January to February 2005 Ghost Stories


In recent weeks it has come to my attention that certain parties are using my ghost stories and those of my contributors as references for their own commercial enterprises.  If you or someone you know is writing a book on ghosts in the Pacific Northwest, PLEASE DO NOT!!! copy or use the following stories or any other materials within this website as references.  

Jefferson Davis (25 April 2003)



DATE:  1 January 2005

FROM:  Cathy H

SUBJECT:  Thank you Cathy

 Hello Jeff,

 I am so glad you are home safe! And that things are falling into place for you.  I recently received the book you talked about that which you had a write up about the Pink Castle in Georgetown.  I picked up all your books through Powellís.  I have enjoyed reading them very much and so excited to know that you are intending to have write more! Your books are wonderful! I will look forward to your site updates as well.  I am interested is there any place else I can research the Pink Castle.  I have about two rolls of film taken a couple of months back and it was a beautiful day so the pictures came out wonderful.  I walked around back and took a few, touched the building, was hoping to see something but I did not.  I have always been fascinated with this historical house very much.  I wished to go inside but there wasn't any one around to permit that idea.  I went down there yesterday to see if it had sold and it has people in it, if it has sold or is being rented I don't know.  I was a bit sad, as I wanted to take pictures, but also excited to think she may restored and brought back to her beauty.  I too love old houses very much, one of my favorites is the mansion out by Black Diamond, the Neely Mansion.

 Well enough about all that, I do have a friend who lives close to the Pink Castle and I have asked her to ask around about who might have bought it.  I know the local guy who owns a few houses wanted too, as well as the Seattle Mystery Tours Lady.  I suggested to one of them to write a book about, and they said that's an idea. 

 Thank you for your kind reply.  I would glad send you the photo's to look at if you so wish, but to where should I send them?

 Sincerely Cathy H 



 DATE:  2 January 2005

FROM:  Larry Rogers 

SUBJECT:  Suzanne Holmes, Southern Oregon University


The Plunkett Center is not the only haunted building on the SOU campus.  There are several stories of ghosts in the dorms, especially Suzanne Holmes housing.  My sophomore year I lived on the third floor of Suzy.  One night after my roommate and I had gone to bed we heard a knocking in the corner of our room.  We had a corner room and the knocking sounded as if it was coming from the stairwell, only it would have been about nine feet from the floor.  The knocking continued about three feet from the floor on three sides of our room.  From the stairwell to the hall to the room next-door.  I asked Hollie if she heard the knocking and she said "Yeah, weird."  We never talked about it again.



DATE:  3 January 2005

FROM:  April  



 Hello:) My name is April and I live in Yakima, Washington.  I have been to your site a few times and find it interesting.  My husband and I have been looking for some info on haunted places in our area.  We havenít come up with much.  I was reading all the stories on your site and I didnít see any there either.  I find that quite odd.  I know there has to be something out there.  People I know and Family members have told me of strange things that have happened in this area.  Then of course there are always rumors about different places but you cant ever find any information about these places.  I was just wondering if you knew of anything or a place that I can do some research about this area.  My husband and I have thought about going to some of these different places and seeing what we could find.  Then maybe posting anything that we see of hear or whatever.  Please let me know if you have any info!!! Thanks so much.




DATE:  6 January 2005

FROM:  Donnie D.

SUBJECT:  Ghosts


 My daughter just told me a story  about her 2 year old son seeing a ghost in the new house they just moved into.  The house is 100 years old in Blaine Washington.  There have been two incidences so far and she herself has had a dream where she feels that something or someone is trying to talk to her about the house.  Can you help with any information you might have about this area or better yet how do we go about finding the history on this place?

 Thanks Fran.  



DATE:  8 January 2005

FROM:  Dean K

SUBJECT:  The Edgefield


Hello, My boyfriend and I just got done looking at your web page and have a couple questions for you..  We live in Gresham, just 5 mins away from the McMenamins, Edgefield.  I have been told by several people that it is haunted, I actually have a friend that works there that has seen the lady in the white dress, but I can not locate the history of the people that used to live in the poor house, nor any strange sightings.  Why is that?? Can you help us..  Ever since we learned that strange things have been known to happen there, we have been overly curious...  but can't find anything to ease our minds.?? Is there anytime that's best to stay at haunted place to get the best chance to see things or is all by chance...?? Thank you for your time.                                   Edgefield seekers



DATE:  14 January 2005

FROM:  Jennifer S.

