September to October 2007 Ghost Stories


In recent weeks it has come to my attention that certain parties are using my ghost stories and those of my contributors as references for their own commercial enterprises.  If you or someone you know is writing a book on ghosts in the Pacific Northwest, PLEASE DO NOT!!! copy or use the following stories or any other materials within this website as references.  

Jefferson Davis (25 April 2003)



DATE:  2 September 2007

FROM: Steve H.

SUBJECT:  Edgefield


We just stayed at the Edgefield on 8-31 with a couple of friends and had 2 experiences that we found out in the morning were not natural. In room 234, we heard furniture moving from upstairs all night, the staff told us that there was nothing scheduled and there would not be anything going on in the middle of the night, we talk to our neighbor across the hall and they said that they didn't hear anything. Our friends were staying in room 304 and after hearing our story they finally admitted that at around the same time they heard something like people walking around in their room, opening the door and talking, plus several other domestic sounds, they did not think anything of it except that their neighbours on the other side of the wall were noisy and the wall were very thin, both heard and thought the same thing but did not talk to each other as they both were trying to sleep and again though of noisy neighbours. 

In the morning as we were talking about it on the porch of the east entrance, a couple of ladies sitting there relaxing, heard our conversation and told us that they experience the same thing with the furniture dragging, door slamming (the doors there do not slam, they are all on pneumatic springs, we try with a staff member). We did relate the experience to the front desk and they asked us to write down what happened in a log they keep for this purpose. Our friend did not log theirs because they ha not paid attention to our story until later when they started thinking about how things went for them that night.

We had no ideas there were things going on there, we are not interested in ghost stories, at least until a couple of days ago, and we went to the Edgefield like many others just to have a relaxed stay with no after thoughts about any of this.

Now we'd like to know more about this place.

Steven H. 



DATE:  10 September 2007

FROM:  Steve and Carol

SUBJECT:  Tokeland Hotel

 It's interesting that you ask about the Tokeland Hotel.  I've been researching haunted locations for some time now and it seems the best evidence is the unexpected.  I was downstairs by the fireplace late at night with the camcorder when nature gave me a call.  Luckily I left the camcorder running while I threw it down on the couch facing the fireplace and went running to the bathroom.  The washrooms are located in the back of another room just behind the fireplace room.  (I'm sure you know that)

About a minute or so later you see the first orb go flying into the fireplace.  (This is a little embarrassing) then in the next few minutes you can hear flushing and then I had to lift the back tank of the toilet because it didn't seem to be filling correctly then you hear a "clunk" as I replace the lid and more flushing.  Meanwhile there are MORE orbs flying in and out of the fireplace and up the chimney.  In particular there is one large strong looking orb flying out immediately followed by a tiny orb.

The best thing about this fireplace is that there's some sort of clear cover in front of it.  My guess is some sort of heat/ember shield to protect the room when they burn wood.  This means that it couldn't have been insects or debris flying around.  The orbs are traveling right through the shield.   I was stunned by this capture.  I've had other anomalies on tape but not to this extent.  I'm perplexed at all the activity around the fireplace.  Do they like the darkness in the chimney or is there some special significance to them?  I found this experience really amusing.  Would the orbs have shown themselves if I hadn't been so occupied.......

EVP in that hotel is almost impossible.  It's just too noisy and I couldn't trust what was on the recording.  That place deserves the creaky award.  I was walking around the hallways around midnight and the floor creaked so badly I was afraid I might be freaking out the 2 other guests that were staying there.  I was told room 7 was very active but I didn't get a thing in there.  It didn't feel negative or much of anything but I've been fooled before.  I felt dizzy but that's about it.  

Thornewood was interesting in that my EMF meter was again seeming to spike in answer to my questions (Grand View room) I spoke to Deanna and she assured me there were no electrical wires running under the floor.  Only wood and 4 feet of concrete.  We were lucky to get the whole place to ourselves and stayed in Anna's room.  Deanna also told me several interesting stories about other guestís experiences.  I spent some time in the garden and later got some EMF spikes on the staircase.  I got quite unnerved when I thought I heard some breathing sounds.  For some reason this really affected me so I decided to call it a night.  Deanna had told me to go lay on a bed in the Gold room later to see if anything would happen but I just couldn't make myself do it.  Some ghost hunter huh?

I was completely drained all that day from the Tokeland anyway.  The sound of breathing did not show up on the digital recorder.

Nothing paranormal happened in Anna's room.  Hubby occupies himself with sports on TV and I like to investigate on my own.  I get better results that way. 

I finally listened to all the EVP tapes and this was the most interesting.  It was in the Miss Kitty room at the Palace Hotel in Port Townsend.  It is a man who says....


Now I don't know what the heck a "gatekeeper" is but this EVP is what they call a Class A EVP- anyone can understand it. 

I've stayed at that place about 4 times now and it seemed more active this time.  When I went back to the room one night and entered the bathroom (yes, bathroom again) I swear I wasn't alone.  It was really really heavy in there.  I thought...don't panic get the recorder and camera.  So when I went to retrieve them the batteries were gone on everything.  I went back into the bathroom and introduced myself and asked if it could do something for me.  Just move something or push something off the small table in there.  I waited a while and nothing happened.  After awhile you kinda feel foolish like maybe you're talking to yourself or it's time for a check-up...about an hour later I heard a loud "clunk" in the bathroom.  I went to check and found the shampoo laying in the middle of the tub.  I really don't know if vibration made it fall or if it was set to fall anyway but there it was just lying there.  It made me smile anyway.

I haven't given up on going to Lake Quinault.  Spokane is 400+ miles from here so that's a good road trip.  We'll be in Las Vegas next week so after that I want to go to Edgefield, Spokane and Lake Q lodge.  "sigh" time just slips away so fast and there's so much to do.  I wish I could go to the conference in November but that's my busy season.  I work on crafts during the year and sell at many fairs during Nov and Dec. 

We have a friend who's seeing someone in Spokane and she says the Mirabeau is well known to be haunted.  I think it used to be called something else.  (geesh this is probably all in your books and I'm telling YOU) sorry if you know all this.  Also want to go to the Idaho Hotel in Silver City.

The name escapes me but maybe you know.... in Paradise WA.  Thereís a hotel that was built in early 1900's and is under renovation right now.  It's set to reopen next year in May I think.  It's only opened from May to September due to snow.  From what I've read several people who have stayed there have died later.  Guess you know that Renoís really stir things up...Iíll be there.  Sorry I have about a thousand pieces of paper with notes jotted down and I can't find the name.

I haven't had time to read all your website but I'm embarrassed to report when I read about your trip to GasTown here in Vancouver I actually learned a few things I didn't know.  There's an old hotel in New Westminster called the "Met" which apparently is haunted.  The apparitions appear on the 4th floor.  I plan to investigate in October with my sister. 

 Thanks for emailing and I will definitely keep you informed about my haunted holidays!!  Hope the books arrive soon and I will let you know when they do.  





DATE:  11 September 2007

FROM:  Robin S.

SUBJECT:  Ghost????


We purchased our 1959 "day-ranch" four years ago.  We have had a few strange occurrences that we are at a failure to explain.  The winter before last when all windows were closed, we were upstairs when we heard a loud slam like a door.  When we went to investigate, we could find not find any doors that were shut that were not before.

In the past, and in the last two days, we both have noticed the unmistakable smell of toast in the morning.  I am still in bed and my husband takes a muffin and eats it at work so no toaster is in use.  It is not the smell of burned toast, but as my husband says, it smells good.

We are in an older neighborhood on 1/2 acre and our closest neighbors kitchen is at least 100 ft away.  This morning all our windows were shut as we ran the A/C last night and it was not running this AM as it was cooler so there was no air circulation from outside.

We know that at least two of the people who had lived here have died, but I don't think they died in the house.  Our neighbor would know as she has lived in the house next door as a child.

Should we burn some sage?


Hello Robin,

 Sorry I took so long to reply to your message.   It has been rather hectic around my home and office lately.  As haunted houses go, yours sounds like it is pretty peaceful, and even adds some flavor to your lives.  Most hauntings are not truly the self aware spirit of a dead person, but more of a snapshot, or remnant effect.  It is like if you made coffee every morning for 20 years, and the smell of it filled the house, it became kind of your signature.  When you died, even though your soul went on to another phase of existence, somehow the coffee smell appeared at the same time.

 So perhaps the previous owners made toast at the same time every day, for breakfast, and you just get the benefit.  I would not worry about the occasional noises or smells, just enjoy it and surprise visitors with your other house guests-ghosts.


Thanks for taking the time to respond.  Yes, we are lucky things are not more active.  I forgot to mention that at times both my husband and I hear what sounds like a radio on between stations.  Not really scared, just don't want it to get worse.






