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In recent weeks it has come to my attention that certain parties are using my ghost stories and those of my contributors as references for their own commercial enterprises.  If you or someone you know is writing a book on ghosts in the Pacific Northwest, PLEASE DO NOT!!! copy or use the following stories or any other materials within this website as references.  

Jefferson Davis (25 April 2003)



DATE:  3 November 2008

FROM:  Chris S


I know a haunted town were a lot happens here in Oregon itís called Mill city it is an logging town and there are some ghost I have scene and freaky dreams have happened and I donít want to tell you my real name so if someone I know reads it they wonít think Iím crazy I have seen ghost relieving themselves to me my uncle says itís a gift I donít think so I get scared to death sometimes but if you want some times I seen them email me back   



DATE:  12 November 2008

FROM:  Darrell H.

SUBJECT;  Wolf Creek Inn


I was the innkeeper at the Wolf Creek Inn from 1998 to 2001.  My wife and I had some interesting encounters which I would like to share if you are interested.

Darrell H



 DATE:  18 November 2008

FROM:  Ellen Allmendinger 

SUJBECT:  Greetings


My name is Ellen Allmendinger and I am the Founder and President of The P.A.S.T. is Present paranormal investigation team.   The P.A.S.T. is present is a new paranormal investigation team based out of central and southeast Washington. 

 We now have our website up and going and would love to add your site to our link section, as well as possibly adding our link to your site.  Although our website is under some construction, we do have information in each section of the site that explains our group.  Please feel free to go to our site for our link banner, as well as join our forum which you can access thru the website.  www.thepastispresent.org is the location of our site.

 We should love to hear from your group as well.  You may contact me thru the website, forum or at ellenallmendinger@yahoo.com.
Thank you,

Ellen Allmendinger

Founder & President of
"The P.A.S.T. is Present"

"Unwrapping the past..one presence at a time."

HI Ellen,

Thanks for emailing me.  If i can type fast enough, I'll be putting together a website update today and tomorrow, and posting it on Monday.  I'll be sure to add your website to my links section.  I hope to be out your way come spring.  Hopefully things will stay busy for you all.

Best wishes,
Jeff Davis



DATE:  23 November 2008

FROM:  Tristan P

SUBJECT:  Camp Adair

I am certain you receive endless e-mails on account of your investigations of places such as Camp Adair.  None the less I am inclined to ask a few questions.  As a member of a Portland based group I am interested in the location of the Hospital on the grounds of Camp Adair, aka E.E. Wilson.  I have searched the internet only to find vague descriptions of exactly where on the property it is located.  Beyond that, I am curious how one gets any kind of entry to that location, beyond that which I already know.  I have been there, wandering the grounds, aimlessly, and am aware you can pretty much get in the greater part of the park at any time. 
I also noticed you managed to get into one of my favorite wish list locations, the Vancouver Barrack hospital.  Although my group has done, and done, the Vancouver, Ft. Vancouver area, to death, as it were, we have not figured out how to get acceptance to such a location.  I lived in Vancouver for many years, was fortunate enough to have my mothers friend live on Officers row, allowing me a glimpse into one of the hauntings reported there, sadly only when I was a child and my parents dismissed the experience.  I also lived in a haunted house in the older district of Vancouver.  I am aware of the long history of the area, and what seems to go on in the area, but am so far uncertain how to obtain access to any of the places I most want to go.  If you have any suggestions as to how one obtains access to a location, I am more than happy to attempt it.  I assume it usually begins with a letter, similar to this one, none the less we tend to be unassuming in our requests.  I am still interested in asking the present residents of my old house to allow us to investigate, I know the story, why it is haunted, and for how long, seeing as I lived there for several years, but it seems odd to go to the door of a stranger and say, well hiya, I used to live here and we had a real ghost problem, do you?  Seems like that would end in a door slam in the face...  So goes life.  As an up and coming group, we would appreciate any help.  We have several great places of experience, but no houses or buildings, due to the privacy of such things, and the difficulty in gaining access.
Thanks for hearing me out, and I appreciate your listening.


Hello Tristan,

 Thanks for emailing me, sorry it took over a week to respond.  I've been doing a few events, as well as had some family problems.  However I am trying to get back to requests for information such as yours. 

