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In recent weeks it has come to my attention that certain parties are using my ghost stories and those of my contributors as references for their own commercial enterprises.  If you or someone you know is writing a book on ghosts in the Pacific Northwest, PLEASE DO NOT!!! copy or use the following stories or any other materials within this website as references.  

Jefferson Davis (25 April 2003)



DATE:  2 January 2010


SUBJECT:  Ghost Photograph

I have a couple ghost photographs taken at my Grandmothers Bar.  Long known by her and others to be haunted so I went in with some friends and we got 2 apparitions in one night.  One was enjoying our light and we got her on Nikon camera saying "This light moves". (She said it twice).  Then the temp dropped approx 24 degrees and the same camera got a mist.  We didn't know anything at the time we were there but when we got home going over the footage we seen a lady in a old dress floating 2-3 feet off the floor and no arms or legs we can see but you can see her dress. NO one was wearing a old dress like this.  Vintage clothes collectors date the dress 1790's to early 1800's Edwardian era.  The mist is actually a man that materialized so well we can see his shirt and his facial profile.  All we had to do is lighten the photos!  Since we got a manís face, some kids and a tall black shadow and a black shadow of a woman sitting at a table. Multiple sounds of pool balls breaking and falling and they were totally still while we were there.  We will go back next month and with regular cameras and camcorder just the basics we hope to get more.



  Here is "Ghost Dress" and "Mist".  Copyrighted by our group so the photo has the edges chopped.  You can outline the dress and she is through the pool table.  You can see the pool sticks and triangle in the back corner.  Other than this nothing has been done but lightened to see it.  We also have multiple EVP's.  Recently we got a woman and man singing briefly in a different language on camcorder.  We are trying to figure out the language. I have no technology background and don't own photoshop.  Just pure luck.

 The video is on youtube.

    Killions Pub lady singing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VOJf9ex7O-Q

    Killions Moth Man  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K2VIJkEMmOI



DATE:  13 January 2010

FROM:  Brittney 

SUBJECT:  I have a Question for You

Hi, My name is Brittney, I go to Grants Pass High School and Iím a part of the State of Jefferson Scavenger Hunt, I have a question that Iím hoping you can help me with the question is ďName the structure in the Rogue Valley built in the 40's that allegedly hosts two ghosts of a little boy and a young womanĒ; if you know the answer or have any information that could help me find this i would greatly apprecate it. Thank you, Brittney Ramsey

Hello Brittney,

Thanks for emailing me with your question. I am afraid that I do not have an answer for you. As you know by now, the Rogue River Valley is a large place, and there are a lot of ghosts to pick, that meet your criteria. Do you have any other clues that would help?

Another resource would be the shadowlands.net website. They have a fairly large listing of locales by state and city. You might narrow things down by checking there. In addition to my books, Lone Pine Press book, Ghost Stories of Oregon was written using my books as a primary reference, however there are a few original stories there you might look at.

Sorry I did not have a definite answer, but I hope that I pointed you to the proper references.

Good luck,
Jeff Davis


That information does help very much, thank you. We have began looking at a haunting at southern Oregon university in Ashland in the Susanne Holmes Dormitory, we believe that whatever structure it is must have been in the news recently because that is where the questions are usually generated from. if you have any information on that location or know of someone who might know that would be very helpful, thanks for your help on this question, Brittney


Hello Brittney,

Now that you mention it, the little boy at Suzanne Holmes drowned when he tried using a mattress to float around in the flooded basement. And yes, one of the female students committed suicide in her room. Are my books at the local library?

Good luck!



DATE:  27 January 2010

FROM:  Sara Smith  

SUBJECT:  Wondering

My husband and I believe that our house is haunted I tried looking up history of my home and cant find anything any advice?  Any ways of finding out if it is a haunting? We both have seen and heard things. I would go into more detail but Iím in class. Thanks again.


Hello Sarah,

 If you live in a house, have you tried finding out about it through the tax records?  The city or county you live in should have a list of past owners as part of their records.  From there, you can then look for dates when the house changed hands.  Sometimes this is an ordinary sale,other times it is if someone dies.  If you take those dates and go through the local newspapers for a few days before the ownership change dates, you might find some kind of tragedy associated with the house.

 In the large view, if the house were newer, you might be able to look up the history of the neighborhood to see what was there before the house.  Have you tried checking with the neighbors to see if they remember any odd happenings?

 Uh, there might be some other research trick I haven't heard of.  But this is a starting point.  Good luck, and please let me know how things turn out.