DATE:  12 September 2007

FROM:  Doug C

SUBJECT:  RE: I need to ask a question, this is serious

 Thanks I'm going to the hatchery next week, is there a camera or video I should use as I hope to get a picture of him, this will be my first trip back since I saw the boy   
 Doug C.



DATE:  14 September 2007

FROM:  Steve and Carol

SUBJECT:  YIPPEE!!! Received the Books!

 These are going to be a wealth of information to me.  I've always been drawn to Washington State and I will definitely check many of these places out.  I was hoping that you signed them and I was happy to see that you had.

I was also glad to see some Vancouver/Victoria places as well.  I've only just glanced at the books but I will be reading them right away.  I noticed that you have the Burnaby Art Gallery in the Haunted Tour guide of the Pac Northwest.

I am totally intrigued by the body discovered in S. Whidbey Island.  Information is so lacking about Whidbey Island in the 1800's.  According to the lighthouse staff at Admiralty Point they are hiring a professional researcher to find more information about the area.  That's what I was told.

My hairdresser's best friend used work at the Hotel Vancouver (now Fairmount) some Japanese tourists who were staying in a room on the 14th floor came downstairs to the belldesk very distraught one night.  It seems someone else was in their room.  A woman in a red dress.  The elevator likes to stop on the 14th floor as well.... for no apparent reason. 

When a paranormal group decides to investigate Hycroft Manor in Vancouver they take along a wise cracking news journalist to satisfy his interest in just what these crackpots do when they "investigate" a so called haunted location.  The tables are turned after some rather scary and unexplainable occurrences and said news reporter ends up joining paranormal group. 

Thanks very much.  I have to go do some reading now... I'll keep updated on my haunted travels




DATE:  16 September 2007

FROM:  Heidi 

SUBJECT:  Hauntings in Oregon


Hello, my name is Heidi and I have lived in Oregon my whole life. Here are some places you may want to check out that I havenít read much about online.  Miller Cemetery on 213 just outside of Silverton OR.  This is a cemetery and has an old burying church on the premises that you can go inside of. The church was built and designed solely for funerals. Cameras have been known not to work or batteries drain in the graveyard and the church. Orbs appear in many pictures, especially in the church. (Of course that can be dust, sunspots, etc)

In the graveyard there is "someone" who walks right up behind you. You turn around and no one is there. Happens just about every time you go. I have felt/heard it twice, my husband, two daughters and several friends have experienced the same thing. My husband was so sure it was our daughter behind him that it took him several seconds for his brain to realize she was at the other end of the property. No one that I have talked to knows who this "someone" is.

New Era Rd just off Hwy 99E in Canby OR

There is a black buzzard that just sits in the middle of the street. You can pull up next to him and he doesnít move. No road kill or dead meat around but there he sits. He will stare at you until you leave. He has done this for several years and has never been hit by a car coming around the corner.

New Era Spiritualist Church. This church has been up and running since the late 1800's. The property all around it (most of the hill) used to be a campground that belonged to the church. People from miles away would come to the camp outs, like a big country sťance. The spiritualist talks with the dead and commune with angels.

Now there are several homes along this road and a mobile home park. I live in the mobile home park. We have seen a little boy walk through our house and go into my sonís room. We see people coming up the front porch. Several poltergeist activities have happened like throwing spoons and putting our TV remote in the kitchen sink. We have seen strange red and blue lights in the field behind us, lights go on and off as well as radios. My dog will not go in the laundry room at all even if we put a treat in there for him. We have doors opening and closing. Strange crying from time to time. Our neighbors report similar experiences all over the mobile home park.

St Patrickís Cemetery on New Era Rd.  People reportedly see a ghostly shadow of a man standing in the middle of the cemetery late at night. I have not experienced this myself. Rumor has it, the cemetery was moved but the bodies were not.

I have other sites as well but I need to look up the actual name of the road. I will email more if you are interested.



DATE:  16 September 2007

FROM:  Steve and Carol

SUBJECT:  Sycamore Square Fairhaven

 This is one of my weirder photos.  It was taken at the old Mason Bldg aka sycamore square in Fairhaven WA.  I know there are a lot of reflections in the picture but look at the strange cloud in front of the chair.  There were no smudges on the glass when I took it.  I felt nauseated at the time.

 There were numerous orbs on other pictures taken in that building as well.






DATE:  17 September 2007

FROM:  Karen C

SUBJECT:  Abandoned Washington

Hello, Mr. Davis. 

We met on Sunday, Sept. 16, at the Restaurant at Fort Vancouver. I was one of the party of five sitting at the table next to yours. I've got some great abandoned places, and pictures of them on line (Flickr.com) included are: An Abandoned neighborhood in Des Moines, WA; Abandoned Beach cabins on the Long Beach Peninsula; The Klipsan Beach Lifesaving station; an abandoned greenhouse in Des Moines, WA; An abandoned oyster cannery in Oysterville, WA; The bicycle tree on Vashon Island; an abandoned building next to the bicycle tree on Vashon Island; and a semi-abandoned nursing home in Des Moines, WA.

Please let me know if you would like to use my photos. My name is Karen C. Thank you for your consideration, and I hope you enjoyed Vancouver.



DATE:  21 September 2007

FROM:  Jason H

SUBJECT:  Ghosts in Keizer, OR

 Just to let you know, there's also something in an obscure corner of a used bookstore in West Salem. I don't know the name, but it's pretty big and maze-like. I'm sure you can find it.

I've also heard stories about Joryville (?) parkway out south Salem, but I'm sure you've heard the same.

Also, are there any hunters in the area that you know of that go out and check places out? I'd really like to spend some spare time going out with some people for this purpose.



Date:  21 Sep 2007
From:  Bonnie C.
Subject:  Haunted, really haunted

This is about a place I lived for awhile in northernmost California.  I lived in a barn in wildwood Calif. at mile marker 14 on wildwood rd.  The year must have been around 1995 or so.  I was converting the hay barn on the nineteen acres that my friendís ranch was on into a house.  it is a rustic old building with a sign all across the front of it, that reads ďsportsmen  please donít shoot the cattle".  The back of the barn had all ready been converted to a kitchen. You stepped up into the area that at the time was a combo living space and bedroom.  There was a woodstove probably as old as the barn in the corner, always so cold in that particular spot that you can blow steam.  just past there I had a small divan to sit on.  Anyway the story is these two brothers built the barn and lived there (on the property) raising stock chickens a couple horses maybe a cow or two, and mining gold. many times in the evening I thought I would see someone checking stock in the pens or around the chicken coops but, there was no one there.  Supposedly they were robbed and killed on the property by some native Americans. the local vigilantes promptly caught the  supposed three wrong doers and drug them to the hall city caves and hung them.  They were alleged to have stolen $50,000.00 in gold from the shield brothers and probably stole their horses.  Sitting on the couch one morning about four o'clock am. as I looked toward the front of the building a man about six feet tall, kind of thin and dressed in heavy weather clothes(boots dungarees and a fleece lined jacket) with straight bobbed off brownish hair  looking cold and tired appeared in the middle of the room. I looked at him for at good thirty seconds or so( I kept thinking he was going to say something and he just disappeared. Like that a little wispy looking stuff was there for just a second and then all was gone. I left there a few months later. the brothers didnít scare me they just seemed cold and tired. The owner would probably be willing to investigate this phenomenon. Bonnie C.
thank you for your time. and hope you at least had a good read. 


Date:  22 Sep 2007
From:  Robin S
Subject:  Ghosts???

Hello Robin,

 Sorry I took so long to reply to your message.   It has been rather hectic around my home and office lately.  As haunted houses go, yours sounds like it is pretty peaceful, and even adds some flavor to your lives.  Most hauntings are not truly the self aware spirit of a dead person, but more of a snapshot, or remnant effect.  It is like if you made coffee every morning for 20 years, and the smell of it filled the house, it became kind of your signature.  When you died, even though your soul went on to another phase of existence, somehow the coffee smell appeared at the same time.


So perhaps the previous owners made toast at the same time every day, for breakfast, and you just get the benefit.  I would not worry about the occasional noises or smells, just enjoy it and surprise visitors with your other house guests-ghosts.


Thanks for taking the time to respond.  Yes, we are lucky things are not more active.  I forgot to mention that at times both my husband and I hear what sounds like a radio on between stations.  Not really scared, just don't want it to get worse.

We remodeled a few years back.  We have rented out the downstairs as it is a seperate "In-law" space, but nobody has been in it for over 1 year (bad renters).  Thanks for keeping in touch.  If things change, I will let you know.



