October 2003 Ghost Stories



In recent weeks it has come to my attention that certain parties are using my ghost stories and those of my contributors as references for their own commercial enterprises.  If you or someone you know is writing a for profit book on ghosts in the Pacific Northwest, PLEASE DO NOT!!! copy or use the following stories or any other materials within this website as references without my permission.  

Jefferson Davis (25 April 2003)





DATE: 7 September 2003



Ever since I was a baby my family and I have had paranormal experiences. One I remember clearly was a house that we had just moved into. It was small and the owner told us that no one stayed long, complaining of sounds. We of course being used to unusual things weren't to scared. We picked our rooms and were soon settled in with no problems. Well, later on my Mom complained about me brining in dirt and small stones into my room, and her having to clean them out.. But strange enough I wasn't the one doing it! After a long argument we moved on, 2nd Happening was my brother's 10 year old b-day party. While my Mom and me stayed up we heard strange, and yet loud sounds coming from my brothers room. We thought the boys were trying to sneak out, so of course we went to go and inspect. We flung open the door ready to catch them, they were surprisingly all asleep.

Around Midnight my Mom, and dad were getting ready for bed, while talking in the bathroom a sound made them quiet, the sounds of footsteps in the hallway. The footsteps faded, into the kitchen, were they heard more noises of not one but many more spirits, and things. Surprised, and not quiet frightened, we sat down and discussed it. We talked about the happenings going on, My brother wasn't sensitive to the paranormal and thought we were all crazed. My Mom and dad shared there stories and I shared mine about the small stones, dirt, and my toys moving around over the night. All amazed. A year later my Mom was watching Sylvia Brown show, Sylvia explained that some times dirt, and small stones appear in a certain room or house because a ghost or spirit brings dirt and small stones from their graves. We made peace with the spirits and about another year later we moved out. I still remember the happenings and never feared them. My Mom and step dad aren't as sensitive to the paranormal any more and my brother is still anti-paranormal, I still have certain feelings, and strange things happen, and everyday and every encounter I feel blessed.

 Thank you for your time, and listening to my story



DATE: 10 September 2003

FROM: John B.

SUBJECT: Haunted Restaurant

My restaurant is also haunted!!!!  Bravo on Wharf 1218 (Wharf Street)


John B. 213-9898



DATE: 12 September 2003

FROM: Michael T.

SUBJECT: Information

Hi Jeff.

My name is Michael. I have been a Paranormal Investigator for several years and have enjoyed reading about your paranormal experiences. My colleague and I are a two man team that conducts numerous experiments while at a suspected haunted site.

I understand you had the opportunity to conduct an investigation inside the Army Hospital near the Vancouver barracks. My colleague and I would like to conduct our investigation within the hospital. But we are not sure who we would contact for permission.  My brother-in-law is a Major in the Army but I hate to involve him if I didn't need to.

Do you have any information that can assist us with our goal.

Thank you very much.  

Michael T



DATE: 19 September 2003

FROM: Karen F.

SUBJECT: Feeling Ghosts

I'm sure you have had many stories about seeing ghosts, or watching things fly about, or pictures of orbs or recordings of other audiotape phenomena. Since I am quite deaf, hearing impaired since birth, i do not "hear" ghosts. Nor do I see them. But I smell and feel them.

In the first two instances I was not aware of a haunting story about these places before my experience.

One. Stephens College, Columbia, Missouri. The oldest building on campus, used to be the only one, and a combination classroom and dormitory. It has a turret corner, with rooms, and I guess three stories in height. I used to go there in the evening to play the piano in the music rooms that were in the building when I was there. (1960's). After several months of doing this, I came as usual one evening, to play, and shortly thereafter, felt a powerful feeling of displeasure. I was 'asked' to leave. Well, I'm not the most talented and I play for pleasure and compose a bit, so I suppose the displeasure was valid. But no one was there. The night watchman had come by and said hello and left for the other part of the building. I looked out in the corridor, but it was empty. I sat down to play again, and again I had an enormous feeling of "Get out!" I continued to play. The feeling got stronger. Finally, not standing it any longer, I packed up and left, saying to the room, "All right, all right! I'm going!" The corridor was empty. I left the building and never returned. This 'feeling' was almost like a pressure, as if I were being squeezed out, like a seed from an orange. Strangest thing! 

