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In recent weeks it has come to my attention that certain parties are using my ghost stories and those of my contributors as references for their own commercial enterprises.  If you or someone you know is writing a book on ghosts in the Pacific Northwest, PLEASE DO NOT!!! copy or use the following stories or any other materials within this website as references.  

Jefferson Davis (25 April 2003)



DATE:  3 July 2006

FROM:  pence  

SUBJECT:  I was wondering if u could help me

 Me and my 1st wife have been doing some studies on the land over by Pacific JR high there use to be a house there owned by stein, I think.  I was wondering if have ever heard of this house there are definitely ghost in there?  The house has something to do with the Thelma lind murder that took place in Hazel Dell.  We found a lot of her paper work at this house.  There is a ghost there we will call Carrie she is in need of help to find her baby.  I know this all sounds fake and stupid but I have talk to the girl and seen her so I know she is real any information u could give me would be helpful with what I am working on .  Ty Rusty

karma will get u all some day



DATE:  17 JULY 2005

FROM: Kristine C.

SUBJECT:  Bothell, Washington

 Hello Jeff,

Well, I'm 17 years old and I used to live in Mays Pond(Its in the Bothell area) and when I lived there, the house I was living in had odd noises, and movements. When I was little, my mom would be at work and my dad would be sleeping. Once, I saw outside on the porch, it was dark out. I saw two couples dancing and wearing Victorian clothing. Another spirit I saw was in the corner of my eye, it was a black cape and in walked into the kitchen.  I also felt a sharp tap on my shoulder. In my room even today you can hear tappings everywhere. During the day, I would see orbs passing by me in my room.

I have a couple of friends down in Mays Pond and their house seems to be haunted also. One of them, I was spending the night, my friend had a recorder on her cell phone that can play fast and slow. At 1:45am, we were getting ready for bed and try to fall asleep but couldnít, donít know why, but for know reason she looked towards her window and saw a manly figure, 6'0",with broad shoulders. She said, "Oh my god, whatís that?"

I knew what she was talking about and didnít want to see it cause I knew something was wrong and I feel someone looking at us. I didnít want to look, but when she said that it came closer and disappeared. Then we heard a loud clonk noise in the closet, I turned on the lights then told her to grab her cell phone and record. When it was done we played it in a normal speed, we heard nothing just silence, then played it fast, we heard a conversation.

I donít know why, but I can somehow sense spirits. I donít know if I'm psychic or whatever but yeah. But I would want to know the history of Bothell, just to see what it was like and if anything happened. Iím sorry, Iím very bad at grammar and such, but I really wanted you to know all of this. Thank you




My reply


Hi Kristine,

Thanks for writing, and your grammar is better than many of the stories and >emails that people send me.  I get many text messages, with the strange little contractions and lack of capitals and punctuation.  So, don't feel bad, your message is great because it gives me, and any other reader the >ability to know how you felt.

I guess I would ask you a couple of questions before giving a full opinion on your hauntings.  Have you always seen and felt things, or did it start when you reached a certain age, or when you moved into your house in Bothell?  Do you get any feelings when paranormal things happen?  Do you smell things?  Do the events happen at regular intervals?  Are you the only teenager in the house, and how do your parents and family feel about the >hauntings?

I do applaud you for keeping your head during these manifestations.  If you can stay calm, it's easier to figure out more about what the ghost wants, if anything.  I know of a lot of people who panic, and hurt themselves, and blame the manifestation.  There are some other paranormal groups in your area.  Have you contacted them, to see if they will help, or help give you training?

I do have a legal requirement, since you are 17, to suggest that you talk to your parents before joining one of these groups.  You can do some >work on your own.  There is probably a Mays Pond historical society, or the local library should have a few books in the reference section on Mays Pond. You can start there.  Find out where the oldest houses were built.  I do not know how old your house is, but if it is newer, it may have been built on the top of an older home.  I say that, since your spirit was wearing Victorian clothing.

