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In recent weeks it has come to my attention that certain parties are using my ghost stories and those of my contributors as references for their own commercial enterprises.  If you or someone you know is writing a book on ghosts in the Pacific Northwest, PLEASE DO NOT!!! copy or use the following stories or any other materials within this website as references.  

Jefferson Davis (25 April 2003)



DATE:  11 September 2010

FROM:  Bettie

SUBJECT:  Weird Oregon

Saw you where working on Oregon. [Weird Oregon] Scappoose is a town North of Portland on the OR side of the Columbia river.  It is a small town but has a few interesting points.  #1 it has the worlds largest candle.  There had been a candle factory in the town so in the 70's they made on old silo to be the worlds largest candle. (they poured gallons of wax all over it.) It was even dedicated by the governor of the state.  Sorry I cant remember which one.   #2 Scappoose was also the location of the Stienfields Pickle factory where they made mostly sauerkraut.  Scappoose still has a sauerkraut festival every year.

 Scappoose is a native american name and it means gravely creek or bank and there was a large Native Powwow there every year.

"Dream as if you'll live for ever. Live as if you'll die today" James Dean


DATE:  24 September 2010

FROM:  Chris P

SUBJECT:  Ghost Story That Might Send Chills


This is a story of some unusual paranormal activity that happened a few years back. By the way my name is Chris Parker and I live in Lebanon Oregon, At the time of these strange events I was currently living in Albany Oregon.I must mention this house was brand new and for a few months everything was going fine. One night before I was going to bed I had to use the bathroom which was located downstairs in the laundry room. I began to hear footsteps walking back and forth in the kitchen and what was bizarre about this situation was there was nobody home, my Mom and Brother we're both at work I opened the door to find nothing there suddenly I ran upstairs and locked my door. It was hard for me to fall asleep I stayed awake for half an hour nothing else happened for about a week. Within a few months things started to get worse. The whole family would hear footsteps walking up and down the stairs, something moving the doorknob, the house just gave you a really

uneasy feeling my Mom also told me one night she felt a strong presense in her room and one night I decided to have my girlfriend over I told her about what was going on she said it could be demons, or a demonic presence I also told my brother to bring his friend over since he was curious about Ghost we then turned off all the lights and stood in the Kitchen. We waited there for about 10-15 minutes until then we saw a white figure standing in the laundry room we all we're extremely horrified on what we just saw. A few days later I was talking to my girlfriend on the webcam I went downstairs to get some water when I came back up to my room she told me there was a figure that walked right past the webcam scared out of my mind I shut my door and had her give me more detail if she could. After we moved I ran into our neighbors which I also told them about our house being haunted they said to me " That's funny that you say that shortly after you moved we had

2 new neighbors both of them moved within a few months " that struck me as a little odd. Now I am residing in Lebanon, OR I did some research on this house turns out several years back the owners died in the house and sometimes I get a feeling someone is watching me or I hear voices nothing I can make out it's almost like a white noise my brother also tells me he hears noises in the living room where my Grandma's urn is located there was one night when I was playing on my Xbox 360 when all of the sudden my closet door just slammed open I am still trying to find out more about this house I have only lived here for 2 years. This is the ending of my ghost encounters hope to hear back from you shortly.

Sincerely Chris



DATE:  26 September 2010

FROM:  Shaw

SUBJECT:  Possible addition to Weird Washington

I stumbled across this thread and thought you might find it interesting.  I live near this stretch of road and have only traveled it once last year.  I got “creeped out” in broad daylight, but didn’t know why.  I just found this thread today while looking for Halloween attractions in the area and it started me thinking….