Two. I used to drive on the California highway connecting Madrid to Gilroy, to the coast. I lived in Fresno at the time, and traveled at night, to go to my boyfriend's place. Traveling between 1:30 and 3 in the morning, I came across a stretch of highway beyond Casa De Fruita (a tourist attraction) and toward the mountain pass. All of the sudden I felt a tremendous sense of foreboding. The highway was clear, no traffic, I was not speeding (but I sure wanted to!) It was a feeling of tremendous sorrow, and spookiness, raising the hair on my neck. I fully expected to see a spirit or something dangerous. I saw nothing. I continued on, gritting my teeth and very agitated until I reached Gilroy. Then the feeling vanished immediately. I had driven this route several times, and each time it's a trial. 

Later I discovered that both of these places are haunted. The building was haunted by a young musical student who had died of illness in her bed in the turret area. This happened around the turn of the century (1900's), and is documented. The highway is known as 'blood alley' in California, a site of many tragedies --from the covered wagon days to the 20th century. 

At my grandmother's house, I had a 'visit', and at the time, had company to vouch for what happened. We were sitting in the dining room, and it was winter. My aunt who lived there too, is allergic to all flower smell and used no perfume. As we talked, a waft of lilacs came through the room, like a large bouquet of fresh blooms. I asked my friend, "do you smell that?"  She said, "Yes! It's lilacs!" It was January. In Wyoming. My grandmother, when she was alive was a great gardener and loved lilacs. She and I used to pick them to bring into the house when I was a little girl. After that, a faucet in the kitchen (old house) came unstuck and swiveled easily where before, it didn't budge. Sounded like Grandmother came to visit.  When I first came to the house, I went to the cemetery to visit their graves, but realized I didn't have their plot number. Row upon row roughly 3 acres -- were little placket graves -- Where on earth could my grandparents be? I walked the edge and said "Grandmother, Grandad, where are you?" and stopped. Then I turned and walked down a row -- halfway down, I stopped and looked down. THERE THEY WERE!  So spirits, ghosts, you don't have to hear or see them. Sometimes they just ARE.

Thank you for reading. It's not a real scary picture or sound, but pretty darn thought-provoking!

Karen F.



DATE: 21 September 2003

FROM: Tammy Joe

SUBJECT: Hey Jeffy I got this off compuserveÖ


If you Sense a Ghost, it could be this

The Police Heaquarters in Shelbyville, Kentucky is a spooky place--and not just for criminals. Doors rattle in the dead of the night when no one is around. Stairwells creak at all hours. In broad daylight desk drawers open on their own. One city worker reported feeling something grab her leg when she was taking a tour of the building late one night. All of which has prompted the Shelbyville police to call in the experts--ghostbusters. Instead, they should check out new research from the National Physical Laboratory in England where scientists think spooky occurrences like this aren't the work of ghosts, but rather the result of a very low frequency sound that is inaudible to humans. 

It's called infrasound. And it's an extreme bass.  Elephants use infrasound to communicate over long distances or as weapons to repel foes. We human beings may not be able to hear it, but we can feel it. Generated by natural phenomena, such as storms, seasonal winds, weather patterns, and some types of earthquakes, infrasound can produce a range of bizarre effects in people including anxiety, extreme sorrow, and chills. The study: Richard Lord, an acoustic scientist at the National Physical Laboratory in England, and Richard Wiseman, a psychologist at the University of Hertfordshire in southern England, produced infrasound using a pipe that measured 7.5 yards long. They tested it on 750 people who were attending a concert in London. The audience heard four contemporary pieces of live music. Some of these were laced with infrasound. Afterwards, audience members were asked to describe their reactions to the music.

