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In recent weeks it has come to my attention that certain parties are using my ghost stories and those of my contributors as references for their own commercial enterprises.  If you or someone you know is writing a book on ghosts in the Pacific Northwest, PLEASE DO NOT!!! copy or use the following stories or any other materials within this website as references.  

Jefferson Davis (25 April 2003)



 Date:  6 May 2006

FROM:  Catherine Duncan paragrm@earthlink.net

SUBEJCT:  Haunted restaurant


Jeff I was at the coast this weekend. We went to Seaside. On the way back we stopped for breakfast at Oney's in Elsie on Hwy 26. Leona the lady who stared the restaurant died April 30, 2003. She was if I remember right 93 years old when she died. She sold the restaurant 12 years ago to a guy named Steve.

Anyway we sat at the counter to order. I was reading about Leona and started asking questions.

I asked the waitress about Oney as that is what Leona went by. Anyway I asked the waitress if Oney was still there. She goes no that Oney died 3 years ago.

I told her I had seen that but that I was into paranormal and wanted to know if Oney was still there. I was told a shocked yes and that when Oney gets upset she throws dimes or moves things around. Even after Oney retired she would come in and peel potatoes or help around the place. Jeff she is still there. I could feel her

behind me the whole time I was there.

The lady herself was very interesting she was born in Oregon I think it was and married and settled with her first husband in Elmira. Her first husband died in an accident. She later married the crew chief of a logging crew. She stated in Elsie as a post mistress and started adding gas pumps and finally a restaurant. She would make meals for the loggers. 4.50 for the day or 1.50 a meal. The article said that she would pack the loggers buckets for lunch herself.

Elsie Cemetery is were I also got the Blue Lady photo several years ago. Not Leona. Was before she died. The turn off for Elsie Cemetery is about a mile east on 26 from the restaurant.

 Hi Catherine,
 I seem to remember Oney's, it was kind of a roadside hamburger joint.  If it is the place I am thinking of, we used to stop there to get ice cream when I was a kid.  It was part of the ritual of going to the beach. 

 Your experience there sounded very interesting.  Are you going back to do an investigation?  Do you think the restaurant would mind if I posted your email on my website?  It could bring some business, but you know it could also bring a little grief.



DATE:  14 May 2006

FROM:  Catherine Duncan paragram@earthlink.net

SUBJECT:  Oney’s Restaurant


I don't think the restaurant would mind. When I questioned them they said I could take all the pictures I would like. I plan on letting the group know. Have not

decided to contact them yet for a investigation. Catherine


Over the last few months, I have received several emails and photographs on the gravesite of Bruce and Brandon Lee.  In the first set of photographs from T.C., he was sitting in front of Bruce Lee's gravestone while someone took his picture. The gravesite has become a shrine of sorts to fans and followers of both Lee's, and the Lee family has place a stone bench in front of their graves.  In the reflection on the Bruce Lee's stone, there is what appears to be an image of a man or woman (with short hair) sitting on the bench.  T.C.  assured me that there was no one sitting on the bench at that time.

My friends Charlotte and Philip, from the Museum of Mysteries went out some time later and took other pictures of the graves site, to see if they could get the image to reproduce, either through physical or spiritual means. Their results were not conclusive. A different Philip sent me a statement and some links for his pictures.  Below is a statement from Danny F.  along with several pictures.  These pictures do a great job of showing you what the gravestones, and surrounding area looks like.

Bear in mind, these are low resolution jpeg copies of copies of original photographs.  Zooming in on them will only create false distortions.  So don't get excited if you set your browser to 500%, and see some anomalies.  

Jeff Davis

 DATE:  9 may 2006

FROM:  Danny F.

SUBJECT:  Bruce Lee’s Grave

 There is not a tombstone behind Bruce Lee's grave but there is a bench that you can see in my picture attached.


This is what the bench looks like


Another view of the bench



You can see them standing in front of the bench, taking pictures


Father and son, Bruce and Brandon


You can see the reflection of the bench and people in the tombstone


Notice how the shape of Brandon's headstone bends the reflection


No ghostly reflections, but this will give truth seekers something to compare their own photographs and experiences to.



DATE:  13 May 2006

FROM:   Ellen A

SUBJECT:  Yakima area ghosts

 Hello - I just found your website and the area where you requested more haunted sites.