DATE:  12 October 2010

FROM:  Matthew Dunn skyguy79@me.com

SUBJECT:  Poltergeist Problems

Mr Davis-

I am not sure if you can help me, but I believe that I have a bit of poltergeist activity going on at my place. There have been cupboards doors slammed, my foot was grabbed in the middle of the night, a penny was left on a pillow perfectly face up in the very early hours of the morning during a bathroom run, towels have been moved on the rack, and most recently (this morning and two times in the last few days), the internet mysteriously cut out (Comcast tech support said their end was working perfectly, even connecting via ethernet cable didn't work and the internet was working perfectly this morning), toilet paper has been ripped from the roll and left on the floor. I then heard something move outside of the bathroom but could not figure out what had been. I live at 2121 Belmont which is right next to the Lone Fir Cemetery. I have lived next to a graveyard before and had similar problems in the past. I feel like this spirit is that of a little girl...just the feeling I get.

Do you know anyone that would be willing to help me out with this problem? Thank you for any help you might be able to provide.

Matthew D



My Response:

Hello Matthew,


Thank you for emailing me.  I am afraid that I will be heading out of town shortly and cannot work on any cases in the near future.  I put out a post and hope to have someone for you to talk to tonight or tomorrow morning.

I am forwarding your email to Dave Galvan, who heads the Paranormal League of America, and Catherine Duncan, who heads the Trails End Paranormal Society.  They both take slightly different approaches to problems like yours.  I trust that they will be in touch with you, I recommend you go with the group that seems the best fit to your poltergeist.  I am sorry I cannot be there myself.

Good luck to you all,
Jeff Davis


Added Questions from Catherine Duncan of Trails End Paranormal:


Matthew I am Catherine Duncan with Trails End Paranormal Society. I am one of two that Jeff Davis forwarded your information to.


I do have questions about your case. These questions will help me help you with your case.  I do see you are next to Lone Fir Cemetery in Portland. Have you noted any other activity other than Poltergeist? (Shadows, Cold spots, Pets reacting to something you can't see?)  Going with the idea that it is Poltergeist Activity I need to get some other information.


How many live in the home and ages?  Have there been any changes in family structure? (Marriage, Divorce, Location of where your living, Deaths in the family (Include pets), Job Changes)  If children are living in the home have they seen or heard anything? Also have they had changes in their lives? School, Friends, Family Structure?  What is the age of your home? 


Do you know anything about the history and how long have you lived there? Please include any other information you may feel will be helpful with your case.


Thank You Catherine Duncan



DATE:  15 October 2010

FROM:  Karen G

SUBJECT:  Haunted Tour Guide Reveiw

Hi, Jeff,

Just a quick note to let you know that I posted a story recently on my webpage about your book, A Haunted Tour Guide of the Pacific NW.  Thought you might like to check it out:  www.wildaboutthenw.com.

 I was a store manager at Vancouver WaldenBooks for 5 years.  Every year, about this time, I would order in extra copies of all your books and put them up by the registers.  They never failed to sell!

 Please share this article with family, friends, and everyone interested in the Pacific NW.  Thanks!

 Karen G

Karen’s webstie is full of interesting and at times unusual travel tips from across the northwest.  For a direct link to the article, see:  http://tkgilb.com/blog/2010/10/15/things-that-go-bump-in-the-night/





DATE:  18 October 2010

FROM:  Nicole C

SUBJECT:  Longview, WA


My name is Nicole C and I'm from Longview, WA. Well now I am. I'm originally from Hawaii and California. I've lived here for about a year now, 2 years in the North West. Me and my Fiance' live here with our daughter and his sister and her husband and son live in the area too. We started a local family oriented ghost hunting group called the Northwest Paranormal Poachers.. cheesy I know but thats all we got for now. We have been doing some investagations, one I think you know. The Kiggins Theater in Vancouver, WA. We caught a picture of what looks like a dark apparition of a young girl staring at the camera as well as some EVPS. I'd send you this picture in the email, but unfortunately we sent a picture and video of our evidences from our investigations and now the group A.G.H.O.S.T. took our investigation at the Rutherglen Mansion and paid them off to reserve it for them and cancel us out. But I will send it if you are interested in seeing the evidence we caught. 

