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In recent weeks it has come to my attention that certain parties are using my ghost stories and those of my contributors as references for their own commercial enterprises.  If you or someone you know is writing a book on ghosts in the Pacific Northwest, PLEASE DO NOT!!! copy or use the following stories or any other materials within this website as references.  

Jefferson Davis (25 April 2003)



DATE:  2 September 2008

FROM:  Allison S

SUBJECT:  Lincoln City Sighting

Hello Jeff
My name is Allison  and I currently live in Columbus Ohio.

In March of 2001, I visited Oregon for the first time. Lincoln City was my first stop after landing in Portland. I was visiting a friend and we didn't know where we wanted to stay in Lincoln City. We just drove around until we found a place. We finally decided on the Seagull Inn.

It was probably about 11pm when, after getting settled, my friend and I decided to venture out onto the beach. We chose to sit up against a stone wall almost that separates the beach from the concrete before you actually get to the beach. If that makes any sense.

Anyway, we were sitting there alone and I looked to my right and saw a lady in a long white dress with a hat carrying a basket walking right where the waves wash up on the beach. I turned to my friend and said "Oh man, someone else is out here" and in the two seconds it took me to say that, I looked back towards the lady and she was probably half a football field length farther down the beach. I could not believe what I had seen. I decided to test it. I looked to my right, closed my eyes for a second, looked back and she was in the original spot. I realized I was looking at a ghost. I told my friend and we literally watched her stand there for a good 5 minutes. I looked closer at her, and realized that she sort of floated around. Her dress was very long so I couldn't see if there were feet, but she sort of floated. After about 5 minutes of just staring in awe, she floated out onto the water. Not real far out at all, we could still see her ok, but she was sort of hovering over the water.

After about 10 minutes total, I looked at my friend and told him we should get back into our room, but doing that meant that we would have to walk past her. I wasn't afraid the whole time watching her, but walking past her scared me. While my friend and I were discussing this, she ended up back in the original spot where I had seen her.

My friend and I decided to finally suck it up; we decided we would walk past her. We got up to walk. She was straight out from the boardwalk to go back to the hotel. She was probably a quarter of a football field away when we walked past her.

I stood at the beginning of the boardwalk to have one last look at her. At this point, her dress and hat changed from white to black.

She never looked at us, never changed her appearance until the very end. At times she would look down; other times just gaze out at the ocean, but always carrying her basket.

I visited the same hotel on my honeymoon in September of 06. My husband and I went out onto the beach at the same time of night to see if the lady would make an appearance, but no luck.   I also emailed the hotel immediately after returning home from my first trip, letting them know what I had saw but I got no response.

I hope that by emailing you, maybe you know of some reason this lady would make herself known.
Thanks for your time
Allison Young-Smith

After Allison’s email, I contacted a friend in Lincoln City to see if he knew anything:

Hi Tim,
I've a haunting that you may be interested in.  Any weird stories surrounding the Seagull Inn? 

Tim’s Response:
I know a gal who used to be a housekeeper there... She would have stories. There was a suicide there I know of as well.

I forwarded this to Allison, and below is her response:

Heya Jeff,

 Thanks for the reply!

 I have never had a paranormal experience before this but I think I’m very sensitive to certain feelings. If that makes sense (?) I have had dreams about things before they happen, I can sense who it is when the phone rings, things like that.

I have a very deep interest in the paranormal that I’ve had all my life really. And because of this, I believe, I have a great sense of appreciation for older homes, buildings, and historical sites.

Yeah, it is a shame I live in Ohio right now. I’m in love with Oregon and Washington, hopefully someday.

Anyway, yeah if you could forward my email on that would be great. I would love a little more information about the experience I had. It was very interesting. And sorry my email was so long, I tend to go into major detail  :)



DATE:  26 September 2008

FROM:  Nathan R

SUBJECT:  Baby Graves

I grew up in Richland WA.  I lived in a really nasty haunted house on Birch Street that still scares me, but anyway, later my friend Paul & I “investigated” some supposedly haunted locations.  Really, this involved just walking around and looking at them!