SUBJECT:  Inquiry for Permission

 Dear Jeff,

 Hi my  name is Jennifer, a group of people from my work are trying to get a ghost hunting group together, we call ourselves the "ghostlyguards".  We are very new at this and have only gone to places of acquaintances.  We are interested in taking a trip to Salem, we would like to check out Fairveiw Mental hospital, Oregon State Hospital, and Camp Adair.  How would we go about getting permission to visit these places, do you have any suggestions?  Are there any places you could recommend to us as well?  I have read one of your books and been to a couple of the places, but haven't experienced anything.  My other friend has been to Hot Lakes Hotel and experienced activity.

 Thank you for your time,

 Jennifer S

 Hello Jennifer,


I cannot make any suggestions for the two hospitals you want to visit, since I do not have contact with them.  As far as Camp Adair, I suggest you start with the Camp Adair museum folks.  They've tried to stay A-Political, and keep traffic down, since they are a military reservation and this is the War on Terrorism.  Working your way in to the system can be difficult.

 I guess that since I've been doing this for a few years, it's easier for me to gain entry.  When you are starting out, it's best to be subtle.  I used to start out visiting the place just as a visitor or tourist.  That allowed me to see if I was even interested in doing a follow up visit.  It may not be physically suitable.  After the visit, if you have talked to someone and gained some kind of polite dialogue, try a follow up, and make your proposal.  It will usually take a couple of referrals to other people higher up the chain of command to get permission.  Unless it's a place like a museum or hotel, then you can stay as a guest and query the staff about ghosts and such.

 Always put your best foot forward.  Try and look and sound normal.  Be prepared to take no for an answer (for a while at least) and have a plan of what you want to do prepared to brief to the people who control the property.

 I hope that helps.
Jeff Davis



DATE:  20 January 2005

FROM: Jennifer

SUBJECT:  My Ghost


 Dear Jeff

My name is Jennifer  I have been  seeing this little girl  and so has my friend Serrina and Kailah.  and no one can see her and she always fallows me around she wears a red dress and red shoes and a red sun hat but you cant see her eyes and she also has with two pig tails all curled in ribbons she tortures me help.



DATE:  21 January 2005

FROM;  A.B. 

SUBJECT:  Our Personal Experience

 Thank you for the anonymity option,

Right after my husband Gary and I moved into our current home here in Roseburg, Oregon in 1999, Gary and I had a strange experience.  We had just gone to bed and while laying there unwinding from the day.  Gary pops up out of the blue.  "Guess what I see in my mind." 

Right at that instance, I had a vision of a black wiry haired dog, sitting on the back porch.  So I told him what I saw.  Gary was amazed.  He said he saw the very same vision.  Most likely I would had forgotten about this event if it hadn't been for a couple of incidents that followed. 

The next morning I was drawn on an exploring walk around the place, as our home and land was still new to me.  I walked up the hillside and was looking at the surrounding landscape when my foot hit a soft spot on the ground.  Looking down I found an old rusty choke chain with dog tags on it.  I picked the collar up and looked at the tags.  1975 was the year inscribed on the tags.  I took the collar down the hill and showed Gary.  We discussed the possibilities of it belonging to the dog in our vision we shared.  We were joking of course.  So I thought. 

Later in the week Gary met one of our neighbors, Mike who lives across the road from us.  He has lived there since the early 70's and knew the history of our property.  Gary being curious asked Mike if he knew if anyone had dogs here before.  Mike answered that in the 70's the owners had Airedales.  Mike also went on and told Gary of all the dogs he could think of that people had owned here.  Also the house had changed owners quite a bit.

But Airedales!  They were the only wiry haired dogs that lived here, and in the 70's!  The rusty collar with tags from the 1975! The collar also was large enough to fit an Airedale.  Was it some type of message from the other side that a dog was still guarding the house?  This is just one of many strange things to happen to us since we have lived here in this house.

From our other experiences, we believe our home to be haunted by two human ghosts as well.  One of our friends who is sensitive to spirits confirmed this along with the description of what they looked like.  Later Gary talked again with our neighbor Mike and the descriptions matched with the previous owners from several years ago.



DATE:  26 January 2005

FROM:  Jen H.  

SUBJECT:  Payette Hauntings

 Hello, My names Jen, I'm 15 and live in Payette, ID.  Recently I've discovered your site and have been quite pleased with a great deal of the information.  However, I was saddened by the lack of Idaho based haunting.  I've always been interested in the supernatural, but have never had anything I could account for experiences, save a few weird vibes.  

One vibe I pick up very strongly is on the out skirts of Payette.  It's in the orchard area and headed for Weiser Idaho.  It's a historical area, I know that much.  French trappers came and settled here.  That's what the town was named after, and we're fairly close to bits and pieces of the Oregon Trail.  On top of that, the town has a very rich history. 

