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In recent weeks it has come to my attention that certain parties are using my ghost stories and those of my contributors as references for their own commercial enterprises.  If you or someone you know is writing a book on ghosts in the Pacific Northwest, PLEASE DO NOT!!! copy or use the following stories or any other materials within this website as references.  

Jefferson Davis (25 April 2003)






DATE: 2 November 2003

FROM: Linda S.


Hi, my name is Linda Spence. I live in Salem.  I am writing to you, to find out if you have ever heard of a Ghost or Ghost's, in Van Dozer Corridor.  I was coming home one night about 6 years ago from the coast. It was a horrible rainy and windy night.  Suddenly a man was walking out in front of me! I had to stop completely to keep from hitting him.  It was odd, because he was whitish in color, and seemed maybe transparent to some degree.  He just looked my way and when I stopped, he disappeared. He almost seemed to look a little pissed.  He had a long stick in his hand.  Freaked me out! I believe in ghost and have lived in two houses with a ghost (friendly), but have NEVER seen anything like this. I am positive I wasn't seeing things. He was there as plain as day. What do you think of this? Is it possible?

                                                                Thank You,



DATE: 3 November 2003

FROM: Kristin

SUBJECT: Pics from my house

So Iíve tried to figure out if the camera had a dirty lens or something but the orbs are never in the same place. And we took photos the same day outside of the house and nothing was found on the pics. I zoomed in as much as I could and saw some pretty strange things not directly in the frame but under and around them. Write me and tell me what you think.



DATE: 3 November 2003

FROM: Jessica

SUBJECT: Story? Umm not Really

Dear Jeff,

    I am sure that you receive a hundred emails like this everyday so it's ok if you don't reply.  Yes, I am one of those people who thinks that they feel various things around them much more than other people. I will start of by saying that I have always had a fascination with the paranormal and have studied various hauntings since I was a very small child.  Honestly, most of what I feel I don't want to feel.  I am very often scared by the random images that go through my head at times.  I usually wish that I can turn it off.  By no means do I think that I am psychic or anything like that, I am just really sensitive to the things around me I guess.  So...I will tell you about a few things that have happened. 

    While driving along in my best friend's truck on night I began to feel something very strange.  I had the chills and told my friend that something was very wrong.  She understood, so we both went and checked on our families and after we found they fine, we continued to drive around where I began to get the feeling.  My friend asked me various questions about what I was feeling and I was able to tell her that I felt: an explosion, like being raped or invaded, lost where no one could find me, and alone.  I remember very well saying that there was ashes everywhere.  We drove for quite a long time and found nothing... I thought that maybe someone was stranded near that area.  Interestingly enough this happened to be about 2 days before the 9/11 attacks, I was awoken by a ringing phone on the day of the attacks and sat in awe.  is this not at all related? I have no idea.

    That same night while we were driving along my friend told me that she felt as though she was being hunted, maybe a second later a dear darted across the road and we almost hit it.  I would love for someone to investigate my friends house that I know to be haunted, let me know if you would like to know more about it, her father died there about 4 years ago. 

    I guess what I am after is if you can tell me if you know of other people like me.  These feelings that I get happen on a regular basis and are very scary for me, do you know of a way to either enhance them so I can understand them, or just make them stop?  I am looking for some relief.   Thank you for listening to my ramblinng...Oh yeah, I am 22 and I live in a small town in Oregon called Stayton. 



We exchanged a private email or two and she sent me another of her experiences.


Hello Jeff,
       Thank you for writing me back and taking me seriously, people seldom do.  You gave me some great tips and I will definitely try them.  I have opened myself up through some meditation before and got pretty freaked out when it seemed like things were rushing at me very quickly, I got some really unfriendly vibes right away so I haven't tried it since.  I guess it is cowardly but I am pretty afraid.  Maybe I will try it again and try to put myself in a safe mindset. 

       Stayton is a little town in Oregon about 15 miles or so outside of Salem to the East.  I read of the people on your website that have gone to the Woolen mill in Salem and was very fascinated.  I am trying to plan a trip with my best friend to go there soon and see if I can pick up on any strange little feelings.  Stayton is only about 30minutes from the Mill in Salem.  Thank you again for your response and please let me know if you have friends in this area, I am very interested in what you do.

