June 2003 Ghost Stories



In recent weeks it has come to my attention that certain parties are using my ghost stories and those of my contributors as references for their own commercial enterprises.  If you or someone you know is writing a for profit book on ghosts in the Pacific Northwest, PLEASE DO NOT!!! copy or use the following stories or any other materials within this website as references without my permission.  

Jefferson Davis (25 April 2003)






DATE: 13 June 2003

FROM: Goonka

SUBJECT: Sharing a possible story

 My family and I moved from one spooky home to another that had been vacant, according to city records, for over 10 years (now .. if that doesnít scream haunted, I donít know what would!), in 1971.

The house we moved from, I should add, was a confirmed 'spooky' place.  My mother was always hesitant to bathe my sister and I in the old fashioned claw bathtub in the home.  One day, she was researching in the old city hall records (after we had moved), and discovered one of the earlier owners had drowned in the home.  Yup.  That describes her feeling funny about the tub! Also, I can say with total honesty, I always had 'friends' while living there.  I am a twin, and for some reason, I was the 'creative' twin.  The 'storytelling' twin.  But, now they all believe me when I tell them I remember 'playing' with other kids, or animals.   And my brothers who were all older than me by at least 15 years, said it definitely explains how come I was so knowledgeable about some things regarding the house.  For example, being only 4 when we left, I have exact memories of things that they had done, i.e.. sneaking out using the tree next to the bedroom window.  I knew of a 'secret passage' in the wall between my parents bedroom, and theirs.  They always wondered how this could be!  Well, it was because my 'friends' told me!

The 'old' house, was one of the only houses in the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, that still had the original well, instead of using city water.  The basement was approximately 5 feet in height, with dirt floors.  I used to say things like, 'my friends said they lost their truck, would you go look for it?'  And being the older brothers they would 'comply' with the wishes of the 'crazy lil sister' who talked to 'imaginary friends'.  Imagine their surprise when they would find old toys in the dirt.  It wasnít a basement you would even go into, due to the dirt, and we also had the original coal holes, where coal used to be deposited.  It was a huge hole.  And my friends didnít like it.  To this day, I still believe that perhaps 'they' may have been punished by sitting down there, or placed in the 'hole'.

Now, for the 'new spooky house'Ö

We moved when I was just turning 5.  I immediately didnít like the 'attic' where my brothers slept.  It was scary.  And it went behind the normal 'scary' feelings a child would have.  But, through the years, I grew less and less afraid.  I knew someone was up there watching, however.  Always.

My mother decided to do some research based on what other neighbours had said regarding their homes.  Some of the neighbours actually had horse stalls in their garages.  Strange, they werenít exceptionally old homes.  When my mom and another women completed their research, it was found, that the seminary that was nearby, owned all of the land where we were now living.  Imagine my sisters face (the twin) when she heard this!  For years I had been telling her to stay up late with me to watch the 'monks' walk through our house, and disappear into the closet at the end of the hallway.  She finally admitted just a couple of years ago to believing me, because she also saw them.  But never wanted to admit it. 

 But my father, with all of his supreme knowledge, couldnít ignore my comments one day, while cutting the front lawn, and I cried out, ĎDaddy, why is the lady crying?'

And upon looking up into the second level windows, which was the 'attic' bedroom window, there was a figure walking away.   He told me to wait next door, pushing me towards the neighbours house, and said, 'donít come home till Mom comes and gets you.'  I did as he said.  

Later, we all discussed this, and discovered, Dad suspected someone had broken into the house, and knowing neither of my brothers were home, and my Mom wasnít home, that he wanted to search the house.   My mother, again, had discovered through some records research, that the former owner had built the 'attic' bedroom to keep his daughter locked up.  We always wondered how come there were holes in the windows as if someone had bars up there. 

So.. you take a guess..  was it the lady, or young girl, still crying because she was locked up?  Was she sick?  Did she pass away up there?  Some of the neighbours had thought the young girl had gotten herself into 'trouble' and send away.. perhaps not.  Her father decided on a fate for her. 

My brothers always used to say that they thought it was cool my Mom would come upstairs in the middle of the night to check that they had made it home safely, even though they were in their late twenty's.  Maybe .. maybe not.

Greendale, Wisconsin



Dear Jeff,

Thanks for your quick response when I initially contacted you. I sent word to my mother earlier today and I received her reply. I have attached her reply to this message. I guess I had never told her of my experiences while I was little. She's more than a little astonished by what I went through in my nightmares.  I'll let you read her reply for yourself. Thanks again for your time.


Jeff M.



DATE: 13 June 2003

FROM: Jeff M.

SUBJECT: I heard you on Coasttocoastam

Dear Jeff,

 My name is also Jeff.  I've lived in central Tennessee for six months. I moved down here from NW Indiana where I had lived most of my life.  I don't have any ghost stories to share with you but there is something that has been buried deep in my mind for many years. It only started to come up to the surface since I started listening to George Noory on the radio this year.  Jeff, from 1974-1982 I lived in an old house with my mother and all our cats. We always had cats.  It was just some drafty old house that Mom rented from the owners.  Nothing paranormal ever happened there but there has always been something that has bothered me for some 20+ years now.  

I lived there from age 4 to 12.  I used to have the most terrifying nightmares in my sleep. They didn't occur often but when they did they were very scary for a little boy. Whenever I would have a nightmare something like a pair of hands would grab me by my torso and physically assault me in my sleep. The hands gave me a tickling on my sides and it was violent.  There were a few times when after awaking from my bad dreams I could still feel the hands on me even when I was awake. I would be completely paralyzed and I would be unable to scream out to my mother for help. As I have tried to recollect this memory, I also recall numerous times when the cat in the house with me would growl and hiss and its hair stand straight up on its back for no apparent reason as if though he/she were having a stare-down with another animal; however, nothing else was in the room to agitate the cat.

Also there was a brief occasion when my mother pulled out a Ouija board and we played with it on the kitchen table. The plastic thing moved when spoken to. Mom swore she wasn't moving it. I sure wasn't doing it. We moved out of the house into town in the Fall of 1982.  I have never had a nightmare since.  And so I felt it appropriate to bring this matter to you since you are in this field of spooky things.  Jeff, do you feel that there was some other presence in that old house with us?  Maybe the spirit of a cranky old man who didn't like kids?



Here is my reply to the letter above:

Hi Jeff,

 Thanks for emailing me with your story.  Your experiences must have been terrifying when you were a kid.  It sounds like you are still kind of carrying it with you.  Just remember that things that terrify children are much smaller to adults.  You know, like a fear of heights or something simple like dogs, etc.  I have found that if I suppress a fear that it grows a bit over time.  If I confront it and look at it in perspective is shrinks.

 Of course that does not answer your real question about a ghost.  It may well be that you had a ghost in your house.  By the sound of it your cats could see or sense it.  It must have been low on the power scale though, or you might have seen it.  Have you asked your mother if anything strange happened to her too?  She might not have shared any experiences with you.   Please let me know what you think.

Jeff Davis



DATE: 26 June 2003

FROM: Christina C.


My name is Christina, I am a computer technician/mother/wife I live here in Cincinnati, Ohio my story is a bit different from some I have seen posted on the haunting boards. I, for as long ago as my early teen years have been haunted by someone or something that I have no clue as to who it is, or why me? The even more curious thing is that the happenings seem to have transferred to my children as well, as all three can sit and tell you stories of strange happenings in their lives.......

My motive here is to perhaps gain some insight into what this may be.

My earliest experience, in my memory, is one day as a smaller child (11): I was doing my homework in a room with newly lain carpet, being that the new carpet was full and thick.  The door between two bedrooms was very very hard to move.  I remember having to sit on the floor and push the door with my feet to get it to move.  And thinking how stupid it was to lay new carpet and disable the door.  ( a child's mind working here)  So over the next few minutes I settled in to do my homework and the door out of no where slammed its self.  No special wind, no one else around just up and slammed.  You never saw anybody move so fast down a flight of stairs, I don't believe my feet touched more then 5 steps on my way down those stairs.

A little later in my life probably about the age of (14) I recall lying my bed at night.  This is a totally different house form the previous mentioned.  Which I shared at the time with my stepsister.  Who by the way saw this and wont admit to it today:  I saw the diamond shaped door knob of my bedroom door moving from side to side very slowly.  After I caught my breath I poked my sister and said look.  Do you see that?  And she said, yes.  Seemed to pay it no mind and proceeded to fall asleep.  I on the other hand could not move for a few seconds.  When I regained my bearings, I got out of bed to see if perhaps my stepdad had mistakenly twisted the door knob in a sleepy haze.  The door to his room was totally closed.  So I peeked inside the door, he and my mother were sound asleep and snoring, no signs of movement having been made in sometime.

In this very same room, and bed, I used to hear what I can only describe as the springs under the bed being pinged.  I heard a pinging noise as though someone was under the bed physically pulling the bed springs of the box spring mattress and releasing them to create this noise.  This in fact only happed when I was alone in the room.  Of course there was no one under the bed either, I know it scared the sh.. out of  me to look under there just to see some shoes and dust bunnies....

