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In recent weeks it has come to my attention that certain parties are using my ghost stories and those of my contributors as references for their own commercial enterprises.  If you or someone you know is writing a book on ghosts in the Pacific Northwest, PLEASE DO NOT!!! copy or use the following stories or any other materials within this website as references.  

Jefferson Davis (25 April 2003)



DATE:  1 May 2005

FROM:  Gema

SUBJECT:  First Infrared Cameras 


After emailing you I spent a while on the Internet and discovered exactly what I wanted to know. I have copied the details to the end of this email for you, as I thought you might find them interesting.

 I'm not ghost hunting by the way. I have some in my house but they are apt to not oblige you by being around when you have a camera handy, let alone loaded with infrared film:-))  They don't show up much these days but haunted me when I first bought the house.  These ghosts only let me HEAR them but my little daughter (since grown up and left home) could see them when she was a toddler.

 If I thought I could have a camera ready and get a picture of them I'd certainly try but I could be waiting around for YEARS with my ghosts:-D


1839 Photography was invented.

In the year 1800, a German astronomer living in England, Sir Frederick William Herschel (1738-1822), discovered the infrared.

Note of interest: 1993 (infrared photography) Infrared photography reveals previously invisible details on fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

 Infrared (just infrared, not infrared photography) was discovered in the early 1800's by Sir William Hershel. He discovered upon moving a thermometer across the spectrum of colors that the heat would increase towards red. As he continued to move the thermometer passed the red the heating continue to rise. This area is what we call Infrared or also known as "Below Red".

 1931 (October 7th)  Infrared photography first publicly demonstrated.  This was not the world's first infrared photograph but the first to show human faces photographed in complete darkness.

 This day is the anniversary of the first public demonstration of infrared photography.

The spectrum of light visible to human eyes is only a small part of the full range of electromagnetic radiation, so we have invented tools capable of detecting the radiation invisible to us. Infrared radiation exists at a wavelength just a bit too long for our eyes to pick it up; it lies just beyond the visible red light on the spectrum. Even though our eyes can't detect it, infrared radiation feels warm on our skin -- and with infrared-detecting equipment, we can "see" in the dark by detecting heat sources.

 In 1930 and 1931, researchers at the Eastman Kodak company found several ways to make photographic film more sensitive to infrared light. On October 7, 1931, about 50 research engineers were assembled in an auditorium at the Eastman Kodak headquarters in Rochester, New York. They sat quietly -- in a "ghostly silence," according to news reports -- as the room's lights were turned off. The entire group was photographed in total darkness, with a one-second exposure of the latest infrared-sensitive film.

Within fifteen minutes, the photograph was developed and printed, and the face of every person in the room was clearly visible in the picture. This was not the world's first infrared photograph, but it was the first infrared photo taken with simple and speedy equipment, and the first photo that distinctly showed humans in a pitch-black room.

Today, infrared photography is used by anyone who needs to see in the dark -- for such purposes as catching burglars, watching enemies, filming wildlife or studying distant astronomical objects



DATE:  4 May 2005

FROM:  T.C. 

SUBJECT:  Oregon

 Hello there, Mr. Davis. It's been quite a while since I last talked to you so I thought that I would just try to keep in touch here. I haven't gone out on any new investigations lately. Been way too busy for that recently. How about you? Have you had a chance to make it to Eastern Oregon yet? If you get some free time, be sure to email me back. Hope to hear from you soon

Wenatchee, WA



DATE:  19 May 2005

FROM:  Joan E.

SUBJECT: Portland Ghosts

My daughter and grand-daughter live in an duplex- type apartment building in the vicinity of 148th and S.E. STARK  street.  This the S.E. Portland area.  It started four years ago with lights and stereos coming on by them selves.  Piles of unexplained pennies would appear.  My daughter lived there alone at the time and was concerned, but not really bothered at the time. After her seventeen year old daughter moved in two years ago things got worse. 

 Her daughters hair would be pulled from behind and she could feel as if someone scratched  her head, but no marks appeared.  One day when some friends were there, one saw a form of a young girl with long hair, white dress and her shoulders pressed tightly together go from the washer and dryer closet across the hall and disappear into a bedroom. The girl departed the house fast and frightened.  I wondered if you or someone has heard of anything in this area.  They have grown used to the happenings and feel it is a small child playing pranks.  I won't stay there as I feel a different type of being.

 Thanks, Joan



DATE:  5 June 2005

FROM:  Marjie L.

SUJBECT; This is M.J.


I was reading all the stories on your web site. I have a friend who has been having a lot of activity in her old home.  It was built in 1924 and she lives real close to a large canyon called nicknamed "mini grand canyon. She hears and sees things all the time. What should she do or how should she call.  She lives in Central Oregon, called Terrebonne.  7 miles outside of Redmond, Oregon.



DATE:  22 June 2005

FROM:  Salem C.

