January to February 2006 Ghost Stories


In recent weeks it has come to my attention that certain parties are using my ghost stories and those of my contributors as references for their own commercial enterprises.  If you or someone you know is writing a book on ghosts in the Pacific Northwest, PLEASE DO NOT!!! copy or use the following stories or any other materials within this website as references.  

Jefferson Davis (25 April 2003)



DATE:  1 January 2006

FROM:   Kristin  


 Hey read your stores they where great but where I live there a lots of ghost around they use to bother us but now they donít we use toit around here where we live is where a grave yard use to be

 Love Kristin



DATE: 4 January 2006

FROM:  Leah  

SUBECT:  Hello

 My name is Leah, and I am 12 years old. Please don't dismiss this E-mail because I am young. But I really do think parts of my town are haunted.  I live in Independence, Oregon. About 20 miles from Salem. It is a very old town.  They still have some buildings from long ago. From the early 1900s. The older schools (Independence Elementary and Henry Hill Elementary) And I do not like either on. Whenever I am outside or inside either building, I feel very strange.  It doesn't feel right.

  And there are several antique shops here. One of them I go to allot, because I am interested in our town's history.  In the building is a small room where they keep old clothes from many places.  They have real fur coats, kimonos, and some other old clothes from the early 1900s.

While I am in the room (never alone, always with a friend) I feel really pressured to do something.  I don't know what, but its like a magnet to this dress.  I want to touch it but I am afraid to touch it.  I feel as if it would do something. There are other things, but I DON'T HAVE ENOUGH TIME.  Sorry :)




DATE:   4 January 2006

FROM:   Elizabeth G.

SUBJECT:   4 January 2006

 Hi Jeff,

 Check the Bohemian Mine east of Cottage Grove, OR. Off of Sharp's Creek Road way up past the fire lookout tower (hell of view from the top btw) it's a sharp right after you start to head back down and the road is not marked.

 It's an abandoned gold mine, so I'm not too surprised that there are ghosts or...

 About 6 years ago in the late summer I was up there with my friend and young child, just looking around and exploring like you do.  I wandered off to one side to the right of the mine opening and hit a cold spot.  I thought it was just being in the shade at first and as I stood there for a few moments I had the extreme sensation of something malicious being very close to me.  As I kept moving closer to the side of the mine it got stronger and I had the perception of it getting darker where I was standing until I couldnít take it anymore and went back to where my friend was hanging out and it stopped. 

 We left shortly thereafter as I was too spooked to stay.  I was the only one to have felt anything odd about the place. Was it a ghost or? I don't know, I haven't have the nerve to go back and see if it happens again.  I don't know of any local stories to support ghosts up there, but I tell you it wasn't happy what ever it was and didn't like my wandering around that particular spot.

 Perhaps a new place for you to check it out or see if there are any local stories about the place being haunted.

 Tangnefuddu a' harmoni
 Elizabeth G.



DATE:  5 January 2006

FROM:   Caren S.

SUBJECT:  Haunted House?

 Hi Jeff:

 You may not remember me but we met at the A.G.H.O.S.T. conference a few months ago.  My friend, Melissa (also at the conference), and I live on Ft. Lewis and our husbands are both Arabic Linguists. 

The reason that I am writing to you is to ask you a question.  My friend's daughter has been talking quite a lot about "imaginary" people that live in her room.  She claims that there is a family with a boy and a girl that live in her room.  Some things have happened in their house, things going missing, etc. and my friend's daughter says that the boy is doing it.  At first my friend just dismissed it as her daughter trying to get away with things but she is wondering as her daughter has described these people (hair, eye color and age) in detail and has told her their names.  Her daughter has also said that there is a bad black ghost that can get inside of her head sometimes.  I think that my friend is a little concerned about this.  But her daughter has also mentioned that she was a part of another family before her current family and has given her mom a lot of details about them too.  Oh, by the way, my friend's daughter is five.   

