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In recent weeks it has come to my attention that certain parties are using my ghost stories and those of my contributors as references for their own commercial enterprises.  If you or someone you know is writing a book on ghosts in the Pacific Northwest, PLEASE DO NOT!!! copy or use the following stories or any other materials within this website as references.  

Jefferson Davis (25 April 2003)




DATE:  4 May 2009

FROM:  Stephen J.

SUJECT:  Ghosts and Critters

 I stumbled across your website about local legends and hauntings. I live in the Benton City area where Baby Graves is. Iíve been there three times. Anyways, I thought you should add that if you go up there, youíre supposed to see white owls upon first seeing the grave site. The white owls are also a valid part of the legend because as you drive along the road they swoop down in front of your car. It happened to me when I went. I understand the owls are probably more of a natural occurrence as they live up their anyways. However, they are a part of the local legend when people talk about baby graves just like how people talk about the old man who I have actually never seen. I think thatís one of the interesting things about the baby graves legend is that there are these different aspects about the legend that some experience while others don't. Then everyone has their own different story about baby graves. Anyways, just thought you should know.


Hello Stephen,

 Thanks for adding more information on the Baby Graves.  I'll try to get a web update this week, and I'll add your email to ghostsandcritters as well as weirdwashington.us.

 Jeff Davis




DATE: 7 May 2009

FROM:  Casey L

SUBJECT:  Ft Vancouver Barracks

Hello, where did you get the stories about the paranormal experiences at Ft Vancouver's barracks?

Casey L
P.O.R.T. (Paranormal & Occult Research Team)

Hello Casey,

Most of the experiences at the Barracks were mine and some of the other soldiers who have been stationed there.  Do you have a particular building/case in mind?

Jeff Davis

Well first, thank you very much for responding to my email.  I'm sure you get quite a few with so many experiences you post on your site.  having read all of the excerpts I have noticed a pattern of most things happening when you leave the room rather than asking for them to happen on demand.  This is pretty common.  What would you do if you said "show yourself" and then bam! the door slams or a window breaks!  That would be freaky.  It sounds like these people are quite playful.  Forgive me for not immersing myself into full details, but do you currently work there in one of the buildings?  I am very curious about the hospital.  Hospitals are a great hotspot for paranormal activity.  Am I correct in that they are currently renovating it?  As a visitor, would you see it as a fairly safe place to check out?  You seem pretty brave, I admire that as well as your curiosity.  One thing we researchers have is a never ending curiosity.  Once you get some "activity" under your belt, you just want more.  Is there anything that has happened that you haven't written?  What is the most interesting thing that you've come across?  I have read many stories of doors closing, being touched by hands, voices, even coffee disappearing.  But the oddest one I think is that of certain walls bleeding?  Have you heard of this?  Also, you heard of the one called Sulley?



DATE:  4 June 2009

FROM:  16262150162Wtmomail.net

SUBJECT:  Whatís Up

Hey whatís up I like the stories you wrote on your website how can I get informed on new stories?



DATE:  9 June 2009

FROM:  TC OReilly 

SUBJECT:  Crypticon

Hey man! 
Stopped by the booth at Crypticon Saturday but I missed ya. Talked with your co author for a min though and picked up your Astoria book. Good stuff!!



DATE:  19 June 2009

FROM:  Dale F

SUBJECT:  Met Janine at Crypticon

My name is Dale and I met your wife at crypticon (and bought a book, thanks!). I asked her about a photo I took a couple of years ago and she suggested I email it for your opinion. End of November 2007 my 66 year old mother passed away. I am the oldest of three brothers and have always been the closest to my parents (Dad passed two years earlier) I moved in with Mom to try to help her get back on her feet after Dad but to no avail. I guess I could not compete with 44 years of marriage.

A month after she passed I was on the way to my cousins for Christmas when I decided to stop by the old neighborhood in Seattle where I grew up and we lived until 1976 just to relive memories and pulled my digital camera to take pictures of the old house. In the back yard I took a picture and later discovered what appears to be an orb? I'm aware of the paranormal communities general feelings about orbs but I was struck by this photo and the timing of the orb (taken at a past place of good times during the holiday season, a time of family and love) and I'm wondering if this was Mom trying to say that 'everything is alright'.
Please give your honest opinion. It was a overcast day but I used no flash and it was not raining. I went back a couple of weeks later to see if there was something reflective on the ivy covered chainleak and could find nothing.
I look forward to your expert opinion! Thanks,
Dale F






DATE:  29 June 2009

FROM:  Courtney B

SUBJECT:  Washington State University


I was wondering if you knew any more about the supposed haunting in the Washington State University dorm. I saw the story mentioned on your page, so I looked up any history of Pullman, Wa I could find and came up empty handed. I wasn't sure if you responded to Beth B's question. The reason I am curious is because I am a current student there.

Thanks for your time,
Courtney B



DATE:  29 June 2009

FROM:  Ron Denman  cm_chin@smartt.com

SUBJECT:  Chilliwack Ghosts

Hello Jeff:

Do you have a source for this information?

 Chilliwack City Hall
The ghost of an opium smoking Chinese man has been seen in the hallways of the old City Hall.

 I have worked in this building since 1987 and have never come across this story. My research indicates that there was one death in this building, a woman, but no Chinese opium smokers.    It would be interesting to find out where this came from.

Thank you.

 Ron Denman
Chilliwack Museum and Archives

45820 Spadina Avenue

Chilliwack, BC V2P 1T3


Does anyone else have any information?  Please let me know, and of Course Ron Denman too.  

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