We heard about the Baby Graves but never went out there, mainly because they were out in the boonies and I wasn’t sure I could find them.

But what we did have in Richland in the 80’s, was a strange old woman known as the “witch stick lady”.  She joined the cast of local freaks along with Coffee Cup Kenny and Gary Munson.

The Witch Stick Lady lived in a tiny house near the old cemetery, and she had stuck poles in her front yard decorated with feathers, painted symbols, bottle caps and other miscellaneous stuff.  Allegedly she did this to keep the spirits away. Another friend of mine says that this is part of southern black culture, although she was a white lady.

I never did it myself, but unfortunately some young people used to think it was great sport to go to her place at night and uproot the poles.  Then the elderly woman would come out on her porch waving a broom and shriek “You bad boys put those poles back or I’ll call the police!”” I think the local police were sick and tired of these calls.

She passed away many years ago.



DATE:  30 September 2008

FROM: Amanda

SUBJECT:  Have a question

My name is Amanda; I am a 30 year old mother of two girls. one will be ten in Dec. and for a while said she seen black shadows or midgets according to her hanging around us, messing with our things, taking and hiding things that are important to everyone in the household. One apparently followed us to here in Moses Lake, WA. What would you suggest?

HI Amanda,

Sorry I am a few days late in contacting you.  As a normal rule, I start out with any paranormal type investigation by looking at mundane explanations first.  That way I can be assured about the facts when I talk to other folks about it.  Do you think that your daughter might have had some nightmares, that she is taking more seriously, or trying to get attention?  I do not know your daughter, but in general, most "poltergeist" incidents are really children going through puberty, scaring people in the house, because they are trying to get attention.  Although your daughter is young for a phony poltergeist, do you think it is possible? 

If not that, are there a lot of stresses in your household that might be causing a lot of nervous energy in you, or either of your daughter?  Some real poltergeists seem to be caused by energy created by teenagers undergoing stress related to puberty.  The poltergeist usually dissipates when the teenager calms down.  That is how they seem to follow a person, or persons around. 

In the case of some kind of paranormal incidents, if the events are disturbing you, they can get more dramatic, if you become overly anxious.  They can gain strength from that.  One way to limit them is to take control.  If you keep some kind of journal, it might be possible to find a pattern in the behavior, and so not create the incident again.  I know it sounds silly, but something as simple as saying, "listen you, I know you exist, but I live here too, so please be polite, and knock off the disturbances."

I realize you were hoping to get a quick fix to your problem/question.  Sometimes it is.  I have known people who have had spiritualists come in and exorcise paranormal events through smudging ceremonies, or the "chat" I described above.  Other than that, I suggest you stay strong, reassure your daughter, and ignore it, if possible. 

Good luck,
Jeff Davis

Well, as to Samantha possibly doing things for attention, she gets alot of attention. I am a stay at home mom so my kids don't feel neglected in life. She knows I know and support the gift she has. One day, it was my daughters and I in the house, and heard a loud firm voice of a mail saying get out of here. Samantha said it was the one attached to us that was starting to act up. I did in AZ tell them I knew they were around, and to knock it off and it was after that they really acted up. They set off my car alarm, took my wedding band, took someone else’s bracelet, and money, none of which was found around the house before I moved to WA. She tells me of a little girl and an 8 year old boy that hangs around that she sees, and did see from AZ. I can be reached at 480-304-1387



DATE:  5 October 2008

FROM:  Joleen  



I am wondering if anyone has ever related to you any strange happenings around Odessa, WA?  I had something happen to me 1 night; it was actually a 3 part event. It began in Odessa and ended on Dodson road in Ephrata. I had another person with me but she did not see any of what I saw. I would be happy to tell you of my experience if you are interested.  This happened about 30 years ago and I have often wondered if there was ever anyone else who has reported experiencing anything in Odessa.