In the same house, I used to hear a lot of shuffling around in the basement when no one was home except the children i.e. me and my s.sister.  We have both have gone to the basement several times armed with two butcher knives one in each hand just to  find nothing there.......shuffling = low voices/ movement/ movement with intent/ busy noises......

At the age of (16) I was married and had had my first child.  My new husband and I were moving into our first apartment, so I went in to this apartment to clean it before we moved in.  I took Murphy's oil soap over every inch of all the hard wood floors and hardwood walkways.  So you could say I knew this place intimately.  This apartment was small and only had one bedroom with a hardwood floor, I placed my daughters crib next to my our bed as she like to hold my hand as she went to sleep at night, her bed had a rug next to it for warmth on my feet when getting her dressed and such.  One day I moved the bed and the crib out to clean the floors and there was the shape of a human skeleton from the waist up.  It appeared as though someone had lain there dead for sometime.  Perhaps on a blanket from the waist down as there was nothing there.  Before they were found and there body oils had soaked into the wood of the floor, just to confirm my finding I showed a friend of mine the spot on the hardwood floor and she revolted this confirmed to me I was not just seeing things....

The same age at the same apartment, I lost a hairbrush.  This brush never left my dresser drawer unless I was using it to dry my hair.  I also had begun loosing small bowls that I used to feed my daughter with.  But I did not notice this until the spring came and the snow began to melt around a big old tree in the back yard.  Right outside my back door I saw three little white bowls and my pink hair brush placed neatly around the trunk of this tree.  Keep in mind my little girl could not walk and never left my sight during this period of my life.............

In my next apartment I was (18) at this point.  I was napping one day.  It was hot/summer time.  I was jolted out of my sleep by a female voice screaming at me the word BITCH "violently" as though she intended me harm.  After I regained my bearings I looked out at my balcony screen door to see if some one had broken in and left ( sounds silly now but not at the time it was the only thing that made any sense to me) low and behold the door was forced open or appeared to have been forced open which was kinda crazy since I was on the second floor....

Are you tired yet? there is more...; )

My next move included myself my husband our daughter and our brand new son (of three weeks).  I might add the same bed that I slept in at home/ the house at the age of (14) is still with me every night as my husband and my self are using it still/now at this point.  It was a gift when I left my Mothers house.  Gift = (the whole bedroom suite).

This move was into my grandmotherís house as she had remarried and moved to another state.  Here I experienced some of the same but different type of stuff.  Such as things being moved.  I cleaned my kitchen one day while all kids slept.  They could not have gotten past me to the kitchen with out detection.  I walked out of my pristine kitchen, only to return seconds later to one of the chairs being pulled out away from the dining table.  I just pushed it back and went and sat down and watched a TV show.... shrugs what would you do? at this point..........

The bed noises changed from the springs to a flicking noise on the wooden head board at night.  The nights this would happen, I would try laying really still or moving a bit to jiggle the bed to see If I could simulate the noise.   But it only reasoned to its own rhyme.  Nothing I did effected it either way.  It sounded as though someone was right over my head flicking their finger nail on the head board.  My husband woke one night and he heard it but fell back off to sleep only to have forgotten it.  That is very frustrating cause people tend to look at you strange when you tell them these things, would be nice to have witnesses.

Over the years small things like these happened off and on with seemingly no reasoning behind them.  Until one day while we were all out.  By this time it was me, my husband, our daughter,our son and our new daughter.  All five of us had been out for the evening.  We walked into the back door which lead into the kitchen.  There on the floor lay a pair of my underwear folded perfectly the way I fold them to put into my drawer.  But here they were on the floor where I had not had any laundry.  Only in the total other room earlier that day.  This freaked me out.  The whole underwear thing was a little to personal for me.  I yelled out into the air as I had heard this type of thing works and told what ever it was messing with me to go away!!!!!!!!!  And for the most part it did................I've had scant things, strange happenings here and there.  But Iíve not been really bothered any more.....but wait there is more..... The three children in this story are now reporting haunting similar to mine.....

The oldest daughter has seen ladies in big dresses that used to float around her bed, talk to her, and scare her to death at night.  She has reported deep crescent shaped scratches from sleep at night.  I have seen them as well.  She has reported angry feelings (in her) coming from within her apartment there is much more but these stand out the most to me.......for her...

The boy, my middle child, has reported what he calls weird stuff all the time.... in particular he told me of coming home from school one day and everything in his room had been unplugged.  And the cords wrapped around them as though anything that could cause a fire was disabled.  This after his dad always warning him to keep his stuff unplugged as to not catch fire.  He was rooming in the attic of the house and fire was a big concern of course.... when he went to ask who had fixed his room in such a manner nobody knew what he was talking about.  He also insists that he locked his room and that it showed no signs that access by any one else had taken place......... 

Then there is the youngest of the three, my daughter.  She has reported pictures being flipped over on there faces while she has but gone to the restroom.  She has a song she recorded on tape that every time she tried to play it the tape player would shut off.  But would work fine with any other tape/song.  After a bit of time this song was able to play again in this same player.  JIYC: the song was by an artist named PINK the song was  Your just like a pill. 

One night she could not sleep.  Which was very unusual for her.  So I went to her room to check on her a few times.  She had fallen asleep but could not stay there because something kept startling her.  I lay down with her for a moment and watched her.  It appeared to be something external startling her.  But nothing was there.  This lasted for a few nights then it went away.  I told her what I had observed and she agreed that it didn't seem to be a dream or anything in her sleep starling her.  I confessed to having been meditating in the living room that day she asked me to stop it!!!!    Joking of course, maybe?

She has also heard the pinging box spring mattress (pings) I mentioned earlier under my bed.  Under her bed but the funny thing is she has no springs at all on her bed, only metal rails...?

The wildest thing (s) I have heard my kids tell tale of  is stuff flying around the kitchen.

Instance # 1  I was asleep in my bedroom.  The next room down the hall was my (really big kitchen).  Then a long hall.  Then the kids bedroom.  On this particular night my oldest daughter had a friend over for the night.  So this made (4) children and they were in their room when they heard stuff banging and smashing around the kitchen.  Like pots and pans.  In order to get to me you had to go past the Kitchen door.  And the kids were just too frightened to go past the kitchen.  So they threw shoes and other stuff at my door but I could not be woken up.....I discovered this had taken place when I woke up in the morning.  There were all kinds of things laying outside of my bedroom door.  And the kids all excitedly told me what had happened the night before... and the fact they could not manage to get me to wake up" which is abnormal for me"

Instance # 2  This was just a few months ago.  My youngest daughter had a girlfriend over to sleep for the night.  There was just the two children home this night (again).  With me asleep in my room.  The dishes started to fly around the kitchen.  It scared both of the girls so bad that they could hardly come out to see what it was that was going on.  When they did, the dishes were back in the dish strainer as usual.  My daughter mentioned that she was relieved that it had stopped and a sauce pan lifted up and out of the strainer and hit the floor right in front of her. They reportedly ran back to the bedroom and stayed there for the rest of the night.      

"makes for a funny visual does it not : )"

These are my stories, and I wonder if others have similar stuff happening to them, and perhaps why/what is this? I can only assume these events to be hauntings of some sort..

 any insight on this would be wonderful !

  Truly, thank You for your time.


                      Christina C.



 DATE: 27 June 2003

FROM: Robyn B.

SUBJECT: The soldier who said hello

 Mr. Davis,

I have had some pretty strange experiences in the last couple years this one is one of the many that I remember and am extremely fond of. I was raised in Oregon and have gone to lots of sites of ghostly activity but never have I had such a touching experience as this. My dad loves to travel the coast and of course he loved even better to take the family to new places. This particular trip we decided that Fort Stevens outside of Astoria, Oregon would be perfect.  The location is wonderful and the history is very rich, the fort is full of old batteries that have been abandoned and turned into a state park. We proceeded through the batteries looking at the old building and imagining what the dark rooms must have looked like before the fort was abandoned in 1947.  I wandered off on my own not really wanting to go the same pace as my parents and siblings.  I was wandering across an empty field parallel to the batteries and heard a whistle.  Upon looking up I noticed a image of a man.  He was dressed in full uniform and had many medals and shiny buttons.  He stood above me on the battery looking down.  He wore the uniform of a WW1 military man.  I am not sure of his rank or his name but he looked out to me saluted me and lifted his hand to wave; I waved back at him he smiled and faded into mist.  When I met back up with my parents my dad asked me what was wrong.  He said my eyes were as big as saucers.  I told him what I saw and we walked on to the interpretive center where they have a full museum with lots of pictures. 

My dad and I proceeded through and looked at all the pictures.  I noticed in a few the same man that I had seen wave at me. When I asked the woman at the info desk she told me that a few people had noticed the same person but that he had never seemed to wave or salute them before. I know what I saw and I know what I feel, Fort Stevens is probably one of the best places in Oregon to see or interact with spirits. I go back to the Fort every now and again to in hopes of catching a glimpse of that soldier but I haven't seen him again.