The results: The audience did not know which pieces included infrasound and were not able to consciously detect the infrasound, but fully 22 percent reported unusual experiences when it was present in the music. These included feelings of unease or sorrow, chills down the spine, or nervous feelings of revulsion or fear. "Some scientists have suggested that this level of sound may be present at some allegedly haunted sites and so cause people to have odd sensations that they attribute to a ghost," Wiseman told Reuters. "Our findings support these ideas." The research results were presented to the British Association science conference



DATE: 23 September 2003

FROM: Keith

SUBJECT: Maltby Cemetery



1.- Maltby Cemetery - It is hidden off to the right hand side of the Redmond Duval Road or Paradise lake road. It has about 15 grave sights and strange, unexplained things  happen there.  People have seen women and children, dressed in old, raggedy looking close, wondering around the grave sites.

2.  This cemetery is said to have been built by a Satanic family so that they might have an eternal resting place. In the middle of the cemetery, there are thirteen steps that lead to nowhere. Called the thirteen steps to hell, it is said that once a person walks downs these stairs, they perish instantly. Others, who have barely made it out alive, have reported seeing their spirit in hell at the bottom of the steps. It is reported that one man ran across the cemetery and was scared so badly, that he was never seen again.   

So far this is what I have pieced together over 8 years. Last year off of paradise lake road we found about 15  grave stones dated around the 1800's (we stayed for about 3 hours did not experience anything). Anyway recently in the past 3 years I heard the cemetery was torn down and other people talk about a hidden maltby cemetery. I have had a hard time referencing this subject at the library and I need to know the truth. Maybe you might have heard of this place.

Thank you



DATE: 28 September 2003

FROM: Myself:

SUBJECT: Ghost Hunting in Tillamook County

 (The following is an excerpt from an article in the North Coast Citizen, published in Tillamook OR) 

Most people who come to the coast to mark an anniversary look for the good life. But for one couple -- Martina DeLude and Todd Baker -- it was different. They came to look for the dead. More precisely, they came looking for evidence of the dead, as in paranormal "activity."

DeLude is a credit manager for a steel company in Salem; Baker is an archeologist specializing in animal bones for a company in Tualatin. Together they are the Pacific Paranormal Research Society. A window sticker on their car reads, "Got ghosts?Ē  The license plate frame says, "I'd rather be ghost hunting."

When DeLude and Baker were looking for a place to celebrate their first anniversary as a society, they found the Old Wheeler Hotel website on the Internet. "It looked like an old place, that just might have ghosts," said DeLude, so she contacted owners Winston and Maranne Laszlo by e-mail. Her message began with an ominous . "I have kind of an odd question."

After expressing their interest in renting a room, DeLude asked if the Laszlos had had any "experiences" at the hotel, or if guests ever said any of the rooms were "possibly haunted."

To read the whole story, pick up a copy of The North Coast Citizen

Bravo Martina and Todd




DATE: 5 October 2003

FROM: Sean

SUBJECT: Investigations?

I am looking into hauntings in the Oregon area. Do you know if those sights have been investigated? - Sean



DATE: 5 October 2003

FROM: Lisa

SUBJECT: Answers to questions







Hi Lisa,

The McMenamins property with the ghost was the White Eagle Tavern.  Which place did you live in?  Or rather where was it, they have quite a few properties.



Her response to my reply:


It was a house in Lakewood, I'd have to look up the address- there was a man that stood at the bottom of the stairs going to the family room downstairs.  H e stood just inside the room at the bottom leaning with his back against the wall, just watching...we called him the keepwe of the stairs.  He was tall, brown hair that went to his shoulders, brown colord plaid shirt and jeans- kinda 60's 70ish looking clothes.  There were some teenage girl spirits that giggled

All the time and seemed to live upstairs in the hallway and kitchen- they were kinda fun.  They pulled little strands of hair, stood directly behind you, so you'd feel them there.  When you turned around you could sense them running away down the hallway or hiding around a corner.  There was also a mischievous spirit that lived downstairs in this big walk in closet that was placed under the stairs going to the family room.  We had a surprise birthday party for my husband and there were alot of us blowing up balloons and trying to decorate the room with them.  As soon as we would tie one off and put it up somewhere in the room - it would pop.  Pretty soon this started to freak out some of the people helping and my mom called for me to come downstairs to see if I could figure out what was going on.  I can see spirits and they seem to know I can see them.  I asked my mom to blow up another balloon and put it up- I saw the spirit come from the closet and pop it - it was a game for him...he eventually got tired of the game and stayed in the closet the rest of the day.  He didnít always come around, only once in awhile - but he made his presence known by knocking things over, over moving them... We moved out of there years ago.  Not because of the spirits, other reasons.  I'll try and find the address.