Thanks again,




 DATE: 5 November 2003

FROM: Angela F.

SUBJECT: Looking for help

Mr. Davis, 

My name is Angela F., I am writing you in hopes that you could recommend someone to help me with an entity or possibly some supernatural forces in my home. Last night a Ball was thrown at my husband, he says he watched the entity and it watched him for a few seconds before turning and leaving the hallway it was in, in front of my bedroom. This is not the 1st time, my husband has seen something in our newly purchased 1976 home in Stayton Or. I have seen something & he has seen a few things, I have also seen things in our other home, where the previous resident died in our bedroom. 

I need help, as I have a 6year old daughter, whom would be very very scared if a ball is thrown at her or if she were to see anything else.  Please steer me in the right direction, I have been on the phone with churches all morning and on the internet searching for exorcists or spiritual relief all morning also. I have not found anything on the Internet & the churches all want me to take in their god and go to their church on Sunday to be saved before god will save us from our problem. 

We are not hugely religious people and truly dont know what to do. Any advice you could offer would be very very appreciated. Any one you could recommend or an organization you could direct me to? Thank you so much for taking the time to read about our problem...Have a nice day..

. Angela F. 


My Reply:

Hello Angela,

You are the second person from Stayton to email me with paranormal happenings this week.  I don't reveal confidences, but do you know anyone else with ghost problems?  There are a couple of ways of handling this, I can only make suggestions.  Sometimes if you come out with the holy water or other sacraments and try to perform an exorcism, if it does not work out right, the entities are very upset.  They can then become more active.  What I suggest people do first is to just acknowledge that something is happening out loud.   

If there is a center of activity, I know this sounds silly, but go there and talk out loud, acknowledge the spirit, try giving it a name, if it seems to suit.  Then inform it that you own or are renting the house now.  And that you are willing to accept it being there, but it has to obey some ground rules... such as no throwing things, etc.

Believe it or not, that seems to tone it down quite a bit. I guess that sometimes the entities that exist just want to be acknowledged.  I recommend you trying to stay calm.  If people panic and reach some kind of religious fear/frenzy, that can actually energize paranormal activity.  If you want totry and perform your own spirit cleansing, you can try it yourself by visiting a new age type bookstore, they sell all kinds of what I call "focusing" tools like incenses, sage sticks, etc.  These things are not the cure, but they act as a focus as you try to cleanse all bad energies from your house.  If you want to talk with a paranormal group closer to your area, try going through the links section of my website:   The Trails End group is located in Oregon City. 

I hope that I have presented you enough options to retake control of your house. 

Please let me know what you do.


Jeff Davis


Her Response came in on 10 November 2003

Hi Jeff

Thank you for the advice. No I donít know anyone else in Stayton with ghosts, but some other weird things happened on that dreadful night so maybe we experience some vertex or something. I did forward my email to a few other people and received word to talk firmly and let them know, we knew they were there and we would like them to leave. But we havenít ran into anymore occurrences, so I am building up my courage and will be ready when it/they show up again...I did forward my letter to the Trails end group as well, and have not heard back from them yet. 

Thank You again Jeff for all your help. 

Angela F.



DATE: 10 November 2003




Looked at your website, very interesting items. I too have a story about a ghost but wont go into great detail right now about it.  My Great-Grandparents place in Hebo Oregon is supposedly haunted. All of the previous owners have complained about noises upstairs.  Stuff like the furniture moving around and small items disappearing also. 

One owner even claimed that he was pinned against the wall and he and his son watched the front door open, pink blob like thing float in, and then watched it when it went upstairs.  Joke in our family is.. itís just Great Grandma making cookies!!!!

  I have a weird pic of the house I took just a few months ago when I went on vacation.  I took it with a digital camera and something weird was in the front door. Although Iím not sure if itís a weird light colored shadow or what. If your interested, I could send it to you sometime...

Thanx for your time!!!....B




DATE: 11 November 2003

FROM: Jan B.