Robyn B.
Portland, OR


This was my reply:

HI Robyn,

Thanks for sharing your story with me.  I do believe you are the first person to have that kind of contact with the watchman at Ft. Stevens.  Congratulations.  I hope that you've continued to see other spirits.  I will have your story posted on my website in a week or two.  I will of course change your last name and NOT include your email address.

Jeff Davis

And her response


Subject: The soldier who said hello

Jeff, Thank you for such a quick response, I really appreciate the acknowledgement of my story not many people believe I see what I do. I do plan on sharing more of my stories with you. Thanks for giving such a great forum to place our personal experiences.

 Robyn B.




DATE: 28 June 2003

FROM: Paul C.

SUBJECT: Buttertoes Restaurant

 I keep seeing references to this place on these pages. I would like to know where this place is. Is it still a restaurant?  The woman who haunts the place, do they have any idea who she was?  Or where her origin came from. I am interested in stuff like this.  If it is still a restaurant, I would like to go check it out. Anyway, let me know.


My Reply,

 The building still exists, itís called the Pied Cow Coffee House, on Belmont in Portland.  The owners are pretty skeptical and donít welcome too many people asking to stay the night.



DATE: 29 June 2003

FROM: Lisa C.

SUBJECT: Campbell House in Spokane



I was wondering if you heard of the Campbell House Museum in Spokane being haunted.  I was there on a tour with my family on June 10th.  I took a picture of my kids reenacting a poker game (Which our guide has guests do during the tour) and had multiple orbs show up on a digital picture I took in the men's game room in the basement.  Shortly afterward in another basement room (the laundry) my husband started coughing and choking (no orbs in a picture of this room) and feeling like he had to leave the place.

Usually, when we are in an are of paranormal activity he does develop a physical sickness unti lhe is out of the area.  (He is not prone to panic attacks.)  I was going to ask our guide about hauntings, but our tour finished late and she had to run right to her next group.  When I asked the ticket seller in the history portion of the museum if the Campbell house was  haunted, she said to ask the deacon.  Which I never did get to do, as we had to leave and meet family for dinner.  I was looking on the web to see if I could find some information and came across your site.  Hope you can help me out.  



We traded a few notes and she sent me more information:



Thanks for writing back.  I'm pretty sure we are talking about the same place.  The new building beside it is called The Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture.  My Dad who lives in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho calls i the MAC.  I will keep looking to see if I can find out any if there is any record of anyone else expereincing paranormal activity there.  Maybe one of the websites where people share their ghostly experiences will have something.

I live in Florida and was just visiting my Dad on vacation, so I won't be able to ask the deacon about it in person.  The way the ticket counter people paused, looked at each other and then said I would have to talk to the deacon, gave me the impression that they are not allowed to talk about the subject.  And that the museum discourages, for whatever reason, general knowledge they do have activity.

I could be wrong, but it reminds me of the situation I ran into when my husband and I spent our anniversary at the Curry Mansion Inn in Key West.  One night we went on a ghost tour around town.  That evening, our guide asked everyone where they were staying.  I told her the Curry Mansion and asked if she knew of any ghost stories related to the house.  She said she did, but would have to talk to us alone after the tour, as the management of the Inn had asked her not include them in her tour.  She said they did not want publicity that they were haunted.  

The Inn is also a museum and they let people staying there look around at their leisure.  Visitors can pay for admission during the day.  Before checking out on our last day, my husband and I wandered around and I took pictures of many of the rooms.  I especially made sure to take a picture of the chair in the little library/parlor-type room where our guide had said people have seen an apparition of a man smoking and that cigar smoke can sometimes be smelt when no one in the building is smoking cigars.  much of the time I had a jumpy feeling of being watched, but passed it off on the old house atmosphere and the stories I had heard.  Causing an expectation of feeling just such a a way, if you know what I mean.

After returning home and having my film developed, I looked closely at each picture for ghostly signs and to my disappointment didn't find anything.  (Not even in the haunted chair), until I came to the last picture.  In the same room as the cigar smoking ghost, there is a display of Hemingway Memorabilia including a gun he used while hunting in Africa.  Being rather a fan of Hemingway I took a picture of my husband looking at the objects in the display case.  It is this picture that finally showed a ghost.

I can send you the picture if you like.  In it you can see my husband's back.  You can see the top of his head in the mirror on the right.  On the left you can see the level of  my camera and head from the flash at the top of the display case.  Above this in the mirror is a man's face with a large noses and black bags under his eyes.  There was no one else in the room at the time with my husband and I.  And no portraits that could have reflected form the opposite wall.  You can see the shuttered windows opposite the mirror straight though him.  I was very excited to have such a clear picture.  I sent it to the Inn's email address, asking if they had any idea of the apparitions identity.  Well, of course I never did hear back from them.


So, my point is that it may be hard to get anyone related to the museum to confirm any haunting.  Let me know if you want me to send my orb picture and/or the picture with the man's face in the mirror.  Thanks again for answering back.

Lisa C.


PS:  In case you are curious, the Curry Mansion was the home of Florida's first millionaire, William Curry.  He made a lot of money in wrecking.  His son is said to haunt the Hard Rock Cafe on Duval Street.  (Which used to be another family mansion.)  The son killed himself in the vicinity of where the upstairs women's bathroom is now.  Hi ghost is suspected of causing the poltergeist activity in the bathroom.  Our ghost tour guide also said that in the large guest room with a balcony at the front of the Curry Mansion (the window to the right if you are looking at the house) has a ghost of a maid that rips the covers off the guests in the middle of the night.


I decided I had better go ahead and send this picture while I have the time in case you are interested.  We are going out of town again tomorrow.  It was taken on the built in memory of a Kodak EashShare CX4230 that I was given a few days before, for my birthday.  I can count 12-13 orbs.  Some are very small and some are quite faint.  I think a skeptic could say they were caused by the window, but I don't think that explains the different sizes of orbs, nor the small orb on the camera side (not the window side) of my son's hair.  My friend said I must have moisture drops or dirt on my lens.  But this is a brand new camera and no orbs showed up on pictures taken a few minutes after this picture.  I didn't know whether to send a small version of the picture or the original, but I decided you would probably want the original even though the file size makes for longer transfer.  I also have a copy I made where I lightened the exposure, which I think makes the orbs easier to se.  Let me know if you want these other versions.


Lisa C.



From:  Shana

Date: 10 June 2003

Subject:  Orbs



Hi JD, 

Shana here from Eugene.

 I have been taking pictures since March of this year in our home and around our property. I have ventured off into the cemetery where my sister's body lay as well and have captured some beings there too. Here are just a few pictures, I have over 300, of what I know to be orbs and ecto mist. I like to call them beings.
 I am looking to have some experiments done out here and I don't exactly know who to contact. Maybe you can help me out?
 Thank You, Shana




Does anyone know of a ghost hunter group in Eugene that can help Shana?  contact me and I'll forward your information to her.



From Dave B.

Date: 10 June 2003

Subject: Stories


I am not sure if I have encountered a ghost but on several occasions when I was younger I have felt a physical presence while in a state of sleepiness, while lying in bed.  Once, while visiting my parents house and lying in the guest bedroom which had a water bed, I felt the ghost/whatever push down on me and I could feel myself going down into the bed.  During these episodes I am paralyzed and can't move.  I have associated these episodes to a form of night terror or maybe the stoppage of breathing, but in most cases I am just about to fall asleep.  One night in my house (about 8-9 years ago) I was in my bedroom reading on my bed and at the time lived alone.  

I have a cat and he is usually by my side or close by.  I noticed him hissing and stopped my reading to see what was the matter.  He was facing the bedroom door which is the only door to the bedroom.  The door was open to the hallway which adjoins the other 3 bedrooms and rest of house.  I was instantly alarmed because I thought my house had been invaded by someone.  I quickly grabbed my gun and slowly began an inspection of the house room by room to see evidence of a break-in.  I found nothing.  No open or broken windows or open doors.  I didn't hear anything that would have caused me to believe in a break-in.  I scolded my cat and told him that he scared the sh*t out of me!  Later I thought to myself, what did he get all crazy about?  He was facing the hallway and hissed and was in a fighting stance with hunched back and hair puffed out.  Something really scared my cat! 

 I've had roommates who expressed a presence also.  My best friend stayed with me for a while and said he experienced a similar smothering like the kind I experienced.  My sister also said she felt a tap on her shoulder while she was working out with my weights.  She thought it was me, but when she turned around, nobody was there.  I wasn't even home.  I was told a few years ago by my neighbors kids that an old man keeps looking out the window at them (they were always playing in front of my house).  The hairs in the back of my head stood up when I heard this.  I lived alone at the time.  I didn't know what to say.  After a few seconds I told them that the old man didn't like them walking on my fence (low brick wall) and they'd better keep off.  I haven't noticed anything unusual lately.  If I do have a ghost in my house and he gives the appearance of inhabitation while I'm away then it is alright with me, since I live alone.  I am a skeptic of the existence of ghosts since I have never had a clear encounter.  Unlike my youngest sister.  

