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In recent weeks it has come to my attention that certain parties are using my ghost stories and those of my contributors as references for their own commercial enterprises.  If you or someone you know is writing a book on ghosts in the Pacific Northwest, PLEASE DO NOT!!! copy or use the following stories or any other materials within this website as references.  

Jefferson Davis (25 April 2003)



DATE:  6 November 2009

FROM:  Rachel P

SUBJECT:  Ghost Story

HI Jeff,

It's been awhile since we spoke, and I sincerely hope all is well. I just realized that you had a lecture on the 19th of October, what a shame I missed it...I wish I had known about it before hand, I would have loved to hear it!

 I saw on the same page that mentioned your speaking engagement that your book Weird Oregon is to be released this fall! Congratulations to you on this success!!  Is there any possibility that my story made it into your book? Just curious, as I said I would love to obtain a copy of it.

I should let you know that I have been trying to do actual research on the house that I had my experiences. This on my spare time, (which isn't very often. LOL!) The only thing I've found out is that it was built in 1912. I've also been doing research on the historic Poulsen House which sits adjacent to the house in which I had my experiences, as they sit so close to the same property I can't help but wonder if the haunting isn't more attached to the property. Who knows?  Someday I hope to unravel this whole story and get some answers.

 Once again, Congratulations on the publication of Weird Oregon !  I will look forward to reading it even if my story didn't make it in.

Warm Regards,
Rachel P


Hello Rachel,

 Thanks for sharing your story with me.  I apologize for not emailing back to you sooner.  I hope you forgive me, when I explain that the last two weeks of October are very busy for me, and I do talks at colleges.  I spend all my time concentrating on the people there, and tend to let my email fall by the wayside.  I am back home now, and recovered from 7 cities in 9 days, and a bout of flu I picked up in the middle of the tour.

 I will post your story on my website today or tomorrow.  I also wanted to ask if you would allow me to include it in my Weird Oregon book, which I am writing now. 

 Belatedly yours,

Jeff D.

Rachel Responded

Dear Jeff,

 I have a story that I've been wanting to get out for some time now, and with Halloween just around the corner, well, what better time than now?

About thirteen years ago I moved into a large house over looking McLoughlin Boulevard, in Portland, Oregon. It is one of three, very visible houses as you approach the Ross Island Bridge driving into the city. The most noticeable house is a gorgeous one with a huge sprawling oak on the corner, perched above McLoughlin like a Queen on her throne. The house directly to the right of this one, is the one in which I rented a room, and in which I had the most extraordinary and intense ghostly experience of my life.

Many strange things happened in this house. The phone would ring, and no one would be on the other line. The vacuum cleaner would turn on and off by itself. If I would play a certain tape in my tape player (some heavy metal band) it would shut off, even though it would play fine in my car or at a friends house.(only THAT tape!) But these were hardly the beginning.

One night as I was leaving to go out, as I got into my car, which was parked directly next to the bedroom window, the lights in my room flashed on then off then on again!  The door was locked, and I had the only key. My dog was in that room so I rushed inside, concerned for her safety, and rushed her out with me to the car. (She was going with me. There was NO WAY I was going to leave her there alone!) Later of course I returned.

One other evening my dog started to growl with the hackles raised all up on her back shivering and staring at what at first seemed like nothing in the center of the room. But then I sensed a very heavy presence filling the room, and it got cold. It seemed like a black smoky "blob" cloudlike thing was gathering in the there where my dog was staring. I got mad because it was scaring me and my dog. " Whatever you are, I'm not ready to see you. Go away!" I yelled at it. Fortunately it seemed to listen and the feeling in the room seemed to return to normal. I had never seen my dog growl ever! She just wasn't the type.

