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In recent weeks it has come to my attention that certain parties are using my ghost stories and those of my contributors as references for their own commercial enterprises.  If you or someone you know is writing a book on ghosts in the Pacific Northwest, PLEASE DO NOT!!! copy or use the following stories or any other materials within this website as references.  

Jefferson Davis (25 April 2003)


Date:  6 November 2007
From:  Joshua
Subject:  Haunted Recording Studio

Hi Jeff,
Here is a link to the Haunted Recording Studio story in The Stranger.  http://www.thestranger.com/seattle/Content?oid=424480 
More later...


DATE: 18 November 2007

FROM: Kimber W.

SUBJECT:  Mt.  Pleasant School House

I saw your website about ghosts in Washington, etc.  I was quite surprised to see the old school house there!  I lived there when I was a child (about 1972-1976).  I curious as to the story of the "eyes" there.  Where can I get more information about that?  We also spent a lot of time in the Grange Hall.

I remember telling my older sister and my mother that I was sure the place was haunted, but they just thought I had a wild imagination.  Of course, the old cemetery just on the other side of our barn didn't help! 

I'd love to hear other people's experiences there.  Please help me if you can.

 Thank you... Kimber W



DATE:  22 November 2007

FROM:  Christopher D

SUBJECT:  Camp Adair Hospital

What year did you visit the hospital at the old Camp Adair facility? Is the hospital still there in 2007?  are there any pics? Thank you

Look in Other People's Ghosts, February - March 2008, someone sent me some photos.


DATE:  24 November 2007

FROM:  Gina S

SUBJECT:  My ghost stories

I could share with you stories since childhood. Some ghosts some might be considered "demons"

My daughter, who was three at the time shared one.  I sense when spirits are around even if I don't see them.  This spirit who I perceived as a man would come to my bedside for about a week. One night his presence  was particularly strong. I sensed his sadness felt him there beside me while I lay in bed. He felt lonely, he felt full of regret.

The next morning my daughter came into my room, she said" did you see the man mommy?"  I  said "yes. I asked her if he told her why he was there. She said" he was in a car crash and missed his family" If you knew my daughter it would not be hard for you to believe that came from a three year old.

Another one...

about five years later, when she was 8 we moved into a house in the Puyallup/Tacoma area.  I had sensed an angry man. He was mad about how his last days were handled and what followed his death.  Some time later my daughter had a slumber party and one of the moms mentioned she grew up with the girls who lived in my house and was still friends with one.  I described to her what the angry man looked like and told her what he was "Telling" me and her jaw dropped.  I had a dream about two months before we moved in about the house and "Mr. Allen"

My daughter started having dreams about a house fire about 2 months before we moved in....After we moved in they continued until one dream she pulled her friend into it and another angry man was telling them through flames to "get out".  I later found out when pulling paneling down and saw the charred dry wall that the house had been in a fire.  I asked the neighbor who also grew up in the house next door that the house caught fire before Mr. Allen lived there when a drunk went to sleep with a cigarette in his hand.

I have more....if you are interested or could give more detail.

I don't coax my kids, but have let them know when they were young sometimes things happen that can't be explained and I will listen if they have something to share.

I was told as a child I was evil by the Baptist church we attended.

Anyway if you wish to know more send me an email.

Thank You

Gina Sinclair

Hello Gina,
First I wanted to thank you for emailing me, and praise you for standing up to your former church or minister.  I occasionally get emails from people telling me that I am the devilís servant.  Some people also take my books out of their local library, in Tri-Cities and burn them as the devilís work.  When I talk to some religious people, I point out that ghosts and angels are mentioned in the Bible and the writings of the early church.  There is a tradition in the south and Midwest, where God give the ministers the ability by God to know the future, and put people in contact with their dearly departed.

 I will get off my soapbox.  Your experiences are very interesting, as well as your children.  Have the experiences or dreams, become less dramatic as they grew older?  Or did it center on the first house, or the one in Puyallup? 

I would be interested in reading more of your happenings, and I am sure the other people who visit this website would be interested as well.