My friends and I often go out to have bon fires at a particular friendís farm house home.  His dad is a bit obsessed with art and historical things, so there are lots of odd relics all about.

These bon fires, though jovial, often get us to talk about ghosts.  Last time, we began talking about ghosts in this area.  (It's the Idaho/Oregon border).  Several left to go check out the old Washoe Cemetery while the rest of us stayed to investigate my friendís house.  Many creepy vibes got me.  Nothing concrete, but definitely difficult to explain.  I may not know much about the supernatural (Though I like to think so sometimes) but I donít think this stuff could be explained as ďrun of the mill.Ē 

I don't spook easily by ghost stories either.  Though, it might have been the mood.  And, it's weird; we've been unable to find many recorded stories, though this orchard area is very eerie.  

Many people have reported strange 'eerie carvings' and paintings about their homes.  Pentagrams, upside down crosses.  This is especially true in the older ones.  Three of my friends and their parents can confirm these odd markings.  And a few strange happenings.  I won't go into details, but there's a lot of weird stuff.  And the vibes I get are chilling.

I'm just curious to know what it all is and whether we should be more careful about what we do.  Many are even more interested in the spiritual world now.  And, being as young as we are, itís difficult to obtain information out of areas because of our youth and sheer lack of knowledge on how to do so.  Our last bon fire, in my opinion, had a lot of disrespect towards the sprits.  And I donít want our next one to be the same.

Do these strange happenings have anything to do with the Snake River, which is in the area, or the Malheur Butte? I've heard some talk and read some things suggesting that it might and I'm wondering if you know anything.  Heck, it could just be a bunch of crazies or have nothing to do with it at all.  I donít know.  I figure it best to get professional advice before getting ourselves into trouble.  Especially with a bon fire being planned early next spring.

Any help you have would be appreciative.



DATE:  3 February 2005

FROM:  Alicia H.



Hi, I was reading your website and I just wanted to tell you about a place in  Washington that I am pretty sure is haunted.  I lived in Sedro Woolley WA for like 6 months last year while I attended Cascades Job Corp there and while I was there I experienced weird things such as unexplained noises and such.  Anyways I wouldnít have thought anything of it until I found out the facility where I was living used to be an old mental institution along time ago and they had cremated people there and there was also a cemetery in the forest right behind the center.

There were also underground tunnels used back then that you could hear noises from because there were holes in the ground where you could see and hear down there.  I was in the dorm where they used to keep the insane children or whatever and at night you could hear children playing in the hall, tapping on the pipes, and whispering (keep in mind everyone there was 16-24, no children).  I also heard rumors (and I am not sure if they were true or not) of one of the all male dorms, it used to be co-ed until alot of the girls got attacked by what they claim was a ghost, and I guess there was some crazy guy that was sent there for murdering women back when it was a mental institution.  Anyways I thought you might be interested, you should check it out if you are, its pretty creepy there.



 DATE:  8 February 2005

FROM:  Karin G.

SUBJECT:  Cemetery Tour

 The cemetery I took (I like you had no idea what was a good one) met at The Dead Mozelle restaurant at the NW corner of the French Quarter, almost on Rampart St.  The tour went on an air conditioned bus and covered most of the cemeteries in NO.  The guide had really done his research and there wasnít a statue he couldnít give you the rundown on.  Because its not recommended you go alone into the old cemeteries, the ones at the top of Canal St. back right up on one of the meanest projects you ever saw, and the kids had ways of getting over the walls using tree branches.  They stayed a distance away from the group, I would not want to be a lone female with a Nikon.  

I did go to St Louis number three, although I was advised against it, with the police station on one side and a catholic school on the other I felt safe.  got some of my best pictures here.  not terribly old but beautiful statuary.  my favorite story on the tour was the tomb of the famous Madame, cant think of her name, in the Metairie cemetery.  Her statue is shown knocking on the door of her family home, where they ostracized her after she went into that line of work.  The statue is said to walk around.  its been found.  I asked the guide about the possibility of say Layola students getting a backhoe, but the cemetery is right on the main highway, and extremely well patrolled due to a lot of thefts in the area.  Anyway this was my experience.  Wonderful place.  Are you familiar with a cemetery in Spokane called thousand steps or something?  Supposed to be really creepy.



DATE:  10 February 2005

FROM:  Kristina C.

SUBJECT:  McLoughlin House Oregon City, Oregon

 Dear Mr.  Davis,

         In September of this past year I had checked out your book from the local library and found it rather interesting.  My sister and I decided to go and visit the McLoughlin house in Oregon City after reading about the story in your book.

