September to October 2004 Ghost Stories



In recent weeks it has come to my attention that certain parties are using my ghost stories and those of my contributors as references for their own commercial enterprises.  If you or someone you know is writing a for profit book on ghosts in the Pacific Northwest, PLEASE DO NOT!!! copy or use the following stories or any other materials within this website as references without my permission.  

Jefferson Davis (25 April 2003)





FROM:  Matt F

DATE:  1 September 2004

SUBJECT:  Ghost Encountering


Well summer just ended so I was catching up with a friend of mine that goes to my school; I was talking with her online.  I asked her if she did anything interesting over the summer.  She said she went to Seattle and Chicago.  While in Seattle, her and her softball team stayed in Everett, WA right near Seattle I believe.  They stayed at a hotel called Everett Inn.  While going to the bathroom see saw a ghost that she described as a little Chinese girl clapping and she screamed.  Later on, she went downstairs and saw an old picture of the same little girl.  The next day the picture was gone.  That is all I know right,

 I am going to ask her more about it later.

Write back if u know anything about this ghost

Ty Matt

MY Reply to Matt's Email

Hello Matt,

Thank you for visiting my website.  I am sorry that it has taken so long to >get back to you.  I have been involved in some pretty mundane things >recently, such as residing my shop and putting up porches, etc. But now >that the rains have started, I am back on the web in force.

I am sorry to say that I have not heard anything about the Everett Inn.  Do you know if that was an older hotel, or a newer one?  I'll post your story >on the web and see if I get any further information.   Sorry I don't have immediate answers. I would appreciate it if your friend could supply more details.


Jeff Davis


FROM:        Jeanette J

DATE:         8 September 2004

SUBJECT:  Wolf Creek, Josephene Countey, Oregon


I have a question for you in regard to something posted on your paranormal website.  I'm trying to get information on Wolf Creek Inn, off I-5 in Josephine County, Oregon.  Specifically, I'm interested in something that made national news.  It involves several hikers a few years ago who were staying at Wolf Creek Inn.  They claimed that while they were out hiking in the area they saw a "werewolf" with blood all over its mouth.  Later that evening as they were sleeping in their rooms at Wolf Creek Inn, they claimed several unusual bites that occurred on their necks in the night.  Supposedly, people at the Inn claimed that they had also had sightings of what the hiker described.

I don't know if you follow "Bigfoot" "Saskquatch" sightings in the Grants Pass area.  But one such sighting was by a swimmer in the area of Wolf Creek (I'm supposing that it was the same Wolf Creek), but he was swimming in Coyote Creek near Wolf Creek.  There have been numerous other sightings at Grants Pass as well as Oregon Caves area.  Assuming that Bigfoot exists, could this be what the hikers saw do you think?

Can you give me any more information on this, specifically dates, so that I can check this out in the newspapers.  I'm also curious as to the names of the individuals & hope that the newspapers will disclose this. Thanks for any help.



My Reply

Hello Jeanette,

 Thanks for writing to me with your questions.  Unfortunately, I've been out of the country for quite a bit, and I had not heard about a werewolf near Wolf Creek.  I will post your question soon, and hopefully someone will get back with me with links or other information.  The same thing goes for a bigfoot in the area.  The latter does not surprise me.  I certainly believe that a primate known as gigantipithicus could have survived in the Pacific Northwest until recently, and it is mentioned in the lore of the regions Native Americans.  As to whether they still exist, I honestly don't know.  THere are a lot of sophisticated frauds out there.  But I keep hoping.  



FROM:        Ed L

DATE:         12 September 2004

SUBJECT:  My Old House on Officer’s Row


Dear Mr. Davis:

I would like to commend your website; it really is quite interesting.

Ages ago I lived on Officers' Row and I still regard the experience as one of the best in my whole life.  I lived at 1018 E. Evergreen, the house directly west of the Grant House, from 1957 to 1960.  My dad was a doctor at the Barnes VA Hospital, and the Row was being used as housing for the doctors and their families at this time.  I attended Harney Elementary School.

Is it possible to look up the records for a specific house on the Row to see if paranormal events have been reported there?  When I lived at this house there were two minor, curious incidents that still have me scratching my head. 

These incidents in no way detracted from my overall good memories of the place.  In fact, last year I paid a nostalgic visit to the Row and got some pictures.  My old house is still there but is evidently being remodeled.  Unfortunately, the cafe in the Grant House was out of business so I was unable to pay my respects to Col. Sully.  Maybe next time...