Date:  22 Sep 2007
From:  Steve and Carol 
Subject:  Ebey

I loved your books!  I'm looking forward to your new ones.  I have visited the Ebey family many times at the Sunnyside Graveyard.  I became quite fascinated by Isaac Neff Ebey.  He was murdered by the Kake Indians (who were after Dr. Kellogg) and his head was never found.  The scalp was recovered eventually (complete with ears intact) but was not reunited with his body.  That could account for the reports of a headless apparition.

I became rather obsessed with Whidbey Island and its history.  My first unexpected paranormal experience took place on Whidbey Island and for some reason I felt that it had to tie in with the pioneers that settled there. 

I've been to the museum in Coupeville and have bugged the WA state archives for someone named "Al Barclay".  I have two EVP's where he has identified himself as this fellow.  I even traced a Dr. Alexander Barclay from Minnesota who was supposed to come to WA in the early 1900's but never did so.

Anyway I'm a little wiser about EVP's and the information you sometimes pick up.

There is definitely something strange about Whidbey Island.  It could be there are a lot of Indian burial/sacred grounds there.  Perhaps there is some sort of earth energy that attracts spirits. 

I would be more than glad to share any ghostly information in my area.   

I will make a list of places in my area that are supposed to be haunted and will email you.  The island has many many haunted locations of course. 

Thanks again for your wonderful books.  They are packed with information and especially your thoughts on ghost hunting.

I am off to Omaha next week for the International World Chili cook-off so I will try to squeeze in a haunted side trip maybe the squirrel cage jail ( now museum) in Council Bluffs, Iowa.  There's supposed to be a haunted Irish pub near to where we are staying.  I'll ask to see the basement but you know how it goes.......

Hubby has promised McMenamins Edgefield after Omaha.  I'm really looking forward to going. 

oh BTW the trees at Sunnyside graveyard really creep me out.  It feels like there are people in them.......



Date:  26 Sep 2007
From:  Carla D
Subject:  Did you know more about this place?

My mother-in-law worked as a bartender for a number of years at various places, and one of the bars she worked in was the Trails End Saloon in Oregon City.  I haven't had an opportunity to go yet so I haven't seen the things she's talked about and I don't remember details to a lot of things she mentioned, but she described many things people who worked there had seen and things she experienced herself.  She mentioned some old fashioned lanterns that hang and how one in particular will start swinging back and forth when all the others remain still and there is no draft. 

She told me all about there being a shanghai tunnel down below which I think has either been walled up or a door put there or something, but people have seen the ghostly figures of a man and a woman with a parasol walk through it.  She told many stories I can't remember, and we haven't talked about it in quite a long time, so sorry I'm so vague.  But I wondered if you had ever heard anything about the place before or already included it in one of your other books maybe?  I only just purchased "A Haunted Tour Guide to the Pacific Northwest" so I don't know where else you might have already covered. 

If you already know lots about the Trails End, I would love to know more myself and would appreciate it if you could pass along the info or direct me where to look.  I don't get a lot of time to just browse the internet so I can't look through all the entries people have left on your site.
Thank you so much for your time.
Carla D.

Does anyone else know more about this particular haunt? If you let me know, I will forward your experiences to jddavis@rocketmail.com

HI Carla,
Thanks for emailing me about your mother's experiences.  I might be in touch with her very soon.  I am submitting articles for a book which will be released by Barnes and Noble, and they like stories like hers.  It has been a few years since I wrote the Haunted Tour Guide.  I have almost sold out all of the first edition, and I will be updating it, and putting together another one once that is done.  The trouble is, there are lots more places. Lots more.
Thanks for emailing me, and good luck.

From Carla

Hi! Thanks for responding! I called my mother-in-law to let her know you responded and what you said and she said she'd be glad to talk to you and that if you call just to make sure you mention in your message who you are cause they don't answer for people they don't know.  I was also excited to hear that you're working on a project for Barnes & Noble.  I'm actually working there now at the Clackamas Town Center location, so I thought that was neat.

But I wanted to ask you about, or mention another place that might be of some interest.  I lived out in Scappoose for some time when I was in high school, but I was commuting back into Milwaukie every day for school, and we always passed what I think was a train station along hwy 30 that just seemed really intriguing and ripe for some 'activity'.  If you're on Hwy 30 headed toward the St John's Bridge from Portland, it's just a little ways before getting to the bridge and it's just been empty for as long as I've known anything about it.  Perhaps you've seen it or know more about it?  My family went to the pumpkin patch on Sauvie Island yesterday and we passed it so I took a picture as we drove by that I'll include in the email.  I would love to know more about this if you've heard anything... I've always had a feeling about it and wondered about it for years.  Thanks again.  I'll completely understand if you can't respond again.  I'll just try to look for any sort of updates to your site and wait for the release of any upcoming books!

Thanks so much again,

Hi Carla,

Thanks for getting back with me.  I look forward to talking with your mother.  If I can hurry up with some personal things, I will start that book chapter before Halloween.  If not, it will be a few more weeks.  Since you are at Barnes and Noble, check the Weird US shelves.  I have three stories in Weird Hauntings, which came out last year.  I also have two stories in Weird England, which just came out this week.  Weird Washington will be out in May, so I will no doubt be out for a signing or two then.

You are right I believe, about the old train station.  I have driven by it a few times myself.  I think that a few years ago the McMenamin's brothers looked at it to rehab it.  Of course that did not happen, obviously.  I don't recommend going ghost hunting in places like that. Too much danger from falling buildings, and drug/criminal types hiding in the shadows.

I have had a couple of emails from readers wanting some kind of local events.  I guess I have been bad about that.  Would you or others be interested in some kind of ghost night at the White Eagle Saloon some time after Halloween?  A few years ago, we rented the entire top floor, and then got permission to go into the basement the next morning.  Please let me know what you think, and if there is enough interest, I'll set something up.



Hi again Jeff!
I know I'd love to do some kind of event!  My husband probably would too.  I actually bought that one book of yours because my birthday is Oct. 19th and I thought it would be neat to maybe hit a few haunted establishments while consuming some tasty beverages (and food) for my bday! I'd never done anything like that before and didn't know where to look locally.  So yeah, I think that'd be great! Definitely keep me posted if you get something going!

And don't worry... I wasn't planning on checking out the train station.  I know how dangerous old, empty buildings can be.  I just wondered if you had any info.

I read a posting a few weeks ago on your site from someone giving an account of activity at Gustav's (German restaurant off Sunnyside by Kaiser Hospital in Portland/Clackamas).  We happened to go there last night to celebrate another family member birthday, but didn't see anything.  Not that I really expected to when it's so busy.  I wonder why most paranormal activity happens at night or when there's no one around?  Is it just so subtle we don't pick up on it when there are so many other things or people present? 

Anyways, thanks for getting back to me again!  Good luck with the new project! And I'll check out those other books.


Date:  27 Sep 2007
From:  Jeff
Subject:  Help me find a ghost team!

Hi, my name is Jeff and my fiancťe and I are really into the whole ghost finding and the paranormal. But the problem we are having is we canít find any groups in around the Portland, OR area. If you could please help me out that would be great!!

Is anyone looking for volunteers?
Jeff D


Date:  4 October 2007
From:  Kathy 
Subject:  Thank You

Hello Mr. Davis,

I have enjoyed your site for several months now, and plan on purchasing some of your books. My grandmother was a professed Medium, up in Yucca Valley Calif. My life growing up was interesting and unusual. I believe there are entities around us at all times. Only that which is for our highest good and knowledge be allowed to enter in. I donít believe in going to cemeteries to encourage the ones that have gone on before us, when I do not know to whom I am encouraging to present themselves.

Your writings are interesting and because of them I am encouraged to visit some of the places to which you speak of, esp. B&B's. Thank you for your gift of writing on a subject that is generally not acceptable and for presenting it in such a manner that is honorable and understandable.

I hope that I may have the honor of meeting you in person someday.

I live in Battleground WA. of course it is said that no battles ever took place here and that it was only a disagreement between the Native American and the white man. But still lends to some interesting conversation in the town.

I was surprised that so many interesting things have happened in and around WA and Oregon.

I have had experiences myself and have been told I have a Spirit guide named Flying Arrow. I was also told by my grandmother that someday I would be a medium, although I hear chatter at times and have an uncanny ability to start anything electrical let the gift find me and try not to search for things I donít understand.

Again, thank you for your wonderful work, and shared knowledge.