At Camp Adair, it was not the hospital that was supposed to be haunted, it was the clinic where the German POWs were treated.  It was some distance from the hospital.  As far as getting in to see the building, that is a bit tricky.  It is located within the National Guard complex of Camp Adair, so your best bet is to contact them, not going to the commander, but trying to find the facilities manager, and asking questions about walking around the old World War II barracks area to take pictures.  I suggest you ease into the question of "haunted" until late in your conversation. 

Check with the Benton County museum at: http://www.bentoncountymuseum.org/   There is also a Camp Adair Museum exhibit ( http://www.armuseum.com/exhibitcampadair.html ) that you might want to visit, to see if they still have displays showing what the post looked like, and perhaps a historic map or two.  After the war they tore down most of the buildings, or sold them off.  The Museum folks might give you some insight into where the POW buildings were.  Follow this link, http://timberwolf104.tripod.com/adair.html  There is a photo of a map showing the basic outline of the post.

 As far as the Vancouver Barracks Hospital, I am afraid that there is no access to the old hospital now, or in the near future.  The building is in bad shape, and the managers are not interested in allowing paranormal groups inside to investigate.  That includes myself, unfortunately. 

As far as the house you used to live in, I agree that it is difficult gaining access to residences, even if you were a former resident.  As you suggested, either a letter or a knock at the door are the only two options.   And depending on the whim of the owner, they may not even open a letter addressed to:  Occupant   or answer a door.  I cannot add any other suggestion.  It does seem like you have done your historic homework in documenting the events leading to the haunting.

 I will be doing more public events in the coming year.  I hope to have a chance to meet and speak with you in person, if you can attend.  Until then, I hope that I have helped you a bit in your Camp Adair question.

Best wishes,
Jeff Davis


FROM Tristian:

Thank you for getting back to me.  I appreciate your help, and it is good to know where on Camp Adair to go, rather than investigating the wrong sight.  I apologize for taking a while to thank you, my computer has broken down, and I am using my work computer until mine is fixed.  The information you gave is useful. 
I was curious what kind of events you do.  Are they regarding paranormal/parapsychology?  I may be interested in hearing more about those.  Thank you.

Tristan Pl



DATE:  24 November 2008

FROM:  Stephanie and Rachel: 

SUBJECT:  New Link to Puget Sound Ghost Hunters

Please visit their link at:  http://www.psghosthunters.com/.  Especially if you need something "taken care of!"



DATE:  29 November 2008

FROM:  Steve F

SUBJECT:  Officers Row Post Hospital

Mr. Davis,

I read your section on your paranormal investigation on the Fort Vancouver/Officer's Row Post Hospital.  Very cool!  I used to work graveyard security at the Fort and have had some paranormal experiences there myself.  It has been several years since I've been back inside of the hospital.  Been outside many times, gazing inside wanted badly to go back in.  I was wondering what avenue you used to be able to go in there at night?  Who did you talk to to get permission and what did you tell them?  Where they receptive to you doing a paranormal investigation?  Did they charge you any fees or have you sign any waivers?  I badly want to get in there!   If you can point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it!  Thanks

Steve F

Hello Steve,

 Thanks for your email and comments about the old hospital.  I am afraid that the hospital is closed to visitors and curiosity seekers, for the forseeable future.  The folks who are managing it are sensitive to stories of my and other people's experiences, and (rightly) concerned about attracting elements who might damage the building or its place in our local heritage.  I hope that they change their minds soon, but that may take some more time and work.

 I hope that you might have the time to email me with some of your experiences there, and I will post them on my website.  I hope that more people will come forward with their own accounts.

 Best wishes,
Jeff Davis


Thanks for the quick response.  I went back to Officer's Row the other day and met up with some of my old contacts there.  Apparently they are under a new management company which means there is a possibility for a new discussion regarding the Hospital.  Coincidently, I mentioned your book to a good friend of mine Matt H., he said you have done some work with his mother.  Small World!  I intend on contacting the new management company for Officer's Row and I will be sure and let you know what they say.  Matt H. and I and a few others will be putting together a myspace page with "blogs" of our events at the hospital (when we worked security there) and current and future investigations we are working on. When it is ready, I'll send you a link so that you may read our stories and if you wish, use the material on your site.  Anyway, thank you again for contacting me.  I just began reading one of your books yesterday, and I am definitely a new fan of your work!  Thank You and take care. 




DATE:   5 December 2008

FROM:  Beckah W.

