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In recent weeks it has come to my attention that certain parties are using my ghost stories and those of my contributors as references for their own commercial enterprises.  If you or someone you know is writing a book on ghosts in the Pacific Northwest, PLEASE DO NOT!!! copy or use the following stories or any other materials within this website as references.  

Jefferson Davis (25 April 2003)



DATE:  4 January 2009

FROM:  Selina and James 

SUBJECT:  Haunted Oregon

There are two haunted lighthouses in Newport Oregon, and another one just up the coast. Yaquina Bay Lighthouse. Is the tallest, I don't remember the name of the other one, and further up the coast is Heceda Head



DATE:  14 February 2008

FROM:  Mary H

SUBJECT:  Cape Horn

I was disappointed to see you did not take a picture of the grange hall. The picture used is several miles away from the location with grange hall. This is a shot of the Cape Horn overlook into the Columbia River Gorge.

HI Mary,

I am not sure which book or article you saw, regarding the Grange Hall.  If it was in my self-published books, I am guilty.  There was just so much room for photos, and I had to go with the view rather than the building.  Sorry




DATE:  16 February 2009

FROM:  Chris 

SUBJECT:  Hey, I got a story for you

But before I tell you I have read one of your books I would love to help Iíve always been fascinated with ghost ever since I seen one.

 It was at the Fairview Cemetery

June, 12 Ď08 because at the time I didnít believe in ghosts and Iíve been up there and it looked so much at peace me and one other friend would ride our bikes up there and stay the night out there and use a Ouija board with the other two with us to make sure we didnít just say we camped up there.

So I was texting a couple of friends then we were told by them to use an Ouija board over the grave of something mason to see if it was Charley Mason dad it was a joke so as we were going, the winds started to pick up so then we went back to bed and heard footsteps all around us  when we went to take a piss.   [also there were no tents] And then I thought I was one of the guys making noises to p--- me off, so I looked there was nothing.  Then we heard something scream and we were not leaving I couldnít so I stayed up all night by the building by the lookout point with my back to it looking out.  But then I felt like s--- staying up all night.  I was closely observing some gravestones when we heard a loud thump.  The other two were so scared they left and gave us the 20, but then after a hour we left on our bikes.  And when we made it into town I looked at the old railroad bridge and there was an old logger.  It looked to be with his family standing there but as I passed the bridge there was no one



DATE:  18 February 2009

FROM:  Tan H.

SUBJECT:  Carson Hot Springs Resort, Carson, WA

Hi my name is Tani H, and I live in Stevenson, WA.  I was searching info about Carson hot springs, because every Sunday nite I meet with others at  the bottom floor of the hotel.  There have been two separate times after someone has said a joke about the place being haunted, a light would flash on then off.  We checked, the bulb wasnít loose or on.  This last Sunday above our table is a ceiling fan with a light it was off and another joke was said about a ghost, and the fan light fluttered on bluish white.  I donít know, old building wires, etc.  It just was perfect timing, besides the hair on the back of my neck standing up every time I have walked in the building.  It would be awesome if TAPS or someone could come out and check out this old hotel.  I bet they would be surprised from what was found! Thanks for the info Tan H.



DATE:  18 February 2009

FROM:  Karlo 

SUBJECT:  Link Exchange


My name is Karlo and I belong to a paranormal research group here in Ohio called O.R.B.S Ohio Researchers of Banded Spirits.  I was e-mailing you because I was wondering if you would like to do a link exchange with our site www.bandedspirits.com if so please let me know, when you e-mail me back can you please let me the web site.  Thanks and HAPPY HAUNTINGS..



DATE:  18 February 2009

FROM:  Kelly 

SUBJECT:  The Lurker (Base Exchange building, Sea Plane Base, Whidbey Island

Hello, my name is Kelly and I've been working at the very building you wrote about for nearly two years now.  I was really excited to read about the stories you were told.  There is still some definite activity around in there and it was interesting to hear that someone really did die in the building.  I was almost sure of it, but had never been given any confirmation.  No one really seems to know anything about him.  Just that he's here and he means no harm.  It's also very common knowledge that the warehouse and upper levels are his territory. 

I've had several experiences myself and talked with many of my co-workers about it.  No one seems to be able to tell me much about him really.  All I know is that everyone refers to him as, Fritz.  I'm not sure how or when this name came about.  No one seems to know.  I've been looking to find out more information on the building's history.  I've seen him upstairs in the hall several times.  It's the one that has a sliding door that connects to the catwalk you mentioned.  It was only for a moment and then he was just gone. 