Date:  7 October 2007
Subject:  Oregon Weird Places


Well, it makes me curious.. But the old trail up to the top of saddle  Mt. in Clatsop county went into a small cave and then you climbed a  ladder up through a hole...I'd like to see it.. and saddle Mt. is  supposed to be a spiritual place. And the top has a steep drop off into what they call 'the Devil's Kitchen'.. because it is so steep that if you fall in there, you can't get out

I was reading your website and saw the one about the Tongue Point Job Corp. Center.  My husband works there, mostly at night.  He has complained about doors that seem to lock or unlock by themselves.  There was an article in the local newspaper a few years ago about a body found in the river fairly near tongue point. they were trying to identify the man...and it turned out he had drowned a couple years before....but his body had sunken into a very very cold hole in the river and it had been kept preserved well enough that when they found the body, they thought it was a much more recent drowning victim. 

Some of my more 'new age' friends think there are tunnels under Tongue Point and that it is a base for extraterrestrials...or a secret submarine base. there are tunnels that are closed off there to keep the curious out. my friends are strange and talk about the 'browns'  and the 'greys'...one group is nice and one is not so nice. I am not sure what to make of them when they talk like that, they aren't the joking kind who tell tall tales for the sheer fun of it.

And then there are the tunnels for the Astoria city waterworks...somehow the environment there creates a place where crickets grow big as a manís hand.  The daddy long legs spiders at Tongue Point are also quite large as compared to the usual. Is this common in areas with lots of tunnels?


Incidentally, I work at the Hotel Elliott. I have only worked there a month or two, but I only work there two nights a week. It makes me a bit nervous when I have to go downstairs to the wine cellar at night.  After reading your book, I think I will leave my errands down there until the early morning...they aren't that important that they won't wait and now I think my imaginings will make me all the more jittery if I do have to go down there! No one has said that they have  heard or seen anything...but then I haven't asked everyone.  I'll let you know if anyone reports any odd happenings


Hi Gayc (?)

Thank you for all of the information you sent.  I will try and  send a longer email tomorrow.  My wife expects her dinner relatively soon, and I have not defrosted anything.  I do like the Hotel Elliott, and Astoria itself.  If something does happen at the hotel, just relax and enjoy it, try and remember as much as you can, and don't panic. I will probably be in town in a few weeks, trying to set up a ghost walk, and I will probably stop by the Hotel Elliott for a glass of wine.

Jeff Davis


I was talking to one of my friends and she had something funny happen to her at the liberty.  She was walking up towards the bathroom and there was a woman ahead of her...in a dress or something...and the woman ahead of her went into the bathroom, but when my friend went in there, she didn't see anyone around.


Yes, the wine bar at the Elliott is rather nice.....but I am not sure if I really need to go down there at night...I have had strange things happen before when I was younger...but you always wonder if it was your imagination or if sounds traveled from other places and seemed closer than they were.  But I do believe spirits can hang around for a while after death...how long I am not sure...or if energy gets left behind somehow.

My husband says they call whoever it is at Tongue Point 'Mike'. He had a problem with a door that he would unlock and it would get locked while he was off around the corner...so he complained out loud about it...and not the door always seems to be unlocked.

And now they are fixing up the commodore hotel...at 14th and commercial.  Glad you are coming to Astoria.  October here is always a special time.

There is a storm coming in tomorrow.



Date:  7 Oct 2007
From:  Lee P.
Subject:  Ghost Story: haunted trailer Ashley

I recently had an experience that was corroborated by my best friend in a single-wide trailer within Fairview, Oregon. It was early fall of last year, and my now ex-fiancťe worked graveyard shift and so was out of the house. I worked at a local movie theatre and my best friend was unemployed, so we were used to turning in late - or early depending on how you want to think of it. Anyway, it was probably around 2:45am, and I had just settled in and was just starting to doze, when I heard the front door open, (it was always unlocked at that time) then the sound of boots tramping about on the wood entryway, then the door close.

I thought my ex had come to visit me on his break, which he sometimes did. So I sat up and turned toward the hallway expectantly, but no one came down the hallway and I heard no other sounds. I realized I didnít hear footsteps on the deck coming to or going away from the door, and I never heard his mustang coming or going. It was so loud we always heard it. And that night the house was silent. I was about to dismiss it as a dream or something when I heard and saw my best friend pass by my door, down the hall, moving out toward the front door. I then got up and when I rounded the corner, she had her head stuck out the door and was saying my name quietly.

Standing behind her I said, "What?" and, unfortunately, scared the crap outta her. She thought he had come to visit me, but because she hadnít heard the mustang she figured I had gone outside to smoke or something. Needless to say, we quickly shut and bolted the door. Then I began to panic. Iím one-fourth Northern Cheyenne and, Indian way, sometimes when a family member passes, they will come back to say goodbye in the fashion that we both heard. I called my parents even though it was about 3:00am, and my dad assured me everything was ok. So, my best friend and I sat down, held hands and prayed. Everything was calm after that. Other things have happened in that trailer, including but not limited to: phantom footsteps, voices, sounds of running, and shadow people. But Iím not really surprised. My now-ex owned the house and had some pretty dark interests and really enjoyed horror movies even though he often had nightmares. Once my friend and her fiancťe got married and moved out, I really didnít sleep there alone. 

One other thing I heard was the sound of someone running up and down the hallway, but based on the direction the sound was coming from, they would have to be running through walls. So, I assumed it was my friend and her husband running up and down the hallway in their trailer next door. My friend looked puzzled when I asked her if they had been running up and down the hallway in their house, and we just dropped it. It happened several other times and I ignored it. I didnít even think about investigating it, I wish I couldíve, but I didnít know that there was such a thing as paranormal investigation at the time.

I pretty much forgot about it until the other day. My best friend and I were talking and she said that my ex's new girlfriend asked her if she had been running up and down the hallway. My friend is 8 months pregnant. She can barely waddle, let alone run. She started laughing and said no but didnít say anything to her about before because she didnít want to freak her out. Anyway, those are my experiences! Thanks for reading them. :)



Hi Ashley,

Thanks for sharing your story.  The Ashland area has a very odd energy to it.  I've been there several times, and for a place that small, there are a lot of haunts.  Unfortunately, it's so far from home for me that I cannot visit as often as I would like.  It sounds like your ex  was some kind of conduit for whatever spirits were already there.  Since you and your friend left, it was probably not you, since it continued after you left. 
Thanks for sharing your story with me, and I'll post it on the next update


Thank you for reading my story, I have to say Iíve never been to Ashland, Oregon, but if itís as active as you say, I may just have to go. Here in the Gresham, Fairview and Troutdale area we have some activity but we arenít really "on the map" as far as the paranormal goes. But Edgefield is up the road from me now, and where we used to live there was the spring water trail. I have heard quite a few stories about what was always called "the brick factory" located along the Gresham piece of the trail. I don't know the real name, but from what Iíve been told, there was an industrial accident and many people died.

I plan to do some research on it and see what I can dig up. when I asked my friends about it, (because I had never done any investigating there) they have reported feelings of paranoia, hearing voices, seeing shadow people and even having bricks thrown at them. it was a popular place for bored teens to dare each other to go into.  I think they have sold the lot and removed the bricks now but from what I understand the lot is still pretty much empty. Anyway, thanks for your time and consideration, and I hope you have a great day!



Date:  9 Oct 2007
From:  Steve and Carol
Subject:  Villisca Ax Murder House

After spending better part of a week in Omaha I decided to visit the Ax murder house in Villisca Iowa.  Jeff, if you've been there you'll understand if you haven't I encourage you to go.

Is the place haunted? Yes.  I've visited many haunted locations and I've been touched on the arms, hands, neck and top of my head but never have I been shoved.  I was given the (pleasure?) of having the ax murder house to myself and was told I could take as long as I wanted to do my investigations.  After crossing the threshold of the house into the kitchen something shoved me backwards.  Not enough to knock me down but enough to stop me right in my tracks almost stepping backwards.  It was a strange sensation like something at the front of my shoulders.

You probably know the history of the house so I won't waste your time telling you all about it.  I experienced a cold spot in the children's bedroom that was a good 20 degrees cooler than the air temperature.  It was hot in Omaha and Iowa last week with the temperatures hovering in the 80's. 

The electricity and plumbing has been removed and they are restoring the house to duplicate the scene of the 8 terrible ax murders in 1912.  They've placed the beds and furniture to represent as close as possible the murder scene and even covering up the mirrors as the murderer did on that night. 

I've been listening to EVP's taken in there and I have some sounds of children taken in the children's room as well as some others.  When I experienced the cold spot I had remarked into the digital recorder about the temperature being hot that week and the cold spot being so noticeable.  A few minutes later I got an EVP saying "Hot" and this was repeated again later.  I believe there's an intelligent haunting going on in there. 