My question is whether or not you may have heard of any incidents that may have occurred in the Greenwood Housing area on post.  I am sure that you are familiar with this housing area as it is an older historic area. 

Thanks for your time and hopefully we will run into you again soon.  Take care.

Caren S.



DATE:   6 January 2006

FROM:   Wallace lawngnome69@comcast.net

SUBJECT:   Cameham Cemetery


Have you or anyone checked out the Cameham cemetery? (bad spelling?)  My family owned the land up to it till the mid 1990ís, there were a lot of strange things that happened on the road to it an in the cemetery.




DATE:  6 January 2006

FROM:  Kevin S.

SUBJECT:  Harmony House

 Your website asked for us to email you if we knew of other haunted places that weren't on your list.

FYI there is a restaurant in an old house in Clackamas area of Oregon, on Rt. 212 a couple of miles east of I-205. It is called the Harmony House, and they say the house is haunted and have several newspaper clippings telling of the spooky things that have happened there. If you do a Google search for "Haunted Harmony House Oregon" you'll find a couple of websites that reference it.


 Hello Kevin,

 Thanks for emailing me about the Harmony House.  I had heard something about the place.  I think it used to be the Haberlach House (?)  I will have to go there soon to see what is happeneing there.

 I want to do a website update soon, and I will add your email.  I hope to see some other postings on the restaurant.

 Thanks again,
Jeff Davis 


DATE:  7 January 2006

FROM:  Kevin S.

SUBJECT:  Harmony House


    Actually, I think it used to be called Clackamas House before it was called Harmony House. 





 DATE:  7 January 2006

FROM: Leah


 Thank you for responding to my e-mail. I understand about the holidays.  Busy time for everyone.  I told my mother about some stories you have your website, and she told me one that happened at the old 'Quick stop' on the way to Salem.  A clerk who worked there was in the store and he looked up into one of the round mirrors in the corner of the store and saw a young man. He looked behind him and no-one was there. He looked back and the boy was still there. So went up to another person who worked there and the clerk said that he saw the man that used to work there but was killed.

 I have heard many other stories and the one I am about to tell you is short but it still creeps me out. I think it happened at the Lenoreís ghost bar. On the second story of the building, a girl was looking at a beautiful mannequin. She tried to take the dress of the dummie, but it grabbed her hand and said "Stop!" Weird? yeah.

 Do you think you'll ever drive through Independence soon? If so, I would really enjoy it if i met you. I am also planning on getting a couple of your books. If I got them before you ever came here, I would love you to sign them.




DATE:  8 January 2006

FROM:  Regan of APART

SUBJECT:  Hello, this is Regan we met at WSPIR


 It was wonderful meeting you tonight. I am grateful for the opportunity to meet an auther, especially an author for the pacific northwest. I was looking on your site for the link to order the documentary. I could not seem to find it, or the "code" you were talking about.

If you could send me the link it would be great. Also, if you would like to link to our site, that would be wonderful. http://www.apartofwa.com.  We will be adding you as well.

Once again, it was great meeting you.

 Regan Vacknitz

Vice President/Co-Founder

A.P.A.R.T. of WA.




DATE:  16 January 2006

FROM Stephanie Rawe, Paranormal Psychic Researchers of Washington

SUBJECT:  My visit of 15 January 2006


It was OUR pleasure! Everyone has contacted me and commented how much they LOVE you!  We all could have listened for hours! FYI:     I have now just published our UPDATED website, please check it out, we think it's pretty good! You made the headline's!

 Anytime you want to get together, just ring me up! we are already scoping the pages for new places to visit! Thank you so much!

If you know anyone that wants a T-Shirt, they are 25.00!

Have a GREAT time away, and let me know when your back home!

Stephanie / PPR
Please visit my webite! 



