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In recent weeks it has come to my attention that certain parties are using my ghost stories and those of my contributors as references for their own commercial enterprises.  If you or someone you know is writing a book on ghosts in the Pacific Northwest, PLEASE DO NOT!!! copy or use the following stories or any other materials within this website as references.  

Jefferson Davis (25 April 2003)



DATE:  1 May 2007

FROM:  Steve P

SUBJECT:  Haunted Trip

Sorry I missed the barracks walk; I'd love to get over there one of these days. 
The Whaley House was, as you note, interesting.  Nothing untoward happened either--not surprising giving the number of people there, though I started to feel very uncomfortable and kind of dizzy in the theater room upstairs.  (Maybe because I don't have any theater productions in the pipeline.)  I do have a photograph with an apparent anomaly, but I need to call the Whaley folks and see if there are ceiling fixture reflections from that viewpoint.  If not, I'll send it on to you to see what you think.

It's a creepy goddamn house no matter how you look at it--the photographs I took may be short on ghosts, but they're long on atmosphere.

By the way, they have a guided ghost walk in Monterey that runs $22 per person, and I'm thinking, uh, there are ghosts in Monterey?  Not that I remember.  If you do know ghost mavens in Monterey, however, I do have a question about a boarded-up house on 426 Lighthouse Blvd.




FROM:  Natalie S.

DATE:  2 May 2007


I bet your tired of people asking about ghost but I just want to know can babies really see ghost?  Cause I had my lil girl on the bath room floor and she was giggling, then she looks at the wall and starts crying and screaming.  I never heard her scream like that ever.

Then a few times I well be holding her and looking right at her and she would be looking at my too, then looks right past me and giggles and gets shy with what ever was there.

No I don't want to do anything to piss off the ghost but I need to know if there really one with my lil girl.

 MY Response:
HI Natalie,

  In answer to your question, some people believe that children can see the paranormal.  Usually these are guardian spirits, like grandparents or other relatives.  However, babies are babies, and they do strange things.  >I would not worry too much if I were you.

 Hi Jeff

I think I know who it is?  This Man Fred Harrison who was like another father to me. He died when I was 9 years old.  When I was in high school my friends and I called him out.  He wrote in the carpet. that he still loved me and what he died of.  I told him he can stay with me as along as he wanted. I didn't think he would stay around this long.  Now I know sheís in good hands with him watching her.



DATE:  9 May 2007

FROM:  Steve P

SUBJECT:  The Whaley House


Well, interesting visit to the Whaley House.  Nothing particularly untoward, though I felt distinctly uncomfortable when I was in the theatre area.  Just this kind of "sick" feeling, a little dizzy.  Could be projection, of course.

However, I'm attaching a photo I took to Mr. Whaley's bedroom (whaley-int-12-very-good.jpg)  which has something of an anomaly in the upper left area.  I thought it might be a reflection of the hallway light from the glass they have in there to protect the rooms, but, from another photo I have, it appears there is an area in between the room and hallway.  Not sure.  Need to give the Whaley folks a call and see whether you can see an appropriate reflection.  (Occam's Razor, and all that.)  If you took any pictures from a similar angle, let me know if the reflection showed up.

Anyway, it's a bloody creepy place nonetheless.  I'm also attaching an "atmospheric" picture I took just for effect.  Not very scientific, but it's hard to repress the artistic impulse.




DATE:  1 May 2007

FROM:  Robert T

SUBJECT:  Haunted Presby Mansion


 Hello Iím Robert T.  I have heard stories of the Presby mansion being haunted with a little boy but Iíve seen a little girl ghost when I was a kid on Halloween night.  She walked to the door then turned around and disappeared in front of me and no one saw her at all.  That was when I was six years old. Then there was a murder in my town when I was ten years old, two people died.  It was a really strange murders that the town went through to this day they still don't know who killed the two people at the red house here in my town. 

But what they don't know is there is a really truly haunted house outside of Goldendale it has a cemetery in the back yard.  And on several times I have heard hunters say that they have  run into some people dressed in old fashion clothes and even eaten dinner with them but that's all I have heard about it Jeff Davis. The house sits on ground that has been dug up to make big thick walls and trees have grown up to hide it from view of the people in plain sight it's odd that the house is hidden from plain sight of day but it seems that who ever owns it doesnít want to be seen.  Well thatís all I know for know you have a real good day Mr. Jeff Davis  



DATE:  11 May 2007

FROM:  Kathleen R

SUBJECT:  Granda Court

 Hi Jeff,

I live across the street from the Granada Court apartments, with my brother and our friends/housemates.  As more and more incidents have come up, we have been of the persuasion that our house is haunted.... this all seemed particularly confirmed when our devout atheist friend witnessed some strange happenings as well.