She claims to have had a real encounter with a ghost.  This happened in the early nineties while she was still living at home with my parents.  As she was preparing for bed she was the only one awake at the time.  She was about to go to the bathroom to brush her teeth and the light in her bedroom was the only light on in the house.  As she turned to go across the hall to the bathroom she noticed a short woman dressed in white walking by in the hallway just at that instance.  The lady looked at her as she went past.  My sister just froze, which is understandable.  She could not believe what she had just seen!  After a minute or two she got enough courage to check the other bedrooms where the lady/ghost was headed.  My other sister was sleeping in one bedroom and my mother was sleeping in the other.  They both were asleep.  When my sister told me this story it made the hairs stick up in the back of my neck and while I'm writing this, it is doing the same.  I love my sister and hope she doesn't suffer from hallucinations.  I don't think she would lie to me.  I believe her but I am skeptical.  

So far she is the only person I know personally who has seen a ghost.  It was a one time deal.  She never saw it again.  I am wondering if some people are more prone to seeing ghost than others.  I am also wondering if animals are more likely to detect ghosts also.  Remember, as I said earlier, my youngest sister also detected a presence of something in my house.  I just thought I'd share my personal "ghost" stories, I hope I didn't bore you.  I will remain skeptical about ghosts and their existence, until I actually encounter one, but I also remain intrigued and don't rule out the presence of spirits, evil spirits or demons amongst us.  I think we all have a sixth sense when it comes to that.




From:  Jason S.

Date:  5 June 2003

Subject:  Mystery Chorus of Mt. St. Helens


Back in the summer of 1967 my parents & I went on a camping trip to Mt. St. Helens. This of course was many years before the mountain blew its top and St. Helens  was still known as the graceful Mt. Fuji of America.

The three of us set up camp in the timberline campground. Only one other  set of campers shared camp with us. While mom tidied up camp, dad and I set out on our adventure. We hiked up the mountain slope, crunching & slipping in the loose pumice gravel, our hearts pounded at that high-altitude, as bees buzzed amongst the delicate alpine flowers. We came upon a memorial which served as both a warning to climbers to not be fooled by the seemingly easy slopes of the mountain, and to commemorate those who had perished at St. Helens.

We came to a glacier where we sheltered in its cool shadow & slaked our thirst from the dripping ice cycles. We were on our way again; across the Planes of Abraham, a barren area of volcano flows. Peculiar pink spiral clouds hung in the sky.

Finally dad & I reached our destination: Ape Canyon. A few years earlier I had first heard of  Sasquatch, and  "the Monster Apes of Oregon" and bizarre accounts from Mt. St. Helens, from Frank Edward's books which introduced me to many of the strange and unusual topics that after all these many years later still fascinate me.

Coming to the allegedly Sasquatch haunted Mt. St. Helens and its sinister Ape Canyon was a like a pilgrimage for me.  It was close to Ape Canyon during the 1920s that a bunch of miners had set up a cabin. It wasn't too long before the miners began to have unfriendly visitors; these visitors were described as being ape like, and worse, they began to scream and throw boulders at the miners shack. This was getting too much for the miners and they began to fight back. This culminated with one ape being shot, whereupon it was seen to fall into a deep and narrow crevasse. This brought about a lull in the attack, which the miners put to good use by packing up and leaving hurriedly. The crevasse from then on became know Ape Canyon.

Dad & I spent an hour or so at this lonely and eerie place. I know for sure that this place was the most weird place I've ever been to.  After a brief lunch of canned sardines, we headed back to camp. Once more we crossed the Planes of Abraham and snow fields & glaciers.

Back at camp mom had a nice evening meal made for us. After sitting around the bon fire for a while we went in the tent and snuggled down into our sleeping bags. We all drifted off to sleep. Sometime later we were roused from our sleep. A blustery wind had blown up, and the tent flaps were flapping. It was not the breeze, however, that caught our attention. In the wind was the sound of many voices. They sounded like male voices all singing in unison. The singing was oh so majestic & solemn. The voices rose and fell upon the wind. Each anthem like "song" merged  into the next. This very awesome concert went on for about an hour, until it faded away, to be replaced by a soft breeze.

What was it that we had heard that evening? I for one do not believe that it was any chorus put on by mere mortals.

Jason S.

PS:  I also wanted to add one small but possibly important aspect of the Mystery Chorus: Although their was singing that sounded as if  some type of language was employed, this  language was not familiar to us; definately not English.

The three of us today believe that what we heard was of a paranormal nature. We believe that we heard the voices of angels that long ago & blustery night.



From: Bill W.

Date 29 May 29, 2003

Subject: Walla Walla haunted apartment


I was perusing your site and the maps of haunted places in eastern Wa./Or. Here's one you can add to the Walla Walla area. In the summer of 2001 my sister was living in an apartment with her Mexican boyfriend in the migrant labor camp that lies right on the border of Washington and Oregon between Walla Walla and Milton-Freewater Oregon. Her boyfriend moved out and as she wasn't a migrant farm laborer, she was having to vacate. She had heard myself and my wife talking about investigating hauntings, and she said that the apartment adjacent to hers had some serious activity and no one would stay in it for more than a few days at a time before fleeing into the night terrified. She stated that if we wanted, she would introduce us to the management before she moved.

We accepted. Here's what we were told:

I think it was apartment 95 A, but it has been so long ago now that I'm not really sure but a phone call could clarify it. Anyway, one couple had a small baby, and the mother had put it down for a nap and her husband was drunk and passed out on the couch in the living room. When she went in to check on the baby it was gone. In a panic she scoured the rooms in the apartment. When she rounded the corner to wake her husband to broaden the search, the baby was lying on his stomach. He had not moved from that spot. They heard and felt other things and left after approximately 3 days.

Another couple were attacked at night and pulled out of bed by some unseen force. In a panic they tried to flee to their local church and this entity got in the car with them. They went to the church, waited until daylight and collected their belongings and left. My sister stated that it often sounded like a party was going on in the apartment, with banging on the walls and other odd noises although the place was empty when she would go out and look through the windows when this was going on.

The building is constructed of cinder block like a college dormitory, so you can imagine the force necessary to be heard through the walls if you pounded on them. We got permission to investigate and were accompanied by a visiting professor of parapsychology from Whitman College there in Walla Walla. We all could feel the entities and they were not good ones I assure you. The professor tried to remove or appease the strongest one with no results. We saw a door actually close in front of us and got numerous anomalies on film of varying speed. I can forward you some of our photo's if you so desire.

Our attempts to record evp's was fruitless as whatever was in there muffled our tapes so badly that you can hardly hear anything, but film proved otherwise. As far as I know, the apartment remains empty to this day.

Bill W.

Bill Wrote me a follow up note and emailed me some photographs


Hello Jeff,

Here are a couple of photo's, one attached herein, with others to follow in individual e-mails. These are just to give you an idea. I have to res-scan them into the system and will send you those. these I have in my hard drive I altered with graphics to highlight the anomalies. I think it best if you see the straight goods.

My sister moved out of those apartments shortly after we investigated it. We are going back over in late June early July and are going to see about a follow up investigation if we can get permission. We have some more equipment that may help us like electromagnetic detectors and infrared video capability, along with our still cameras. The color photo's were shot using 800 speed color, and B&W using 400. As soon as I scan them again I'll send the fresh scans. After we come back from another look, I'll update you.


Bedroom Closet with Orbs


Black and White living room picture


Orbs in upper left hand corner of picture

From: Scott H.

Date: 29 May 2003

Subject: Roy

This is a pleasant ghost story.

We moved into our house in 1982.  We purchased it at auction from an elderly woman who was not able to continue to live in the house alone.  Her husband, Roy, was deceased.  The woman's son moved her to a nursing home in a neighboring state so he could be closer to her.

Shortly after moving in, we started to experience strange things.  The TV would come on in the middle of the night.  The water faucet in the kitchen would turn on while we were in another room.  Lids would rattle on pans.  Sometimes at night we would hear distinct footfalls on the stairs.  One time a dryer full of clothes was found with every piece of clothing turned inside out.  When we heard noises it was evident that our cats were also aware of something and would look down the stairs or into the next room with ears perked and eyes wide.

This went on for several years but, strangely enough, none of these things ever seemed frightening and we started calling our ghost Roy.

Several years later, it occurred to us that we hadn't heard from Roy for awhile.  After considering the possibilities, we realized that his wife had passed away recently.  We firmly believe that all of the time Roy was visiting us, he was looking for his wife.  After her death they were reunited and he no longer came to our house looking for her.


Scott in northern Illinois.

PS: we did miss Roy, but after we figured out (we think) why he was gone, we were happy for him.  We still get a kick out of sharing our story though!


From Tim M.

29 May 29, 2003

Subject: Ghost Dog in Ky


I listened to the program you were on the other night and found it very interesting. I have always kept open the possibility that we may share our existence with other beings and things that we might not be able to explain. Well after years of maintaining an open mind I experienced what I always felt was possible. While walking down an alley in an old Victorian Neighborhood In Louisville Ky. I had an encounter with what I can only describe  as a ghost dog.

It was just about dusk on a summers evening and I had just lit a cigarette. I had it in my right hand, with my right arm extended down at my side. The cigarette was in-between my first two fingers, with the thumb outwards. When I felt what I thought was a dog coming to say hello. It put its snout in-between the opening in my had that was extend down and knocked the cigarette out of my hand. I immediately realized that something was there, I could feel the fur, I said "hey puppy."