SUBJECT:  Haunted Restaurant

Hi there, 

 I live and work in Port Angeles Washington.  I am a waitress at Michael's Seafood and Steakhouse.  Our restaurant is located underground in the part of the city that was rebuild over after the floods 70ish years ago.  Most of our restaurant has no windows because of this, which makes it kind of interesting anyways.  However the part that makes it quite scary for me ( when I am here by myself at night) is the fact that our resonant is haunted.  I think you really should add our restaurant to your list of haunted places.  Most of the staff has had some type of encounter with the ghosts, spirits, what ever you want to call them.  I have had guests ask to be moved to different tables because they felt like someone was sitting next to them, Vie had psychics tell me things like, "oh wow, there are ghosts in here, did you know that?".  Anyways, it can be quite weird, but its also really neat!

  Bekah W  



DATE:  16 December 2008

FROM:  Tara


Last night some REALLY weird stuff was going on. Around 12:30/1AM I started smelling this smokey smell. I went down and made sure all the heaters were off and checked the kids room - no smell there just in the bedroom. When I got back in bed my side of the bed was FREEZING cold, yet the room was about 71degrees. I covered up and closed my eyes and it felt like something was touching my feet and legs with an icy feeling to them. Then I felt it on my face. @_@ Then it went away. LATER in the night I felt that feeling again touching my face!!!

 I have this really bad/weird feeling that something bad happened at my house, and I have since we moved in. There are times when my daughter wakes up screaming and shaking for no reason.

 Hello Tara,

 Sorry it has taken so long to respond to your email.  Because of the weather, my Internet has been interrupted as phone/power lines have gone down.  I do not know what to suggest in your case.  This event happened after moving into a new house?  Have you asked the real estate agent for any history of the house? Or the neighbors?

 What does your husband say about the strange doings.  It may well be he will say you're crazy, or it could be that he has experienced stuff, but has not mentioned it because he does not want to be called "crazy" either. 

 Oddly, not acknowledging some events like this can make it worse, because the anxiety and fear you experience, waiting for it to happen again can energize it.  Sometimes simply saying to your cold toucher, "Yeah, I know it's you again.  Now please go away."  And in a lot of cases, the events will cease.  Some spirits just want to be noticed.

 If you are a Catholic, asking a priest to come and do a blessing would probably not hurt either.

 Best wishes,
Jeff Davis


We live in military housing and other neighbors have said that the house was un-occupied for a while - which is odd to me bc most military housing once someone moves out they move someone else in within a week.   I told my husband my experience but he said he hasn't noticed anything, and hes a heavy sleeper


 Are you at Fort Lewis?  I cannot remember the name of the complex, but there is an older one just to the right, as you enter North Fort.  I traded several emails with one woman who said that they had problems with bath water turning cold, and their pets had odd reactions too.  The husband did not notice anything, but the neighbors did.

 They just learned to ignore it, after telling it to knock it off.

Actually we live on BANGOR Subbase in Silverdale WA.

I do know in my master bathroom when your showering and have the door closed the whole room will be steamy/foggy bc of the heat yet one wall is really cold.



DATE:  20  December 2008

FROM:  Erica A

SUBJECT:  A response to your website

Hello Mr. Davis,

 Your site is fascinating and a makes a good advertisement for your books. I don't know what or if ghosts are, either and would also like to learn more. One characteristic about "haunted" sites that seems curious is that they are almost always public places. Do you have some thoughts about why that is? I have heard something that I can't explain, and felt things that may be related to that. But I'm otherwise a boring and skeptical person. A violent death occurred in the location that I experienced this in. I wonder if there is a way to find where other violent deaths in our area (Portland/Vancouver) have occurred. Are the locations of murders and suicides public record?

 Kind regards, 
Erica Adams



DATE:  29 December 2008

FROM:  Colton H.

SUBJECT:  Our Story

I swear none of this has been made up or exaggerated we dont care about getting a story in a book we just want to know what it was we saw