     It was a rainy day, so we practically had the entire house to ourselves.  I also like history and thought it would be more interesting to have a guided tour.  Before we went into the house, I asked the curator if the house was haunted.  She quietly told me that it is supposed to be kept a secret, but yes indeed she felt the house had ghosts.  As we entered the house we closed the front door and stood for a few minutes in the front parlor.  My sister felt very chilled and quickly moved away from the front door towards the other rooms.  I asked her what she had felt and she replied a very angry spirit was in the house.  She also felt very strange feelings in other parts of the house.

    I would like to thank you for writing such an informational based book we will also be visiting other sites you have mentioned. 




DATE:  15 February 2005

FROM:  Shelly C. 

SUBJECT:  THX! Re-Manresaís Turit


Aloha J.,

You can email me if you like, and I am sincerely interested in what ever happened to my old friend George.  Please keep my email un-listed and private.  I just had to share this with you! I got the wildest chicken skin from channel surfing when your TV blurb on Manresa's haunting appeared.  The chill of a night which has haunted me from childhood was explained.  Thankyou!!!!

 We made reservations to stay in a B&B on our way to a camping spot.  The front desk said be sure to arrive by midnight, or your room will be given to another.  I was 4 years old (now 31) , and my mother, auntie and cousin (8yrs) were headed to Manresa castle.  The drive was long and by nightfall there was a storm racing up behind us.  We made it in the circular driveway of our B&B, as the first crack of thunder snapped me to attention.  We were exhausted and poured our soaked selves in, through the brass handles to the bell hops welcome.  He looked shocked, and explained that there were no more rooms for the night.  My family was not leaving! We were tired, had a reservation, and just then the grandfather clock began to tell...12 - gongs of midnight rang out to remind the man we were on time! He was shaken, and picked up the phone.  "uh-hum, yes sir.  Please ask him if they can add a cot, and clean it up a bit..." his voice was secretive, and hesitant.  He had tried to send us away.  He then got a call to take us upstairs to the son's room'.

 The key ring was huge, and there were all kinds of keys.  One was really strange.  Turns out, it is a skeleton key, and the rule was that anyone to stay in this room had to remain, locked in, until 6 am.  Those were the rules.  We ascended the loooong narrow stairway to a moon like room.  The wind wound through the dark crescent entrance at the first door, and I could make out that there were holes in the floor boards, I saw a dead black bird and a crack in the whistling window to my right.  The next door seemed to be turning the handle from inside then out, as it was still locked.  Mr.  Bell Hop used that funny long key, and we were set up with a pull-out and a cot or two, can't remember that part.  There was an old oriental burgundy carpet and our little bed faced a closet.  The floor boards grooves were smooth, and worn and felt warm.  To my right, was the other side of the moon shaped window from the turret, and through the silver snake-size rivers of rain, slapping the window, I could see the courtyard, or driveway.  I seem to remember a centralized statue with forest in her distance that lit up in  the storm light.  I was reminded to "go to BED!!!" in exasperated tones, and no coaxing whines of uncertainty would keep them awake with me.  I felt there was definitely someone there, that this was his room.  An ownership or curiosity tone.I lay down next to my cousin, and pleaded her to look into the closet and see the man who stared.  She said it's dark, late and go to bed.  "there's no-one else." she murmured before her first little snore.

 I was four and had just seen Star Wars, where Darth Vader looks like a Jesuit priest in the dark.  "Gretchen....  I can't sleep, Darth Vader is staring at me!" I didn't sleep.  I stared into the closet, where the hooded figure stared back.  I felt as though he came near the bedside, though next thing I remember is the bell hop smiling chipper, with his key releasing us into the sunlight, songbirds and distant chatter of the dining room.  The only person who seemed to know what happened that night was our grinning waiter, as he approached our table with a coy smirk of knowing, and said, "how was the turret? Did you meet George", (I think that was his name.) His eyes and mine linked with a deep flash of agreement.  I was too young to defend my story and it haunted me better than any ghost story I have known.  Until your show.  There was a reenactment of the monks walking the lawn, That was the outfit! The show said he died in the turret.  That was the room! He was in the closet where he hung himself ....  That was Darth Vader, aka George.  Thank you for confirming my real-life childhood ghost experience-story.  It was like seeing an old friend.



 DATE:  23 February 2005

FROM:  Christa  

SUBJECT:  Dammasch Mental Institute

Hello Jeff,

I was wondering if you had heard anything about the Dammacsh mental institute in Wilsonville, Oregon.  I heard it was the scariest place ever by a few of my friends that visited there. 

A co-worker of mine was working as an extra in a movie that I guess was filmed there and he said there were 20 of them walking around inside there and it was really scary.  things touching you and stuff like that.  I guess they are tearing the place down and putting up a school there sometime soon








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