DATE:  23 January 2006

FROM:  Marcus Gray

SUBJECT:  New Investigation Link

 I don't know how long it has been since last you updated your site, but I am wondering if it is possible to have our website linked under your Ghost Hunters section.  OGHS (Olympia Ghost Hunters Society) is currently based in Olympia, WA and expands through Thurston, Lewis, Grays Harbor, Pacific, Mason and Columbia counties.  We are a new group that has a high interest in the paranormal, whether it to be dismissing or confirming of paranormal activies.

 The website address is:  http://oghs.odreview.com

 Even though we are a small group right now (currently about 5 people), we plan on growing to not only be an asset to the other investigation groups, but also to bring forth information to those who want to know more about the paranormal.

 Our website is also in the process of being revamped and the new design will hopefully be up within the next month or two.

 Thank You
 Marcus Gray
Lead Investigator / Co-Founder of OGHS



DATE:  24 January 2006

FROM:  Rick F.

SUBJECT:  Photographs

 Hi Jeff....I've just returned from my tour in Iraq for OIF, but I to have served in OEF in 2003.

During my tour there, we had to do some Hanger renovation. We had locals doing the work, and we all took several pictures. You know first hand what the dust is like there so here is my question...

 How do you know when it is dust you see and when it is an orb from a ghost??? In my pictures I know it's just dust because there are way to many, still it made me think....so how can you tell?


 My reply later in the week.

 Hi Rick,

 Congratulations on coming back from two tours.  I did two OEF tours myself.  Getting ready for number three. 

 Regarding your question about ghost orbs.  Did you use a digital camera?  If you used a digital camera, was it one of those older, compact models?  Did you use a flash? 

 Basically, most phony ghost orbs come from digital cameras, particularly the older or less expensive models.  It's a combination of design and materials.  The compact type of digitals have the camera lens and flash so close together that if you take a picture where there is dust flying around, the flash illuminates the dust which is so close to the camera lens that it is out of focus.  The software interprets this as a semisolid object, since it is out of focus.  If there are rainbow colored orbs, that happens when the software  compresses the image to create a jpg, when transfering it from the camera to the computer.

 I hope this explanation helps.


Rick F. wrote:

Hey Jeff...can't hardly call us reservists anymore as often as it seems we deploy....we hadn't even left Iraq yet when we heard our unit was on the board again for April 07.

Yes to answer your questions....it was digital and I did use a flash....although I wasn't looking for ghost I did take some shots without the flash, yep no spots with that one. Not sure what your getting at though as far as camera quality when you asked if it was one of the "older" ones. I think I understand how the flash being close to the lens would cause the orb effect so that does help a lot.

 I didn't get any rainbow colored ones however did get some with different shapes (hexagon)....so this is why I asked if you were seeing a photo for the first time...is there a tell tail sign that it's just dust or moisture....also assume that the camera type is unknown.

 I've always been a bit of an amateur ghost hunter, and have been a bit skeptical of "orbs"....thanks for your help on this.

 I've been informed of a friends house that has been known to have some activity, should I make it out there in the next few weeks and experience anything, I'll be sure to throw you a bone....I'm a fan of your books too.


 My response to his responseÖ

 Hi Rick,

 I am glad I was able to answer some of your questions.  I do have a few redirect.  I asked about how old the camera was because the software and CMOS chips used in older cameras were inadequat to interpolate some of the images that the lens picked up.  If you had hexagonal orbs, it could be the iris of the camera shutter being blinded by the reflecte flash.  Most people call it lens flare.  A lot of artsy movies use lens flare for effect. 

 I would appreciate any info you might send me.  I've got to keep things up to date. 


Hey Jeff....the camera I have is pretty new, I'd just bought it prior to the deployment to Iraq. I believe that your explanation of how the spots are formed was very good to help discriminate true from false...also would be easy to duplicate if the was any doubt. 

A research question for you.....the home I told you about is located in Dallas, my friend has only told me a few interesting stories and would like me to go out there in the next few weeks for an overnight ghost hunt. I asked her if she had any history of the place. The home is less than 30 years old...however was built near an old Stage route....she also mentioned finding Native artifacts on the property.

