor from Arkansas asking about a picture they took of the falls. When I scrolled down and see the pic I was startled. I have a similar pic of a little girl in the Silver Falls State Park camp grounds.  Could you please help me with it. This picture was taken by some friends of my kids. Taken July 2012. The person taking the picture says she didn't do anything to touch it up or add to it.

Very curious to hear your thoughts

DATE:  23 October 2012
FROM:  donna
SUBJECT:  OTP Pic to Debunk (Old Town Pizza)

"This is my iPhone. There are many like it, but this one is mine"

DATE:  27 October 2012
SUBJECT:  Ghost Stories from Clark County, WA

I believe you are the author that wrote a story about Dollars Corner in Clark County? The one I believe my mom Roberta Mayo told you about? If so how do I get a copy of that particular book? I would love to share those stories with my nephews. I have a few of my own but I cant get them validated by anyone. I could tell you some I have heard from different people around Battle Ground WA as well if you are looking for more to write about. Anyway, Please let me know about that paticular copy of the book my moms story was in. I would REALLY love a copy. I was really young when you published that one but I remember reading the stories and getting a little creeped out yself. So I am sure I could get my nephews going as well :)


Hi Sasha,

Your mother did tell me stories about Dollar's Corner.  I may have a copy of the original booklet somewhere in my office.  Please send me your mail address and I will send you a copy if I can find one.



I don't remember if I ever replied to you so I am doing it now.  I have a question for you.. What got you into writing about the hauntings around here? and where can I read more of your stories besides my mothers? I honestly have seen some weird stuff around this town so wanted to see if you wrote any more about battle ground area lol. I can't be the only one who has seen things in this town. A lot of people have seen things on the old train tracks that are not in use anymore. Its NUTS! Anyway, please let me know when you can..
God Bless


Hello Sasha,

Thanks for emailing me, I did find a copy of the original booklet and will send it to you.  Even though, looking at it now, there are plenty of problems with it.

Yes there are plenty of other stories about Battle Ground. Though I had not heard about the train tracks.  Maybe I can ask some of my relatives.  My grand parents and great grand parents were settlers there a long time ago.


As for the train tracks it would be awesome to find out other stories that happened there. I know 3 of my firneds and I saw something one night on the old train that use to just sit on the tracks in old town  Battle Ground. And then another friend told me about seeing what he thought was a ghost. That even came up to him asked him a question when vanished. Plus he had heard simular stories.

I also can tell you I lived in a " haunted" house when I first moved out on my own that wasn't top far from those tracks. my roommates and myself went threw some crazy stuff that helped us to all move out. Including a sterio coming on full blast in the middle of a song from on of the cd's in it, almost always the same song in the same spot. It was creepy. Later someone told me her grandparents had owned that house years prior to us living there and susposedly a murder had taken place there but I never looked into it.

Anyway, Thanks for finding the booklet. I look forward to reading the stories to my nephews and maybe take them on a tour of all the places in it. If you ever want any ideas of "hauntings" around here just write me the things I could tell you..

On another note, I have been writing a story myself. A "romntic novel" and was wondering if I could get some tips from you on it? I have been stuck for a few months in a spot its hard to get out of. Espically when I lived the novel. It is just hard to get all the words onto paper.. Does that make sense?


Okay, I must say this.. I am supposed to be doing school work for my last week n fall quarter. However, I sat in my car and read the entire booklet. I could NOT put it down, It was a history lesson and a tiny creep out session all at the same time. But yes my mom's story was way creepy compared to the others. BUT I bet if I told you the story of my first house on my own it would be a bit more creepy then that one. PLUS the weird rail road tracks experiences, the feelings not just myself but others got on the tracks and about the field behind them which is now a new development. As well as other weird crap. lol
After I read all your stories I would say when you wrote the book you were a bit on the fence about "ghosts" and "hauntings" 

 I also noted that you were going to write a second book, did you? Might be good for another history lesson :)

DATE:  31 October 2012
FROM:  "Sue 
SUBJECT:  Ghost Article in Columbian

Thought you might enjoy this:





DATE:  1 November 2012

FROM:  "Sarah J.

SUBJECT:  Oregon Caves

Hi Jeff,

I met you on Friday night at the ghost walk. My husband and I were the former guides at Oregon Caves National Monument. We talked a bit about the ghosts there. I've been polling my friends on Facebook about any unusual experiences they had while working there.  I thought I would share our general consensus with you.

Jilted Bride Story

We had all heard the story. Young couple got married and the wife found her husband kissing/screwing a maid on their wedding night. I remember specifically asking about this when i was there (as did my roommate) and we determined that this was crap. No one had any experiences with this so called ghost in the guest area. I specifically tried to ask around and there was no evidence (newspapers, etc) that this ever happened. I doubt that it did. In general, it was determined that there were no known ghosts "above stairs" (this is where the guests slept).

Maintenance Guys

So according to a couple folks, our head of maintenance, Bruce, had been there for years and saw ghosts "all the time." Usually they were turning corners, heading into broom closets, etc. He would investigate and they weren't there. Bruce no longer works there. He also refused to go into the cave. Not sure why. Although, with the way the corporation was structured, his job did not necessitate him going into the cave. I do know that he didn't like it. At the time, we decided he was severely claustrophobic. But maybe there was more to that story? I don't know. i think he was far more sensitive than most people and saw a lot more. He did not live on the premises.