I didn't dare enter the attic.  The floor was compromised by a leak in the roof and was actually sagging.  Upstairs, I tried communicating by sitting on the parentís bed and asking questions.  It felt the heaviest there and my chest felt heavy as well.  I asked the spirit to approach the bed and to give me some sort of communication.  Immediately the EMF meter spiked and was followed by a loud bang that came from upstairs.  I waited several minutes later and again did the same thing.  The identical thing happened with the EMF spiking and another loud bang was heard.  It was at this point I had to go outside for awhile.  It was as if something in my mind told me to leave immediately.  After a few minutes I returned back upstairs and there no longer was any activity. 

The worst was yet to come though. 

That night after returning back to Omaha I woke up at about 1:30 am with my heart hammering as if I had run a mile.  I had a nightmare but it was more than that.  There's an entity in there that wanted to hurt me badly.  It's something that shows itself as a black form.  I saw that a physic that uses a pendulum placed a strong protective barrier around the house.  I also saw the house burning.

There is a "man of the cloth" involved but I'm not sure what kind of involvement.  Here I was 2 am in the morning practicing physic protection.  This thing can get into your head.

One other time this has happened to me so I realized what was happening. 

The next day I felt depressed and couldn't get the visions out of my mind.  I also had nose bleeds which is not something I ever get.

If I had to spend the entire night in that house all alone I know I couldn't make it.  I believe the renovations going on in there has stirred something up.  The digital camera pics didn't show too much.  One interesting orb and something peculiar.  I had uncovered one of the mirrors and had snapped a picture of the mirror.  I always take control shots and one of the pictures shows something that looks like a pair of feet with slippers hanging in the mirror.  How bazaar.  I'm cautious with mirror/window shots though. 

I also have an EVP with a cat meowing.  Now I know I never heard a cat meowing.  I'm a cat lover who has 2 of her own and I would have definitely sought out a cat I heard meowing. 

I just wanted to let you know what happened.  If you haven't been there it may be worth a trip.  I have never seen so many corn fields in my entire life!

There are more haunted places in Omaha than has ever been published or told about.  The people are very nice there but many are extremely fearful of ghosts.  I stayed at the Magnolia Hotel and was told some interesting things by the staff.  I also visited O'Connor's Irish Pub which is definitely haunted.  I met with the owner Katie and she had some ghostly experiences to tell.

There are tunnels that run under Old Market (now sealed) any many think they have something to do with haunting in that area.

Villisca Ax Murder House. 

I'll send you some pictures.


HI Carol,

Sorry I did not respond sooner to your email.  It's been hectic here.  I promised my wife to build some furniture and then it came time to finalize my Halloween tour. I finished the prep for that, and now I am taking a bit of a break before getting on with it.  It is interesting traveling from place to place visiting haunts, but with one college and town nearly every day it gets a bit tiring.

I am not going to be in Iowa this year, but I will be in Indiana.  The Villisca axe murder house sounds pretty interesting.  If I can I will visit there (when in Iowa.)  You were really affected in that placeYou ought to begin your own website of your travels, if you haven't already.  I would like to include a link to it in my website. 

I am sorry that this email is not longer, but I want you to know that I appreciate you keeping me up to date on your travels.  Please keep up your interest, and keep looking and listening.



I recently watched a DVD put out by the Millers Paranormal Research group about the axe murder house.  I believe they went back about 6 times to investigate and the DVD helped me to understand some things.

I listened to my digital recordings and have at least 6 EVP's all repeating the same word "Hot".  When I watched the psychic on the DVD she appeared to be really hot at times and this was in March when it was quite cool.  My nightmare showed me the house in flames.  I don't know what this means.  I don't believe in hell but I think the murderer is still in there and if "Blackie"  (believed to be the name the murderer went by) is roasting in there then maybe it's justice. 

Also found out another research team had investigated and 5 of the 7 members later had dreams about the Villisca house.  I think I'll contact them to see if any of their dreams were similar to mine.

I was snurfing around the old BC penitentiary or what's left of it last weekend out in New Westminster.  I was feeling some pretty good chills so I enquired at the bookstore if they thought it was haunted and apparently they think it is.  I remember when it was operational and driving by that place when I was a kid.  Was it grim.  There's a little known graveyard near there that was for the prisoners.  It's not easily found and I think it involves cutting through a ravine or something to get to it.  It's not marked by gravestones of course just rocks with numbers carved out on them.  I'll find it though.

There's a place here in town called the Lotus Hotel.  It was a fine place in its time but now I think the rooms are rented through the BC government for Welfare recipients.  There's a staircase where an apparition of a women in a white dress has been seen.  The story goes that she was waiting for her finance to come back from WW1 to marry him and she fell down the stairs breaking her neck.  I've never been to the Lotus myself.  There are 2 bars in there, one frequented by gays and the other by lesbians.  It's also located in an area where I would not feel comfortable to walk around by myself.  A colorful place to say the least.

Take care on your travels and I'm looking forward to that new book!  I wish I could come down to that AGHOST conference thingie in B'ham but all my craft sales start in November and I need to make $$$ for more ghost trips.  I'm hoping for Louisiana/South Carolina next year and of course Chillingham in Northumberland.  I've been been to England.

I'll be rooting around Thornewood castle's basement next week..........lol



 Date:  16 October 2007
From:  Lisa A
Subject:  Tabitha brownís Orphanage in McMinnville

I am currently writing a fictional young adult book concerning Tabitha Brown and the orphanage that eventually became Pacific University.

Your website indicates an orphanage belonging to Tabitha Brown in the city of McMinnville.  Either this is in error - and in all my research I have never found one mention of her having an orphanage in that city - or you have information that I don't!  Could you possibly share more details of this story with me, i.e. location, children who attended, etc.  Anything you could give me would be great!

PS  If you want, please forward my email address below to whomever you researched this with.  I am definitely interested in the haunting part but I am also interested in any historical info you may have.


Hello Lisa,
Thanks for emailing me.  The haunted map is not the most accurate thing I've done.  It was put together with solicitations from readers.  I did not make any investigation of hauntings there.  I think the main citation of Tabitha Brown's Orphanage in the McMinnville area came from either Mike Helm's "Oregon Ghosts and Monsters," or the website, www.theshadowlands.net for Oregon StateÖ  I just checked the Shadowland's website, and they no longer have any listings.  Please believe that I would not have posted anything without some kind of listing or solicitation from someone.  I do not remember the exact details of why I put the orphanage near McMinnville.  I put this up over 5 years ago.  However, where was Tabitha Brown's original log cabin orphanage located?  Wasn't it in Yamhill, along what is now Hwy 47? 

Also there are many different stories of haunted schools and orphanages with reputation for being haunted in the communities near McMinnville and Forest Grove.  This includes the Dundee Women's Club, Tabitha Brown's Orphanage, etc.  Sometimes get emails from people who are passing on stories, and they simply get the locations wrong.

Sorry I did not get more information.  As I said, this was some time ago, and my memory fails over the years.

I will post your contact information on my next web update when I make it, if you like.

 Best wishes,
Jeff Davis


Thank you for such a quick response!  Let me say first off that my neighbor and I love your books and like to amateur ghost hunt (digital cameras, EVP, etc.)  Keep up the good work!  And if you ever find out more about that elusive monster in the woods of Forest Grove, let us know!

Tabitha Brown's original orphanage site is in Forest Grove on the campus of Pacific University; a stump dedicated by the graduating class of 1867 marks the spot.  I've attached a picture I took of it with the new location for Old College Hall in the background.  I wonder if that building is haunted . . . haven't heard any stories, but it is the oldest building west of the Mississippi River still used for educational purposes, built in 1850.  We have a lot of historic buildings & homes out there. (I live in FG, but work in Salem)  I've also sent you a picture of the AT Smith house located in FG which I think may be haunted; it was built in 1854.  Almost every settler to FG stayed at that house until they could build one of their own, including Matilda Sager, one of the infamous Sager orphans from the Whitman Massacre (1847).  Oregon Lottery funds and the Friends of Historic FG have purchased it are trying to restore the home.  I took some pictures out there one night, but now that they've debunked orbs (darn it!) . . .

I will check out the two references you sent me though.  I know you wouldn't have posted anything unless someone submitted some sort of info to you, that's why I asked.  Can you possibly point me in the direction of where I also might find out more about the Knight Hall ghost, Vera?  I would love to get Ghosthunters (from TV fame) out there to see if they could substantiate the story.

 PS  If my neighbor and I ever get anything captured on film, I'll send it to you!  And if there are any rumors of hauntings out our way, let me know.  We would love to dig up research for you!

 Your comrade in ghosthunting,

Lisa A


 To any readers, if you do know anything about any haunted orphanages, Tabitha Brownís or otherwise in the Forest Grove area, or have had any experiences around Pacific University, please let me know and I will forward your information to Lisa. 