This is a general greeting that I have for all dogs; and looked down. It wasnít quite dark yet so I could see everything around me quite well. When I looked down to pet the dog, I could not find one. I looked behind me , beside me and all around me. I could not find a dog. I reached down to pick up my smoke and took a puff. I stood there for a moment and thought about what had just happened. When I realized that I may have just encountered a ghost animal I got sort of creeped out. At that moment I heard off in the neighborhood a dog howl then I got really creeped out, and then almost at the same time every dog in every yard in the surrounding area started barking. I started walking to the next street. Iím sure that they all sensed what I had just encountered. It was very exciting. An open mind will pay off in the long run.

From Nancye E.

Date: 28 May 2003

Subject: Ghost?

Hello Jeff,

My name is Nancye and I live in Birmingham, Alabama. You really DO have a famous name, don't you?

I heard you on Coast to Coast, and decided to send you MY ghost story. I don't know if it is or not, and even if it is, it's not one of the scarier ones that I heard from time to time on Art Bell's Show, now called Coast to Coast with George Noory. So, as Fox News says, "I report, you decide".


I don't know if this is a ghost story or not, but avery strange thing happened to me a few weeks after my favorite aunt, Aunt Lil, died several years ago. I did not see a ghost, nor did I hear a voice, but I'd like to relate this odd happening to you. Aunt Lil was my favorite aunt, and although she'd been sick for a year before her death, I was still very upset when my cousin called to tell me that she'd died.

At the time I lived on the third floor of a condo - the third floor being the top floor. It was a small condo but had a lot of "perks" for one so tiny. One "perk" was a tile foyer, and it was large enough for me to put my grandfather clock and a chest of drawers there. Because of the tile floor, there were times when I either came in or went out of the condo that the clock made a little jingly sound as I passed by it. Those are the little wires behind the pendulum. It NEVER made that sound unless I passed by it.

At the time of my aunt's death I was not working, and since I've never been an early riser, of course I wasn't getting up early then. I mention this because I'm sure some people will say that what I experienced was a vibration of some sort. I feel sure that at the time I got up in the morning that other people, who lived in the building, had already left for work, an no one was slamming doors, etc. if you see what I'm getting at.

Anyway, a couple of weeks after my aunt died, I was sitting in my recliner in the living room, drinking coffee, and listening to a tape of Art Bell's Show that I had recorded the night before, as I usually did. Suddenly, the clock in the foyer began to "jingle" as though someone had passed by it. It startled me, but I got over it. For the next week or so, this continued to happen every day, but only while I was having my morning coffee and the condo was very still and quiet. Then it stopped. It had never happened before and it has never happened since. I was tempted to say, "who is it....is that you Aunt Lil?"

But since the door by the clock was the only way out of that condo, I resisted because I was afraid if "someone" answered me, I'd wouldn't have the nerve to try to run past that clock in the foyer. I now live in another condo with heavy carpets, and the clock is on the carpets, so it never makes that sound anymore even when I walk past it.

I have always thought that Aunt Lil came back to tell me good-bye the only way she could, and since this was only temporary, she only had that much time to do it before she had to move on.

Thank you,

Nancye A.

From: Jeff M.

Date: 28 May 2003

Subject: Haunted House

Dear Jeff,

My name is also Jeff. I've lived in central Tennessee for six months. I moved down here from NW Indiana where I had lived most of my life. I don't have any ghost stories to share with you but there is something that has been buried deep in my mind for many years. It only started to come up to the surface since I started listening to George Noory on the radio this year.

Jeff, from 1974-1982 I lived in an old house with my mother and all our cats. We always had cats. It was just some drafty old house that Mom rented from the owners. Nothing paranormal ever happened there but there has always been something that has bothered me for some 20+ years now. I lived there from age 4 to 12. I used to have the most terrifying nightmares in my sleep. They didn't occur often but when they did they were very scary for a little boy. Whenever I would have a nightmare something like a pair of hands would grab me by my torso and physically assault me in my sleep. The hands gave me a tickling on my sides and it was violent. There were a few times when after awaking from my bad dreams I could still feel the hands on me even when I was awake. I would be completely paralyzed and I would be unable to scream out to my mother for help.

As I have tried to recollect this memory, I also recall numerous times when the cat in the house with me would growl and hiss and its hair stand straight up on its back for no apparent reason as if though he/she were having a stare-down with another animal; however, nothing else was in the room to agitate the cat. Also there was a brief occasion when my mother pulled out a Ouija board and we played with it on the kitchen table. The plastic thing moved when spoken to. Mom swore she wasn't moving it. I sure wasn't doing it. We moved out of the house into town in the Fall of 1982. I have never had a nightmare since. And so I felt it appropriate to bring this matter to you since you are in this field of spooky things.

Jeff, do you feel that there was some other presence in that old house with us? Maybe the spirit of a cranky old man who didn't like kids?

Jeff M.

From Barbara

Date: 28 May 2003

Subject: Ghost Book



Hell-o Mr. Davis Ė

I heard you on last night's Coast to Coast and your information was phenomenal and very helpful and "right on" based on my 50+ years of living in homes and working in buildings with ghosts.

You repeatedly explained a complex subject with wonderful simplicity and practical advise - Thank you.  I had to go to bed unfortunately, so I missed the end, but I hope George Noory invited you back. I am just beginning to write an account of my paranormal experiences myself as a project and I would respectfully ask if you would permit me to mention your website which interested parties could refer to and order your materials as well.

I don't want to reinvent the wheel or even dare to come close to all the research you have done.  But your information is so important that it warrants sharing and would complient my accounts. If you would prefer that I do not mention your website (which is excellent) I would respect your wishes.

Please advise at your earliest convenience.

Sincerely, Barbara H.

Below is a paraphrase of the private reply I sent Barbara:

Hello Barbara:

Thank you for asking my permission to use my website and materials. I do not mind helping out people starting out writing about their own ghostly experiences. Recently other publishing companies have made profits out of my work, so long as you donít work for XXXXXXXXXXXXXX Publishing Company it is alright.

From: Dennnis S.

Date: 28 May 2003

Subject: House in Chehalis

I was living with a girl friend in her motherís house. Built around 1900 outside of Chehalis WA. I was told of strange happenings in the house and was both skeptical and open minded. Sounds of footsteps going up the stairs, accompanied by a strange shadow that gave the impression of a bent over old woman, with an animal growing out of her back. Yeah believe this, the TV turning itself on in the middle of the nite (dysfunctional TV?) and various other minor incidents. I kept seeing groups of shadow people immovable and explainable, but still rather odd because Iíve never experienced that any where else before...(whoops I guess I have.)

Anyway my feelings were that imaginations were the source of this until one nite. Our bedroom was just off the main entrance, we were in bed. It seems the wind was blowing, realized later it wasn't the bell and chain on the outside door was rattling... then the chain on the inside of the door began rattling... in a second, this is all taking place outside our bedroom door in the main entrance hall, we heard the skittering of small clawed feet on the floor and sensed a presence that moved past our door and further into the house. Then a loud crash.

My girlfriend was too scared to investigate, but I figured it was something innocuous. I found the source of the crash a stack of four or five laundry baskets had fallen over.... no clue to what caused it... it was then I realized the wind was not blowing and there was no explanation for the rattling at the door... I later found out a musician female casual friend of mine had hung herself that nite... hang onto your seat here comes the grabber. These occurrences got me wondering if there really was something going on here.

And with that in mind, I walked around for half a day with the thought, almost like a chant   "if you're out there and need some help or have something to say le me know... I took a hot shower and while passing the steamed up mirror, I noticed two finger smudge marks on it that mildly gave the impression of eyes.... this got my mild attention until the fog started clearing from the mirror... and whoa! In the mirror, there was now a clear image of a man. Very curious... it was like was on the other side of the mirror a perfect 3-d image though black and white...head and shoulders of a bearded grizzly old man in leather fringe jacket ...like an old pioneer trapper... it" funny when you experience something like this ...I didn't really react in anything but wonder, my girl friend happened to pass outside the room. All I said was come here look at this... she looked and said oh my god and so help me that is all me ever said about it. dennisshain@yahoo.com

A Follow up note from Dennis S.

Hi Jeff

Yeah it was written in a hurry, informally but it sure was strange. I no longer live there. The funniest thing is our reaction.... it seems like a state of shock. Really not frightened, or even paying it much mind. I had a similar experience when I lived outside of Mossyrock , out in the woods at a cabin. I came out in the yard , and was greeted by a loud weird scream. My reaction was to think oh. Itís nothing; a cougar perhaps.... And I just went about my business. A few years later, I heard the same sound again on the art bell show. Sasquatch

From: Jim A.

