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In recent weeks it has come to my attention that certain parties are using my ghost stories and those of my contributors as references for their own commercial enterprises.  If you or someone you know is writing a book on ghosts in the Pacific Northwest, PLEASE DO NOT!!! copy or use the following stories or any other materials within this website as references.  

Jefferson Davis (25 April 2003)


DATE:  9 January 2011
"Karen I
SUBJECT Information about Indian rock spirits


We have been searching the web looking for information about links between Indian rocks (mortar & pestles, etc.) and paranormal events.  We have a collection of Indian rocks in the backyard. We have heard stories about others having strange things happening for people having a collection of these rocks. We have had 3 very strange incidents - one of which was discovered tonight.

The first time was about 3 years ago. We have an empty 5 gallon crock on the backyard deck. My husband found the cracks in the crock were seeping with water. The crock was filled to the top with water. There was no rain and no other water source (like a sprinkler) that would have filled it.

The 2nd incident was a fire pit that we made out of a small Webber. The Webber top was ripped off and laying about 3 -5 feet from the bottom. The pins to support it were all bent.

Tonight, in our regular BBQ, the Webber ash catcher was full of water. My husband BBQ'd just 3 days ago and we have had no rain in the past week. The top was on the BBQ and the coals in the BBQ were dry.

On top of all of this...we have 2 Chow Chows that are good guard dogs and that would eliminate anyone coming into our backyard which has a full time locked gate. There are no children in the house.

How do I find information regarding Indian spirits? Do we need to get rid of the rocks or just separate them?

Thanks for your help,

Karen & Jeff I



DATE: January 22, 2011 
Roberta E.  
  Ghosts in Ellensburg

Hi.  I read your articles of ghosts in Ellensburg. They were fun to read.  People have reenacted every article about the ghosts of Ellensburg.  Ether they are true or not. Donít know.  They even sat outside the houses and hit buttons to make the power go off in the bed and breakfasts at the same time. they pick locks and send fragrances under doors. they do it here all the time. i am not being haunted by poltergeists or however you spell it. they did it to me before when i was awake. got kidnapped 8-9 years ago.  Saw them reenact everything.  Donít remember details. just remember they reenacted and figured out how every single ghost story could have happened. even using small wind tunnel and laser devices and fishing line and fishing hooks they are able to make things lift off hooks without being touched. watching all the ghosts hunters on tv or fun. have seen the same group reenact almost every single on years ago. they even dressed up like the hunters. happened during the time i was kidnapped. FBI helped get me back home. These people will go to any lengths to make sure it looks like ghosts.





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