Thanks for reading this!  I've got another house that was very bad that we lived in, also in Tacoma, but on the other end of town...I'll have to tell you about that another time!




DATE: 7 October 2003

FROM: Brian C.

SUBJECT: Columbia River Ghost

Hi Jeff,

I wanted to know if you've heard of the Columbia river ghost?  My brother saw it again last night with 3 friends.  He saw it a few years ago too.  I guess its in Kennewick or Richland.  You have to go there at night.  My brother and his friends began throwing rocks into the river, and about 15 minutes later, a white mist rises out of the water.  Its about that time that they all ran back to the car.  The story we have heard is the ghost is a boy that drowned some years ago.  Let me know what you think.



My reply to Brianís email

Hi Brian,

I have heard of a ghost that haunts the area near an old bridge that enters the old town of Hanford, which is now the nuclear reservation, and off limits.  It is said to be the ghost of a man who killed his children.  Does this sound familiar or do we have a new ghost?

Jeff Davis


His response to my reply



This ghost may be a different one than you mentioned.  It is located just east of Kennewick, on the Kennewick-Pasco border, on the Columbia River.  It is located on the Pasco side of the river.  There is a rocky slope down to the water.  At the top of the slope, there is a dirt road, and that is where you park.  To get down to the water, you have to walk down the slope on the rocks.  You can see the cable bridge from the location. 

I have never seen the ghost myself, but I have heard many accounts, including my brother, sister, cousins, and friends that live in that area.  I first heard of the ghost from my roommate and cousins, who live in Kennewick.  My brother and cousins all saw it for the first time almost 5 years ago during the summer.  They were all in Kennewick for my cousins wedding, and decided to go see the ghost that my roommate had been talking about.  So they went and they found it.  They described it as a white mist that comes out of the water slowly.  I asked them to describe what they saw in more detail, but they said as soon as they saw the mist and whiteness start to ascend out of the water, they all turned and ran as fast as they could up the hill back to the car.  There were a two carloads of them that saw it the first time. 

Earlier this summer, I went back to Kennewick (My brother and I live in Seattle) with my brother to visit some family.  We decided to find the ghost again, but my brother couldn't find the location.  We searched for a few hours, then gave up.  I was pretty disappointed.  This last Sunday, my brother was driving through Kennewick returning from a road trip with 3 other friends of ours.  My brother said he was driving around and couldn't find it again.  He drove up and down the same road, and then he said "it was weird, becuase we had been driving back and forth, and all of a sudden we found the spot....sort of like it just opened up for us."  They parked the car, and walked down the slope.  The 4 of them started throwing rocks in the water.  It was about 1AM Monday morning.  After 15 minutes, all of a sudden, they saw this white mist start to ascend.  They all freaked out and turned and booked back to the car. 

I got this latest account from both my brother and one of our friends.  I came across your website because I was trying to find any other accounts of this ghost online, without luck.  My old roommate told me the ghost is a boy who had drowned in the river some years ago.  My brother said the first time he saw it, he saw the head of the ghost which look like a boy. 

Anyways, hopefully you can find out some more info about this ghost, or if anyone else has seen it before.  Oh, and do you have any suggestions where we could see some ghosts in the Seattle area?  Anyone recently seen any in this area?



DATE: 8 October 2003

FROM: Dan K.

SUBJECT: Haunted Longview WA

3 other friends of ours.  My brother said he was driving around and couldn't find it again.  He drove up and down the same road, and then he said "it was weird, becuase we had been driving back and forth, and all of a sudden we found the spot....sort of like it just opened up for us."  They parked the car, and walked down the slope.  The 4 of them started throwing rocks in the water.  It was about 1AM Monday morning.  After 15 minutes, all of a sudden, they saw this white mist start to ascend.  They all freaked out and turned and booked back to the car.  I got this latest account from both my brother and on

Hey Jeff-My name is Dan and I stumbled upon your site looking for information on my home town of Longview.  I found a lot of cool info about other places in Washington, but failed to find anything that had to do with Longview.  I'm not sure if you know it, but my home town is full of hauntings. I'll name a few that come to mind: Weyerhaeuser Mill, Rutherglen Mansion, Robert A. Long High School, Monticello Middle School, Monticello Hotel, Longview Public Library, Columbia Theatre, and most buildings on/and Commerce Avenue.  Personally I think you could easily write a book just on this town and maybe the surroundings in the county.  