SUBJECT:  Haunted House in Independence, Oregon

 I lived in a haunted house in Independence Oregon.  I was really too young to remember it, but my parents say that she rocked me to sleep when I was a baby.  One thing I do remember is I had a playroom off the side of the living room.  The railroad tracks ran right down the middle of the street. I would run out and watch the train pass every day.  One day I ran out of the play room to watch the train (leaving it completely trashed) when I returned a few minutes later, the room was spotless, all my toy cars were lined up around the outside of the room according to size.

 I remember thinking that my Mom must have done it or something, it wasn't until I was older that I realized that there in no way that she (or any one for that matter) could have cleaned it up in the few seconds it took for the train to pass.  My parents say that she was always cleaning up after us, cleaning dishes, moping the floor, etc.  There was one other occasion in which the cover for the birdcage went flying across the room. I say she cuz my parents say the house used to be a brothel, or rather, the building behind it was, and the house was where the madam lived.  Patrons would arrive on the train, pay at the house, then do their "business" in the building behind the house. By the way, the building behind the house is now the Speak Easy Tavern, and has been documented and by all accounts in haunted also. Any way, I just thought I'd let you know.

 e-mail me back if you have any questions.



DATE:  22 June 2005

FROM:  Sarah D.

SUBJECT:  Ghosts


We hear weird noises and saw weird signs and ghost like activities.  Can you help us????

 thank you 



DATE:  25 June 2005

FROM:  Karen W


 I have seen things since I have been young.  They thought there was something wrong with me.  My parents thought I was crazy.  They put me in all this new pych stuff.  When I was younger I saw a lot of stuff.  We can pretend that never happened.  But when I was 17 teen.  What I saw and today know.  Know one will ever be able to dispute it.


DATE:  27 June 2005

FROM:  Darleen 

SUBJECT:  Stories about Lilliwaup, WA

 Hi, my daughter urged me to share with you a few strange events that happened several years ago. Although this started 37 years ago, you may find this interesting as to the events and how it stopped. I still wonder if we all had gone quite mad at that time! It all started at a place called Jorstad Creek (Lilliwaup WA.)

As a rebellious teenager, I left home and moved into a primitive cabin next to several families.  This had been a logging camp back in the early 1900's.  Always was there a feeling of being watched and at times, old time country music could be heard. We learned to live with this.  I married the grandson of the original property owner and we bought a used mobile home and moved it onto the property. Two years later, we received custody of his two children and we had to buy a lager home. 

At first, there was no signs of anything unnatural until my daughter was born.  One night we were awakened by a whirling sound and then a clunk of metal against metal. I started to the door to check on my daughter but as I got closer to the door, the more resistance I felt.  My husband had the same experience.  Not once did we feel any emotions, nor did we look out the windows.  After what seemed like an half hour we heard the whirling sound again. This time we were able to open the door and check on our daughter.  

Everything was fine but it shook us up when we came to our senses. Once in the middle of the night I was awaken from a deep sleep and instinctively drawn to the furnace, which had mal-functioned and was overheating. The repairman showed us the charred interior.  The second time it was the power box that had gotten wet and was shorting out.  I remember reaching in and shutting down the switches.  The next day the electrician was amazed the I wasn't electrocuted.  

Shortly after we bought a brand new double wide and moved in the very first night....this is were it started to get scary. That night we heard the squeaking of the lawn cart being moved across the yard.  In the morning it was still in the same place.  Things starting coming up missing and then showing up in odd places.  Footsteps in the hallway at night. Bedroom doorknobs would rattle but no one was on the other side.  If you walk through the house with no lights, you could hear the footsteps behind you.  Sometimes doors slam, sometimes the piano would play a few notes and always the old music.  

One night my daughter wouldn't wake up. I kept shaking her and finally she woke but she was dazed. As she rolled over, she told me they wouldn't let her go and then we say her arm. 3 long bleeding scratches from elbow to wrist!  I was freaked out to say the least. The night that it got so bad was unbelievable.  We were all sleeping, 3 children, an Aunt, my husband and myself. It started with a sweeping sound across the back of the house until it worked up to the roof.  Imagine a bowling ball bouncing across your roof; this is what it sounded like.  The family woke and we huddled inside the living room.  I have no idea how long this went on. During that time, our 4 outside dogs never made a sound (and trust me, they barked at everything). After it finally stopped, we went back to bed and I decided we needed help.  I worked with a couple that was into witchcraft and I told them about the strange happenings.  They came to our house for dinner and took showers as they camped in the woods.  

The next day they told me how to perform a ritual for ridding our house of these unwelcome events.  I thought this sounded stupid but I was willing to try it as things was getting a little out of control.  I waited till everyone was gone and then I proceeded to sweep a broom all over the house while cursing. It worked!  No more events, just the music from time to time. I have moved away and the property was sold. I do not know who bought it so I don't know if you can still hear the music but it would be fun to find out....MAYBE! 

 I now live in Idaho.



DATE:  27 June 2005

FROM;  Leah S. 

SUBJECT:  Haunted Places

 Check out the Lucky Lab Brew Pub on Capitol Hwy in Portland.  It is haunted ask the people who work there.  It is an old Masonic Temple that was converted into the brewpub that it is now. I use to live building to take care of it before it was sold. Check it out.






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