Thanks -


Ed L 


 FROM:  Jason S

DATE:  15 September 2004


 I was perusing your website and enjoying the stories and since the focus is on the Northwest, I thought you might enjoy the stories I have.  I have had a handful of unexplainable experiences in my life as most people here have but there was one occurrence that particularly stands out.  I was just heading into the summer before my sophomore year of high school and was nanny for two children of a family friend until school started for extra money.  Their house was off of Powel in Portland but unfortunately I don’t remember the exact street they lived on.  Any way, they lived in an older home and seemed quite content that they resided with the ghosts of “two old ladies”.  

One afternoon the children and I were playing in the backyard on the swing set when I looked up at the window of the attic (where my room was set up along with the nursery for the triplets they were expecting, which led to my help as the mother was restricted to bed rest) and I didn’t see anything but I got the distinct impression that we were being watched from that window.  I brushed it off as me being silly and continued on with what we were doing.  Well, later that night I got the creeps to go upstairs to bed.  I can’t explain the feeling except that the further up the stairs I went the more feeling of anxiety I got.  To try to comfort myself I picked up the family cat to take upstairs with me, thinking we’d cuddle in bed until I drifted off but the cat wanted nothing to do with going up those stairs with me and scratched my arms up in protest.  Needless to say I went downstairs and slept with the kids that night.  I figured they just wanted to be left alone that night as I never had any uneasiness before in the room.  A few days later the kids and I were watching cartoons in the living room when a picture dropped off the wall onto the ground.  No big deal, right?  The backing was still hanging on the wall and the clips that held the back on to the frame had been unclipped. 

My dad is a very level-headed person as he’s been through quite a lot throughout his life and easily brushes things off but one instance did creep him out.  He has been a heating and cooling man for about 35 odd years and was out on a job at the Vancouver Barracks.  Well, he could only work at certain designated times so as not to disrupt their schedule.  Bubby was a 150lb Rottweiller who was the most docile, mild-mannered dog I’ve ever known.  He also loved going with my dad anywhere so he would occasionally take Bubby to jobs if there was no one there or it was a night job.  Well, one night my dad was working when Bubby started growling at the corner of the room and soon escalated to a more aggressive stance; i.e. puffing his chest, baring teeth and fur raised.  I cannot express how sweet his demeanor consistently was, he loved EVERYBODY!  Soon he high tailed it out of there and would not go back into the building.  Needless to say, my dad packed up his tools and left for the night. 

Sorry my stories were so long, I just wanted to make sure I explained every detail I could remember.  Hope you enjoyed them!  If you have any questions or want to write me, my email is 



FROM:  Pete & Marilu

DATE:  15 September 2004

SUBJECT:  Maltby Cemetery?

 Just wondering if you've accumulated other strange tales from this dark stretch of highway, passing by this very old cemetery?  Forgive the spelling, it may well be incorrect, as I'm a "transplant", my husband is from here.  He related an experience involving this old cemetery, which he's not likely to repeat.  One evening, while driving home past this cemetery, he and his buddy, who was driving, noticed a vehicle on the shoulder of the road, next to the cemetery.  As they approached, incredible as it seemed.  the station wagon appeared to be covered in mud, vines, and dirt.  Even more alarming, their truck, which had no mechanical problems slowed and stopped -exactly next TO the mud and vine enshrouded vehicle. 

 It being a dark night, the situation, and an undefinable "heeb" made them less curious, than ANXIOUS to be out of there!  The windows, shrouded with muck, revealed a figure, hunched over the wheel.  My husbands' friend devoted all of his energy to getting his truck started again with MUCH encouragement from my spouse, who was at what would BE eye-level with the slumped "driver" of the station wagon.  Upon returning home, a police report was made.  Nothing was ever reported back to them of course, other than "unidentified and mysterious circumstances".

The driver of the truck, has claimed to have been surrounded and chased by hooded people close to this cemetery.   When he lived close at one time.   Needless to say, he's moved, and neither of them go near that place under any circumstances



 FROM:  Marci S

DATE:  16 September 2004

SUBJECT:  Ghost story in Columbia County  

This is more of a question than a story. Have you ever had referral to visit Columbia county or Vernonia or? I lived there from age 7-17. Always felt strange there through out the whole town. Mostly near the bars and downtown apartments. At times going through the woods near old railroad track what is now the linear trail, felt strong negativity. like an angry old man.