Some old maps of Oregon I once had could have been useful here but I can't seem to find them....I figure the Polk County Museum might have some info on the area that could help. You got any bones for me on researching this?


 Anybody have any suggestions?



 DATE:  29 January 2006

FROM:  David

SUBJECT:  Theory on the soul and ghosts

 I donít know if its any use but you said you didnít know what a ghost is yet so I thought I'd put my theory forward. I think that the soul is another person who lives within you, moving in exactly the same way as you do. They represent your inner beauty/uglieness through their own appearance but donít make a sound and feel everything you do including emotions and hate. This would also explain the feeling you get on fast roller coasters as if you have left your stomach behind, that is when you are moving too fast for your soul to keep up and it partially leaves your body for a split second. Fainting would be similar, it is when your soul sees the need to leave a situation in order to preserve your life either from another supernatural being of which you have no knowledge.  Or from another danger to the human body in order to preserve itself, thus keeping you alive, but the souls departure causes you to faint and you will only recover once the soul has found the body again. But if the human dies before it was meant to the soul is left without a body and in a desperate attempt to survive takes on the appearance of the human and begins to mimic the actions the human made during his life and is then seen as a ghostly apparition. However, because the human and spirit shared emotions e.g. hate, love, the spirit will continue to feel these and if the human felt a particular loathing during life or a passionate love the spirit will continue this, this explains visits from dead lovers and hauntings from deceased enemies. or if the spirit craved something it will keep trying to get it.

anyway thatís what I think, please write back with you view.


 Hello David,

 Thank you for sharing your theory on the nature of the soul and ghosts.  It is interesting to me that you have hit upon a theory/belief held by the ancient Egyptians.  At least in part.  The Egyptians believed that there was a soul, but they also believed that people had a different kind of soul, the Ka.  The Ka was attached to the body, and stayed with it, while the major part of the soul departed.  It guarded the body, and could move around, looking like the person when it was alive.  If the body was destroyed, the Ka wandered aimlessly.


I will post your theory on my website, and we will see what other people think.

Thanks again,

Jeff Davis



DATE:  4 February 2006

FROM:  Catherine


 Hi Jeff,

My name is Catherine. I was just witting to tell you about Cascade Job Corps in Sedro Woolley, Wa.  Back in 2000 I attended the Job Corp up there and felt and saw some unbelievable things. There I saw a man walking around the campus late at night but the security guards will not go out at night because they have said they see this man but when they get close he disappears.

I have hade a very frightening experience involving the same man only instead of walking around he was in my room looking for his daughter. there has also been reports of a little girl with a red ball looking for someone to play with. I am 100% sure that there are more spirits there than I have experienced.  But, as I have said I was there in 2000 and something is not right!!  



DATE:  5 February 2006

FROM:  Kim L.

SUBJECT:  My pic


I took a picture of my grandfather in the hospital because he was very ill and when I took this pic a strange face appeared in the corner of this picture I showed everybody at school and they didnít know what it was ether so I think its either a an angel or a ghost this was in Kaiser Hospital. I cant remember what the room # was though the pic is still on my phone so yeah. 



DATE:  5 February 2006

FROM:  Troy H.

SUBJECT:  Whidbey Island, Captain Whidbey Inn

 We conducted a search of the area and have found a few hits. and a bit more info.  Waiting to get verification of the orbs and a spectral face.  a lady wearing a white sun dress is said to haunt the main lobby. a girl walks the lagoon area. and cabin 33 and 31 have something pissed off and highly energetic in it. More info when we compile the entire thing together.  Pics promised



DATE:  8 Feb 2006

FROM: Kristie Murphy

SUBJECT:  West Coast Ghost Hunters Website

 Hi Everyone,

 West Coast Ghost Hunters website is now online www.wcghost.com (or at least the banner part is done LOL)  Soon we will finally have a site YIPPIE!! It is still going to be a while before it's done & all the evidence & stuff goes on, but at least we now know it's there & we are much closer now than we still would be if I wouldn't of changed web guys.

