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In recent weeks it has come to my attention that certain parties are using my ghost stories and those of my contributors as references for their own commercial enterprises.  If you or someone you know is writing a book on ghosts in the Pacific Northwest, PLEASE DO NOT!!! copy or use the following stories or any other materials within this website as references.  

Jefferson Davis (25 April 2003)



DATE:  1 September 2011 |
FROM:  Patricia W
SUBJECT:  Ghost Cat in Cheney, WA

Jeff I have recently moved into a 150 yr old bungalow in Cheney, WA. ,Tuesday  I went to my old address to clean house. I painted some and then decided to go home. ,It was about 8:30,PM when I arrived in Cheney. I went to grocery store and then home. ,I off loaded things from the house, my groceries, and my two dogs. I went back out gate to lock up car. ,As I opened the gate something brown rushed over my feet. I thought, ‘Oh, a large tabby cat.’  My dog Polly saw it and ran to play with it. I followed it with my eyes and then it disappeared toward the back yard fence. Polly stopped in her tracks and stared back at me as though she's thinking, ‘Where did it go????’

It bothered me being that I have not seen anything ghost wise in a long time. Last night I went to bed and Polly was sleeping by my feet.  At a very early time this morning ( still dark out ) Polly woke me up when she was growling. She was looking out the bedroom door into Living Room.  I’m not sure if house is occupied by a past resident long gone; but still here.  I had the youth minister and a few youths help me move the heavy things from old house to new one.

One of the youths got locked in basement.  He could not get the door to open.  He was yelling and one of the boys had to go down steps to open the door. He said it was strange. Any thought on this???

I was wondering what is going on.  I have seen ghosts of people and animals before, and it bothers me that I may be seeing them again.  The last time I saw a ghost was in my parents mobile home in Enumclaw, WA.  I saw a small dog and a young girl come walking into the kitchen from back bedroom. It scared me and was the first time I'd seen anything like that.  Again, I saw a ghost in the laundry room  at another residence. It scared me so much because it looked like my dad who had passed on several years earlier. It seems lately

I'm seeing these things more and more lately or am I imagining it?

Patricia  W


DATE:  3 September 2011
FROM:  Bill Hl
SUBJECT: Hospital Ghosts


Ten years ago I had a heart bypass surgery done at Legacy- Good Samaritan Hospital. As I was being wheeled out I said the nurse who was wheeling me out that I had been born at Wilcox Women's Hospital. (Which is now part of the Good Samaritan campus). He told me that it was being used now as doctors’ offices and for storage. He then told me that the female nurses and staff members do not like to go there after dark.  When I asked him why he told me that it was haunted.  It is my understanding that the Legacy Hospital System ( which owns Good Samaritan) that they do everything they can to discourage these rumors and will not allow ghost hunters to go on the campus.

Also at the Lone Fir Cemetery, there is one grave on the edge of the cemetery across the street from Central Catholic High School there is a very small little grave. I was wondering if you knew anything about the grave or the story behind it? Thank you for your attention to this matter Bill H

DATE:  8 October 2011
FROM:  Steve N>
SUBJECT:  Gush-Gush Story of Lacamas Lake

Hi Jeff:

I enjoyed your talk at the Vancouver Historic Society on Thursday night.  Wanted to share with you my recollection of one of the phenomena that you recount in Weird Washington—our very own Gush Gush.


I recall the Lacamas Lake Gush Gush monster as being called Squish-Squish or Guish-Guish, because of the ghostly sound that it made.  Guish-Guish lived In a deserted marsh just north of the intersection of the corner of NE 9th Street and 237th Avenue off of Leadbetter Road on the north side of Lackamas Lake, in Camas.  This was a popular place to park with your date in the ‘60’s. 


On a moonlit night, with the fog hanging low on the marsh, you would hear this low, faint rhythmic sound emanating from the darkness.  “Guish-Guish, ohhhhhh” followed by the subtle rattle of chains, about every five seconds.  Very, very spooky!  Except that it was actually a very old, one cylinder volume pump that was drawing water from a spring in the marsh to provide irrigation for the farm next door.  The “guish-guish” sound was the upstroke of the pump, the “ohhhhh” was the relief valve on the down cycle, and the clanging of chains was the tension being taken back up in the connecting rods and cam.  This sounds and looks ever so logical and convincing in the day light, but it was freaky in the dark!   


Best regards,

Steve N

DATE:  8 October 2011
FROM:  Anonymous 
SUBJECT:  Highway 30 Picture

Hi Jeff, I met you at the Clark County Museum last Thursday for the Weird Washington event.  Like I said, two years ago there was a horrible crash of four recently graduated teenagers from the Ridgefield high school on August 10th 2009.  There were five in the car and four were killed.  One of the kids was X whom we had known through my daughter.  Sometime after the crash, four crosses were erected in honor of them.  Several weeks afterwards, my husband and I visited the crash site to take pictures for X's father who was living in Pullman and we were going to visit soon. 

When I had the pictures developed,  I discovered on one of  the photos a young man's face on the right side of the picture.  The face does not resemble X, but I thought it was interesting.  I ended up not showing Jason's father the photo at the time because the emotions were quite high.


DATE:  27 October 2011
FROM:  Kristina W
SUBJECT:  Haunted Portland, Oregon Bar

thought this might interest you.  It was in today's Oregonian newspaper.


Kristina W










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