Have had lots of strange vibes there, mostly negative... Have you every been referred there or plan to? Curious what a trained person could find there


FROM:       Marci S  

DATE:        25 October 2004

SUBJECT:  Ghost story in Columbia County

Hi Jeff D.

That’s understandable. I saw on your web page that you are part of the reserves in Vancouver, so wasn’t expecting to hear back for while anyhow. Have many friends in the Oregon Guard since been in the guard myself since 1984. 

Can other people go on the haunts or ghost hunts? Went on the Independence ghost walk, was more of a historical walk but did feel some stuff in the Veteran of Foreign Wars and the Masonic rooms. Seems like a interesting community now, fun place to visit.

 If you need any back ground on the area (vernonia) got some good stories or know of those who could tell more than I do.

best wishes



FROM:       Jennette J

DATE:        20 September 2004

SUBJECT:  Wolf Creek, Josephine County, Oregon

 Hi Jeff,

 I'm actually not much into paranormal.  I was a little bit involved in Bigfoot research for a while (only moderating a website) & have talked to almost everyone of note about Bigfoot.  I'm in agreement with you that it's really difficult to the hoax from the real thing sometimes.  Once when I was investigating the finds of a researcher in the Oregon area, I did find two footprints on a fragile hilly surface (a total right foot & the heel of the left foot)...so, something is leaving these things--though some thing it is paranormal. 

 Anyway, the werewolf thing...some hikers spotted something they called a "werewolf".  It naturally made me think that they had mistaken a natural critter for a paranormal one. I was hoping to talk to them.  Nobody mentions there names or where they were from.

 Thanks for getting back to me.

 Jeanette J


 FROM:       Paul K

DATE:         23 September 2004

SUBJECT:  Hood River Hotel


 Do  you find that most paranormalists are religious, atheists, or agnostics?  I am a Christian so I filter all of this through my faith, experiences, and Scripture.  Not all Christians think its OK to talk about ghosts much less believe in them.  However, spirits (good and evil) are part of Christianity.  I have had my own personal experience with demons.  It’s the only unexplainable, supernatural event of my life.



FROM:        Kristie

DATE:         30 September 2004







23 October 2004 reply to Kristie 

Hi Kristie,

 Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you.  I hope you understand when I tell you that the Halloween book signing season has caught up with me and I have been busy with that and just getting my home ready for the coming winter.

 I am glad to hear that you have made some kind of peace, or truce with your spirits.  I do have a couple of pictures posted on my website, thank you for sending them to me.  I was not surprised when you wrote me that you had started your own paranormal investigation group.  If you have a website up, would you send me the URL, and I'll post is on my next website update.  That will take a while, since I'll be busy through Halloween.

 Best to you and yours in the upcoming seasons.

 Jeff Davis



FROM:        Melinda G.

DATE:         1 OCTOBER 2004

SUBJECT:  Curious

 I"m curious about the stories of the old OIT building in Klamath Falls.  

Is it truly haunted. On the shadowlands.com website it states people being skinned alive and that the occult practiced there. Any insight on the old bldg and why they shut it down?



 FROM:       Darci

DATE:         7 October 2004

SUBJECT:  A question, not a story

 I am wondering as to the Haunted nature of Clackamas Community College. People are really tight lipped on campus; I have asked around about this. I am preparing a legend to go with my club's Corridor of the Dead fundraiser and canned food drive. I would love authentic facts to base it on.




 FROM:       Benjamin H

DATE:         10 October 2004

SUBJECT:  More Grant House Information

 Hi, during the early '90's my father Julian Hobbs gave tours every Sunday.  I remember always going upstairs and having a strange feeling that something was there.  It just never felt right.  It wasn't until later on when the tours stopped and it was being turned into restaurant.  Once again that my father told me that the room which was being used for a gift shop was where a general died.  I believe the General's name was Sheridan. Don't quote me, but that is the name that pops into my head.

The main office for Officer's Row should have more info.  Don't know if this will help your website, but there is definitely something there.



FROM:        Matt H

DATE:         16 October 2004

SUBJECT:  Baghdad Theater

 3702 SE Hawthorne in Portland, in 1994 when the McMenamins first acquires it the bizarre happenings had already started.  They had to rewire some stuff so they called in some electricians.  The electricians cut all the power and started working, but before long, a presence made itself very know.  The lights began to flicker on and off, then they stayed on.  The electricians checked all the circuits but the wasn't a single volt in the wires.