SUBJECT: Oregon ghost haunts

Was hoping you had something on the Heceta Heald Lighthouse (haunted) and or the Pioneer cemetery in Salem, the second most haunted place there. I read about the cemetery on Halloween, and on 11/9/03 I went to it on a clear night full moon with a digital and one witness.  And we got some great orbs, a moving orb, possibly a partial figure and ectoplasm. There were also some things on the downloads of a demon like face peering out at us. This was totally freaky. This must be a very active spot as it was quite easy to get the orbs and they were large and very clear!

Just thought you would like to know

Jan B



DATE: 19 November 2003

FROM: Crystal H.

SUBJECT: Greetings from the Pacific Northwest


Mr. Davis, 

My name is Angela F., I am writing you in hopes that you could recommend someone to help me with an entity or possibly some supernatural forces in my home. Last night a Ball was thrown at my husband, he says he watched the entity and it watched him for a few seconds before turning and leaving the hallway it was in, in front of my bedroom. This is not the 1st time, my husband has se  

A couple of months ago a cousin on the east coast, that I have never met, contacted me through the AGHOST website. Since then I have been spending a lot of time catching up with her as well as becoming more familiar with my family history. (Have always been interested in genealogy but had never really done anything until now.) Am still learning how to read some of these damn reports that they've been sending to me.

Kendra, Tom and I went and had a drink at the Fire and Ice lounge (formerly Avenue One) as well as Kells. Tom picked up a lot of things at both places ~ psychic wise. It was really fun going in and just hanging out without a lot of heavy equipment. We had the opportunity to sit and talk with one of the bartenders at Fire and Ice that has been there during all the restaurant changes.  She confirmed some things that Tom was feeling. We found employees at both places very open and willing to talk with us about their experiences. Tom and Kendra even got a little "haunted" tour at Kells. 

The guy that we spoke to at Kells has only been there about 2 months. It was cool to hear how closely his personal stories matched with others that I have met and talked with in the past. 

Crystal H.



DATE: 20 November 2003

FROM: Erika M.

SUBJECT: What kind of stories do you have on LaCenter, WA?


My name is Erika and I live in LaCenter, WA.  I checked your site and there is nothing about LaCenter on there.  I have read a couple of your books and you only have one story about LaCenter.  I know for an absolute fact there is A LOT of activity in LaCenter almost everywhere you go.  This also includes my parent's house, and if you are interested in hearing the happening that happen there, I can tell you if you wish.  I deeply suggest you pay some attention to this town, you won't be disappointed. 

Thank you for your time to read this.  I hope to hear back from you if possible.

Veni, Vidi, Vici.

(I came, I saw, I conquered.)


My reply to Erika:

HI Erika,

Yes, I know there are a lot of ghost stories from La Center. In my first book, I included three stories.  And one I did not get to was the Library in town was the old hospital. It is haunted to.  However, I would be interested in hearing your stories as well. I am sure that you know a few stories that I have not heard yet. I look forward to hearing from you.

>Jeff Davis



DATE: 22 November 2003

FROM: Angela S.

SUBJECT: Your website

Hi! I love your website and look forward to purchasing your books when I can. I really appreciate the breakdown of process & logic for the 'ghost pictures'. 

I don't know if anyone has told you about Dot's Cafe on Clinton in SE Portland? In the women's restroom, there is *definitely* a sad, trapped presence.   Maybe you could check it out, and get some good food while you are at it :)  

Thanks and let me know if you ever need anyone to go ghost 'hunting' and what you find out about Dot's.   






DATE: 25 November 2003

FROM: Josie B.

SUBJECT: The last picture shown


Under the "some thoughts into ghost hunting", you show a picture that your friend Christina took (has a picture of a man with some light rays on it).  You did not mention the little orb (barely visibly) on the cabinet in the top right corner.  I wanted to point that out incase you did not see that.



DATE: 27 November 2003

FROM: Anonymous


I saw that you put down that there are no ghosts in Renton but Jimi is buried there. Well, its not very well known but there are a few ghosts that have been sighted by various people. On maple valley highway (right where I live) there has been a girl sited a multiple times walking down the road looking for something. A few people have actually stopped their cars and asked if they could do anything for the girl.  She is looking for a locket of some sort. Apparently the girl died with her family in a terrible car accident on the road.