 In the Yakima County Courthouse there have been many employee(s) particularly night time janitors who have reported unusual activities and sightings.  I myself have experienced some unusual stuff.  The building next to the Courthouse which now has The Lunchbox cafe has employees who have heard footsteps and it's rumored that the back steps are made of coffins (it used to be a morgue).

 Just thought I would pass the information on!

 Ellen A


DATE:  20 May 2006

FROM: Ellen A.

SUBJECT: Yakima Area Ghosts

 Thank you for responding.  I myself have not seen that coffin staircase in the lunch box, heard it from the people who work there.  But I have experienced weird things happening in the 4th floor bathroom of the courthouse, such as toilets flushing with the handles moving before my eyes and banging around of stuff.  Other employees, such as janitors, have seen and heard things during night time cleanings.

 If you have any questions I would be happy to help.



DATE:  31 May 2006

FROM:  Michelle L.

SUBJECT:  My Story

 I have always been able to see ghosts.  Ever since I was about 5, I have seen, heard & FELT strange and unexplained things.  The one in particular that I am having a hard time with is the ghost or ghosts that are in my current residence. 

My husband, son and myself moved to Graham from Vashon Island six years ago.  After a year, we had another child.  He and I are the only two in this house (full time) that have seen, heard & felt these spirits. 

The story goes...We live in a rambler, all three bedrooms are down a long hall at the back of the home.  My youngest 2 - 3 at the time, used to come in and sleep with mommy & daddy all the time.  Every once in a while I would wake up and see him sitting upright in bed talking with someone at the foot of the bed.  Sometimes just looking and smiling.  I would ask him what he was doing and he always said he was talking with the nice man who pretended to be a lion.

Eventually we moved my youngest into his own room (that is now the playroom).  He woke up two & three times a night in terror!  He would scream and say that someone was trying to hurt him.  He was terrified of that room, so needless to say, we moved him.  At the same time this happened he became deathly afraid of our room as well.  He will no longer sleep in the master bedroom with us.

The first encounter that I had with the spirit (or one of them) was in my office.  I was in my kitchen area and looked down the hall because I heard something.  A ball flew from my computer desk across the room 10 feet, 4 feet high.  Hit the wall and bounced around for a while.  I heard a delicate little girly voice say "hello".  I walked out of the house.  It scared the crap out of me. 

After that it became daily.  I was woken by a man against my cheek calling my name asking me to wake up.  I always thought it was my husband coming back from the war.  He was never there.  I saw him standing in my hallway, scary!!!  I see shadows constantly.  They are in every area.  I turn and no one is there....but, I REALLY see them.  Other people have been woken by this man in my home as well...and no one likes to be in the hallway.

There are many other instances like when I was sitting in the chair in the living room with my youngest on my lap.  My left arm was on the arm of the chair.  All at once an ICY cold chill went down my arm to my fingertips and then was gone.  The hair on my arm was standing up and everything.  I just smiled and said ok, I know you're here....and just recently I was standing in the kitchen making dinner when I felt someone grab my rear end.  I thought in was my 5 year old (he has a fascination with rears right now....).  I said "Aric, you silly...don't grab my bottom", he came running over from the couch where my hubby and the two boys were.  He asked what I had said.  I just said never mind and went on cooking, knowing who it was.

There are just some of the weird things.  It gets tiring sometimes...my husband doesn't believe us because he hasn't seen or heard it. 

That's my story


 DATE:  3 June 2006

FROM:  John and Sandi G

SUBJECT: Camp Adair POW hospital

 Hello sir, my name is John and I am conducting research of Camp Adair, and I am interested on the location of the POW camp.  As to is it on base of 99W highway or some other place.  I have reviewed your wav file and I am very impressed.  I usually drive from Salem to Coffin Butte landfill and my wife and I love to go bike riding. And we are seeking more from Camp Adair....

DATE:  4 June 2006

FROM:  John and Sandi G

SUBJECT: Camp Adair POW hospital

 Hello Jeff, thanks for your fast response,  just to let you know I was able to find out where the hospital used to be in addition I gained access to the smoke stack where excess bodies where burned. Pretty creepy being inside, anywho I have taken some pictures and i was not able to collect any voice data. As for pictures go a pretty strange thing happened to the cameras. I was carrying a Kodak Digital camera and a Panasonic broadcast DVR, and I was able to get inside shots of one of the infirmaries.  While taking pictures as I stuck the camera inside, the lens and all got foggy instantly!  Same with the video. I know little of video basics that if the temp outside is low and that the inside is high, fog will occur in matter of seconds on the focusing lens. But this I have never seen this. The proof; I am attaching some pics tell me what you think....