The second time this prescience was felt was when an employee decided went upstairs to the employee bathroom for a minute.  This restroom wasn’t favored due to its poor ventilation.  This guy got way more ventilation than he had bargained for.  While he was washing his hands, he felt a sudden chill go up his spine.  Then a cold wing began to blow through the cold room.  It blew so strongly that the towels and toilet paper began to blow sideways.  Beware the dark side....



FROM:        Kilie C

DATE:         20 October 2004

SUBJECT:  Hauntings


I don't know quite how to start, so I will start by saying that I'm very pleased that you featured the story about the Indian Hauntings in Ridgefield!!!  I look on the web every once in a while to see if anyone’s writing about the hauntings in my part of the northwest, and while we have many in Ridgefield, we are sadly overlooked!  I don't know if you have ever taken any time to go out to Ridgefield and walk through the wildlife refuge, or ride though the drive refuge, but both are fantastic sites for paranormal activity.  We also have some really neat old buildings and houses that when I was a kid I wouldn't even walk by because they gave me the heeby geebies so bad, my house is one of them.

So the old story goes that our house   (the house I was born and raised in) was built over and old Indian burial ground.  Now this being native country we have a lot of myths and stories, but my mother swears it's true.  I used to have the most vivid dreams about Indians in the house, they’d be in the kitchen, the bathroom, under my bed, I would discount it as being young and all the stories seeping in and causing the dreams, but even now when I go home, I always feel strange in there when I'm alone.

We have had lights go out when I walk in a room, televisions go on and off when ever, we even had a haunted phone that used to ring and come flying off the hook whenever my mom my sister or walked by it (we eventually buried it I think).  Oh too much weird stuff to list!!!!

Anyways, I just really enjoyed your website, and I think you should take a trip out to Ridgefield, and definitely try to make it out to both wildlife refuges, Morgan’s Landing is also fantastic, and the city cemetery up on Hillhurst road.

Thanks again for recognizing us out here in the boondocks-



FROM:        Rick C

DATE:         24 October 2004

SUBJECT:  Question

 Greetings Jeff,

 You have a very interesting website and since I live in Vancouver WA., I read a few of the stories.  One question I have is about the Cape Horn Grange.  Where is it actually located?  I drove up there today and looked around.  The only Grange I can find is the Mt. Pleasant Grange a few miles west of the Cape Horn sign you have a picture of on your website.

 I have an experience that when I get some time, I’ll write about and send to you.  This occurred in a place called Felton California, located in the Santa Cruz Mts., about 75 miles south of San Francisco.  I used to live there for several years starting about the time I was 5yrs old.  When I went back to visit my dad, (then in my twenties), is when the incident occurred.  Felton seems to be a place that has a lot of strange activities and incidents that have occurred over a century of time, one of which is quite popular involving the Brookdale Lodge which is about 5 miles down the road from Felton.

 Anyway, thanks for the interesting info and if you can give me some more details on the Cape Horn location, it would be greatly appreciated.

 Thanks again

 Rick C


24 October reply to Rick C

 Hi Rick,

 Thanks for writing, and your question.  I'll see if I can't post both at the next website update.  Someone else had the same question, so I have to address it.  The Mt Pleasant Grange and the Cape Horn Grange Hall are the same building/location.  Most local people, use the proper title of Mt Pleasant, but many others use  "Cape Horn".  In all fairness, the interpretive sign, using the Mt. Pleasant name went up after I was given the story I posted, which used used Cape Horn.  When I went out, there was no sign, and so I used that designation.

 The Grange hall was for sale a couple of years ago and I wanted to buy it, but my wife and friends disuaded me from buying it.  I noticed the last time I drove by that they had recently repaired the roof, so I hope the owners, whoever they are continue the upkeep.

 I would be interested in hearing of your own experiences, please send them when you have time. 

 Jeff Davis



FROM:       Tiyeh G

DATE:         24 October 2004

SUBJECT:  Baldwin Hotel Klamath Falls, Oregon

 Here is my ghost story.