Kitchen Ghost

Once discussing with my friends, we determined that there was definitely a ghost in the kitchen area. The kitchen for the restaurants, the kitchen for the staff dining room, the staff dining room, the apartment for the head chef, and the wine area was kept all on the same floor. I recall things being relocated (specifically serving utensils in the staff dining hall). At the end of the summer, there was a tradition that there was a gigantic party and we consumed a lot of left over wine. I recall at that party (as do a few of my friends) that Pablo (our head chef) had several experiences in his apartment. His apartment was directly adjacent to the staff dining hall. Unfortunately, when Pablo was regaling us with his tales of his haunted apartment, I was learning to appreciate fine (free) wine and I don't recall much of it. Sorry! I was 19...what can I say?

Haunted Cave

          There was the story of the shooting in the Cave. Just so we are both on the same page with the facts...a group of four went caving. Two men, and a man and wife. In those days, the best way to deal with finding your way out of the cave was to tie a string a to a tree outside and string it along with you on the inside. In the room with mondmilch formations, the party was climbing down either rope or a rickety ladder. I think it was a ladder. Anyway, one man slipped and somehow his gun accidentally discharged. It shot the man behind him (i want to say it was in the eye). The two remaining men fled the cave, taking the light sources with them. The woman held her husband in the cave with no light until he died. At which point, she was able to find her way out with the string. She hiked out in the darkness and was supposedly chased by a bear. The bear caused her to lose track of where she was and she missed caves creek campground that was partially populated. They found her a few days later wandering in the valley, still covered in her late husband's blood. I've never heard that this tragic incident caused a haunting. It was never discussed ever. I know this story occurred, it has been substantiated by NPS and was a standard, approved, tour story. I believe they have newspaper clippings in the library.

          My friends and I were discussing that we did actually hear voices. At least three of us had this issue. It sounded like a LOT of voices. We would get confused and think that tours were in front of us or behind us and that we were off schedule. Although, were were in a cave where sound could bounce off rocks and we had a tour of 16 people. So, I would take this with a grain of salt. I do need to tell you that I am partially deaf. So, for me to hear something, voices had to be REALLY loud. I remember one point, hearing a man's voice and knowing it was another guide named DJ. However, that guide was out of the cave by the time i heard him. I always had a weird feeling in what was called the Ghost Room. (The name had nothing to do with spirits, but rather karst ghosts which is a type of cave formation). I always felt like people were watching. I loved being in the cave and did my share of going off trail. BUT, the Ghost Room was not somewhere that I wanted to be. We generally stayed away from the Ghost Room when we were playing around at night. I'm wondering now if others had weird feelings about it as well. 

Staff Quarters

So, the hotel is referred to as the Chateau and the staff dormitory is referred to as the Chalet. We lived in the chalet and that was where the guide offices and ticket sales were located. During the summer of 2000, i had my ONLY ghostly experience. I had the last tour of the night, the 7pm tour. By the time I was done, it was 8:30pm. I walked my tour group down the mountain and sort of walked with them, talking. Frankly, I was angling for tips. Once they were all headed over to their cars, i ran to the bathroom. It was the duty of the last  guide (me) to lock up the public restrooms for the night. I hit the ladies room and was in a stall. I heard someone say "Hello?" It would have been on my bad hearing side, so the sound was pretty loud. I knew that it was an older woman. Slightly shakey voice etc. I replied "Hey i'm in here" and then the visitor shut off the lights. I immediately ran outside to see who was pranking me. No one was in the breezeway waiting to laugh at me. It was totally empty. The only person who could have had that old woman's voice was the head housekeeper, Pat. She had worked there and lived there on and off for ages. So, I went to her room in the staff area and she was sewing at her sewing machine. She was wearing her jammies and slippers, there was no way it was her. So, i just kinda shrugged and finished closing up for the night. On a side note, whoever shut the lights out had physically turned off the switch. I remember flipping it on as i ran out. 

Well, that's it for now. I was there during the big Sasquatch sighting in 2000. If you want to hear more about that, or if you want some more resources to talk to about the haunting, I can do some research for you.

Good luck! It was nice meeting you. I must admit, I have not started reading your new book yet. But, that will probably be this weekend. Good luck and thank you for your expertise on the ghost tour.  



HI Sarah,

Thanks so much for emailing me with your experiences and observations of the Oregon Caves and buildings nearby.  I think it is regrettable that the NPS are not more open to discussing these matters.  I will be working on an update of my website and with you permission, will hide your contact details and name but add your info.




DATE:  10 December 2012
FROM:  Rachel 
SUBJECT:  Ape Caves

Hi Jefferson Davis,

We met on Saturday at the Clark College Columbia Tech Center.  I had mentioned the picture that I took when I was at the Ape Caves a few years ago.  I have already compared it to the breath pictures and it looks completely different.  The picture was taken with a Nikon D60 digital camera in June of 2009.  I took several more pictures in the same spot but I wasn't able to get another picture of the same image.  I've had my camera for a few years and it has never been taken apart to be cleaned...so it might be my camera or maybe some moisture build up because it's cold and damp in the cave.  I took about 200 pictures and this was the only one that had an image like that.  I would like to know what you think.  I'm planning on going back to the Ape Caves sometime in the summer and would love to know if you think this is a real ghost picture.

Thank you for your help.



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