This Town is full of beautiful scenic places that hold a haunted legend or story.  And let me tell you this, ask anyone in this small community for a ghost story of some kind and they'll reply with "got a few hours."  If you have written about any places within the Longview area, please tell me what books they are in so I can go purchase them and read up on them.

Also I am not writing this just for fun, but I am writing this in behalf of the community to get our haunted history out there in the public's eye. I hope to read about my beautiful town in the future. So happy hunting

Your newest fan,

Dan K.

Longview, Washington


My Reply to Danís email:

HI Dan,

Thanks for writing to me.  Sorry for the delay in replying, but I am in Afghanistan and sometimes it's a little hard to get internet access.  I don't have too much ghost wise from Longview, though not for want of trying.  Some time ago I went to the library, which is where I usually start and could not find any reference, nor did the librarians have any personal stories they wanted to share.

Perhaps I can come out to Longview later next year when I am finally home and we could meet and work out some ghost stories?

Jeff Davis

His response came in on 16 October 2003


Hey Jeff,

I just got your reply.  Damn I didn't know you were in Afghanistan.  I know someone that is over there that I played baseball with when I was younger, his name is Colin Boothe (probably don't know him).  But anyways, I don't know all the exact details about the many ghost stories in Longview, and its been a few years since Iíve had someone tell me one, but I can at least help out and get ya pointed in the right direction.  So if you find yourself in Longview trying to put some of these stories on paper, email me and i'll be glad to lend a helping hand.


DATE: 13 October 2003

FROM: John

SUBJECT: Do you know anything about Big Lake, WA being Haunted?


I was wondering if you could help me with some information. I am an amateur ghost hunter and read on a ghost website about a place in Big Lake, WA being supposedly haunted. Do you know anything about Big Lake? If so, what kind of stuff did you find out? Thanks for the help.




DATE: 13 October 2003

FROM: Ami I.

SUBJECT: Spook Kells Pub


I experienced a very spooky haunting as a patron of Kells pub a few years ago.  I am wondering if any of your books touch on Haunts at Kells.  If so, I would love to purchase this book.

My spooky story is as follows:

I had just arrived at Kells on a weekday evening to meet friends.  We headed down to the smoking room to share a cigarette and avoid the crowd.  Shortly after arriving, I excused myself for a trip to the ladies room.  I headed down the long hallway to the women's restroom. A heavy wooden door allowed access to the room inside.  I found a sink straight ahead of me, and two stalls.

I was alone, so I simply chose the first stall. Almost as immediately as I had entered the stall, a terrible and frantic pounding began beating on my stall door with a frightening urgency. I had thought it strange for someone to be beating on my door with an open stall right next to me, but as I looked straight ahead there was no one in the room.  The heavy wooden door would not have been able to open and shut without my noticing, and I found myself frozen with fear as the doors rattled and shook with every forceful pound.

I finally raced out of the bathroom, back down the long hallway and met up with my friends in the smoking room. With tears in my eyes I relayed the story of the urgent pounding only to find faces of disbelief. I asked a waitress upstairs if strange things were know to happen in the basement and she replied "oh, did something happen to you in the basement? I refuse to work down there alone" The pounding on the door is unforgettable. Perhaps the same sort of pounding that a firefighter might use to warn or alert someone?

(My father was a firefighter)

I have returned to the basement a few times.  I also have pictures of myself and friends in the smoking room at Kells with balls of light floating over our heads. I have taken many many pictures (with friends and for special occasions, never for purposes of capturing abnormal occurrences) and never captured balls of light as I did in the Kells' photos.   Recently, I visited Kells to find the hallway and bathrooms locked up and sealed off. A birthday had me returning to the bar a few weeks later, to find the hallway and bathrooms sealed permanently behind a new wall! 