 This is all preliminary.  Please let me know if any of my advice or questions help you in your haunting investigations.


 Thank you for replying. I will try and answer the questions you have givin' me. I moved into the house in Bothell when I was 3 years old but I was to young to know anything about ghosts. But when I reached the age of 9 or so.

Since then, yes I have felt things and seen things. When I was at my friends, when she told me to look at what she is seeing, a couple hours when we were recording I knew it was in the closet. We were point the recorder towards the window, I told her to point it towards the closet, cause I felt that there was something in there and we had realy good recordings.

No, I donít smell things. "Do the events happen at regular intervals?" can you rephrase that for me? Yes, I am the only teenager in my house, I do have a little brother but he's only 8 I donít think he can see or feel things like I can. My parents wont believe me, I told them some of the things I here or see, they wont believe me so I stopped telling them. Do orbs come in different colors by any chance?


My further reply


Hi Kristine,

 Thanks for answering my questions. The reason I asked them was that I was trying to figure out whether or not there was a ďrealĒ ghost, or did you have a poltergeist. As you probably know, most poltergeists center  themselves, or follow a certain person. Usually a teenager. Some parapsychologists believe that poltergeists were never a living person, >but a kind of projection from the teenager. I was wondering if it was you, or a brother or sister, or really some kind of entity that existed before youmoved in.

 I asked about things happening regularly to try and figure out if there was a pattern to the haunting. Does it happen in winter, summer, etc?

Only at night, or during the daytime? Good weather or bad. Sometimes you can learn interesting things about your haunting that way.  By the sound of it, your ghost is not a poltergeist, although it may be attracted to you now that you are growing older. Some ghosts show themselves to people who remind the ghost of a past acquaintance.  So you may remind it of a friend or family member. I also asked if you smelled things, because I was curious about the kind of haunting you had.

From your letter, you have been getting EVPs, I was wondering if you had more.  As for your own family accepting these things, thatís a tricky thing.  Maybe wait a while before talking to your brother. There is no sense in scaring him, and I am sure your parents will be upset.  If you wait a while until they think of you as an adult, or after your brother gets older.  Sometimes parents donít tell their kids everything, in a haunted house.

> >Just be patient.   In your question about orb photos. I am really skeptical of orbs, most of the ones I see were created by lighting, or dust in the air. I have seen a few that I had a hard time explaining. People have recorded orbs in different colors, rainbow colors, and sometimes they seem to have a solid outer ring, and semi-transparent on the inside.




DATE:  28 July 2005

FROM:  Eric B

SUBJECT:  Living in Pasco, WA


Was just wondering why you didn't have any information on the Moore Mansion in Pasco, WA.  If you haven't heard of it I'd like to post a story and information in your 'Stories' section.  Thanks



DATE: 27 July 2005

FROM:  Gina S

SUBJECT:  My ghost stories

 I could share with you stories since childhood. Some ghosts some might be considered ďdemons"

My daughter, who was three at the time shared one. I sense when spirits are around even if I don't see them. This spirit who I perceived as a man would come to my bedside for about a week. One night his presence  was particularly strong. I sensed his sadness felt him there beside me while I lay in bed. He felt lonely, he felt full of regret.

The next morning my daughter came into my room, she said" did you see the man mommy?" I  said "yes. I asked her if he told her why he was there. She said" he was in a car crash and missed his family" If you knew my daughter it would not be hard for you to believe that came from a three year old.

Another one...

About five years later, when she was 8 we moved into a house in the Puyallup-Tacoma area. I had sensed an angry man. He was mad about how his last days were handled and what followed his death. Some time later my daughter had a slumber party and one of the moms mentioned she grew up with the girls who lived in my house and was still friends with one. I described to her what the angry man looked like and told her what he was "Telling" me and her jaw dropped. I had a dream bout two months before we moved in about the house and "Mr. Allen"

My daughter started having dreams about a house fire about 2 months before we moved in....After we moved in they continued until one dream she pulled her friend into it and another angry man was telling them through flames to "get out".  I later found out when pulling paneling down and saw the charred dry wall that the house had been in a fire. I asked the neighbor who also grew up in the house next door that the house caught fire before Mr Allen lived there when a drunk went to sleep with a cigarette in his hand.