Date: 28 May 2003

Subject: Camp Ghost

My first time I ever camped in the La Pine, OR. area was interesting to say the least. I'm sensitive to my surroundings so this didn't come as a surprise. I'd set up camp early on an August day it was a beautiful warm week. That first night I awoke feeling not alone. What I describe as being half in and half out of my body I looked out of my tent at the river. What I saw was a tribe of Indians passing my campsite' A women stopped and looked at me ' I could feel her asking me what I was doing here. I communicated that I meant no disrespect nor harm. She and her child then passed by. I watched in awe as group of people passed' each staring at me. Once again I communicated I meant no disrespect; I then closed my tent flap and slept.

The following day and that evening, I burned sage and ask for permission to camp at this spot. I felt at ease and was not troubled the rest of my stay. On the summer of 2002, it was not such a comforting stay there was a negative force there this time. I was plagued by uneasiness and nightmares. I witnessed sprits jumping from tree to tree. My wife also experienced this yet we stayed. I again burned sage but this only quieted the sprits a little. I can say these were not the natives I'd seen before. The only thing I can think of is that at another campsite there were boisterous partygoers. Iíve known that can open doors to neg. entities. I haven't made it back this year but I will this is my favorite spot to relax. Iíve done blessings and also trained in martial arts beyond the physical so I'm not a crackpot. Thank you for this op. to tell of an experience.

From: Eric L.

Date: 27 May 2003

Subject: Our Haunting


Found your site on the coast-to-coast web site.  I would like to share with you the things that go on in our house.  I have been told it is a simple haunting, but I don't think there is anything simple about it.

The house was built in 1957, nobody has died in it, and we contacted the original owners to even verify that. We moved into the house in 1976, when I was about 14.  From the first I knew there was something a bit odd.  Most of the things that happened were small. Mostly items being missing then found elsewhere in the house. I moved into the back part of the house later for more privacy.  That is when things really bothered me.  At night I could feel somebody sit down and even sometimes lay down besides me. I could look and see an outline of a person.  Several times the TV would turn itself on, mind you this was a TV that did not have a remote and you had to pull on the knob to turn it on. This persisted until we moved out of the house. I later got married and when my first daughter was 2 years old we moved back into the house.

My first daughter Alexandra would tell us about a woman on the wall.  Evidently, this person would sometimes tuck her in at night and even get her a glass of water.  I watched one night as a glass of water moved from the kitchen to her bedroom, but I could not see anything that was moving it. I finally agreed to let her move into my old room even though I knew that more strange things would happen in there. Still a lot of stuff disappears and then reappears. Alex even tells us the entity talks to her on occasion.  Thinking she was having a breakdown we sent her to counseling for over a year. The counselor came to our house, I think in an attempt to prove to her that no such thing could happen.  I am not sure what he experienced but he said he would never come in our house again, and asked the preacher to come and bless the house.  That had no effect one way or the other.

Alex was 12 when we had Anna.  A rough childbirth, and right of the bat a special needs child. Anna has sensory problems or at least that is wheat the doctors call it. She is 2 1/2 now and still does not speak much. Sometimes you could watch her and her head would move as if she were tracking something.  This bothered me much, as I could not see what she was did see.  When she was 1 we she had several grand mal episodes.  one time I had just put her back to bed, had walked into the bathroom, upon coming back into the room I felt something beside me. I looked down and Anna had been tucked in completely, no way for her completely cover herself up from head to toe.  Other things happened such as toys being put in her baby bed at night.  We had to quit using the baby monitor the evp was driving us crazy, sometimes we could her a woman speaking other times a man, mostly we could hear another baby crying, even when Anna was in the same room as us.  We are the only people in the area with a baby, and the closest house is over 1500 feet away, as we live in the countryside.

Last year we went to New Orleans, and took a trip to Oak Alley.  When we were there Anna pointed a person and said maw her word for grandmother.  I looked and there was on old lady dressed in a black dress, almost like the dresses that the workers had on.  I inquired of our guide why the old lady was dressed in black.  I was told "You just seen our ghost,  none of the workers dress in black."  I was not the only one who saw her, my wife and both my daughters did as well.  I am very sure that Anna sees our ghost in our house,  I for some reason don't have the ability to see it,  only  some of the things it does.

My wife also has had some of the experiences that I have had. Things moving around, things disappearing. And yes sometimes she even feel somebody sit down in bed besides her after I leave to go to work.   My wife is a sensitive and has premonitions and visions, and  is usually correct.  I think some of her talents have passed to the children only they seem to have greater abilities. 

In 1996, my grandfather Frank went back to West Virginia, he was not in good health and uncle Carl placed him in a nursing home. My dad went up there to visit him. When he came back the first thing my wife said was the we both my dad and I needed to get black suits, my dad shrugged of the idea and said no. Later that night I had an experience. I woke up, my grandfather was standing besides me and told me it was time to talk. We talked most of the night about lots of family business.  I called my dad at 4 am and was shocked the same thing had just happened to him.  at 5 am we got the call that granddad had passed away.  It is not the first time that I spoke with somebody before they died, I find the whole experience a but unnerving.

So what do you think, a simple haunting or something a little bit more.

Eric  in Cottondale, Alabama.

For what it is worth our ghost does not seam to be a mean spirit, it could have by now done bad things, but never has.  

My Reply to the above note:

Hi Eric,

Thanks for sharing your story. I don't think your haunting is simple. It's not dangerous or disturbing, but very complex and active. If your house is in the south, as you know, there may have been a house on the property prior.  The ghost may have stayed on even after the old house was replaced.

Except for the baby monitor it sounds like you have a good relationship with your spirits too.   By the sound of it, you and your family are all highly psychic and "vibrate in a wide bandwidth" as one of my psychic friends puts it.  What that means is you are all so open that you attract spirits with similar auras that kind of latch on to you.  You are probably "light" people.  I'm sure you have heard that dark people attract dark events and such.


Jeff Davis

His Return reply:

Yes you may post the story,  yes the house is in the south, just outside of Tuscaloosa Alabama. I don't know if there was a previous house our not,  during the civil war a lot of houses and the griss mill down the road about 1/2 from us was burnt down to the ground so there might be.  I have been trying to research the land patents, but have had no luck.  I had found some signs of human dwelling before about 150 feet from the house it would appear at one time to have been a livestock farm.

At first I was bothered by it, but after all the years it does not scare me,  the children seem to be at ease with it as well.  I will say this the spirit is active allot does not seem to mater time of day either.  I have never seen it, but I have seen some of the things that it has done.   Like I said if it would have been evil we would not be here now.  Now and again it does something so strange it does surprise me.

And yes my family has always been  I guess the word would be sensitive to these kind of things.  My cousin Robin had a negative experience at a farm house in Front Royal Virginia at an old farmhouse. I was present during one of the events when furniture flew around the room.  Needless to say my uncle Jim did not keep the house long.  I understand that the house they had a murder suicide had taken place.  I will have to talk with her and get her to post there story as she can tell you more about what happened.   funny thing is Robin will not come in our house, says she does not like the vibrations.

For the most part we have learned to live with our ghost/spirt or whatever you would call it.  

From: SJ

Date: 27 May 2003

Subject: Ghost photos


Thank you for the fine explanation of photo anomalies and the like. If only all the goofy people who send their "ghost" photos in to Coast to Coast would read it.


From: Lynne

Date: 27 May 2003

Subject: Haunted House


My name is Lynne I was 15 yrs old. I had been returning from spending and late afternoon with my best friends house. She lived about a quarter mile from my house and it was early dark. I had approached an old abandoned house that was surrounded by blackberry bushes. This house was never threatening to me because I had ground up with its nonuse. Suddenly a man in his mid 20ís appeared. He was dressed like someone from the Great Gatsby. He said

"Hello," said it was a beautiful night. My dog, who was a very calm St. Bernard was completely going nuts....barking and keeping us separate from each other. I said I was OK. He walked down the road. I followed. He completely disappeared from my view as I was watching him... I was terrified. As he had walked towards my home.

From: Duane G.

Date 27 May 2003

Subject: Grants Pass Ghosts

Hi Jeff,

It was a pleasant surprise to hear you on Coast to Coast AM last night.  I'm glad to hear your back safe and sound.  You were just getting your things together and preparing to leave for over seas. 

I have another picture of a haunted building here in Grants to send you as soon as I get there to take one.  It is now an antique store.  It used to be a funeral home.

I spoke to the owners who told me that they have seen things fly off the shelves.  They said that the ghost didn't like one of the people who worked there.  When she came down stairs she would find things blocking her way back down.  The things weren't there when she went up.

I get the picture of the outside see if they mind if I take picture on the inside.  I'll send you what ever I get.

Duane G.

From: Anonymous

Date: 27 May 2003

Subject: Haunted Hospital

Hello Jeff,

I listened to the entire show last night on Coast To Coast, and I was spellbound. Congratulations on a great experience. I have a story about a "ghost" in a hospital. At least that what everyone called her. I often wonder if in fact she was a guide into the next realm. I was working at this hospital in Columbia Missouri in the early 1980s. Mostly I worked the night shift.

As time went by, as nurses do when time is slow, stories got told. One that was constantly told, and frankly some that told me the story kind of surprised me, as many of them were of the Christian faith, and my experience has been that most Christians balk at the idea of ghosts. It went like this.