 Thank you,
Jeff Davis



My oldest (almost 15) has let herself start seeing spirits again.  My son (10 years old)saw a man who he described to me as a man from the time of "brill cream" he had what my son thought was a tube and a comb and looked like he was combing the cream through his hair in the bathroom mirror.  My son said when the ghost turned to look and walk towards him he backed himself into the corner of the closed bathroom. My girls heard him screaming and went to the bathroom window from the outside.  By the time they got to the window it was gone and my son left the bathroom. I now have a blessed vulture feather hanging on the wall in the bathroom the spirit appeared to have walked through.

If you know someone who is specifically interested in stories of families who have the sight feel free to pass on my email.

Thank You




DATE:  December 2008

FROM:  Melissa W

SUBJECT:  Ghost Hunting

Hello Jeff,

My name is Melissa Weiser.  I have been "into" ghosts, spirits, critters, etc. for as long as I remember.  Since I was about 9 years old, I have always thought about becoming a Parapsychologist.  I read a book of yours several years ago.  Ok, only 4 years ago. :).  Anyways, I figured you might be able to let me know a good way to get into this field.  It is so completely fascinating.  I believe in ghosts, spirits and other unearthly things.  But I try to remain skeptical at all times because there are tricksters out there.  I want to go out there and prove it.  Prove the afterlife.  If not for anyone else, but for myself.

You can return my email, or give me a call.  I would appreciate either.  Thank you so much for your time and information.  You are amazing.

Melissa Weiser

Hello Melissa,

 Thank you for your kind email.  I am glad that you are into the paranormal. You started your interest even before I did.  I think I was ten years old when I started reading and researching the paranormal.  Of course, back then, there were not all that many books or television shows on the subject. 

 Have you tried joining a paranormal group in your area?  If you do live in a larger city, like Portland, or Seattle, there are several of them working at any given time.  I have several groups listed in my website.  What is great is that they do not do things the same way.  If you start looking at them through their websites, you can see how they operate, and decide if it makes sense to you.  The next step is to go on investigations yourself. 

 There used to be a yahoo meet-up group in Portland, but I think that they are now defunct.  Have you checked whether there are informal gatherings you can go to?  I used to host events and such, but in recent years I have been too busy to do things in the Portland area.  I am going to try and set up an event, Q&A, and recreational ghost hunting at the White Eagle Saloon very soon. 

 Well, I hope that my email helped somewhat with your quest into the paranormal.  Please keep checking back with my website.  I really want to try to set up events in the northwest as the New Year arrives.  Perhaps we'll meet up there.

 Best wishes,
Jeff Davis


I never thought of that.  That is brilliant.  Thank you so much. 
I would love to attend a group gathering or meeting when you are in town.  I was just at the White Eagle Saloon last week in the hopes of witnessing strange events.  I did not see anything, but then, they are not parlor tricks that happen at the drop of a hat.  I heard of a pizza place in NW P.twn that is allegedly haunted.  My friend was there night before last and he said his perfectly stable drink, inches from the edge, knocked off the table onto his lap.  According to his lady friend this is a common occurrence there.

Thank you again Mr. Davis.  Please letís stay connected so when you do come to town and we do get to meet you will know who I am.  That would be fantastic.



DATE:  12 December 2007

FROM:  Cassers m

SUBJECT:  Klamath Falls Or.  Old OIT Old Fort Road

Anyone who has been to Klamath Falls will tell you that it is not only a small town that is surrounded by mountains and is 67 mi away from anything major but it is FULL of energy both good and bad. I know this all too well because I grew up there.  While I was in high school the only form of entertainment was natural and un naturally scary things.  When Oregon Institute of Technology came to Klamath they built the collage on a piece of land that had formally housed Marines who were terminally Ill from World War 1.  In other words they were sent there to die.

It is my understanding that when people die in a manner that is anything but present their spirits or energy is contained.  The College was built and even though it was small ( 1 dorm, a main building, swimming pool) it covered a fair amount of land. No one knows why the college closed down and was moved and no one who was around will talk about it. What is left of the swimming pool building is very hair raising. It has been said that there is a small group of people who worship and mutilate animals that practice there.  Enough about the History.