I have more....if you are interested or could give more detail.

I don't coax my kids, but have let them know when they were young sometimes things happen that can't be explained and I will listen if they have something to share.

I was told as a child I was evil by the baptist church we attended.

Anyway if you wish to know more send me an email.

Thank You

Gina Sinclair

 Hello Gina,

 First I wanted to thank you for emailing me, and praise you for standing up to your former church or minister.  I occasionally get emails from people telling me that I am the devilís servant.  Some people also take my books out of their local library, in Tri-Cities and burn them as the devilís work.  When I talk to some religious people, I point out that ghosts and angels are mentioned in the Bible and the writings of the early church.  There is a tradition in the south and Midwest, where God give the ministers the ability by God to know the future, and put people in contact with their dearly departed.

 I will get off my soapbox.  Your experiences are very interesting, as well as your children.  Have the experiences or dreams, become less dramatic as they grew older?  Or did it center on the first house, or the one in Puyallup? 

I would be interested in reading more of your happenings, and I am sure the other people who visit this website would be interested as well.

 Thank you,

Jeff Davis


DATE:  29 July 2005

FROM:  Gina S

SUBJECT:  My ghost stories


The Latin word that the word "angel" comes from means messenger... To me a Christian angel is no different than a spirit guide or "totem" The house we are in right now is at peace. Just happy feelings here, I believe ghosts as well as other things are everywhere. With creation there was not just humans, animals and earthly things. In a Christian light "GOD" created legions of angels in varying levels of ability. Also I mention to "Christians" That Apostle Paul mentioned in Corinthians about a third heaven. This is where people go in spirit while they are alive to receive prophetic visions etc. I have extensive notes on all these areas right from good ole King James. My older daughter has been pushing them out from fear but she is becoming more accepting again. My middle daughter who is 11 is also empathic as I am and "Feels" things, emotions etc. The occurrences are everywhere I am; always have been. Depends on where Iím living. The things in summit/canyon didn't surface right away, then my husband and one of my kids saw one of the children I believe died of the flu of 1919 on that property. THis is what my feelings were telling me. I am still wanting research that property. For me while I was pregnant things got really strong.(this was in Puyallup) I have also experienced incubus. There is a story behind that, very involved. An ancient spirit who pledged his life to my ancestor even into the spirit world has followed me all my life still taking care of me(this is my native ancestry) My visions were told me by a "medicine person" I had no way of knowing what things I saw of the ancient past because only a very few are given this knowledge by elders who are living. Anyway this spirit wanted to say goodbye for now because my husband I've been with for 5 years was coming into my life and the warrior spirit and I knew this(my daughter and I received a waking vision together) He was one of three warriors who pledged in life and death to protect the "white priest" of the village but he was also in love with my ancestor, the wife of the white priest. My spirit is strong in the native way.

I just have so much. I have Judaic related visions of the middle east(dad's Jewish) was also visited by who I was told by a priestess a Gaelic goddess. She would kill people in their dreams as they slept if she didn't like them as the lore goes. She spoke to me in the Gaelic language and showed me things.

So my abilities are diverse.

The waking vision my oldest and I shared was as follows.

We were waiting in the fog for the kindergarten school bus. She says "mommy do you see the spirit man walking in the fog?" I said "yes"

The man and many other spirits with him wrapped in blankets were coming from the south east which means happiness in the future. Because my daughter saw him too that meant it would affect all of us. The many people means he would bring many into our lives. They were wrapped in blankets with long hair which meant they were native. Also my now husband was from the east....in Manitoba CA....he is native... They all were walking towards us...remained for a minute and faded. She and I just watched them. Shortly after my husband came into my life.