Any insight? 




My Reply to Amy:


Hello Amy,

Yes I do mention Kells in one of my books, my Haunted Tour Guide.  Unfortunately, I had to abbreviate the ghost tale for brevity (200 locales in 236 pages) and because the manager would only tell me that in the Depression there was a fire in the building and a firefighter had died in the basement of smoke inhalation.  This fits in with your experience.

That locale in Old Towne Portland is very strange.  The Shanghai Tunnel club across the street and a few other nearby locations have their own ghosts.  I wish I could spend a few nights down in the basement/tunnel complex.  I did not know that they had closed off the old bathroom down in the basement at Kells.  When I get home I'll look into it. 

It looks like I will be in Afghanistan for longer than planned.  I hope you will allow me to include your story in an update to my website when I finally do come home. 

Jeff Davis

DATE: 20 October 2003  Her Response:
Hello Jeff!

3 other friends of ours.  My brother said he was driving around and couldn't find it again.  He drove up and down the same road, and then he said "it was weird, becuase we had been driving back and forth, and all of a sudden we found the spot....sort of like it just opened up for us."  They parked the car, and walked down the slope.  The 4 of them started throwing rocks in the water.  It was about 1AM Monday morning.  After 15 minutes, all of a sudden, they saw this white mist start to ascend.  They all freaked out and turned and booked back to the car.  got this latest account from both my brother and on

Thank you for your long-distance response!  There have been new developments with the spooky Kellsghost. Background:  My boyfriend and I moved into a condo in Clackamas approx. seven months ago. We have two bedrooms, the master, and an additional that my boyfriend's three year old son sleeps in when he stays with us.  This bedroom we have called "haunted" since we moved in. This has been strange to my boyfriend and I because the condo is not old by any standard, twenty years at most. This room has had many strange happenings. The light will switch off, on, off, on, off, on.  Sometimes, when you walk in, the light will switch off completely, and then flick back on when you exit the room.

My boyfriendís son will not sleep in this bedroom.  Time and time again he will sneak out of the room in the middle of the night and sleep in the hallway, the living room, our bedroom, anywhere but in his room. We have a terrible time trying to get him to sleep in that room. He will beg us to sleep anywhere else.

One night, I was trying to put him down and he was crying not wanting to sleep in his room. I asked him why and he replied that "it was scary" in there.  I told him "there is nothing to be afraid of, and you have your fishy night-light" The very moment the words "night light" were spoken, there was a flash and the night-light burnt out, as if a power surge had blown the outlet. I decided to let him sleep on the couch in the living room that night.  Strange happenings continued to happen in this room, and I started to think that there was an electrical problem that wouldn't go away.

Part two:

Just yesterday, I went to lunch with my mother.  I was telling her the Kells ghost story about the firefighter that lost his life. As I spoke her eyes lit up and she told me this story... As she recalled, there has only been one firefighter who lost his life in the line of duty. She knows this because in 1974, my father received a medal for bravery and injury in the line of duty. This medal was in honor of the sole firefighter who lost his life in Portland.  I asked her if this firefighter died a long time ago, and she believed that he had. We sat there thinking about that medal, and suddendly she had a revelation. 

"I gave you that medal when your father and I separated, a few years ago, do you still have it?  I couldnít help the chills that waved over me.

" I do have that medal...  It's in my trunk in the spare bedroom"

The bedroom that my boyfriend's son refuses to sleep in, the room that my cousin once walked into and said aloud "I don't want anyone touching me, okay?"

I went home and immediately took out the medallion.  The gentleman's face and name are etched into the metal.  "David Campbell" The medal states that he lost his life in the line of duty on June 26th 1911. His hair is fashioned in the old style, parted straight down the middle and smoothed down.  I took the medallion out of that room and left it on the kitchen counter for my boyfriend to see when he arrived home.  He came home about an hour after me, sat on the couch next to me and gave me a hug and a quick kiss.  I am looking at his face as he told me about his day.  long enough to see his face drop and his gaze look beyond my own and into the kitchen behind me.  "Honey," he states "The kitchen light just flickered off and on it's own"

"Babe" I whispered "I moved the medallion into the kitchen."