A group of 12 College and High school kids drove out there late one Friday night.  We had heard from other kids that the place was haunted so we drove by during daylight and it is an experience. Just being there in the daylight is enough to make you ill.  We all decided that it would be best to come back at night that way it would be harder to get into trouble with the local cops for trespassing.  We drove to the grave yard which is about a 1/4 mi up from the building.

We all walked down the hill, flash lights and cell phones in hand.  We walk through the gate which was not chained to took a look around, we see a small window that was accessible so a few of my friends and I who were small enough to fit through climbed in.  To our surprise there were two stair cases one that lead up and another down. We chose to go down first to see what was in the bottom of the drained pool.  Following each otherís foot prints down the dusty stairs making sure to step in each otherís prints my friend the last one to make it down had stepped on a nail that was not there.  We checked to make sure she had fallowed the prints after she had safely gotten out and was on her way to the hospital with some friends.  She had and the most alarming thing happened we began to hear a faint chant that grew louder and louder it was all ready cold but what felt like ice wind blew across of our faces, thatís when we knew we had to get out. We left as quickly as we could.  We ran up the hill screaming at our friends that we needed to leave and we raced to our cars.

My friends Blazer had enough room for 7 people so we hopped in and tried to start it.  The blazer had no previous problems and would not start.  Someone in the back took a glance down the hill and screamed we all start to freak out and ask what was the matter and all they would say was look!  So we looked and there was three dark figures that seemed to be floating across the lot towards the car! we all started praying and as soon as we did the blazer started and off we went!  Many on easy feelings swirled with doubt arose that night. Did we see what we did?  Did we actually hear the chanting? Was it possible that something was really there?

We knew one thing and that was he HAD to go back to clear out any doubt.  We told a few other friends who told a few friends and wanted to go out during the day!  We decided that just before dusk was the best time.  About 20 people showed up to convoy out this time we pull through the gate and drive up the hill so that everyone would be able to park.

Being a Boy a friend could not wait to relive himself so he decided that once everyone was out standing around the building he would do the deed and as soon as he did we hear three screams that sound like baby's that have had something very bad done to them.  The only thing that I have ever found that come remotely close to that sound is a mix between a Cougar and a big foot scream.  One of the people decided that a baseball bat was enough for protection so he went up to the front of the building and in this patch about 2ft by 4ft looked like old dried blood!

He thought it was necessary to hit the building and scream some obscenity's fallowed by come out now whoever you are!  That did nothing but extremely frustrate whatever was there. Chanting fallowed by intense pressure to our ears soon followed.  We then decided that it would be best if we were to leave.  As we were running to our cars my friend who was a few feet behind me doubled over and screamed and I turned around to see her lifting up her shirt and on the side of her abs was a gash that was in need of some serious stitching!  No one was by her and her shirt was not torn! That is still unexplained to this day!

After we returned home we did some research and called a few people we knew who were into supernatural things. What we had found out was more unsettling.  Apparently there is a group called Occult that uses the spiritual energy to practice there.  As part of their religion sacrifices were necessary.  A few years back a house that was close to the area had a fire and when the fire department was called they found mutated animal remains as well as baby clothing that was bloody and torn.  The people were renting the house gave false identification and no where to be found.  If you go to the library in Kfalls you are able to look at the old  news papers.  It gives more detail and the old fort road fire was in 1998.  The result of our escapades landed us with a few things that happen every hallows eve night as dreams.


DATE:  17 December 2007

FROM:  Sanj

SUBJECT:  Bruce Leeís Grave

Hi Jeff

Just saw the Bruce Lee grave stone picture today , and am very interested to find out what that image is. I have been there myself and yes there is a white bench in front of the grave. Also is Brandon lees grave next to his ÖIf only someone else can forward a photo they have taken there to see if the image appears again Ö.




DATE:  31 December 2007

FROM:  Josh L

SUBJECT:   Bruce Leeís Ghost

I thought you had something at first, unfortunately I don't think that's Bruce Lee. The forearms are too skinny. Bruce's forearms were approximately 14''!  However, those particular forearms are unnaturally long, so it's creepy either way.

You brought out a good point about the arms being abnormally long in the figure.  It would be easy to say that the photo was faked, but I really doubt it.  I continue to wonder.  I'll post your comments on the next web update, which will be soon.
Thanks for emailing,

Jeff Davis





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