The ghost was called " the blue lady. " Quite often, on the Cardiac ICU, patients would report seeing a blonde haired woman in a blue nightgown out on the roof of the hospital. The way the ICU was built was actually on the roof of the first floor of the hospital. So the windows of the rooms overlooked the roof. Many times patients would be adamant about seeing her out there. The down side to these episodes was that nearly every patient that saw her, died within 24 hours.

This pattern was consistent. Although there were exceptions.

So, I have always kind of believed she was possibly a guide, as none of those who saw her ever got upset. You can post this if you want; I just wanted to tell you this story.

From: Ed T.

Date: 27 May 2003

Subject: Nursing Home Ghost


I listened to you on coast-to-coast Saturday night 5/25/03 and it was very interesting. I'm 100% sure there is something in this world be it ghosts or spirits I donít know but I think I had an encounter one night in a nursing home I deliver drugs to. I went in as usual and all the nurses were upset because a TV kept coming on after they shut it off. They were scared so like a nice guy I am I went in and only said "You can watch TV but when youíre done please turn it off so you donít scare the nurses any more."

Well I walked out, the TV went off, and I heard a thank you. I donít know if I managed it or someone said thank you which ever the TV has never come on and the nurses have not had any strange things happen since. I told the nurses that they want to be friends and donít want to be harmful or be harmed and that if you tell them your really busy and donít have time to play they will leave you alone. So far so good no troubles. So keep up the good work and hope to hear you an there again someday

Ed T.

From: Jack W.

Date 27 May 2003

Subject: Reverse Speech


About 10 years ago I studied reverse speech after hearing the topic on the Art Bell Show. I have become quite good at it. Some interesting facts...it is not phonetic. I have become convinced it is a means of communicating with the other side, which means both low and high spirits come in. Many students of Reverse Speech drop it as they are frightened by some of the messages. One can recognize when the lower spirits come in by their language and tone (I call them "The Nazis"). They no longer bother me. In 1997, I put together a dictionary of terms.

Interesting enough, one definition was: "Ground Zero - A spatial position where something big is going to happen (Earth)."


Jack P. W.

From Rick W.

Date: 27 May 2003

Subject: Ghosts in Michigan


I was listening to you on Coast to Coast this morning and was wondering if you had any information on ghost and such things in Michigan.  If not do you know someone I could contact that would have?

By the way I am not sure I believe in ghosts.  You were talking about hospitals; well I work at the oldest state hospital in Michigan, maybe in the United States.  I also work the night shift there.  You would think it would be a prime place for ghosts to hang out, but I have never seen one or heard of anyone else that has.

Thanks Rick W

Hi Rick,

I am sorry I do not know anyone who works on ghost and ghost hunting in Michigan.  There is an online bookseller called Invisible Ink.  I think their website is still: www.invisibleink.com you may be able to find some references there.  They specialize in books on the paranormal, with a state by state listing.

I think it is good that you are skeptical about ghosts. That way, if something happens to you, you know that you did not see something paranormal because of wishful thinking. I have never seen an apparition, though the other things, objects appearing, moving, etc.  have happened to me. It is interesting that you have not seen or felt something, given where you work.  Have you talked with any of the other workers there? There are other stories in this months collection coming from nursing homes and hospitals

I suggest you keep researching and hopefully (if you want) you will eventually have some kind of paranormal experience. 


Jeff Davis

From Paul W.

Date: 27 May 2003

Subject: Haunted House

Dear Mr. Davis,

I live in H*********, WA, in a house that is very much haunted-the ghosts are friendly, and have caused us no harm, yet the appear at least once every month or so. Sometimes footsteps can be heard, sometimes voices, and a sighting by one of our house guests over the Christmas Holiday. Thought you might be interested.

Paul W

From: Steve B.

Date: 27 May 2003

Subject: House in Ashland

Hi Jeff,

Looking forward to listening in on Coast to Coast tonight. I grew up in Ashland, OR and have a true story for you. In 1983, I was dating a girl whose stepfather owned a home in talent, Oregon. His name was ***** ******* and the home sat in the middle of sunshine orchards off of valley view road.

The house at one time was a hunting lodge, verry old with beautiful wood paneled walls, ceilings, etc. and a huge basement. It was rumored that the original owner was killed on the front steps by a disgruntled worker many years ago. When his ghost was near you would smell sweet pipe smoke. Almost every time we left the house, upon return the telephone would be moved to the bottom of the stairs of the basement. No one ever wanted to go down there- and no one was home when this always happened-the stairway must have been 20 feet down.

One night we had some friends over and were playing pool and listening to rock music. The ghost would usually act up when changes were being made to the house. I guess it didnít like our music. The stereo speakers on the wall on each end of the game room came off the walls and gently set on the floor. This happened in front of about 4-5 of us. Two of them ran from the house and refused to return later. We went to play cards. We opened several full decks and they were cut clean thru at weird angles-all 52 cards in three different decks.

Later my girl friend and I went to bed as my friends slept in my van or had left, walking clear back to town. Within minutes the bed raised in the air and was slammed to the ground. That was it, we got out. Another time the ghost laid a lamp on my chest as I slept. The house was sold but is still there, I drive buy once in a while and remember having to go after that phone- down that endless flight of stairs into darkness....

Good luck tonight,


From: Debra

Date: 24 May 2003

Subject: Ghostly Chills

Hi Jeff!

Deb here, originally from Portland and now live in Eugene. I just hung up from being one of the callers on the Coast to Coast line, but unfortunately after an hour and a  half of calling and them waiting. There wasn't time to fit me in. But I held on even after the show was over thinking I could at least ask you my question. Hey, I don't mind - I was lucky enough even to get through to be on hold! I wanted to tell you it was a fun and fascinating show and you did great!

I have about 10 personal experiences to share and now that I've found your website I will type them in sometime. But what I was wondering is this: In every instance of my brushes with the supernatural there has been an incredible cold feeling, usually in the mid-section, that seems to go right through me and "chill me to the bone", as they say. And even though I am fascinated and would love to ghost hunt or actually try to contact the ghosts, I can't seem to get over the fear.

Do YOU feel that incredible cold and fear sensation and how do you rise above it? Or do you just ignore it? My last encounter was about a year ago, I was alone in a house where I had felt a ghost and I knew he wanted to make contact and I kept saying "Don't show yourself to me, I don't want to be scared!". But I regret now that I could not be brave, I've found out since he was a nice man and the father of six who choked on a chicken bone. He had a sense of humor, too. So how can I be brave and seek out what I really love - the experiences that only "the other side" can bring? Thanks so much!   Deb


Hi Debra,

I think it is possible to rise above the natural reluctance you have to "opening" yourself up to spiritual contact.  You are probably having two separate kinds of responses, both physical and psychic.  You may be getting them confused.

Let me see if I can phrase this right.  What may happen is that you have an intuitive sense that you are near a spirit.  When this happens your body develops a physical response... the cold feeling in the pit of your stomach, the hair on your arms and neck standing up on it's own, your heart beating faster, your mouth getting dry.  These physical responses are all natural when your mind knows that there is some kind of confrontation.  The ghost itself it not causing all of this.  It's called the fight or flight response.   It's all natural.  Just like standing on the high dive at the swimming pool.

I guess the trick is recognizing that everyone goes through this.  I do, and every other ghost hunter does.  It's your body's way of preparing you to either run away or stand your ground.  The decision is yours.  Just recognize that, take a deep breath and move slowly and deliberately.  It take practice to harness this power, but it can be done when you know that the ghost is not attacking you, it's just your body "rev-ving" itself up. 

 I hope this helps.

 Jeff Davis    

From: Linda M.

Date: 24 May 2003

Subject: Haunted Restaurant in Cottage Grove

My son works at a local Perkins restaurant near our house.  One night, while he was taking a break, he looked up and saw a woman dressed in flowered shirt, and a long striped skirt, walk through the entrance. (And I mean walk through, not open the door) and walk through the kitchen wall.

There have been reports of computers turning on by themselves, and programs opening up that need a managers code. Sounds of running water and toilets flushing have also been heard. I asked around, and there was a farm on that site before Perkins. and thereís an old pioneer cemetery just a couple of lots down.

My son had been in a car accident and suffered a mild traumatic brain injury.  I hear it isnít uncommon for people with brain injuries to see ghosts. Well. That's our story. 

Have a great day
Linda M.

From: Jack T.

Date: 24 May 2003

Subject: Haunting in Port Townsend B&B

Briefly, about myself: I was born and raised in Northern, CA, Sonoma County.  A couple of years ago I moved up here to Seattle to attend Antioch University where I study Depth Psychology and Art. 

What happened:  October before last (2001), for my birthday my girlfriend took me to Port Townsend for a stay at ***********  Bed and Breakfast on Adams Street. For those of you who aren't familiar with PT (as I have heard Port Townsend called), Adams Street is above downtown, in what is referred to as "Uptown." It is about two or three blocks away from the cliff that overlooks Downtown. Anyway, we stayed in one of the rooms there.  It was fairly nice, but the place felt more like a house than a B&B.