The connection is very eerie!

Just something more to think about. However, isn't 1911 a little soon for the Depression?




DATE: 14 October 2003

FROM: Matt

SUBJECT: Haunted McMenamins Edgefield


I work security at McMenamins Edgefield and lately there has been alot of activity. I worked there since May 03 and have had alot of personel experiences. I was wondering if you had any more info about edgefield and if you are planning to visit it again.

 Thank you,



DATE: 14 October 2003

FROM: Brandi E.



Hello Jeff

  I am 16 going on seventeen.  and I have these crazy dreams that some thing is going to go wrong and usually they come true! I will get to my story in a minute about ghost but people are scared of me because of these I had a dream this little girl was playing by the street when a bus hit her then I woke up.  well about a week later I saw it... in really life I freaked and I grabbed the little girl right before she ran in to the bus and she looked at me and said youíre the one? I know this sounds really crazy but its true and it kind of freaks me out. can you help me if you can so I can understand what the hell is going on with me this happened to me for about 6 to 7 years.

I know my story , me and my mom were moving in to this apartment with an upstairs when all of a sudden I heard a bay cry I wasnít really worried because you know how new bourns are so I just shrugged it of. well then I kept on hearing it more often then when I started getting worried I would touch the wall and one side would be cold, then I would touch another side and it would be really hot. I started crying every single time I would touch the hot side well any way to make my story quicker I had a dream that this baby lived next door with its mother and one night the mom left some thing on and burnt the house we the fire men couldnít get the baby out so the baby died.  Well since my dreams are true I decided to ask the manager of the apartments. Turns out  my dream was right so if you can write back as soon as you get this it would be great.



DATE: 15 October 2003

FROM: Doyle B.

SUBJECT: Tunnel 13


Thereís been so many stories of tunnel 13 and how thereís a ghost train that goes through the tunnel at 12:15 to 12:30. The stories originate from the true legend of the last train robbery of southern Oregon. 3 brothers blew up the tunnel shot the workers and fled our woods with the gold they stole. There are websites about the tunnel at tunnel 13.com.  I read the stories and then went up there but couldnít go through with it so we went up during the day-time

And they say thereís no trains that go through it now but I came home covered in fresh grease. so I was hoping you could look into or if you already have and give me the truth. Do the ghost of tunnel 13 still haunt the tunnel?

Tunnel 13 is south of Ahland, Oregon, Which is just north of the Oregon / California Border. You need to leave I-5 at the

Mt. Ashland exit.

                      Hope you look into it

                              Thanks  Doyle



DATE: 16 October 2003

FROM: Rick F.

SUBJECT: A hello and maybe a story


My name is Rick F.  I  am a reservist myself and assigned to the 1042d Med Co (AA) in Salem, OR.  I don't normally write to authors about their books but I have really  enjoyed reading yours. They actually seem to rival another author of ghost stories that I have collected from my trips the Ft Eustis.  I feel from reading your books however that you may put a bit more of a personal touch to them.

As you noted on your website, worldly events may have you rather busy right now.  I spent 7 months in Afghanistan and some of our folks spent time in Kuwait  I kind of think we had it a bit better in Afghanistan.  So for the story I have for you, it actually came from my ex-wife who moon lights for a janitorial service. While we were married she was quite the skeptic of ghost storiesÖ not anymore. There's this one building in Salem that she cleans with a bit of history to it, I don't know too much about it, but maybe enough to get your interest if you haven't already heard of it. The building sits in down town Salem and had it's beginning as a church.... then it became kind of a foreign films theater as well as a lot of old black and white stuff.  It now serves as office space and has gone through some remodeling on the inside.

When she first started cleaning it, she was warned that it was haunted.... she blew this off.....till she was the only one inside the building one day cleaning down stairs only to have something throw paper clips at her. And then there's also the normal stuff of knocking at the doors...toilets flushing...and water running in the sinks.... Iím not sure what really made her believe unless it was the trash can that kept being dumped on the floor.  The building seems to be most active after it's been empty for a few days like after a long weekend. I suppose that's why she will only clean it in the middle of the week now.  So there it is.....my ex-wife and I, have known each other for over twenty years and she's not one to make stuff up....and until now...she's never believed in ghosts.