About three years ago my family vacationed in Klamath Falls.  My mom and I decided to take a tour of the Baldwin Hotel bringing my 3-year old daughter along.  The tour began and everything was going fine. It was quite a long tour and my daughter fell asleep near the beginning.  As we neared the end of the tour our guide began telling us of an old man who live in the hotel until he became too ill and had to leave.  The man was sent to the hospital, but wanted to go back to the hotel.  Our guide told us that everyday he asked to return to his hotel room.  Our tour guide took us to the man’s small room and began telling us that there have be reports of  the hotel staff seeing the ghost of the man. As we walked in to the room my daughter woke up a panic.  She was crying and yelling “He wants to go home. He wants to go home” and pointing at the man’s bed.  She cried, screamed, and pointed towards the bed the whole time we were in the man’s room.   When we left the room she stopped and fell back asleep.   

When we finished the tour we went back to our hotel room where my daughter told her dad of the man she had seem at the hotel.  She told him that he was crying and telling her that he wanted to go home. The man must have made quite an impact on her because for the next couple of months she would just begin talking about the man.  Telling us and other family members about how sad he was and how he wanted to just go home.




FROM:       Marilyn Gossett praying01@man.com

DATE:         24 October 2004

SUBJECT:  New Happening

 Hi Jeff,

First I will tell you that I am a Christian,   so I definitely believe in in demons aka intelligent beings. I know that they hang around in our world, but have never particularly believed in souls hanging around as I have always believed that when you die you go to heaven or hell.  The spiritual realm is very much a reality but I haven't had any direct dealings with it.

Ok, having said that, I will tell you my story.  Five women from our lead team from church went up to Zig-Zag, Oregon near top of Mt. Hood to have a silent retreat.  We rented a cabin from a couple over the phone and didn't get much background on the cabin other than the fact that it was in the woods, was built by the Jansen family of Jansen Sportswear years ago.  It was very quaint with two bedrooms upstairs and one bedroom downstairs.  The house has a massive stone fireplace that has a chimney that goes up through the bedrooms upstairs.  We broke our silence on Saturday and after dinner starting praying as a group for our church, our people, etc....  We sensed that there was something about the house and kidded about how the Lord wouldn't let any evil spirits in the house.  There were pictures of Indians, totems, medicine man bag, etc. on the walls and two gargoyles upstairs overlooking the living room below.

We all turned in about 11:00 and I went to bed closing my door tightly.  Our women's pastor was in the bedroom upstairs next to mine.  Anyway, I woke up in the pitch black dark sometime in the early morning....I laid there thinking that I would like to go to the bathroom but decided to get comfortable and go back to sleep. I was laying very still (on my side) with my knees bent trying to get back to sleep.  I felt someone sit on the end of the bed and then shift weight as if they were moving slightly.  I didn't feel particularly afraid; just unsure that I could have actually experienced what I thought I had.... The bed was fairly high off of the ground and I had to jump up a little to sit on it myself.  I am about 5-7.

This morning, I went downstairs to join the rest of the women.  I told the two in the kitchen about what I had experienced and that it was really weird.  I didn't really expect them to believe that it was really anything.  I walked out of the room and they called me back pretty soon wanting me to hear what Connie (who slept upstairs) had just come down and told them.  I asked her what it was and she said that she was in her room with the door open and a night light on.  She was on her side, opened her eyes and saw a tall native indian man standing next to the bed with a full white head dress and his arms crossed just looking at her.  Of course I was amazed and related to her what had happened in my room.  Neither of us felt threatened at all.  It was as if the figure had only been allowed to observe us.  We take our own protection with us in our guardian angels.

Anyway, when I got home I got online to see if I could shed any light on what happened and ran across your site.  I was very interested in reading about the woman that had someone sit on her bed three times and finally looked.  I didn't look.  I covered my head with the blanket because I wasn't sure that I wanted to see what was sitting there.  I regretted not looking the next morning.  Anyway, I thought you might be interested in hearing about this.  I am not a person that would ever expect to have this kind of experience.  Thank you for your time.

 Marilyn G



FROM:      Tori K

DATE:        25 October 2004


 Dear Mr. Davis;

 I live in Walla Walla, Washington very close to the downtown area. I am curious if there are any places in or near downtown Walla Walla that are haunted. Are there ghost hunters in my area I can contact? Also, I have volunteered and toured Fort Walla Walla Museum and wondered if you have had any ghosts reported there? How can I find out about ghost tours in my area? The majority of the buildings and houses here are old and full of history so I would think some of them would have "permanent" residents if you know what I mean.




13 November 2004 reply to Tori K

Hello Tori,

 I was working on another book of collected ghost stories when September 11th happened, and the Army sent me away.  Now that I am back, I am going to start back on the book.  I have wanted to visit Walla Walla as part of that investigation.  I have seen pictures of downtown and felt that it would be haunted, just like you do. 