A little bit ago I was on the search online for vacancies in nearby apartments.  Granada Court was a logical place to look into.  I wound up finding your page and saw Granada Court as being listed as haunted. So of course, things are plugged in and this house is likely dealing with the same entity/entities that the Granada Court apartments are dealing with. Seems we've got a good conversation starter with our neighbors ;)

Anyway, I wondered if you had any more information about the Granada Court haunting(s) than is listed on your website, or if you could put me in touch with some of the past or current people who have encountered the oddities of the area.
Thanks very much.



DATE:  14 May 2007

FROM:  Laura Light

SUBJECT:  Everything Unusual: The Radio Show


 I was just referring someone to your site today who lives in Eugene.  I'd like to advertise my show, I'm going to put a flyer up at New Renaissance. Can you put a blurb on your site when I can give you details with regards to actual time it will be aired. I originally was told it could be continuous then I thought it wouldn't and I'd have to limit it to only 12 shows, and I'm on show #12 right now





DATE:  15 May 2007

FROM:  Troy H

Subject:  Whidbey Island Ghosts

 In August of 06 our friends girlfriend who worked at the CAPTAIN WHIDBEY INN made mention that a person was complaining of children laughing when there was no children book for any rooms (actually there were the only people staying in the building.) after running a EFM detector and a infrared camera we were able to track down some possible orbs (short notice didnít allow me enough time to unpack all my equipment). We checked out the hot spots rooms 8, 10, lobby, and kitchen. But in one of the cabin rooms we caught a face (trying to track down images) I was wondering if you had any more info on the place. People have heard giggling of two girls and a woman in a white dress (period time of about early 20's) walking in the lobby even one girl had her "phase" through her.

also I found youíre the first to check out the exchange (NAS Whidbey sea plane base) where you found the 1948 penny. I was wondering if you can elaborate more on the "lurker" because I think there are more then the scaffold guy. (I got a few friends who work there and info from PBY Memorial on what the building used to be) now it seems that there are two more for a total of three (including the apparition of popcorn where a avid eater's desk used to be.) yet I doubt the commander will allow me to run tests.

The third location is the old main building. It is now apart of the Skagit Valley college. The student store is where the old morgue was. Iíve heard stories of apparitions from the night janitorial staff and footsteps.

The last is the ghost of the Coupeville cemetery. Not a lot is known for this one cause Iím not sure who to contact in order to do anything in there (I like to secure permission before I run a team though it)

Iíve Contacted A.G.H.O.S.T.  in Seattle to find out what more I need to do.

Iím interested in your work and think that youíre the closest person I can question in order to make sure Iím doing everything correctly. Any help would be grateful.

Note this has been a thing Iíve been doing since Iíve been in the army (Iíve got photo's from the interment camps and a few I took in Iraq during my stint in the war.)

Troy H



 DATE:  18 June 2007

FROM:  Kimberly

SUBJECT:  The Astoria Column

 Mr. Davis:

Have you heard anything about a haunting at the Astoria Column?  I have searched online for information and have not been able to find anything. 

When I was 16 years old (Iím now 45), my parents and I went on a vacation from our home in Southern California north to a spot just short of the Canadian border.  Being a history ďnutĒ, I convinced my parents to stop at just about every historical marker/site along the way, including the Column.  Having heard so much about the marvelous view, I couldnít wait to get to the top!  We walked up to the column and the closer we got the odder I felt.  My parents walked through the doorway, but a horrible feeling stopped me from going inside and up the stairs.  I just couldnít make myself do it.  I used the excuse of a knee problem I had at the time to explain to my parents why I decided not to go with them.  They finally agreed to go up without me.  I said I would wait at the door, but I was too uncomfortable.  I kept backing away from it until I was quite a distance.  Waiting for my parents was still difficult Ė I was uneasy the entire time we were there.

 Have you heard of anyone else having a similar experience?

 Thank you,
 Kimberly K




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