Should you be deployed.....I wish you well, and hope you have a safe return.  Thanks for your service to our country, and the writing of your books.

Rick F.
1042d Med Co. (AA)

Salem, OR


DATE: 17October 2003

FROM: Klee Y.

SUBJECT: Haunted Granada Apartments


Dear Jeff:

Iím moving to Portland in a few weeks. Specifically, Im moving into the Granada Court Apartments at approximately 23rd and Pacific in the NE. I happened across your site by a keyword search.  Hopefully, its not the same apartment buildings, but if it is, which apartment is it -if you know- and how 'bad' is it haunted?  Oh. And Im moving in on Halloween...




DATE: 21 October 2003

FROM: Anthony and Christina

SUBJECT: The lurker in NAS Whidbey Island


Our names are Anthony and Christina.

We just wanted to say that your story was so cool.  we have lived on Whidbey island for 12 years and have been going to the next forever. Next time we go to the exchange we are going to look for interesting things

Anthony and Christina




DATE: 24 October 2003

FROM: April

SUBJECT: A Ghost Story


Dear Jeff,

Hi.  I just happened to wander upon your website, and I noticed you wanted strange stories. Well, I have one.  I never believed in ghosts when I was young.  Many years ago I was a candy striper at our local hospital.  One of my duties was to make sure the waiting room was kept clean and tidy for the family of the patients that were in the hospital.  I happened to be working on the pediatric floor at that time.  The waiting room was a former patient's room that had been modified.  Well, I went into that room to clean it, and it had one of those doors that automatically shut behind you.  As I was wiping off the coffee table, I felt a hand on my shoulder, and a voice that said my name.  I turned around, no one was there, and the door was completely closed.  Four minutes later, a severely ill child that I had read books to coded and died.  This has been many years ago, and I have told no one about this until now.  I will always remember this moment, for it changed my beliefs forever.

If you wish to respond, my e-mail is xxxxxx.  I am anxious to hear what you think about this.

Thank You for reading this,


DATE: 25 October 2003

FROM: Gabreael

SUBJECT: Hey, I have a Question.

Dear Jeff,

I am Gabreael of www.gabreael.com . I have had a lady to contact me with a lot of paranormal activity in her home of Creswell, Organ. I live in North Carolina, & will be leaving early Tuesday morning for a trip abroad. So I cannot help her right now. Do you know of a group of researchers in that area?

You may email me at this address, or gabreael@gabreael.com .



What a small world. I am a descendant of Jefferson Davis (the Civil War one). I am leaving the country as well tomorrow.  Another medium who works with Shirley McClain is going to lend me a hand on this one.




DATE: 26 October 2003

FROM: Rachel B.

SUBJECT: Haunted dorms at Eastern Univ.


I was checking out your sight, and you list Streeter Hall, EWU, in Cheney, WA, as being haunted.  I lived in Streeter, and I won't talk about what happened there.  Anyway, DRYDEN Hall is worse.  A "runner" around midnight heard on both men's and women's floor, ghost in mirror in common room on Men's floor, image of "Satan" in wood grain on study hall door on men's floor.

Anyway, have a good day,



DATE: 29 October 2003

FROM: Renee M.

SUBJECT: I love how you call it your ghost stories

Like you are the only one who have seen the ghosts of the Northwest and you are the only one who can write a book about it I laugh at you who do you think you are!!!

Renee M


Sometimes things are going well and then I hit reality



DATE: 29 October 2003

FROM: Donna P.

SUBJECT: My sisters house

 Well when my sister moved in about 3 weeks ago, everything was fine until this past week.  Her cat has been trying to attack something thatís not there hissing at it and still nothing there. He also is trying to open this on closet but when she opens it nothings there.  The last strange thing is my sisters TV comes on by it self even when no one is in the room and the remote isnít any where someone when there in there and her stereo comes on when the remote is on the stereo.  Freaky.

 Love 11 year old Donna P.




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