 Best of luck,

 Thanks for returning my email. Well I've lived in this house and in this neighborhood since I was baby. I'm 21 almost 22. I would ask neighbors but they all pretty much moved out. I do believe the house has been around for some time  due to the old style doorknobs with the keyhole. So looking for information through taxes might help. Thank you for the advice.
The reason I believe this house is haunted is due to many weird events. The first event I recall is waking up suddenly during the day maybe early morning and seeing a ghost of a girl in a nightgown running past my doorway through the kitchen into the door to the basement. Iíve felt like people were touching me even watching me. One time as a child I was playing in with another girl the attic that we refurbish and I heard someone whisper my name into my ear it was a males voice and I still can remember it. We were the only ones in that room and we were just putting a puzzle together so it wasnít a background sound or anything. Things disappear and reappear doors open and close even though they are latched and lock. We rented this house when my parents were divorced and people claim they seen a little girl in the basement and were so terrified they refuse to go into them.
I donít know if this has anything to do with it but a former friend of the family said one night I just ran up into her room in the attic eyes wide open looking for something. Asking here where is it mom? And she said Your mother is downstairs and I replied no not that and ran back downstairs. I don't recall any of this and never been told I sleep walk. The only things I deal with in my sleep is vivid nightmares and "witch rides."
My husband moved in and heís had a history of dealing with paranormal and says he seen the little girl and that sheís different than the guy ghost I must've heard as a child. Heís watched out door (our room is in the basement) open and close. Sometimes the doorknob would rattle as if someone is trying to open it and no oneís home.  The door to the restroom used to be an original closet door that slides side to side and when I'm in the shower I will hear it bumping. We both hear footsteps above our heads when no ones home. Sometimes we think the tv is on upstairs and when we go investigate its off. Our dog will sometimes stand in certain parts inside and outside and just stare at something , just last night I was walking up the stairs and she bound down to the first landing like she always does and looked at me then stared intently at something behind me when there was nothing just a landing and a wall. Things have been happening more and more frequent lately. So we 9zack and I) are trying to find info on the house. So thanks again for the advice its greatly appreciated.



DATE:  6 February 2010

FROM:  Angie D

SUBJECT:  Haunted Old Elementary School in Gorst, WA

There is an old elementary school that currently is a truck driving school in Gorst, Washington.  Many businesses have come and gone through this location.  I attended Bryman College when it was located in this old elementary. (2006)  There is a lower level hallway where the restrooms are located where all the activity occurred.  I attended night classes and always got an uneasy feeling as I crossed the threshold into this hallway.  I had not heard any ghost stories-yet!  It was cold down there, on several occasions I would be alone in the restroom and other toilets would flush.  Multiple times I heard footsteps behind me & doors opening and closing.  Then I learned from an instructor there and students that the building is haunted by a little boy.  The story was that the boy was playing with a ball at recess that went out into traffic.  He chased the ball and was hit by a car.  The school sits on a busy highway.  A couple of students decided to try to record voice EVPs.  I stood in the threshold of the hallway with them as the girls had the recoding going and they argued over what this boys name was.  There was a very loud POP noise and a bright flash of light in the middle of the hallway.  We all saw it and it was gone just as fast as it happened.  We all ran out of there and back to class.  When the recording was played back you could hear talking.  I do not remember exactly what it said, but something along the lines of "get out".




DATE:  14 February 2010

FROM:  Jason L

SUBJECT:  Fort Vancouver Ghost Stuff

Hi Mr. Davis,


I don't know if you would remember me, but we met (and hung out) during the shooting for the Haunted History; Haunted Northwest.  I was the Civil War soldier.  Anyway, history channel ran that episode tonight which I haven't seen in years and I was reminded of a little something that happened to me at the end of my shoot.  I think I had a little run in with "Nan" from the Westmere real-estate building.  After watching the episode again, I thought I'd try and look you up and tell you about my run in with Nan if you're interested.

 I was also going to show you a picture of a bigfoot trap that we found in southern Oregon but I lost track of you.

 All the best,

Jason L


Hello Jason,

Thanks for emailing me.  I do remember the Haunted History Shoot, and some bits of our conversation.  We talked a bit about the fabric you used for your pants, which was distinct and separate from the type of cloth used during the Civil War period.  And we did talk about critters and such. 

I hope the last 10 years or so have been good to you.  I have had my ups and downs, but all in all, I"m doing well.  I would be interested in hearing more about what happened to you after filming.  Would you mind if I posted it online as well?







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