Thank you


Joleen armeni



DATE:  10 October 2008

FROM:  Carla D

SUBJECT:  I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before…

Hello Jeff,
About this time last year, I contacted you wondering if you had ever heard anything about the Trails End Saloon in Oregon City.  Were you ever able to get any information? My mother-in-law recently moved to Texas, but if you'd still like to talk to her, I could give you her number down there.

But I'm actually writing to ask if you had ever heard anything about Central Catholic High School, located on the corner of 24th and Stark St in Portland? I don't know why I didn't remember this before, but I attended high school there (I started as a freshman in 1994).  Across Stark from the school is a little cemetery (sorry I don't know it's name), and I remember at least one teacher telling us that the cemetery used to be located where the school is now, but was moved across the street, I think because the school needed the larger location... or maybe it's that the cemetery needed more space and the school just moved in after... it's been over a decade, I can't quite remember.  In any case, supposedly, during the move, there were occasionally grave markers that they couldn't find bodies for.  The teacher also said that after the school was built, there was a period of time when, during football practices on the field in the center of the school, players who were running after heavy rains would sometimes get stuck when their foot would fall into a sink hole created by empty space where a grave had not been filled in well or whatever.  Other teachers would occasionally jokingly refer to "the ghost" if a classroom door slammed suddenly on it's own, which might have actually just been air currents in the building.  This could all just be a story the teacher made up to creep out us kids, but I wondered if there was any way to verify the history of that property? Silly question, because of course there is a way, so I guess my actual question is: how do I go about verifying the history of the property? Even if the door slamming ghost isn't real, it would be neat to at least know I often ate lunch in the middle of what had been a cemetery! Considering the fact that it is a private Catholic school, I don't know how willing administrators there would be to talk about it.  My youngest sister is actually a student there now, and I have 2 other sisters who have since graduated from there.  I should ask them if they ever heard similar stories...

There are 2 more small purposes to this email.  First, my husband and I were very disappointed last year when some sudden financial issues forced us to cancel our reservations for the night at the White Eagle, and I wondered if you would be planning any such outings again soon? I did notice just today on your site that you're doing something in Astoria this weekend, but I didn't find out in time to be able to make plans to attend.  Will you be doing anything closer to Portland?

And finally, I was at Barnes and Noble yesterday and purchased your Portland's Rose City Ghosts I, and read EVERY word in a little over an hour.  I just couldn't put it down.  I actually started it in my car in the parking lot and only reluctantly set it aside when I had to get my kids from daycare! I just wanted to let you know that I thought it was wonderfully thrilling, and that even though a few of the locations had been mentioned before, the depth of detail you went into in this book was GREAT, and I wished I could get more detailed stories for locations mentioned in your Haunted Tour Guide book.  I am anxiously awaiting the other installments.

Thank you and I hope this email finds you, your wife, and your "spoiled" cats happy and well. 
Carla D



DATE:  17 October 2008

FROM:  Bryan S

SUBJECT:  Pictures from Pittock Mansion

Hello Jeff, I was at your talk the other night in Hillsboro and mentioned that I had some pictures of anomalies at the Pittock mansion. These were taken with a digital camera set to auto mode. Have fun, 2 of pictures the anomaly is easy to see, the third one coincides with a statement from your trip to the mansion in 1998.


Bryan S







DATE:  17 October 2008

FROM:  joleen  


Hello Jeff

 This happened about 32 years ago. A friend was visiting me from Seattle. I lived in Ephrata at the time. I was 19 and she was 20.  the drinking age in Wash. is 21 but at the time it was 19 in Idaho.  we decided we were going to go to state line and have a few drinks. i want to say before i go any further in this story that we did  NOT have anything to drink nor were we under the influence of anything. we drove through Odessa, probably got approximately 10 miles the other side when we decided to bag the whole idea and we turned around to go back home.