Also there has been a tale, I'm pretty sure that it's true but I don't have a whole lot of information on it. The ghost is known as the phantom of Renton high. The story of how the phantom came to be is that a girl was raped and murdered by an old janitor who hung her body from the rafters in the old auditorium, which has recently been torn out.  She would make herself known to small groups only.  She would play the piano turn off the light and some times manifest on the balcony.  It is also said she haunts the 4th floor and the tower which are off limits to students. I don't care if you believe me or if you put this on your site but I just thought it would be cool to tell you so thanks for reading this.





DATE: 28 November 2003

FROM: Ashley M.

SUBJECT: North Portland Activity

Dear Jeff, My Sister just recently gave me a copy of the story of the Ghosts in Tacomaís Old City Hall.  I would like to let you know, that I was the security person that called the police that night while I was working there at night.  My mother had a restaurant in the building. this was how I got My friends and I a job working there at nigh

Hi, its thanks giving and Iím on my computer and for some reason I thought I would look upghost stories I the NW, why who knows. I have always felt a little close to the paranormal side of life. Along with the rest of my family I believe that only your body is what disappears and leaves after you die. But I'm not e mailing you because of me but on behalf of my best friends family. 

By the way, I'm 17 and a senior at Grant High school in Portland, Oregon of course.   See, I think it was back in the 1970's when everything started. What started was the beginning of a course of events that have since shaken my life in general even though then I wasnít even thought of. My mother lived in the same house I'm sitting in right now, in North Portland, and she was friends with every child in the neighborhood. But a few of them wouldnít be around for long. On night a few days before Christmas a horrible tragedy befell my neighborhood. A couple that lived a block away from this house, in the house directly across the street from the house behind me, both passed away.

    As it was reported in the paper, and what the family has told me what happened was the couple had been having some martial problems. The husband had become an alcoholic and the wife was getting very fed up with the situation he was putting her in and their children. ( I think they had four or five young kids) So she told him that if he didnít get his act together she take her kids to her sisters and leave him. This only sent him into a bigger binge, one night the couple had an argument.  I donít remember if the wife or if the husband left but one of them returned home after some time, it was late at night and the kids were asleep when it happened.  The wife threatened her husband that she was leaving. In a rage he located his shotgun and then shot his wife.( I donít know were or how many times but she died almost instantly) her body hit the floor, than minutes later on top of the basement stairs he fired a shot into himself. Hi body tumbling down the stairs was found by the police soon after.  This as I said earlier was only the beginning.

    Maybe two decades later the Browns moved into the house on Watts Street. K. Brown told me that the realtors informed them about what had happened in the house but they were excited and wanted to get in as quick as they could.  Soon after moving in there was an abrupt interference with there everyday life. Sounds rattled the house, a secret passages under the stairs was found.  And no it wasnít a crawl space or storage area.  It led to a set of cupboards over the sink.  This is what their late daughter told me some years ago.  You canít ask her about the house because she was killed by her boyfriend about 6 months ago. 

Other strange assurances were happening daily in their home. They let it pass until it became physical. Cassie, the youngest of the two brown children, was found in her bed on several occasions. What was abnormal was when her and her mother were alone in the house, kip would walk into her daughters bedroom and find that she was already completely tucked in. the sheets were secured around her daughter up to her neck. Cassie was about 10-11 at the time and her mother would ask, Cassie who tucked you in?  And she would reply, you did mommy. Once the oldest daughter Jennifer had seen a tall dark man in the bathroom watching her in the mirror and there was a very intense event every year around the "anniversary" as kip and mike, her husband, call it.  Every year on the 22 and the 23 of December, they hear one bang and also something falling down the stairs. Almost as though the terrible event was reenacting itself. 

    Maybe you have heard about allot of things like this but to me its changed everything. I believe everything they told me. I trust them. There the most honest people I've ever met, in interviews during the trail and with TV reporters they have said numerous times how they donít even blame Ben for what happened with there daughter and they forgive him. Back in the early 90's the family and there home was on the TV show sightings and they appeared on TV about the tragedy with there daughter. I personally think that it would be good if maybe you investigated their home and talked with them about what has happened. I know they would have a lot to say.

Thanks a lot,

Ashley M.




DATE: 4 December 2003

FROM: Saul M.

SUBJECT: Old city hall, Tacoma, WA.