Date:  16 Oct 2007
From:  Pam
Subject:  Mystery Photos

While camping at the Salmon River, Oregon, my daughter was trying to capture the beautiful sunset and took a digital photo of the sky.  I have attached two photos.  There are white spirals that appear in the first photo.  In the second photo, you can see some of the white mist in the left corner. (picture was taken at a slightly different spot)

She and a friend checked the pictures and never saw anything in the sky.  We are wondering if you have any possible explanation.  There was no campfire nearby or smoke of any kind.  Also, this white mist does not show up in any of her other photos.

We are just very curious.

Thanks so much,




HI Pam,

Thanks for forwarding your pictures to me.  Digital photography in low lights can be tricky, creating some interesting, but mundane false ghost-photos.  If your daugther used a flash in the first photo you sent, I would suggest that the spiral is made up of insects flying very fast in the light, with a very slow exposure time.

The second photo, I think could also be created by a flash, or uneven light.  Under the trees there could be a lot of dust or pollen, very close to the camera lens.  The camera would be unable to focus on the particles, and could create fog, or the transparent orbs that are also visible in the frame.

Of course, it could really be some kind of paranormal phenomena that your daugther captured.  If the digital camera is a couple of years old, and has a resolution of less than 3 megapixels per frame, I would suggest it is a camera error.  If the camera were pretty new, and high quality, the opposite is more likely.

Jeff Davis

Hi Jeff,

Thanks so much for your input.  Several others have said it was cigarette smoke even after I explained that no one was smoking.  However, I never thought of the insect theory.  That is very interesting and much more likely.

I have never believed in ghost before, but I was ready to start believing.  haha!

My daughter has gone back home (Washington).  I will check with her about her camera.  I am sure that it is at least 3 years old.

Thank you so very much. 



Date:  17 October 2007
From:  Tammy T.
Subject:  Fan Request

Dear Mr. Davis,
I am a huge fan of your books. I would like to know if there is a way to request an autographed photo of yourself? Thank you.
Tammy T


 Date:  19 Oct 2007
From:  Jennifer T.
Subject:  Weird Oregon

Hi Jeff,

I participated in your haunted Astoria tour last year with A.G.H.O.S.T. What a great town! I'm glad to hear you are continuing to write these great books!

I wanted to let you know of a strange place at the south end of Lebanon, it's called Middle Ridge. I have heard several strange stories about this place. One of which comes from my uncle. It is pitch dark at night up on Middle Ridge, and there are lots of roads that branch off the main road, all are gravel. Some if not all of the branch roads are gated by Weyerhaeuser- I believe.

Anyways there are shale rock pits up there that high school kids go to have bon fires and drink beer and have for years. My uncle was one of those kids. Now I'm not exactly sure how much the beer plays into this story but my uncle is squeaky clean these days and still swears he saw "something" up there. So this night my uncle and his friends were drinking and carrying on when they noticed a strange blue ball of light way up in the trees. Thinking it was a porch light on a house up there or something they didn't pay much attention to it.

That is until it started getting closer to them. The blue ball of light zigzagged down the hillside through the trees getting closer and closer to them. The closer it got the more freaked out they got and decided to get the hell out of there. They all got in my uncle's car, except for the last guy who stood with the car door open to pee. Watching the light in the rear view mirror coming closer and closer my uncle starts to yell, "get in get in!" The last guy jumps in the car and my uncle hits the gas, just as the car is lit up from behind by a bright blue light. The ball of light follows behind getting further and further away as they sped down the mountain.

I have been out to this place several times looking for whatever is out there, but have come up empty handed. It's pretty creepy up there though. I hope you will check it out, if you decide to and need directions just let me know.

Good Luck! 


Date:  20 Oct 2007
From:  Lee P.
Subject:  Brick Factory

I thought I would just drop by a little note, because I did a little research and I can't find anything regarding an industrial accident that killed a bunch of people here in Gresham. I would think that it would be somewhere, but there was nothing. so, apparently itís just a ghost story to either explain why there is so much activity there, or, hobos are throwing bricks at teenagers and scaring the crud outta them. lol anyways, I just thought Iíd let you know what I found, (or didn't find) since I was writing to you earlier about it. have a great day!

 ~Ashley P 


 Date:  21 October 2007
From:  Felix A
Subject:  Cascade Locks, OR

Haunted places for Cascade Locks, OR:

Cascade Locks School (K-12):

Russ Woodward, died in 49 of a heart attack in the 3rd shower to the left of the boys locker room. You canít turn the shower on, it turns on and off by itself. Also, there is a large bloodstain that runs from the knob to the drain. If you are alone in the locker room at night, and you look in the mirror, the coaches room's light that is directly behind you will be on and you will see ghostly feet.


 Date:  21 October 2007
From:  Brandon N
Subject; In response to Weird Oregon

Mr. Davis I should hope that this reply finds you well and in good spirits.  My name is Brandon N and I am an Oregon native to the central region of the state.  Me and my family have been outdoorsy people my whole life and me and my mother also share a more than common interest in oddities.  There have been two things that I recall in my 29 years of life that happened to me that were out of the ordinary.  The first is the big white house in Madras Or.  (a neighboring town) Me and my family lived there when I was a kid.  I do not recall what the address of this structure is but I could to this day drive you directly to it.  There were very interesting things that happened there to me and my family.  I would be more than happy to line you out on them and find the address for you if you wish.  The other is a place that me and my father call the "Knobs" it is located near the town of Camp Sherman over by the Jefferson Trail Head leading to Jefferson Lake I don't have any explanation for this area,  I do not know if it is another "vortex" such as the one in Jacksonville or if it is haunted. 

All I know is that it isn't very large an area but somehow with all of my experience hunting, and hiking, and fishing, and such I am unable to go into this area without getting lost.  It was also not too far from here that my father saw something in the tops of the trees that was too large to be any of our native birds or bats and to high up to be a bear or cat.  He also said that it seemed to glide from tree top to tree top.  As if that isn't strange enough it also happened at about 3:30 in the am the whole out skirts of the JWA at least on our side of the Mt. is just kinda off a bit. 

It would be interesting to discuss these things with you or maybe even read them in a book one day, I look forward to talking to you or a member of your staff.


                                                        Brandon N


 Date:  24 Oct 2007
From:  Elena and Boris
Subject:  St Edwards Park

Have you ever heard about Seminary building ghosts at St Edward State Park ? Do you know about researches that took place last summer at this place? There are plenty of them. What a place...


Date:  25 October 2007
From:  Dorothy B
Subject:  Psychic Family in Eugene, Oregon

I am not sure if they are haunted, or rather if the old family home is haunted; it is something else that has been going on in Eugene, OR for many years.

There is a family there, or the remains of one, (only one person is left there alive now) which is extremely psychic, and has major talents in this area; I know because I knew members of the family very well, all my life; the father had what they call ďremote viewingĒ, like Edgar Cayce, the psychic, and could travel all over the world, in his dreams, and often did this, and saw other things happening in other parts of the world, like horrible stuff in wars, and woke up the next morning, and saw the exact thing in the newspaper.

It must have been inherited, thru the father, because both children could do the same thing.  (The mother could do none of this.)  When I knew this family very well, and often spent a night over, with one of the kids, the family members often all shared the same dreams, sleeping at night, and traded them during sleep.  They knew this, because they would trade real experiences back and forth, that one person had never had, but the other person had had, and knew that they had picked them up from each other.  I saw this happen a lot, so much, the family did not know there was anything strange about this, and pretty much thought everyone did this. 

The father had this gift the strongest, and one time, when I was out on a holiday trip with them, he actually knew ahead of time, when there was a dangerous happening on the road far ahead, and stopped away back, about a mile back, because he knew something had happened dangerously up far ahead.  Sure enough, we proceeded very slowly, and it had happened.  It was almost as if he had been using "radar."  This was before cell-phones, and there was no radio in the car.  There was no other way he could have known this; he just KNEW.

It did not stop with dreams; even sitting at the same dinner table, silently, they would pick up very uncommon thoughts of each other, that neither of them had the slightest idea about.  (so it was not a coincidence, or anything )and trade them back and forth.  Yeah, I know, this could get embarrassing. As a result of this, the kids especially always felt kind of "violated privacy" in later life (I knew them later on, as adults, too) and one of the kids had a much higher rate of psychic ability than the other, and lived in the same city (in other state) for quite a few years, and kept sending and receiving (usually thru dreams at night) to the other kid (as adults) and it was almost like "test cases," where you can cut off one person from another, and feed one information, and it comes out in the other person.  I was pretty good friends with the family during most of my life, and when I visited one of the kids, they were doing this with each other.