Jerry my brother in Kentucky is making the site for us, & he used our families cemetery for the banner. So those tomb stones on there are my past grandparents & relatives. I thought that was pretty cool of him to think of.


Keep checking the site for new stuff to be added on, hope it won't be much longer



DATE:  15 February 2006

FROM:  Stefan C.

SUBJECT:  Bruce Lee Ghost

 Hi Jeff,
I came across your site from Seattle Mystery. On this page-
http://www.ghostsandcritters.com/December%2005.html,  you have a photo of Mr. Bruce's gravestone and what happened when you reduced the image. That Corona is Mr. Bruce telling that dude to get his ass off of the tombstone! That is so disrespectful! Having been a caretaker of the family site, I have never seen such a thing done except in two photos taken when no family representative was there. None would stand for it.  The bench that shows in the background is grey granite, not white like was mentioned. It looks like an Asian female sitting there and people can think someone wasn't there when a picture was taken. In the reflection someone is standing in front of Brandon's grandparents' (maternal) stone-normally seen on a reflection along with the bench. I don't believe that this was a visit except for the corona.

I have had three pictures taken of Brandon's stone where there has been a white mist either on one side or a spot to the upper right develop on the print. I totally believe in visits. I have heard stories of fans telling me about a dream they had. I have heard stories of a fan just asking for guidance of how to get to the gravesite and led right to it. When someone's body dies, their spirit lives and continues the journey. This has come up time and time again and when more than one person says the same thing, there has to be some truth in what is said.

Here are three links from during my time as caretaker so you know that this isn't some bogus email.

Have a nice day.



DATE:  17 February 2006

FROM:  Ross R.

SUBJECT:  Kitchen Door


The other night me and my dad were in the kitchen when all of a sudden the cat jumped. Then we noticed the kitchen door, which was locked started too push inward the door handle was turning and pushing open.  We both got up thinking someone was breaking in the screened door was shut and still the door was turning and pushing.  This lasted like half a minute it was weird thanks bye.



DATE:  19 February 2006

FROM:  Holly M.

SUBJECT:  Hello from  Holly Ė I have a ghost story

 My name is Holly. I currently live in Auburn, WA. I do want to say that I WAS the biggest  non-believer before this happened.

In 1996 at my ex-boyfriends house in Bremerton, WA. we were in my car, in his driveway and it was dark, . When I saw what looked like white smoke on the side of the neighbors house. At first I thought it was from there dryer vent. Then this "smoke" started floating over into his yard. Then it hovered right in front of my car.  I asked my ex "what the heck is that? and then I said, I hope it doesn't come in the car. And right when I said that the ghost/smoke went right through the car, in my side and out the passenger side.

Another sighting; at the same house this happened a few weeks later. I was at the kitchen table and my ex was back in the back bedroom. I heard a women's voice call out my ex's name in my voice.""""JOEY""" --he came out from the back bedroom and said, what do you want,  I looked at him and my eyes were bugged out and I said "I didn't say that" We were the only 2 people home at the time.

one more--I asked my ex if he had fed the dog yet. and I asked when was the last time that dog ate. Yes we were fighting about the dog. Right after I said that I heard a lady crying in the kitchen. My ex came out and said are you crying?  I said no. And my eyes bugged out again. I said  It was the ghost again



DATE:  19 February 2006

FROM:  Toby B.

SUBJECT:  Bingen, WA

 I would like to know if you know anything about the activities at the Bingen School Inn, located in Bingen Washington in the hood river area. My parents and little brother were supposed to stay there recently and couldn't handle the feeling inside, so they stayed elsewhere. Do you know anything of this "inn" or the history of the area it is in?