John and Sandi G

Below are pictures John and Sandi sent me.  The only changes to them were made by me.  I used Adobe Photoshop elements to lower the resolution to include in this website.  Please to not copy or paste elsewhere without permission from John and Sandi G.










The Prisoner's Clinic Building


Inside the building














The Crematorium Smokestack?














DATE:  5 June 2006

FROM:  Natalie

SUBJECT:  Rose City Paranormal Conference



The staff at WCPI would like to announce our Rose City Paranormal Conference Website!  http://www.wcparanormal.com/rcpc/rcpc.2006.htm  If you would like to steal a banner, you can find it on the front page of the WCPI website.

Case Manager WCPI 


DATE:  9 June 2006


SUBJECT:  Posting

 That guy seemed pretty pissed about me sitting on the grave! I liked the site though! Nice coverage. Thank you. Hopefully people will start to believe the story.



DATE:  10 June 2006

FROM:  Kathy

SUBJECT:  Ghosts following people

 I grew up playing with Ouija board beginning when I was 4 or 5 years old.  We lived in a house that was over 100 years old at that time.  It was, indeed, haunted.  Everyone in the large family & friends had heard, experience, or seen something.  To me and my brother, it was a comfort.  There were only a few very scary incidents when we were in our teens.

Anyway, wherever I moved since then I felt "followed" by them.  (Not just from one county to another, but even from Missouri to Oregon.)  & would experience a continuation of their presence.  Even my parents (now deceased) and brother seemed to agree.  Although since living in the apt. that I do now, I haven't felt them as strongly... even though I'm even more as sensitive and gentle than I had been in the past.

Does that make sense to you?


 Kathy W
Portland, Oregon


HI Kathy,

 Some of my psychic friends would probably suggest that you were actually followed by either guardian spirits (relatives perhaps?) or a spirit who had some kind of affinity for you.  You may have reminded the spirit of a person they knew in life.  If they were guardian spirits, then they left when you no longer needed them.  If they were afinity spirits, then they may have found someone else to attach themselves too.


What do you think?

 Jeff Davis


 hmm.  interesting.  guess I lost my appeal!  :)



DATE:  12 June 2006

FROM:  Cappy


 Dear Davis

  My hands are shaking right now, from fear. I can barely type with my clawlike fingers. Recently I found myself parched from the extraordinary, swamplike heat of the pacific northwest. My dog, Pally, was sitting on my lap when the freezer door slammed open.  As scared as I was a fierce hunger came over me. I had a 48 pack of Otter-Pop brand Popsicles.  They fell onto the floor and Poncho Punch, along with Strawberry Short Kook rattled against the linoleum floor.  While my dog choked on his lunch crackers, which he never does, in fright- soon running face first into my antique armoire. As I cautiously moved towards the kitchen and saw something I could only hope to describe to you.



DATE:  14 June 2006

FROM:  Nadja

SUBJECT: Why I don’t ever want to go back to the Oregon Coast

 My name is Nadja, and I was born in Washington State, and grew up partly in Oregon. When I was a kid, some three and four decades ago, our family used to head for the coast in the harshest part of the winter to storm watch. I loved the Oregon Coast, but I never want to go back.  I have a beautiful Seaward 23 Una rig that mainly sits in a dock at the Oakland Yacht Club because my discomfort extends to getting anywhere near salt water.

 A few years ago, in the earliest days of the 21st Century, my husband and I were up at GR for a language conference (Chinook Wa) and decided to drive down the coast on 101 before heading inland to visit my brother in Springfield.  We stopped for lunch at Depoe Bay, and I took him to see the channel into this tiny working harbor with its incredibly treacherous entrance.  While we were looking back at the docks from the bridge, it seemed like there was a bit of a thin haze or maybe some dust between us and a fishboat at one of the piers. There was a man on her deck and I noticed him and the boat because he repeatedly walked back and forth between the pilot house and the motor box, over and over, monotonously, looking down through the hatch into the engine. Other people walked along the dock right past him and his boat.  I pointed the boat out to my husband. He couldn't seem to find her. I wanted him to see her because she was of a type that is distinctly Northwestern; there are certain boat designs, working and pleasure alike, that are very regionally distinctive.