It's saddening to have someone take your information and benifit for themselves and I'm sorry to hear people have been taking your references. We know how it feels. 

We've been investigating this house in SE Portland, where a family of 3 generations lived. Now it is being renovated because the owner had to foreclose. Apparently her son hung out in the garage and did heroin with a lot of people in there and the mother would help pay for the addiction, hence.. no money for mortgage and etc. We have found a demonic entity in the house that calls to heroin addicts around the area, unlocking the metal bolt door to the back yard. We have found people in the morning not sure why their there, they just are. We have caught a womans voice on an EVP and a demonic voice growling and telling us to get out. It's been throwing things around in the garage and when people enter there during the day to renovate, they become enraged over nothing. A fire was started on the bottom floor of the garage in the middle of the night and found in the morning. The house itself has had some activity but mostly outside and in the garage. We set up night vision cameras and have proved no single human being is going in and staying there. 

Just a story for you to hear and if you want to look into. 

We have been investigating The Rutherglen Mansion here in Longview, WA. The owner is a friend of one of our investigators and a brother to one of us. But like I said the Seattle taps team and A&E blind sided us and cut us out. We were wondering if you have ever heard of the place and its paranormal happenings?

If you would like to add the picture of the little girl to your Kiggins Theater research and website I think we would be willing to share as long as we got some credit. We do want to at least be recognized >_<

I was wondering where else I would be able to buy your books. I looked on Borders.com but I haven't been able to find it. 
Looking forward to hearing from you. 



My Response:

HI Nicole,

I was troubled by your email.  I have dealt with some of the television shows over the years and am not surprised they would find some way to bypass a local ghosthunter groups like yours.  I do know Ross Allison, the President of AGHOST, and am surprised. Local groups are not supposed to treat each other that way.   I emailed and spoke with Ross a few minutes ago.  He said his group was not involved in any investigations in the Longview area, and had no current show commitments with anyone at A&E. 

It may be that someone is using his group's name, or someone from AGHOST has 'gone rogue'.  I have cc'd Ross in on this email, so he can answer any questions you might have for him

As far as your investigations. I am out of town right now.  However, if you send me a url to your website, or any contact information, I will add it to my website.  I have a few days resting before my next engagement, and I can post things quickly.  I would be interested in talking more about your Southwest Washington work.  My books are available at my website, and you can also order them (no shipping and handling) at Barnes and Noble if you like. 

Good luck and please let me know what you and Ross can piece together.

Jeff Davis

ROSS Allison also Responded to Nicole:


Hi Nicole,


This is Ross from AGHOST. I'm, sorry you had that happen. I do want to reassure you that was NOT us. We have no investigations in that area or are we working with A&E. If you have any other details, maybe a name I will personally find out who is responsible. AGHOST does not operate in that manner and are always welcoming to other groups and are more then willing to share locations. I hope there is NOT anther group using our name in that manner.

 Safe Hunting

 Ross Allison




DATE:  19 October 2010

FROM:  Nicole C

SUBJECT:  Longview, WA

Hello Jeff, 

I received an email today from Ross and will be replying to him as well. Thank you so much, it was amazing to get this email and it meant a lot to me and my family. We are going this Wednesday to investigate the SE Portland house again to use that instead as our pilot episode. So possibly we could send you a copy of the show and you can use it for an upcoming book or your website. I sent you the picture of the girl in Kiggins Theater. I hope you enjoy it as well as others. 

Right now all we have is a Facebook page "Northwest Paranormal Poachers"

I started making a website but its still under construction. My only time to work on it is it at night since I stay at home with my daughter all day and such. 


Again thank you so much for everything and we hope to hear from you again and maybe have you join us for an investigation. And I went down to Barnes and Noble today and got the first edition of Ghosts and Strange Critters of Washington and Oregon. 

Nicole C. 




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