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In recent weeks it has come to my attention that certain parties are using my ghost stories and those of my contributors as references for their own commercial enterprises.  If you or someone you know is writing a book on ghosts in the Pacific Northwest, PLEASE DO NOT!!! copy or use the following stories or any other materials within this website as references.  

Jefferson Davis (25 April 2003)



1 November 2002

From: Jennifer W.

Subject: Haunted House

Dear Jeff, 

I haven't emailed you in a long time and I don't even know if you even remember my previous emails. I have an interesting thing to tell you. I recently went to Arkansas to visit my family and best friend. My best friend Sarah lives in a house that was built on a cemetery. The headstones have been removed and placed down the road. The interesting thing is there are at least five active spirits in her house. I have never seen them (she has) I have "felt" them but that's it. 

When I was there I had my photo taken in her garden. No big thing... until I got my film developed when I got back. There is a picture of me taken at dusk with this white orb of light right on my abdomen. My husband took the picture and noticed nothing unusual. We have had many people view this picture, but no one with any expertise.  Except for my neighbor who works at copy max and knows a guy who works with the paranormal. He was absolutely amazed and said it was one of the largest orbs he had seen. So she gave him the picture. I was just wondering if I sent you a copy of this picture if you would give me your opinion. Is your address the same as the one I sent payment for to pay for your book? I appreciate you taking time to read this.

 Thanks Jennifer W.


I think this photograph is pretty interesting.  Jennifer is standing in a kind of canopy of trees.  I cannot see any strong indirect lighting, which might cause some kind of lens flare.  Lens flare can cause globe like images (see the section on  Ghost Hunting) in a photograph.  I believe that this photo was taken with a flash, which can eliminate some lens flare.  So, I don't know what caused this.  Does anyone else have an opinion?

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I did get a reply:

am Sarah, the best friend of Jennifer W.  (First picture in December's other peoples ghosts).  It was interesting to see the actual picture.  Jennie has tried to mail it to me numerous times and it kept getting lost in the mail.  I, superstitiously, expected the computer to blow up when I tried to go to your sight (to many scary movies).  Like she said the house is very active.  This house itself was built in 1886, traditional farm house.  The priest to the local Methodist Episcopal Church resided there.  

In the 1920's the house became a home for missionary children to stay while there parents went over seas.  The girls stayed in my house, the boys across the street.  A room was added to the side of the house during this time to service as a dinning room.  During the 1960's the Sheriff's and wife lived there.  When the city repaved the downtown area the ripped up the old horse hitching posts.  The Sheriff's wife didn't want such historic items to be tossed, so she requested that they be relocated to her house.  They are still outlining the yard area.  Some are really interesting because they have names on them. That is really the last of the "major" events that happened to house. 

Jennie is standing on the northern half the the two acre yard.  She is in front of an archway with sweet pea runners.  This archway is then entrance to a circle of pear trees (6) in the middle is a mint bed.

Just wanted to give you some history to go with the picture you have posted.






14 November 2002

From: Lili M.

Subject: Loyd Center, Portland, OR

Dear Jeff,

I just had a cold, cold chill go up my spine while reading book #2. I don't know if this will be of any use to you, but I thought I'd tell you anyway.  I worked at the Claire's store on the food-court level of Lloyd's Center in... oh, it must have been the mid-to-late part of 2000.  I was trying to save enough money and get a transfer to move out of Beaverton, where I was living with my now ex-husband.  That's a long story, suffice it to say that I was working very hard for perhaps ten hours a day there.  I frequently closed the store and rode the Max train home to Beaverton.  My fingers are very cold as I am typing this, because an hour ago I sat down and opened up book #2 (Ghosts and Critters of Washington and Oregon II) and started to flip through it.  I opened the book to page 42 at random, and read about the maintenance worker at Lloyd's Center.  I am not used to having confirmation of my experiences in print to this degree, and I will admit to a sneaking sense of unease.

I was working one night at Claire's and had to visit the restroom for one of my breaks, this was the late break at about six or six thirty so that the other person working with me could go home.  I would be alone in the store from six thirty to nine or ten, I think, when the mall closed.  Anyway, I left the store and turned to my left, where if you walk along the right-hand side there are restrooms and office space.  The food court was to my back, and though that particular hallway is not well-traveled by the public there were still many people around so I felt reasonably safe.  I went to the restrooms there- I can even show you the place and the exact stall.  I had finished my bladder-based ritual and flushed the loo (toilet) and was occupied in making sure my slacks were zipped up when I heard the stall door next to me to my right close and lock.  

I had not heard the door leading out to the hall open or close, and it was a very heavy door with one of the little things on the top that stops it from slamming- a hydraulic thingie, you know the type.  This struck me as odd, but I did not bend down to check the stall next to me, thinking it might have been rude.  I stood for a moment inside my stall, and heard nothing further.  

As I reached out to unlock the stall door, though, I suddenly felt nausea and an intense chill strike me.  I turned around, bent over, and vomited into the loo (toilet).  (I know this is gross, but bear with me.)  The chill intensified, and I heard my own teeth chattering.  (They are chattering now as I write this.)  Within seconds, the feeling passed, and I straightened up and flushed the loo again.  