My friend was telling me some long story and was doing all the talking. i was driving. as we drove back through Odessa, i saw a man hitch-hiking along the side of the road. He was wearing a light colored woolish looking jacket with blue and green skinny plaid lines and dark pants. He had dark hair. He was standing right under a street light. I forgot to tell you it was about 8 pm or thereabouts. Not late at night. Anyway, he was standing right next to the road right under a street light and I saw him as clear as anything. I was wondering whether we should pick him up or not. My friend was still talking and I looked right at him as we passed him.  When we passed him he was about 2-3 feet away from the car.

 I STARTED to interrupt my friend to say "should we pick him up?" but all I got out was  "sh..." because as I started to say it, I looked in my rear view mirror to check him out more and he was  not there. I whipped my head around to look behind me out the rear window and he was indeed gone. There was no where he could have gone to that fast. One second he was there and the next he was gone. As we passed we looked at each other right in the eye, but then when I immediately looked in my rear view mirror he had vanished. I said nothing further to my friend.

We continue on our way back home to Ephrata.  Outside of Ephrata, there is a road--Dodson road--that goes from the highway into town. We were on Dodson road when a car's headlights appeared in my rearview mirror.  This car gained on us and passed us. Although it was a clear night, this lavender colored, 1950’s style car passed us but it was like it was in a cloud of fog. I don't know my cars well, but it had the tailfins like our 59 t-bird had. It also had red tail-lights -little ones on the fins and big round ones on the back.  This car was also very clear to me and I had no reason to doubt it was really there until it had finished passing me. Before it could pull back into the proper lane in front of me, it disappeared. It was probably 15-20 feet ahead of me when it and the cloud of fog surrounding it disappeared. My friend was still talking. I still did not say anything to her. About 1/2 mile down the road, there was a tractor with a flat bed trailer attached behind it with a stack of hay on the trailer. It was cross ways across the road.  My headlights were reflecting of the reflectors on the trailer.  Since I was going to be crashing into it, I slammed on my brakes to come to a full stop. I was going about 60 miles an hour so it took a few feet before i could come to a stop and of course I’m rolling closer to it.  The tractor and trailer were not moving off the road at all. Before I could come to a full stop, it too disappeared. I slowly crept forward a little more trying to figure out where they went to, and when I got to where they were sitting, and they still were not there anymore, then I proceeded to go home, but this time I told my friend I had something to tell her.  She did not see any of these things. She was talking the entire time.

I’ve told this story to people throughout the years, but it wasn't until 10 or 15 years ago I put it all together. Could it be there was a guy hitching and got picked up by that car, and they had an accident with the tractor and trailer? Or maybe they are not related. And I wonder sometimes if I had stopped for the hitcher before passing him up, would he still have disappeared? Or if not, and he got in, what would have happened?

In any case, I was not under the influence of anything. I was not tired. And I saw these things as clear as anything. vie wondered about this from time to time through the years, and sometimes wished I knew if there were any incidences that had happened that sounded like this. Or if anyone else had seen this.

 I was watching a program the other week that you were featured on, so I decided to ask.

 Thank you for your time

 joleen a



DATE:  22 October 2008

FROM:  Gina S

SUBJECT:  My ghost stories/Pierce College

This is Gina S and I just wanted to thank you for taking a few minutes to speak with me before your lecture. I know you were in the midst of preparing.

The area from the campus gym down to the lake as a presence....I sensed it and after my daughter walked around the lake with her friend (she is nearly 16) she told me it creeped her out LOL. I did not mention it to her. I think that it is a Native American presence....

One more thing.....I don't have bad feelings towards the teachings of Jesus, in fact I have respect for what he tried to do, however I want nothing to do with organized religion as a whole. Should I be wrong about what I perceive as truth then so be it. I am at peace with my personal spiritual beliefs....

The strange thing is, when cleaning out my email yesterday I almost deleted our correspondence but didn't. I did not see your poster boards last Thursday when I went to class, so didn't realize you were speaking till yesterday.

How did the hunt go?
Gina S




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