Once there was a woman, but only the once which was strange since I had only ever heard that there was just the one ghost.  Several times while I was up there, I've heard noises like stuff was being moved around, but I was alone.  Another time it sounded like the click of a ping pong ball being knocked back and forth.   Again, I was alone and there was nothing of the sort around.  He tends to move small objects and likes to knock things off of the tables and shelves. 

Perhaps just to get some attention?  I'm not sure since I don't have time to try and communicate with him because I have a job to do.  Many of the girls that work the check out in the front don't like going into the warehouse, because they say they feel like they are being watched and it scares them.  I work back in there a lot and I'm fully aware that he watches me, but I just don't care that he does.  So long as I don't feel threatened, I don't really mind him around. 

One of the other girls that works in clothing with me said one time she was walking up the stairs from the warehouse and felt the pressure of a hand gripping her upper arm as if helping her up the stairs.  There was only one large occurrence that I finally wasn't alone for.  It was at least six months ago, when the power went out due to a wind storm.  We were all (we being the softlines crew) sent to the warehouse to hang up clothes while we waited.  Everyone was talking and I heard a man's voice that sounded like it was on the intercom. 

I finally realized this didn't add up and got everyone to be silent and we all heard it.  It was most definitely sounding like it was on the intercom and no one said a word.  It was soft though and we couldn't make out what was said.  So...I took my flashlight and found the store manager up in the very front (complete opposite) area of the store and asked her, "Did you just hear that?  What was being announced?"  I told her we all heard it in the back and couldn't make it out. 

She looked and me and replied, "You heard that too?!  I couldn't understand what was being said either."  Then she went on to tell me that no one made any announcement and that it was impossible since we can't use the PA without power.  We concluded it must have been the ghost.  There was no other explanation. 
    I know this was a bit long, but I thought to share it with you after I read what you wrote. 


Hello Kelly,

Thank you for sharing your story, and updating me and everyone about the Lurker there on Whidbey Island.  I had not heard that he was named Fritz.  One of the odd things about some haunts is that somehow people somehow pick up the name of their ghost, even though no one knows how.  Perhaps that is true in this case.  It may take a while to find out.  I do not know if anyone has yet dug out the complete info on Fritz and how he died.  I hope that other readers will have something to add.  Especially about the woman ghost.  Perhaps she dates to the more recent past?  Have you heard of anyone dying, or perhaps having some kind of serious event in the building, after it had been turned into a BX?  It is also very VERY interesting that there were multiple witnesses to the PA voice.  At least you know you are not crazy, or that everyone else is as crazy as you are.


No problem on the update.  I really wanted to know about him and was curious about her.  I haven't heard of anything happening since it was turned into a store.  I once heard a customer (older male) had suffered a heart attack in one of our fitting rooms, but as far as I know he got medical attention and came though alright in the end.  I never worry much on my sanity.  I've always been a sensitive since longer then I can remember really.  My mother can tell me stories of me saying I was speaking to my deceased great grandmother that I didn't even know of when I was as young as 3-4 years of age. 

I've come to accept it, but there are still times I'm caught off guard.  It was nice that others heard the voice on the PA.  Several were skeptical until I got confirmation that it wasn't physically possible.  That could very well be that someone just picked up the name like an epiphany or something.  About the woman, I only saw her once but I remember her wearing a full length colorful skirt and she had long dark hair.  It happened too fast to get much for detail though.




DATE:  20 February 2009

FROM:  Tammy Jo

SUBJECT:  I see jittery people

( i see jittery people.....)

Ever See Ghosts? THIS Might Be Why If you have ever seen a ghostly apparition or heard strange voices, you're not losing your mind. And, no, you're not a psychic. Chances are, you just like to drink coffee--lots and lots of coffee. A study from Durham University in the United Kingdom concludes that people who drink more than seven cups of coffee a day are three times more likely to hallucinate than those who drink just one. It's all about the caffeine . Led by Simon Jones, the team questioned 200 students about their caffeine intake, including coffee, tea, chocolate, pep pills and energy drinks. Next, the researchers assessed the students' susceptibility to hallucinatory experiences and stress levels. Among the experiences reported were seeing things that were not there, hearing voices and sensing the presence of dead people, reports the BBC News. Those who drank the most coffee were three times more likely to say they saw ghosts or heard strange voices.

While other experts insist there is no causal link between caffeine and hallucinations, Jones told the BBC, "This is the first step toward looking at the wider factors associated with hallucinations." But even he admitted it might not be the caffeine causing the hallucinations, but rather stress.

"Stressed people may simply drink more caffeine. Even if caffeine were responsible for hallucinations in some way, the part it plays would be small compared to other factors in life.

"Next up: The Durham University team will examine whether other parts of people's diet, such as sugar and fat consumption, could be causing hallucinations. The study findings were published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences.

- me being nice is just a vicious rumor.






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