I also saw my first husband the father of my kids in a vision. I was walking towards me exactly as he appeared when I met him. He in the vision had a bounce in his step which I learned was from a car accident that broke his back. The bounce is a limp.

It's not like after I have these visions I go out and try to fulfill them; I just put them in the back of my mind. When they come true I remember the vision.

I have a diary of a bunch of different things. Earthquake premonitions etc... I will type it out and send it to you.  OH.... there were three houses in Puyallup.  One in canyon summit, one off Portland Ave, one off meridian- south hill.

Anyway, any particular subject you would like me to elaborate on?Gna



 DATE:  6 August 2006

FROM: Dewane W. 

SUBJECT:  Summer Lake, Oregon


Hi, I don't have a story to share, but every since I was a small child, Iím 70 now and have resided in Oregon all my life, I have heard stories about the crying lady of Summer Lake in Oregon, supposedly killed by Indians when she and her family were coming west in a wagon train. Itís said that on certain nights she can be seen walking on the lake making crying sounds, do you know any thing about this?  Thank You,  Dewane W

Does anyone have anthing to add to this?

email Jeff:  jddavis@rocketmail.com



 DATE:  13 August 2005

FROM: Katarina R.

SUBJECT:  Help with house?

 Dear Jeff,

I am asking for Help, my situation is very serious. I can not get out of here!

I live in  Port Coquitlam BC, this house was built 1979 and it was brand new when I and my husband from Sweden bought it and moved in. Since then many things has happened. My Swedish husband is gone, so is my daughter, so is my son and all my animals died. I am still here after 28 years and I am remarried to a man fro Denver Colorado USA. As you can see, the house had only have one owner...Me.

Here is the problem: The house do not let me move.

I have tried for 28 years to move and it doesn't work ...no matter what. The same pattern occurs every time I try, for to reach the result....I have to stay  here?

Things break down so I have to use my money to repair or buy new. If I ignore it things continue to break down. The I have to stop and change my mind about moving......................NOTHING BREAKS DOWN ANY MORE.

Yesterday I took the real estate sign away from the front lawn and my house is not for sale anymore. I tried to sell it from May 19 this year and move to Newfoundland. I found a very nice house there on 2 acres and view out over the ocean, a brand new interesting unusual, contemporary house. I signed the contract and when I sell this house I will move. Apple tree fall over my patio and crushed my furniture, my husband and I could been dead if we would have been sitting there and have breakfast. I lost my wedding ring and bought a new. Port Coquitlam digged up my half front yard for to move pipes. Car broke down, trade mill broke down. No one ever gave an offer on my house and it is nice and very well maintained.  The realtor I had personal trouble that hindered her/him to do a good job.

What usually happens is that electrical problems occurs, computer, cars, dishwasher, el. Trade mill, stove, fridge, just stop working. Also it seems like I am in the wrong place at the wrong time.....if I had planed to go  out a buy a pair of jeans something happens to the jeans or the car or the wallet.

My first husband was working in the garage, I came out for to ask him in for coffee. The big wall unit-shelves to the left suddenly was about to fall over him. I screamed move, move  and he did and survived.

My son told me over and over again when he was little: Dom Tom (the ghost who live in the garage) is coming up every night and play with me. It sounds like dom tom dom tom when he walks in the stairs up to my bedroom, he said. On night I heard a noise, my son was in his early teen. I thought it was he who was walking in the stairs. I was alone in my bedroom with closed door. My son was sleeping in his room cross the hall, with his door closed. I hear the noise, I was scared, then I saw someone come in through the closed door, a big white/grey dressed looked like a monk with a hood on. I was to scared to move pulled the sheet over my eyes/head, it didn't help the person come up to the side of the bed and the sidewise went through the bed and...me? I told my son the following morning, he said calmly, Dom Tom is sick and asked you for help!  This is the only time I have seen or heard something.

