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In recent weeks it has come to my attention that certain parties are using my ghost stories and those of my contributors as references for their own commercial enterprises.  If you or someone you know is writing a book on ghosts in the Pacific Northwest, PLEASE DO NOT!!! copy or use the following stories or any other materials within this website as references.  

Jefferson Davis (25 April 2003)


DATE:  7 January 2008

FROM:  Gina Si

SUBJECT:  My ghost stories

Since Jan 1(of all days lol) We have a female spirit making herself very known to everyone in the house. She has been opening and closing doors. (she was very active on the 1st)Knocking on the back door, she even lit a candle yesterday that was near the fireplace(which had a fire burning)

One of the rings I wear disappeared from my finger and after looking for it for 2 days in turned up on the hallway floor(this is very well travelled and would've been noticed)The kids spent most of their time with their dad over the holidays but on the 27th my son was peeking through a key hole into the hall and saw her sitting in a chair in the hall.  This hall is where the bedroom is she emanates from. So once again I put a vulture feather over the door.  I haven't yet cleansed the house ceremonially. I Don't like to do that unless they become too aggressive.


DATE:18 January 2008

FROM:  Andrew B

SUBJECT: Haunted Places in Portland, Oregon

I was at my mother's retirement party today and snapped a lot of photos.  The location was Providence Medical Center near I-84 the main board room directly across from the hospital chapel. Orbs in most photos. Could just be dust.


I’ll have the pictures later…



DATE:  31 January 2008

FROM:  Susan K

SUBJECT: Question for you

 Hi Jeff,

 I don't know if you are still tracking haunted places in Portland, but my friend has a ghost/presence in his house and we were wondering if you knew anyone who could verify this somehow. Like a psychic or someone like that who could tell us a little more than what we seem to be sensing. 


I have posted Susan's questions a little late now, but I hope that other people will have some suggestions on how to tell if a house is haunted, and I will  pass them on to her.


DATE:  2 February 2008

FROM:  Lief S



    I'm interested in local ghosts and ghost stories, and so found you  on the interhooptie. It would be, I hope, delightful and informative for me anyway were I to hear from you. Two things, no three rather, I most wish to know -- the story of the frightening cemetery steps, the story of the emanation at the corner of Garland and Cedar, and the story of Ellen MacNamara who fell from the mezzanine of the Davenport back in 1920, or so I've read. Anyway, write to me please -- am new here and new  to writing to strangers, but there it is . 


Does anyone know more about the ghosts of Spokane?


DATE:  5 February 2008

FROM:  William G


Dear Mr. Davis,

I found your website very interesting, as being one of the few places that discusses ghost detection from a more scientific point of view. Here is an observation for you. Reputedly, ghosts are seen by children, animals, and can be photographed. But they are not so easily seen by adults.

So, what do children, animals, and camera film have, that adults do not? Answer – they are all sensitive in the UV, but adults are not. The range of vision begins at lower wavelengths in children, and then drifts upwards as we age. Animals such as cats and dogs have different visual ranges to humans, extending into the ultraviolet. And camera film is sensitive in the UV, but, as your correspondent pointed out, you need a pure quartz lens to transmit it. And, of course, infra-red film is not sensitive to visible light, but is sensitive to infra-red, and also, ultra-violet.

I have just ordered a quartz lens……………………

Hello Bill,

 Thank you for your kind email, and observations.  They were very interesting, and I was unaware of this change in human senses, from child to adult.  I will be doing a web update on my site soon, and I will post your comments. 

I am scheduled to be guest speaker at the Ghost Club in London in April, though it is not listed on my website just yet.  Birmingham is a ways away, but I just thought I would let you know.  
Thank you for writing,


Dear Jeff,

 Thanks for your reply. I’ll try and come down to hear you, if I can.   I’m going to try and put together a UV camera, with a quartz lens, and UV sensitive (or IR sensitive film). If I get any results (or negative results) I’ll let you know.



DATE:  12 February 2008

FROM:  Aaron 

SUBJECT:  Links Page

Hello Mr. Jeff Davis.

My name is Aaron and I'm a co-founder for OPI (Oregon Paranormal Investigations).

I noticed that you write books on strange "hauntings," places and the such.  Perhaps I'll take a look at your work and expand my horizons! I'm interested in making new contacts and expanding the options and reputation for OPI.  We are a small group that is very serious, and good at what we do.  I was hoping that you may add us to your links page, as you see fit.

Our website is under major re-construction and review, so it may appear to be a mess at current.  It will be up to par soon.  Please feel free to add us to your Links page, and in hindsight, perhaps we can keep an open channel of communication.  Perhaps we will come across something that will helpful to your needs and mutually to both of us.

Thank you for your time!

Best Regards,

Woops, regarding the below,
here is our website if you choose to take a peak at us!

Once again, Thank you!





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