so here's what happened

 So we were bored one night and decided to go to a cave in the butte near vale. We got to the cave and were messing around and tried to light a fire with a sage bush but it wasn't working so we decided to leave after a few minutes, well when we were leaving my one bud (#1) went first and was at the bottom and my other bud(#2) and I were at the entrance walking out when we heard something when I stopped to look behind us  he shoves me down the hill and takes off and bud#1 looks up yells and runs towards the truck I'm down in the snow stumbling around and I looked up at the hill and didn't really see anything, except looking at the hill I saw what looked like a waist high patch of grass by the entrance. So I take off towards the truck and we pull out of the ditch road onto the road and go parallel to the road we were just on and were looking out towards the cave  where we thought we saw it and we heard something so we shut the truck off for a minute and rolled the windows down listening and we heard something like footsteps so we were totally freaked out  and "tried" to start the car up BUT... we had left it in reverse, (I swear that was like a horror movie right there), but he kicks it in gear and we take off now we thought we saw it behind us but it might have been us seeing things.,.. now when we got back to the house and were talking about it and I realized that there was no bushes or grass on the way up to the cave it was all covered in snow... so the next day we decided to go back to the spot to see if we could find it again .The first time that night we drove down the road a little ways but got freaked out and left.  We really didn't see anything,... now later that night we went back determined to find it, got all weaponed up had some knives and a Billy club and went back. now we drove back further and didn't see anything around the cave so we decided to check out another group of rocks jutting out of the hill further on down the road. when we got there we saw some crazy looking tracks (which we took a picture of) that we decided to investigate bud#2 got out and followed them up the hill  short ways when we hear some noise and saw it moving along the cliff we jumped in the truck and hauled ass the whole time I was in the back and could see it behind us gaining  on us as we drove down the snowed over ditch road, trying not to go off the road until, we hit a spot where the road ended and we had to flip a u'ie when we turned around and it went off the road into the ditch and we took off,... now  this leaves a lot of room for speculation were we just freaked out and were seeing things? was it just a night time phantasm brought on by the darkness and we were just seeing shadows? now his could very well be but what we saw on the third day affirmed our beliefs that this was no unreal spook. the third time we were out to kill we wanted to capture this thing we all knew was real we drove up prepared to fight ,we got there prepared for the worst. We drove up and got to where we had seen those weird footprints now buddy#2 was all ready to go to war on this things face so he jumps out and runs up the hill to a little crest where he stood there calling it out so me and bud#1 run up to back him up and sure as shit we saw it on the hill by the rocks staring at us as plain as day (there was a foot of snow on the ground and the moon was out so we could see pretty clearly) it just sat there for a short period of time when we heard and thought we  saw what looked like a second one off to the left closer to the road  these things appeared to be smart it was almost like they had set a trap and were trying to "flank" us, realizing this and how badly we were actually positioned with the truck and the hill not having a good fighting advantage (yes we were kinda hoping to fight something ) got back in and drove up the road a little more to a spot where it was a little more flat and we didn't have a ditch on one side and a hill on the other.  Now surprisingly enough they (if there was more than one) did follow us up the road to the spot that we choose. now here is where it gets a little more creepy bud #2 (the antagonist) runs towards what he thought was one of the creatures and starts yelling and running towards the one on the road,.. now the one he was charging retreated but the one on the hill bolted towards him from behind, he was to far from us to really do anything about it so bud#1 gets in and starts driving towards him and I jump in the bed. we get to him in time and he jumps in with us and we drive back past the first cave to the spot where the main road meets the ditch about 30 ft away form the outcropping of rocks now we stop and all jump out bud#2 gets pissed off and runs back yelling at it now this is where all of our speculations came to a halt the point when we realized this wasn't just any old mind trick,.... the lights were behind us and he freezes in place we could see it just beyond him the figure of what looked like a waist high creature. this creature was covered in short fur had the face of what looked like a deer or a goat it had small horns and large ears it was standing on two legs its eyes were set fairly close together and reflected the light of the truck .Bud#2 runs like hell and the creature went running after him it was so close that when we got back to the house he had claw marks on his leg, although it only pursued him to a point... as soon as he got within such a distance from us, who were running towards them to help our friend, it again ran back into the brush what this thing was I'm not sure . but I want to know   it was the most freakish looking creature I've ever seen we don't understand what it was trying to do or why it didn't just come out and attack us or leave us alone the way it acted didn't make any sense either but there is no doubt in y mind it was there. we were trying to look it up when I came across your website and seen a few articles that caught my interest and we seen the icon to write you guys and decided to tell you our story. even thinking bout what happened tonight (we just got back from the butte) gives me the chills. I don't know what to call it it was somewhat demonic looking somewhat earthly but very creepy. in my mind I m honestly afraid that maybe somehow it followed us and is waiting for a chance to finish us off (or whatever it was trying to do)  I know this probably wont happen but that is how freaked we are well please email me and tell us what you guys might think we saw or any way we could find out  id appreciate it  thanks for taking the time to read what we experienced




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