 Unfortunately, I have not been given too many stories at this time.  Perhaps you could let me know if you encounter any ghosts.  There are a few ways you can check for yourself.  You can go to the library and check though their newspaper archives.  Look for ghost stories around Halloween.  You can also visit the local historical society and read through some of the oldtimers accounts.  There are lots of legends, and interesting events recorded in some of their memories.




FROM:       Jason B

DATE:        28 October 2004

SUBJECT: A Question as a Scientist



My name is Jason B.  A friend of mine is an amateur ghost hunter, and he has recorded something very interesting.  I'm his skeptic/devil's advocate, and I've come up with a few theories in which I could possibly debunk or validate his recording.  If I can't refute it, he feels comfortable showing other people.  

The recording shows a person crossing in front of a light, taken at triangular field in Gettysburg.  The problem is, the light wasn't actually there in normal vision, only through the night vision lens of the camera.  As you probably know, Gettysburg is a very popular ghost hunting site.  

My theory is this, what was recorded is a person who is possibly ghost hunting using night vision camera and a night vision light ( IR Flashlight of some kind ).  The problem I have with this theory is that I cannot imagine why someone who is trying to pick up feint light source such as a spirit is going to flood the area with light of any type.  Have you heard of anyone utilizing an Infrared Flashlight in ghost hunting?  What would the benefits possibly be?

My friend and I have a few experiments we are going to try to further validate the theory or the recording.  Also, in the future he is going to make sure he's going to take a flash light to examine the area of the anomaly after the anomaly ceases.

  I appreciate any insight you could give me on this situation.  

 Thank you,

My Reply To Jason's Question

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you about your question.  I think your supposition could be a valid, mundane explanation for the ghost video.  Most of the commercial low light, camcorders work through two processes.  The unit itself, such as a Sony handycam has internal electronic enhancement sensors within it.  They gather in all the available light, and enhance it in the recorded image.  This is where the images are shades of gray and green instead of full color. This is all passive.  However in recent years they've come with "nightshot".  This is the second part of the night vision process.  The night shot is actually a low power infrared spotlight, mounted in the front of the camera.  The internal sensors of the camera are able to "see" the infrared illuminator light, and enhance the picture.  Of course, when you are the camera operator, you do not see this, all you see is the picture you get.

If someone else is out there in the field watching you with their own nightshot camera they see the infrared beam, and you standing behind it, operating the camera.  Depeding on the model, it can be like an industrial spotlight or like the Star Trek episode where the television camera picks up the light and corona of the Borg laser sighting beams.  I hope that analogy helps.

You can try getting two of those night shot cameras, and recording each other at some distance, to see if you can recreate the light effect.   Another fallacy of the night shot camera is that like any light bulb, like a flashlight, the light beam is not all even, there area pinpoint areas of high light, and lower light levels.  Some ghost hunters see this variation in their night shot lens, and interpret it as a ghost

Good Luck,


 FROM:      Jodi J.

DATE:        28 October 2004


 Hey Jeff.  

I told you I'd let you know if my spooks came back.  Well, they have.  This is the fist thing that has happened since Jeremy and I have moved into this apartment.  Jeremy came home from work last night.  He heard the heater in the kitchen running, but when he went to turn it off, it was already off.  He decided to check upstairs to see if it was one of the bedroom heaters.  When he got to the top of the stairs, he got a very strong whiff of Lilacs.  He went into the bedrooms to see if he could find where it was coming from.  There was no smell in either room, just at the top of the stairs.  It was also very cold.  The heaters were turned off, but they were running, until he went into his daughters room.  It stopped running and the Lilac smell went away.  I guess our "guest" thought we were too cold or something.



 FROM:      Kathleen K

DATE:        31 October 2004

SUBJECT: Are you still accepting Ghost Stories?

 Hello Jeff~

 Thank you for taking the time to read my story. I have been for years curious to know if this was the usual ghost manifestation or demonic in nature. I will try to tell you as many details as possible.

A little background about me. I'm 47, white, re-married, no children, and I'm not religious though I do believe in a higher power. I also do not fool with the occult.  It was 1985 or 1986 when my now ex husband & I moved into the cottage on my grandparents property to rent. The property was bought in 1933 in Marin county CA. It was 24 acres with 2 dwellings. Later on my grandparents sold 19 acres + the old house and built their own home and kept the cottage to rent out. When they moved there from Oakland CA., in the cottage there lived a caretaker and his family. He needed to stay on because times were very bad. All my mother remembers about him was he was British and smoked heavily and had a chronic cough. 