The boat left the dock and came toward us, heading to the channel.  She came close enough that I could easily read the big block letters spelling out her name on her bow. “The Cougar.”  She turned a little to port, and seemed to head towards the harbor wall, next the bridge.  I moved up and down the rail a bit, trying to see if there were any docks there, but I couldn't find any south of the bridge on the ocean side of the harbor just before the channel. I pointed her out again, but my husband still couldn't see her. I looked away for a minute, and when I looked back, she was gone.

I went down and looked at the channel.  Now I couldn't find her. It was a bit puzzling, because I couldn't see her in the harbor or in the channel. We watched as a Coast Guard boat came in very smartly, stopping and making the twist through the narrow rocky channel with a highly refined and elegant precision.  I looked again for the boat, couldn't find her, and noticed another boat now seemed to be in the sideslip where the Cougar had been when I first saw her.  We went on to the Sea Lion Caves where the hard to find boat was forgotten in the excitement of being stuck below ground for several hours while waiting for an elevator repairman to arrive and fix things when the elevator broke.  I didn't think about her again for a while, and when I did, it changed how I feel about being anywhere near salt water.

Some time after we returned home to California, I bought a new book on maritime safety, Nicholas Faith's "MayDay.”  In those days, we used to sail a lot, and I was always curious about methods of avoiding trouble on the water, and solutions to problems that might occur. The book was interesting and a good read right up until the chapter that covered the 1988 sinking of a charter fishing boat off the Oregon coast.  The Cougar out of Depoe Bay and how she had gone down, her dead captain having spent much of the voyage keeping an eye on a leak he checked through the motor hatch aft. I slept downstairs on the couch with all the lights on that night.  There is something terrifying about seeing a ghost; and the more so when you realize weeks or months later just what it was that you saw. All of a sudden my husband's irritation at my repeatedly pointing out a boat that he couldn't find made sense in a way I didn't even want to think about for a while. 

I don't ever want to go back to the Oregon Coast. I don't know what this experience meant, but Nala hasn't left the dock much since then, either. 

If you quote me, you may use my first name. It wasn't a fun experience. I have a degree in computer science, my father was an academic, and my brother is an RN, and this is not what I expected to happen on a perfectly normal day of tourism on the Oregon Coast



DATE:  12 June 2006

FROM:  AxGxHxOxSxT@aol.com

SUBJECT:  PK Training

 As some of you know, AGHOST has been working on a new method in communication with the other side. In doing so, we developed the PK Board. Which uses PK (psychokinesis), The ability to move objects with the mere thought or in our case in dealing with spirit activity. We are using PK to see if spirits that move objects, can now move a needle. Now this is only effective in locations where physical activity has been reported.

The PK Board which utilizes PK energy to allow the spirit to move a needle on a board with letters and phrases. Inspired by the Ouija board, but eliminates the living human factor, by removing the holding of a pointer. This allows the spirit energy to communicate by simply moving a needle across the board to spell out words or in a simpler form, refer to a phrase or word, such as “Yes or NO”.

In developing this new device, we have been running experiments at several haunted locations. The first, proved positive, when children made contact with a spirit in the room. They proceeded to ask questions and received answers through the movement of the board. Unfortunately we missed out on capturing this data on video, but did witness results.

In recent events, The PK Board was used at a restaurant in Steilacoom. Where the physical results have been recorded on video. These results will be shared at the next AGHOST meeting on the 18th.

So with this data and more to come, AGHOST may find itself in the history books, for the development of a new source in speaking with spirits. Already other groups, such as the Ghost Club are helping us to collect this data in support that there is something out there.

Also keep an eye out for the other devices we are working on. Such as the Spirit Typewriter, which uses other methods of spirit energy in communication.


DATE:  16 June 2006

FROM:  Ashley 

SUBJECT:  Just a few questions

 Hi there, just a few questions to ask you.  This year one winter night and me and my girlfriend was walking and we went past a grave yard.  I took a photo with my digi cam and when we looked at it there was like a smoke figure it wasn’t human.  At first, we thought it looked like angel of death.  I can clearly see it is a figure of some kind and it wasn’t foggy or smoke, or us breathing; as it was taken on a clear night and not cold.  It was taken on a 37cm lens.  Also on the same cam there seems to be orbs flying around in some photos.

My girlfriend’s house there was a room that was always felt cold.  Once I took some photos and in two of the photos I took there was like a little kid standing.  The first pic I took the kid figure had its back to me and then 2 seconds later it was standing there looking right at me.  Since that the room has always been warm ever since. Can you tell me which cm lens on cams are best to see like orbs etc.  I look forwards to hearing from you 




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