Years ago when I tried to sell the house a couple with a little boy come to look at the house. I was in the room beside where they were looking and the little boy said: don't buy this house it is a ghost here...sch, Sid his parents, don't talk so loud someone can hear you.

I asked a ghost-hunter come here once, he was well known. Peter Morris from England and his guide was an Indian. He told me the following: "When I entered the place you live on I felt very strongly something". I opened the door and Peter went straight to the garage and said here it is.

Today I feel very sad, I wanted to move to Newfoundland to the new house with my husband and start a new life. My son lives there since two years back and is waiting. He found a nice girl and she have nice relatives and all of them is waiting.

What shall I do???

Best Regards to You from,

Katarina R

DATE:  16 Aug 06

FROM: Kathy W

SUBJECT:  Many faces

 Iím sending you a photo of a little boy that was taken back in the 1940's. it's a black and white photo. I do not know what kind of camera that was used to take it, but it was taken in the small historical town of Goliad, TX. there was a massacre here many years ago. this photo was taken in front of a lot of rocks at an underpass. if you look closely behind the boy and to the right of him, you will clearly see the face of a lady. There are many more faces throughout the whole picture. A lot of them look like they are in pain, or terrified.  Itís a very interesting photo, and I would appreciate any suggestions, or analysis you could give. the only thing I ask is that you not use the last name of the boy. please e-mail me of your suggestions on this photo.

thank you,



Date:  16 August 2006

From:  D C  

Subject:  Red figure need help

Our house burnt recently about 1 year ago not really recently but anyway everybody was alright and we moved next to a deserted house the house is deserted because it had a meth lab in it and it blew up it has been cleaned and all that and now is up for sale, ever since we moved here as for its history I have no Idea I have asked if anybody was killed in it all my neighbors says not that they know of.

As far as the haunting soon as dark hits you can take a digi camera off of a picture phone and see a red figure plan as day walking back and forth on the roof now I believe in certain things but Im more of a skeptic than anything or was there is no explanation for this figure it is or its energy is red just as. the color the camera phone would pick up as if maybe it wants to be seen? Me and a Wiccan walked over toward the house the camera man said it pointed at us or me anyways Another thing I cant explain is my surroundings stayed the same temperature and I got so cold it hurt scared the crap outta   me anyways can you tell me whatís going on based on this information



Date:  21 August 2006

From:  Ron B

Subject:  Barbary Banjo

Hi Jeff - I don't know what "possessed" me to google Barbary Banjo this afternoon, but I'm glad that something popped up in response to my search.  I am the former owner of the Restaurant, and as Ed told you, the Barbary Banjo Restaurant/Night Club operated in the basement of 31 Bastion Square from 1969 through 1973.  The club was devoted to trad jazz, great food and drink in a roaring twenties decor and ambiance.  Much hay was made during the summer months; as tourists flocked to Victoria for visits, the Barbary Banjo was one of many quaint destinations, a must see in the days before the rebuilding of the waterfront when a trip to Bastion Square in the wee hours was still somewhat of an adventure. 

Music from the bandstand piped into the square, and a 1927 Ford Model "A" pickup truck parked on the square in front of the building helped lure customers to the club.  Tough economic times in the early 70s eventually brought the operation to its knees.  The club was sold to new owners and was then known as the Little Denmark Downtown for a couple of years.  Eventually, that operation also closed.  The last time I visited Victoria, the former Barbary Banjo had become a government documents library of sorts!  In its hayday, a big Wurlitzer electric organ anchored the band.  The musician who played that organ still lives in Victoria and operates a music store in Saanich.  One of the original banjo players currently lives on Saltspring Island, and is still music director for the Gaslight Follies  every summer in Dawson Creek.  Other musicians have scattered (including me!)...but it's probably time for a reunion.  All the best.  Ron 




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