Dear Jeff,

My Sister just recently gave me a copy of the story of the Ghosts in Tacomaís Old City Hall.  I would like to let you know, that I was the security person that called the police that night while I was working there at night.  My mother had a restaurant in the building. this was how I got My friends and I a job working there at night.  I have more stories that happened during the two months that I was there, before We all quit!!!!

Please email back if you are interested!

 Thank you,  Sal M.



DATE: 14 December 2003

FROM: Shinar

SUBJECT: Unknown Blue Bird Tavern help?


I have had the gift as a seer and feeler and other things, But I have tried to block it out sense if bothers me. but quite recently for the past few years  I go and sing karaoke at the blue bird pub in St johns in north Portland. Now my self I have a horrible sickening feeling in  my stomach when I go  in to or near the womanís bathroom and as do the others  who go there and so does the bar tender, I cannot find a local police report to verify if in fact something has happened there. but I am 1005 positive something did and I need a second opinion  on it I would like  help cleaning this space. I have done small cleanings but nothing that has this  a powerful energy and I know I need help with people who do this regularly please contact me  by phone at 503-289-3027 or email me back thanks  





DATE: 21 December 2003

FROM: Cait and James

SUBJECT: Enjoyed your webpage on Arlington in Hot Springs!

Hi, Jeff! 

Great websites!

Are you still hunting the supernatural?  My guy and I (both writers also...fiction only) just moved to Hot Springs.  We "haunt" the Arlington Hotel on our many walks around Hot Springs.  What a great place! If you want to talk with people who have great, true ghost stories about NE Texas, I have a group of friends in the Marshall-to Jefferson-to Joaquin area who have many experiences to share.  Good ones! 

All the best to you.  Please let us know if you plan to come back to Hot Springs for a visit.  This town is growing fast now! 

Holiday best, Cait and James



Date: 22 December 2003

FROM: Angela D.

SUBJECT: Question






My Reply:

Hi Angela,

 I hope that the holiday was pleasant for you and your family.  It was nice for us too here in Afghanistan.  Well, as nice as it could be considering where I am.  Getting permission to visit or investigate a haunted locale, when the owners don't want publicity is a tricky business.  Is it open to the public, just as a kind of go see?  If so, you might try visiting a time or two without mentioning ghosts or hauntings first.  Maybe you can engage someone in casual conversation.  If so, then you may have an opening.  Failing that, send a letter asking permission to do an investigation.  They will probably say no, but at least you will have an answer.

 Good luck, whatever happens.

Jeff Davis


Her final response to my reply:


Hi Jeff,

 Thank you very much for the suggestions. I'm going to have to try out going "under-cover" and see what happens. My family and I had a nice holiday break, now we're ready for the New Year! Afghanistan is quite the distance from here, but at least your spirits are up and you have family to spend the holidays with.Thank you again for the advice and acknowledgement of my dilemma.

Happy New Year!

Angela D.



DATE: 25 December 2003

FROM: S. Hanson

SUBJECT: Stonehenge







DATE: 30 December 2003

FROM: Kirstie


I am a person who is very interested in ghosts. I can actually see, and feel them all the time.  I read your books all the time. They are awesome! I was just wondering on the one picture on your site http://www.ghostsandcritters.com/ghosthunting.html#photo the in the colored picture in Troutdale, is it just me, or do you see a tall figure in the middle of the room.  Since I wasn't there to decide if it was real, or not, I had to e-mail you.

Thank you,





Date: 30 December 2003

FROM: Kurt M.

SUBJECT: Luminescent spheres/orbs

Hi Jeff,

 I found your web page after looking up luminescent orbs, sort of out of curiosity.  While taking pictures with my mom's digital camera in Yelm, WA, we got some pictures that have several (more than ten) white spheres on the images. The spheres vary in size. The camera has never registered such images, and does not register them in the same place on different pictures, so we don't suspect that the camera is the cause. The location has fluorescent lighting (in the pictures) and mirrors off to the side (not in the picture), so there may be several reasons for the orbs that are easily explainable by someone with more experience.  

I was going to send you a copy via email, but they are about 2.0 megs each, so rather than clog up your email, I thought I would ask first.  Please let me know whether you would like to see a copy. 

Kind regards,


Kurt Montgomery





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