Another night I was sitting on my bed reading a book. I had a stick I found at the beach to which I had attached ribbons and charms shells and just random things for decoration. This stick was wedged in between a nail driven into the window frame and the wall. There was a knot in the wood which rested right above the nail. The fit was tight and secure. As I was reading this came flying off the wall and landed in the middle of the room!!!!!! My jaw dropped. To this day I just can't believe it. There is NO explanation for it except for paranormal. You know, all the electrical stuff (lights, radio, vacuum, etc...) I could rationalize away as old bad wiring or something. But this- this was real. It really took me by surprise. I was spooked to say the least.

So, at this point I knew that there was definitely something going on. I started to tune into the house and discovered that there were two very distinct energies there.  One was dark, malevolent, ominous and felt bad. It definitely resided in the basement, where the presence was VERY strong. (My dog, by the way, absolutely REFUSED to go down there!!!! That's where the laundry machine was, so when I went down there she would freak out at the top of the stairs whining &  barking frantically.) The other was distinctly female. This is how I became acquainted with the ghost I call Elsa.

I was suffering from a very bad upper respiratory infection, and one night I was coughing so bad I couldn't sleep. I grabbed the bottle of cough medicine and drank (like an idiot) directly from the bottle. About 15 min. later I started to feel very bad. It felt like glass pushing through my blood vessels, and I started to pass in and out of consciousness.  Apparently I was having an allergic reaction to the medicine. Fortunately for me I had a friend spending the night who helped me out. But as I was unconscious I saw this woman come to me.  She had dark brunette hair swept back in a bun. She was wearing a beige colored dress with red trim from the late 1800's. She said her name was Elsa, and that she had lived in this house. She showed me why she remained. Through pictures she showed me that there had been a boating accident there on the Willamette River. Her Lover was involved and had drowned. I saw them drag the body up onto the grass, as she did. I could feel her sorrow and heart ache. She showed me that she had wanted to kill herself from the pain of her loss by jumping from the attic floor window, but resisted and instead lived the rest of her life and died of old age there in the house. Her spirit remained tied there. I believe that she also helped save my life as at one point in my unconsciousness I felt as if I was going down "the tunnel". I herd her call my name and it felt as if I was pulled back from that vortex. I really believed she helped me. For the record, the friend that was with me was a man so I know it wasn't him who was calling my name.

Shortly after this, I moved from the house. I will never forget the experiences there, they impacted me and they were real. I have never investigated the history of that house, or who owned it in the past. I wish I could, I just don't know the route to take. I have always wanted to know. Every time I drive by I whisper a "Hello" to Elsa. I'd rather not remember the bad Entity. I'm sure that people still rent the rooms in that house, I mean I know people are there because I see the stuff there. You could probably investigate it if that is something that you do. I'm sure that there are more stories out there about it to.

Anyway, thank you for your time and for reading this. Thank you for letting me share my story. Happy Halloween!


Sincerely Yours,
Rachel P



DATE:  9 December 2009

FROM:  Kellia 

SUBJECT:  Information

Hi  Jeff,

We have had many different strange things happening in our home since we moved in a little over three months ago.  I am wanting someone to come in and let us know what we are dealing with, but am afraid that I will get some phony person.

Do you have any suggestions?



Hello Kellia,

Where do you live?  I may not be able to help, but there are plenty of folks listed in my links page who might be able to help.

Please keep me informed on the details,



DATE:  9 December 2009

FROM:  David H


I bought a few copies of your book for myself and for some friends for Christmas presents and was wondering if there was a map of all the locations that I could download. I would like to spend next year visiting these places and was thinking of marking them on a map but thought I'd see if there was one first. Sorry if there are misspelled words I'm typing this one my phone. I am looking forward to experiencing your book

Dave H

HI Dave,

I am sorry, but I don't have a real map of the locations in the tour guide.  I do have a map on my website (www.ghostsandcritters.com) that need updating.  It does have listings, but not exact addresses.  I am supposed to be having an upgrade on the website in the coming weeks, and I'll see about programing some kind of map in the future.

Thanks for your suggestion, and I do hope you and  your friends have a good time ghost hunting.

Jeff Davis




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