Yes, it freaked out the other kid, the one who was not as psychic, most of their life, and this person tried to repress it a lot.  The other one did not.  They suspected that their dad had inherited this high degree of ESP from someone in his family (they were not that familiar with his side of the family, as it came from back east) and they never went and investigated to find out which branch in the dad's family this had come from.  That branch of the family, from back east, was very conservative, and often did not like to talk about things in the family anyhow.  Also, these two kids did not get married and have their own children, either of them, so there were no offspring.  The father died, and that was the end of it. Whichever branch of the original family had the high rate of ESP, no one ever found out.  They did not try to find out; one of them said, they were afraid the entire family back east, would deny any of it, and that they would be marked as "crazy," so they never said anything, or asked their family about it.  They knew that branch of the family was very conservative, and often did not talk about family stuff anyhow.

  I did talk to them, about this high rate of ESP that they had, and they figured out, that it was probably a "primitive instinct,Ē racial instinct, of that particular family.  Why?  Because it was not predictable, or easy to use.  It only seemed to be something that was used during emergencies (besides the dreams at night) and the "remote viewing" was also inherited by the one kid, as well as the father.

That kid said that when he was ready to move to a new state, months ahead of time, they used "remote viewing", in very visual pictures ,to look at his new state, in dreams at night, over and over, as if he were "searching for the route. "Hence, this person got very clear visual pictures in dreams, of the highways, and the commuter traffic in that state, on the way to where (the building and place) that they were intending to go look up in the new state.  So, when this kid moved to the new state, and was running around in a car, they saw the exact same highway route, the same hills, mountains, areas, the exact same commute system that they had been seeing in their dreams for months. (But had not know really existed, till then.) This kid finally looked up a psychic institute, online, and finally found out just what "remote viewing "was, having done it before, but never know there was really a name for it  (As the father had already done it many times, in the family.)

None of the members of this family ever contacted psychic or ESP researchers, institutes, or any of these kinds of contacts during any of their lives.  No one ever tried to.  Until the one adult child looked up the "remote viewing, "they did not even know what it was called, or that anyone had a name for it.  They were completely isolated from all psychic and ESP research and institutions and professionals.  Besides having heard about Edgar Cayce, as kids, (and forgotten about it) none of them had ever done any reading up on ESP.  They also did not contact any other people who claimed to have the same type of talent.  Nor did they join any "psychic groups," or "psychic societies" of any kind.  They did not ever get any research or testing for it, either.  None of them did.  Nor did the father.

If this sounds very odd, I realized then that perhaps a lot of people like this, or similar to this, never investigate this, or try to.  Probably, those "celebrities" in the media, who claim to have vast psychic talents, are mostly con-men and exhibitionist, and may not have any talent.  Cause the people who really HAVE IT, do not make a peep.  They do not investigate it, or tell anyone, or try to use it professionally.  The knowledge seldom gets outside the family, unless you happen to be personally acquainted with them (very well.)  In other words, they keep it mum.  Maybe it is because they are scared of it, or think it makes them "odd"; or because they do not know what to do with it, or how to use it (not really control it, that is) accept thru instincts.  (One kid one time sent a message to the other, as an adult, when he cut his hand very badly, and the other picked it up in his dreams, right down to the exact detail of the experience. 

He figured he was able to "send" the dream to his sibling, like an instinct, when he was very upset and hurt.)  In other words, the members of this family, who were so highly psychic, never tried to use it, or make any money off it, or bring it to anyone's attention at all.  Most of the time, they ignored it.  It did not have any impact on their usual lives.

You probably do not believe any of this story.  I myself have often thought of writing a whole science fiction novel, concerning the whole thing, but I am aware that it sounds too far fetched to be sci-fi, and besides, science fiction does not make much money anymore; fantasy does.  Everyone wants fantasy, and this is straight ESP. And, it REALLY HAPPENED.  People want the imaginary, illusions, made-up stuff, and concoctions by authors; they do not want real stories about actual very odd people, and the odd things they have done.  THAT IS probably why stories about people, families like this, never get published at all.  NO ONE wants to hear them.

People from this family were NEVER regarded as psychic. None of the town knew, or cared, and it stopped with them.  None of them ever got publicity, or became celebrities.  Because of this, I realize, there may be a lot more of them running around, that we never run into, and we never know it.  After all, I knew this family my whole life, the only way I knew about all this, was that I knew them so well, so personally, and knew the dad and kids, and saw a lot of it happen. 

THAT was the only way that I knew about it at all. It never got any further than me, and the family.  The family was VERY TIGHT-LIPPED.  No one tried to go work for the police dept.  (like "The Medium," that t.v. show) at all.  I realized, that if any of them even TRIED TO TELL ANYONE, everyone would think they were crazy, and nuts, so they never said a thing.  Also, maybe people just did not care.  That's highly possible.  In Oregon, something like that would just be ignored.  Hollywood, maybe, not Oregon.

The only reason that I am telling you this, is because I have nothing to lose.  You do not know me, so you cannot just call me a kook, a nut, or crazy.  I'm never going to write that science-fiction novel.  There is no money in it.  No one would publish it.  I have tried to find actual real "psychic institutes" that are real, credible, and not been able to.  Not even on the web.  Basically, the real truth is always unappreciated, but I feel a great need to tell someone, since you seem to be interested in ghosts, I thought you would like this "phenomena".  Perhaps you know a lot more about ESP, and that it is more common that people believe, so none of this is surprising to you.

Perhaps you know "real" people with ESP this strong, maybe not.  However, I have never run into other people with this talent, this strongly, as this family had.  So, I do not think it is quite so common that everyone runs into it.  If it IS much more common that we are led to believe, no one is talking about it, or publishing about it.---maybe it is only me who is impressed, and no one else actually gives a damn.    If I were you read this, I would think myself that it sounded like a bad version of that movie--what was it??" Scanners." (ugh.)

 There is still one of the adult kids of the family, who had a very high rate of ESP, living once again in Eugene, Oregon.  The other one is still living in another state.  (No, I do not know if they communicate back and forth, accept over the phone like anyone else.  The person in Eugene does not have experiences like that.)  Sorry, it's not a ghost story, but it is pretty creepy. So I thought you might be interested in it.  You do not have to post it, at all.  You do not even have to believe it.

However, one thing; if you KNOW OTHER PEOPLE WHO REALLY ARE LIKE THIS, for REAL, I would like to know about it.  I have my reasons for wanting to know if there are other people like this, and I do not mean obvious media-personalities who are trying to get famous and make a lot of money off it.  Somehow, I do not really believe people like that are authentic.  I tend to believe that people who really ARE high in ESP quotients, are not advertising it a lot.  If they are writing books about themselves, I have not read any like this.  (It would make a boring book, anyhow, sigh.)

 If you do know any other people, especially families, like this, please let me know.  Sorry for the whole email, I'm sure you're not taking this seriously, I just had to try anyhow.  Thanks, sincerely, "Knew this Family, in Eugene, OR".)


Date:  26 October 2007
From:  Rachel
Subject:  Ghost Story

Dear Jeff,

I have a story that I've been wanting to get out for some time now, and with Halloween just around the corner, well, what better time than now?

About thirteen years ago I moved into a large house overlooking McLoughlin Boulevard, in Portland, Oregon. It is one of three, very visible houses as you approach the Ross Island Bridge driving into the city. The most noticeable house is a gorgeous one with a huge sprawling oak on the corner, perched above McLoughlin like a Queen on her throne. The house directly to the right of this one, is the one in which I rented a room, and in which I had the most extraordinary and intense ghostly experience of my life.

Many strange things happened in this house. The phone would ring, and no one would be on the other line. The vacuum cleaner would turn on and off by itself. If I would play a certain tape in my tape player (some heavy metal band) it would shut off, even though it would play fine in my car or at a friendís house.  (only THAT tape!) But these were hardly the beginning.

One night as I was leaving to go out, as I got into my car, which was parked directly next to the bedroom window, the lights in my room flashed on then off then on again!  The door was locked, and I had the only key. My dog was in that room so I rushed inside, concerned for her safety, and rushed her out with me to the car. (She was going with me. There was NO WAY I was going to leave her there alone!) Later of course I returned.

One other evening my dog started to growl with the hackles raised all up on her back shivering and staring at what at first seemed like nothing in the center of the room. But then I sensed a very heavy presence filling the room, and it got cold. It seemed like a black smoky "blob" cloudlike thing was gathering in the there where my dog was staring. I got mad because it was scaring me and my dog. " Whatever you are, I'm not ready to see you. Go away!" I yelled at it. Fortunately it seemed to listen and the feeling in the room seemed to return to normal. I had never seen my dog growl ever! She just wasn't the type.