That weekend there happened to be a film festival that we caught by accident.  We saw a late night film and were quite tired, so we returned to our room and conked out.  The next thing I new, I was having a ghost experience: Two children, dressed in black, were next to my bed, pulling at my arm trying to wake me up. A few feet from the foot of the bed, two adults were standing, a man and a woman, also dressed in black, watching. I could see the entire room perfectly, even though my body was asleep. I finally woke up (with a moan) (or my body woke up), as they continued to tug at my arm.

When my eyes opened, I was in the exact same position that I saw while I was asleep. The light was the same; the room was the same; everything was the same except the two children and the two adults (a couple?) were gone. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to tell the owner; she might have been interested. Well, I hope you found this interesting. 

Thanks, and keep your eyes open,


From: Charles M.

Date: 19 May 2003

Subject: Liberty Theater in Astoria


I have been looking for information on the hauntings at the Liberty Theater in Astoria Oregon. I noticed that you did not have anything listed on your web site and was wondering if you might have something that is not listed or if you could help direct me in the right direction.

I used to work there from 1997-1999 and have hand strange photos and happenings. I know there is a story in there and am just trying to study it.

Thank you for your time and help,

Charles M.

My reply to the note above:

HI Charles,

I think the book you are looking for is titled: Twilight Visitors, by Dave Oester and Sharon Gill.  They sell it via their website, the International Ghost Hunter Society.  I don't have the url for the site. However, an internet search will find it.  They have over a million hits on their web counter. 

I was in Astoria in the late 1990s when I was working on my first book,  Ghosts and Strange Critters... but I was stopped by circumstances.  The place was shut and I couldn't locate the owner.  I also talked with the local Historical Society, who told me that some of the stories of the murder in the theater were not factual.  I put it on hold at the time and then just lost track of the idea.  If you do learn more, would you share it with me and I'll post it on my website.


Jeff Davis

From: XxMoNkEyLuV420xX@aol.com 

Date: 11 May 2003

Subject: Our haunting

When I was about two years old, my family lived in a shelter home in Dover, Delaware. This story has been told to me many times, so it is kept fresh in my memory. One night my sister got the top bunk in our room and my mom and I got the bottom, my dad slept on the floor with a few spare blankets. My mom had suddenly woken in the middle of the night around 2:00, by a chilling breeze. Then she noticed something different and realized my mom's pillow was gone.

She thought my dad had taken it so she reached over me onto the floor and felt around for a few minutes before she found a pillow. She then picked it up not realizing that this was my dads and he got mad as his head suddenly banged against the hard floor. He woke with a start and tried to get up to retrieve his pillow from my mom. When suddenly a cold hand pushed him back to the floor and held him pinned their for quite some time before leaving. He remembered that he only felt four fingers on the ghosts hand and the pinky was missing. My parents discussed their stories of the night before in the morning and they found the missing pillow in the storage closet down the hall. We left that shelter home four days later.

From: Ed B.

Date: 9 May

Barbary Banjo Restaurant in Victoria B.C.


Hi Jeff

I was over in Victoria last weekend and managed to explore that part of town. The Barbary Banjo was located in the basement of the Board of Trade Building located at 31 Bastion Square. The kitchen of the Banjo was located at the front of the building while the main room with stage and bar etc. was back of the kitchen and can be viewed through the windows located on the side alley. I took a (non-digital) picture I can send you by post (or I may be able to have a digital copy made) in near future.

Good luck on your research.

Ed B.

The Building where the Barbary Banjo was located is currently empty and advertised as being for lease. The restaurant was located in the basement.

From: Jill L.

Date: 8 May 2003

Subject: Haunted Restaurant in Portland


Dear Jeff,

I have recently moved to Portland from Florida, and have been enjoying the area very much, so far. I don't know too much about Portland, but about two weeks after my arrival, I discovered a wonderful place called, The Rose and the Raindrop restaurant, and public house. I was so excited with my find, because this is a fabulous place! A gorgeous restaurant and even better bar! The atmosphere is rich of the splendors of life in old Portland, and staff very eager to serve.

The story actually begins when I found myself in need of the restroom. After shutting myself in the stall, I heard someone say, "Go ahead, it's all right."

I really didn't think much of it, and went about my business. I did notice that no one entered any of the stalls, or used the faucets. When I opened the door, and came out to the mirror, I determined there was no one there. I put my lipstick on, and washed my hands. As I was reaching for the door, someone right over my left shoulder said loudly, and suddenly, "Easy there, girl." 

Strangely enough, in the women's room, it was definitely a mans voice. Not mean, or menacing, but kindly and caring. Sort of like a man telling me to watch my step in case I should slip. I did not feel afraid, only perplexed, and I turned around a few times to make sure no one was behind me.

I went out to my table, and told my companions about the incident. Of course, no one truly believed what I told them, but no one wanted to go in with me to look again. I have been back twice since the incident, and have witnessed no unusual events, but the hair on the back of my neck stands up every time.  I continue to love the place, and would recommend it to anyone just for the food and service alone.

Thanks for listening to my story.
Jill L.

My reply to the note above:

Hi Jill,

Thanks for sharing your story.  It was very interesting.  I've visted the Rose and Raindrop a few times myself.  It used to be called Digger O'Dell's.  It was originally a mortuary house. 

It sounds like your ghost dates to the time after it was a mortuary place.  I recall that in the past one of the cooks felt a presence there in the kitchen.  The manager was a skeptic who was always putting the cook down.  One evening all of the pots hanging on the walls and wracks started banging and clanging...

I'll share your your story in the next update of my "other people's ghosts" section.  That will be a while though.  I do it every two months or so.  If you like slightly tatty places, I really like the Elephant and Castle, located just on the other side of the Willamette River.  Kell's Irish Pub is just up the street from the Elephant and Castle.  Both of these places are haunted too!

 Please let me know if you have any other haunted encounters.

 Jeff Davis

From: Marie

Date: 2 May 2003

Subject: Haunted Refrigerator

Hi Jeff,

I saw that movie Amityville Horror and I tell you that movie scared the heck out of me. I had a big house like that when I lived in Upstate N.Y. The day I saw the movie I didn't sleep that night. I don't understand some people. They faked the things that were going on in that house. I really believed it until I read the newspaper.

I had something strange happen here in my apartment. I cooked some meat and put it in the fridge and the next day it was on the stove. I asked my husband and he didn't touch it. So if I didn't touch it and he didn't then who?

I will let you know if anything else happens.Have a great weekend

Sincerely, Marie


Hi Marie,

I agree with you about Amityville.  It was so disappointing to find out that it was all a fake.  But life and the afterlife are full of dubious stories.  Even so, it does tend to make you look twice at houses that look like a famous haunted one.  Take Dark Shadows.  Now I want to have all 150 watt lightbulbs in my houses. 

About your meat eating ghost.  Too bad there weren't any teeth marks in it.  Did you throw it out as spoilt?  Or did you eat it?


Marie's return reply to my note:

From Marie (reply)

Date: 4 May 2003

Subject: Haunted Refrigerator

Hi Jeff, I wish there were teeth marks on that meat. I know I put it in the fridge. Oh well this mystery cannot be solved. LOL

My husband has a friend that will eat anything. I told him the truth that I called Poison Control and the girl said to pitch it or you will get really sick. He wanted it so I let him have it. I am Very Surprised that he didn't get sick. I felt bad at first because I really didn't want to throw it out. I spent a lot of time making those darn meat balls. This experience has taught me a lesson. Every night I will look at the stove and see if there is anything on it before I go to bed. It will be a long time before I make any meat balls.

My husband just reminded me of a little incident that happened a long time ago.

My mother-in-law used to go to Florida every January and February when her husband passed away. We had to go there to pick up some sheets she bought us. Well we looked and looked and couldn't find them. We left and something told us to go back. I felt a little funny going back but I am glad I did.

When we went back I heard a little voice saying look in the hall closet. I could feel my father-in-law. I really mean I could feel his presence even though I didn't see him.

I would have liked to see him because he was one of the kindest, intelligent, giving person I have ever met. He treated me like a daughter. Anyway at his funeral there were three hundred people. He had a high position at the Post Office.

I still think about him and pray for him.

Sincerely, Marie

From Red Earth Mage

Date: 1 May 2003

Subject: Indian School


I have grown up hearing stories of the Old Indian School here in Salem. There is the new building Chemawa, but next to it somewhere, I have yet to visit this area I am Native American too and need some time to research it, but anyhow, next to the new high school is supposed to be the grounds of the first school . I have found some pictures of it, one is from 1901, showing a white building and another building close by. But since I didn't see it on your website, I was wondering if you have ever looked into it? The main story that sticks in my head is my old friend said she 'saw' little boy jump out of the second story window. The rest being cold and badly beaten. Then it was of course' all gone'

Hello Red Earth Mage,

Thank you for asking about the old Indian School.  I had not heard that it was haunted.  Though it does not surprise me.  It was a hard life for the children faced to live away from their families in those old institutions.  I hope it was better when you went to school. 

I do not know if I can help you with your research.  Perhaps the people at the Mission Mill Museum would have some references you might be able to check out? If you do find out more, I would like to post your story on my website.

Thanks again for writing.  I'm sorry I could not tell you more in return.

Jeff Davis





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