 Toby B.



DATE:  21 February 2006

FROM:  Holly M.

SUBJECT:  Hello from  Holly Ė I have a ghost story

The only strange things that have happened to me are; my grandfather came to me in my dream and showed me a shopping cart full of paint every color you can think of. I'm guessing that he wants me to start painting. I haven't yet. and he also said for me to forgive my mother........but it was powerful, I felt this tremendous amount of love & peace, It was very real to me.......I woke up and said out loud, "thank you for coming to visit me" then the powerful feeling of love went away. It was weird......but real...

 Then just little stuff I think everyone goes though. I know when something is going to happen usually bad......Like I put my hand on the door of my truck to go somewhere and this feeling of -don't drive today- came over me. and the shell on my truck flew off on the freeway. stuff like that . And I drove past the Tacoma Mall, WA-- one hour before the shooting there. and this felling of that place is dangerous and I shouldn't go there - came over me when I passed J C Penny. that's where most of the shooting took place......so I didn't stop at the mall that day.....I have too many of those stories and I don't want to bore you  LOL..........

 No I haven't heard anymore story form that house. And you guessed it, I haven't been back there in years. They think it's their Aunt.

Now I'm a big time believer. How do you feel about Sylvia Browne? I've gone to her church a couple of times in Kent, WA. It was nice to be in a room full a people that believe what I do. I haven't read any of your books yet. I found you on line by accident. but I was glad I did



DATE:  22 February 2006

FROM:  Sarah L.

SUBJECT:  Interviews and tape filters


Hey! I have just finished a tape interview, and the result was poor, and I couldnít understand. 

My Response and some questions for Sarah. 

 There are a couple of tricks you might use.  Get some good headphones.  There are some cheaper noise canceling headphones out there.  Bose cost around $100, but there are a few brands (can't remember names) that cost around $20. 

Is this an analog or digital audio file?  If you have a digital audio, I think that the newer version of the Windows Media Player has the ability to slow down replay, or speed it up somewhat.  That can help, without filtering.  

If you have to go from analog to digital, and clean up the background hum, muffle, etc, there area a number of software packages designed to do just that.  These were designed to help clean up dubs from record player, to digital stereo.  I have used Audio Cleaning Lab, which used to sell for about $35, but is now around $15.  I recommend that you go to the local software mega-store and start looking at the software titles and descriptions.  There are a LOT of these types of programs out there, for a reasonable sum. 


Please let me know if this helps, and if you have any other questions.


Jeff Davis



DATE:  23 February 2006

FROM:  Sarah L.

SUBJECT:  Ongoing discussion of interview tapes

 Thank you, but its one of those old cassette tapes : I think Iím going to either concentrate extremely hard on it, or get my friend in Hull to try sort it as he has a bit of equipment :)


 Sara x


My Response back to Sarah

 HI Sarah,


If your friend cannot help, the program I mentioned will work somewhat to clean up your sound.  You play the cassette into the microphone input of your computer, and the program records the sound as a WAV file.  Once the sound is saved, the software can analyze and clean it up.  Then save it as a WMA or MP3 file.



 DATE:        23 February 2006

FROM:       Troy H.

SUBJECT:  Captain Whidbey Inn Investigations

 I will be looking into the records of deaths as in trying to find the names of those who died there.  Be it all murder or wrong deaths.  Also going to go back in with camcorder and voice recorders. kinda wanna go in with a psychic but the best we got are two Wiccans a Druid and a Satanist.  As for the hot spots. Room 4A and 8A have impressions in the bed and giggling.  The kitchen has its own entity that plays around with the pots and pans.  And a bathroom in the main building is also frequented by the "sun dress lady". Any suggestions would be helpful. and your free to use what you wish when we finish the project.  It is all going to be a reference for a paranormal investigation thing I might do here. Oh yeah what do you got on the old church in Port Townsend.  The one where the monk hung himself in.




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