Another night I was sitting on my bed reading a book. I had a stick I found at the beach to which I had attached ribbons and charms shells and just random things for decoration. This stick was wedged in between a nail driven into the window frame and the wall. There was a knot in the wood which rested right above the nail. The fit was tight and secure. As I was reading this came flying off the wall and landed in the middle of the room!!!!!! My jaw dropped. To this day I just can't believe it. There is NO explanation for it except for paranormal. You know, all the electrical stuff (lights, radio, vacuum, etc...) I could rationalize away as old bad wiring or something. But this- this was real. It really took me by surprise. I was spooked to say the least.

So, at this point I knew that there was definitely something going on. I started to tune into the house and discovered that there were two very distinct energies there.  One was dark, malevolent, ominous, and felt bad. It definitely resided in the basement, where the presence was VERY strong. (My dog, by the way, absolutely REFUSED to go down there!!!! That's where the laundry machine was, so when I went down there she would freak out at the top of the stairs whining & barking frantically.) The other was distinctly female. This is how I became acquainted with the ghost I call Elsa.

I was suffering from a very bad upper respiratory infection, and one night I was coughing so bad I couldn't sleep. I grabbed the bottle of cough medicine and drank (like an idiot) directly from the bottle. About 15 min. later I started to feel very bad. It felt like glass pushing through my blood vessels, and I started to pass in and out of consciousness.  Apparently I was having an allergic reaction to the medicine. Fortunately for me I had a friend spending the night who helped me out. But as I was unconscious I saw this woman come to me.  She had dark brunette hair swept back in a bun. She was wearing a beige colored dress with red trim from the late 1800's. She said her name was Elsa, and that she had lived in this house. She showed me why she remained. Through pictures she showed me that there had been a boating accident there on the Willamette River. Her Lover was involved and had drowned. I saw them drag the body up onto the grass, as she did. I could feel her sorrow and heart ache. She showed me that she had wanted to kill herself from the pain of her loss by jumping from the attic floor window, but resisted and instead lived the rest of her life and died of old age there in the house. Her spirit remained tied there. I believe that she also helped save my life as at one point in my unconsciousness I felt as if I was going down "the tunnel". I heard her call my name and it felt as if I was pulled back from that vortex. I really believed she helped me. For the record, the friend that was with me was a man so I know it wasn't him who was calling my name.

Shortly after this, I moved from the house. I will never forget the experiences there, they impacted me and they were real. I have never investigated the history of that house, or who owned it in the past. I wish I could, I just don't know the route to take. I have always wanted to know. Every time I drive by I whisper a "Hello" to Elsa. I'd rather not remember the bad Entity. I'm sure that people still rent the rooms in that house, I mean I know people are there because I see the stuff there. You could probably investigate it if that is something that you do. I'm sure that there are more stories out there about it to.

Anyway, thank you for your time and for reading this. Thank you for letting me share my story. Happy Halloween!

 Sincerely Yours,
Rachel P


Date:  27 October 2006
Subject;  William OíDouglas Federal Building

Hi Jeff,

Let me start this e-mail off by saying I do not give you permission to use my name in anything that you produce, write or put on the Internet. I moonlight at the William O' Douglas Federal Building in Yakima, WA.  I wish to keep what I have experienced at the Federal Building anonymous. I can tell you for certain that there is a lot more that goes on in here than just hearing footsteps. But because this is a government job a lot of people do not want to talk about what they have seen or experienced.  Some used to work the night shift here and the following are incidents that happened to some of them:

One night while sitting in a basement officer that has a metal door there was a loud knocking on the door there is an old metal louvered grate at the bottom of the door. The knocking was so hard that the grate wobbled in the door. I went the door and answered it. There was no one in the hall. I thought someone was playing a joke on me. I went to check down the hall. As I was walking about halfway down the hallway I heard laughing come from the end. I could see the end of the hallway and partway around the corner. There was no one there. The laughing seemed to be coming from nowhere. Literally the hair on the back of my neck stood up.

At another night while doing rounds in the building while in an empty room I was walking through I distinctly heard someone say "there is no one in here" The room was totally empty and once again I got freaked out.

 Things in the building will move by themselves. I have not personally experienced this but I have heard other staff talk about it. I think almost everyone in this building has had an experience of some kind of another. People are afraid to talk about it do to the nature of their jobs, there are several Federal Law Enforcement as well as Court and Probation Officers here, and no one wants to be seen as a Weirdo. I didn't believe in Haunted places until I came to work here.

I didn't believe in hauntings until I started working there. The strange thing is the ghost doesn't seem to be mean or evil...actually it seems to be mischievous. I have heard the capitol theater which is right next door is also haunted. I wonder if it isn't the same entity?  There are tunnels that run underground all over Yakima. I think the maintenance guy once told me that there are some under the O' Douglas building. I wonder if the two buildings are connected. Isn't it odd that two building right next to each other would be haunted?


Date:  28 Oct 2007
From:  Sid
Subject:  Hello

Mr. Davis,

I am from India and presently live in Federal Way, WA. I haven't seen a ghost per se, but pretty much everyone in my family has. My great grandfather was a very rich man and after he dies, his brothers looted his house. My grandma and uncles have seen him walking in his old mansion several times.

I am very interested in getting exposed to a paranormal experience. I have a few question:

 1. Is ESP something that comes naturally or is there a way to acquire it? 
2. In your opinion, are the supernatural beings in the astral plane ones that emerge from humans/animals when they die? 
3. I believe that humans are very short sighted. They tend to believe only what they see. In the process of evolution, different life forms have evolved, Humans, animals, sea life, bacteria, viruses etc. Isn't is possible that along with all these a separate type of life form evolved that is mostly invisible , ie. the so called ghosts. Maybe science just has not been able to realize the existence of this life form and as a result it is so widely debated. What do you think?




Hello Sid,

 Thank you for emailing me. I am sorry that it took so long to respond.  However I hope you understand the delay.  The month of October is extremely busy for me, and I went on tour across country at the end of it.  I am not trying to catch up with business commitments, as well as the important email from people like yourself.  Let me see if I can answer your questions.  Bear in mind that some of my answers will be opinion, not always verifiable by science.

 1. Is ESP something that comes naturally or is there a way to acquire it?

I believe that at one time or another everyone, everyone has had a flash of insight, or super sense.  It is a matter of how often it happens, and how consistent the insight is.  There are various tests to see if someone is clairvoyant, and how strong it is.  Many people believe that we can train ourselves to not be more psychic, but to learn how to interpret our abilities, mostly through practice.

 2. In your opinion, are the supernatural beings in the astral plane ones that emerge from humans/animals when they die?

I believe that when our bodies die, we do not cease to exist.  That something of the personality can survive.  Sometimes it stays in our dimension, other times it goes somewhere else.  Where that is, or how our reality interfaces with another is harder for me to explain or visualize.

 3. I believe that humans are very short sighted. They tend to believe only what they see. In the process of evolution, different life forms have evolved, Humans, animals, sea life, bacteria, viruses etc. Isn't is possible that along with all these a separate type of life form evolved that is mostly invisible , ie. the so called ghosts. Maybe science just has not been able to realize the existence of this life form and as a result it is so widely debated. What do you think?

 This question is hard for me to answer.  Experiments have proven that sometimes people will not perceive things that really exist.  They did experiments with someone in a monk's costume pretending to be a ghost, and many people pass very close to the actor without seeming to notice him.  What can you say about spiritual being?   The other part of your question really asks if there are beings we cannot normally perceive that were never alive in bodily form (human or animal)  Energy beings, gods, the definitions are many.  I think that there are so many stories of these kind of beings that the possibility exists.  Though they have to exist by the same laws of physics that everything else does.  We just need to learn more about physics.

I hope that I have answered some of your questions.  I suggest you look through the links section of my website, and visit the websites of other paranormal groups in your area to see if they have more answers, or their methods seem good to you.

 Thanks for emailing me.
Jeff Davis


Date:  31 October 2007
From:  Steve Y
Subject:  Hey!

Hey Jeff! I was one of those who attended your presentation at the River Falls college. I was with my friend who you asked to tell the tale of the teacher who hung himself .  And we had a brief chat about the street light/shut off theories.  Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that you did a great job. I wasn't expecting it to go as long as it did , but the time really flew by. Although there wasn't a whole lot of activity the fun is usually in the chase.

Ghost hunting is always an interesting experience regardless of what pops up, of fails to pop up. Although you don't seem to be a Myspace fan, it'd be great if you made an account for yourself.  There are a lot of great small investigation groups out there; I am an associate member of one, I'll send you their web address.

Anyway, I want to thank you again or the excellent presentation , good times!

Steve, and everyone else,

I actually like the concept of myspace, and the connectivity it gives everyone.  The only problem I have is that every time I try and log on, my computer gets infected by some virus.



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