In 1970-'71 a lady rented from my grandparents the cottage. She had strange things happen there. She was in her mid 20's. She saw things and heard knockings, etc. I'm not clear on details except one thing that stands out vividly. She and her friend were one night in the backyard when they came running inside after hearing a mans cough. This may be an important detail for later in this story.

The first thing that I noticed when my husband and I moved in was objects being moved around out of their places. Then objects missing - lost.  The next thing over a period of a year were knocking sounds coming from different walls inside the house. This cottage was small - maybe 850 sq. ft. 2 bedrooms one bath a kitchen & living room. I couldn't figure out where the knocking was coming from. Many times I stood with my ear to the wall. Other things began to happen that were disturbing. Window shades falling, pictures falling off the wall for no apparent reason, etc.

Once a good friend and I sat at the kitchen table and between our conversation we both heard a mans cough outside. I will never forget that as long as I live.

Then around 1986 the nightmares began. They only happened to me and NOT my husband. Just as I was the only one seeing and hearing things.

The very first one I remember like it was yesterday. I was dreaming I was in my bed (just as I was!) opened my eyes to see this figure, black figure - I don't mean a black man, but a black figure, standing right over me with a sawed off shotgun in my face. I was terrified. I screamed so loudly and tried to crawl UNDER my husband who was by now awake next to me!

The dreams continued every night. The same figure with different weapons. Once a 6 bladed knife ready to plunge it in me. Once an ex, once a sword, etc. Several times it wore a hat. That may sound odd, but it looked like a derby.

Jeff, I swear to you, it felt like I was awake SEEING this thing!

It got to where I was afraid to go to sleep.

One morning, I woke up to see a white featureless figure standing in the hall by the bathroom. It ran. I jumped out of bed, grabbed my .308 from under the bed and locked myself in the bathroom for 15 minutes, that is how terrified I was. That was the only time I saw a white figure.

I am getting to the end of this story.  The dreams continued to the end unfortunately for me.

On the morning of Jan. 8 1987 I was laying in bed half asleep around 7:20am when I heard a noise. I ignored it because being in the country we had deer and raccoon. I heard the noise again and lo and behold a voice in my ear said very clearly "GET UP!"

I did. The cottage was on fire.  I got out, we lost everything. That is the end of my story.

About 8 months after the fire, I was at my grandmothers house when she got a letter from a Mr. Smith who now lived in AZ. She and her husband had rented that same cottage in the 1950's. The reason for her letter so many years later was she had waited until her husband passed before inquiring because her husband forbade her to write. He told her my grandmother would think her crazy. She wanted to know if anyone had ever seen anything strange in the cottage. She then went on to detail her sightings. One was a figure of a man.

Unfortunately since my grandmothers death in '95 we haven't been able to find that letter.

One last thing about that cottage. After the fire, it was rebuilt and the property sold in '87, the new owners asked my mother this year if anyone has had anything odd happen there. Their niece was staying overnight and saw a dark figure that frightened her.

That is four separate people over a long period of time concerning that cottage.

Jeff, I am interested to know if it was a spirit or a demon or both - perhaps more than one entity. I am also interested in knowing why certain people and not others? Because my parents lived there right before I was born and had nothing strange happen to them.

 Thank you for your time and interest.


13 November 2004 reply to Kathleen K

Hello Kathleen,

 Your experience sounds like it was indeed frightening, with the threatening, armed figure.  At the same time, you were warned to get out of the house, which saved your life.  I have a hard time believing in demons, such as the Middle Ages type boggy man.  I do think that spirits are manifested out of the type of person who died, and their residue was left behind.  SO if someone was mean or evil while they were alive, then they leave something evil behind. 

 It sounds more like you had two different spirits in the house, certainly there was a threatening male figure, who wanted you out of the house.  This may have been the residue of the house caretaker, with the hacking cough.  The other spirit was the one who warned you to get out.

 I have talked with many people who were in the same room when one observed paranormal phenomena, and the other one did not.  Sometimes it seems like a conscious decision to NOT see things on the part of the non-observer.  Other times it seems that they just do not have the power. 

 I'll be posting your story soon.  Thanks for sharing.

 Jeff D





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