At this point I wanted nothing more than to get the hell out of the stall I was in.  I unlocked the stall and stepped out.  The stall to my right was closed, instead of the door hanging ajar.  I was about to bend down and check, but the chill came back.  I was hugging myself, I was so cold.  I am not ashamed to say I bolted from that restroom and ever after did not use it.

I had no symptoms of food poisoning or illness either before or after that incident.  When I came back to the store, my coworker asked me if I was all right. My fingers were blue.  I told her I had been in the restroom and felt very cold. She said to me, "oh, yeah. I won't go in there, that place creeps me out."   She wouldn't say anything else.

I also noticed in that place that riding the escalators is very problematic.  I think I may have seen the maintenance man you refer to in your book.  I had closed the store (this was about a week after the incident described above) and was making my way through the mall to let myself out the main doors where I could walk across to the Max station and go home.  I was tired but not overly so.  As I was on the down escalator I saw an older man step onto the up escalator.  I didn't see him clearly, being occupied with digging in my bag for a pack of cigarettes (I used to smoke before and after work at this time, I was trying to quit for the second time.)  My brain simply noted him and saw that he was indeed a maintenance man, not a customer, which was logical since most of the stores were closed and it was a weeknight.

I looked down into my bag to locate my cigarettes and then looked back up.  The man was nowhere to be seen and I felt those chills again.  He could not possibly have passed me on the escalator, I would have seen him if he had been walking up towards me, since they don't move that fast.  And if he had turned around to run down against the up motion of the escalator that would have been a very strange thing.

Thankfully I was transferred to Seattle at my request less than a month after these incidents (I was in the process of leaving my ex-husband.)  But I would not relish going back to Lloyd's Center to shop nowadays.  I might go back to see if anything inexplicable happens- I would be willing to if I had backup- but I don't think I'll ever go there after dark alone.

Hope this at least is interesting,


In one of my books I recounted a story I had heard about one of the maintenance workers.  I was told that he had died on the job and has appeared to other employees after hours.  Usually he is seen in the vicinity of the escalator.  He is noticed most after the mall is closed.  Perhaps because there are fewer people around and he stands out.  -J. Davis 



Date: Sun, 8 Sep 2002 07:31:17 -0600

From: David H.

Subject: Ghost Neighbor

I love your  website by the way. 

I have a ghost story I'd like to share.  Back in 1996, I was living in an apartment in Meridian, Mississippi.  While I was working as computer operator at an insurance company.  Everyday, I noticed the old man from next door walking outside.  He was always a friendly old man, but we never got a chance to talk or meet.  I was always busy with work or on my way to or from somewhere.  We only lived 4 houses from the corner of the block.  He was in his 80's and I guess this was his only exercise, walking to the end of the block and back everyday. 

One day when I came home from work around 4pm, I noticed the old man walking again.  This time he waved and spoke.  I waved back then walked into my apartment.  I was getting things ready to make dinner when there was a knock at the door.  I answered and it was the old man.  He told me of how he felt bad that he had lived next door to me for the last couple of months and had never talked to me before.  We talked for a few minutes and he left.  I found out later that he had died around the same time we were talking ................


Hi David, 

Some people stick around after their deaths because of unfinished  business, or simply because they don't know they are dead.  Some people are on their death beds or extreme stress.  They somehow project an image of themselves in better places.  Like your neighbor, who may have "imagined" himself doing his favorite  thing as he lay dying.  Some people have recorded ghosts of living people too. The poet,  John Donne (Death be not proud, though some of called thee mighty...) saw the ghost of his wife carrying her dead baby. He  rushed home find that she was still alive, though the baby was dead. She had been calling to him while she was giving birth. 

 It sounds like your ex-neighbor had always wanted to visit you, at least once before he died. Perhaps you were the only one home when he was taking his "walk".  I hope you don't mind if I change your name and post your story on  my website? 

 J. Davis



Date: 31 December 2002

From: .

SUBJECT: Cabbage Hill in Eastern Oregon

My name is Draeger and apparently my older brother Jess knows you and 
he said I  should e-mail you my story. I was going to La Grande for a swim 
meet and to get there you have to drive over Cabbage Hill . The kid that was 
riding with me was familiar with that area and he said there were some stories 
about accidents and people going over the edge of Cabbage Hill (which has a 
steep ravine) . 
The ride over cabbage hill was uneventful but on the way back the conditions
were pretty bad . The snow was horrible and we were some of the last people to 
get on the pass . While we were driving I saw a huge man on the side of the road.  
He was bundled up in what looked like hides and other  animal skins.  For a while
I couldn't understand why a guy would be standing on the shoulder of the road in
the horrible conditions that were present .  While I was trying to find some reason 
as to why a man would be standing on the side of the road we saw a  road sign - 
we had just gone over Dead Mans Pass. Maybe it is just my naive 14 year old mind 
making things up but I am interested to see if you know anything of ghosts in that area.


Date: 24 December 2002

From: . John M.

Subject: Ghosts of Ellensburg

I saw your website on the internet regarding ghosts in Washington State.  I also saw your article on the "Mane Attraction" ghost, and as a native of the town.   I'd like to make some comments, so let me bring you up to speed a little.  I am a native of Ellensburg.  I was born here, grown up here, and I know a great many more things about this town than most people would understand.  In fact many have refused to accept the truth.   In my personal investigations I have found that many refuse to speak of the ghosts or spirits that haunt Ellensburg.  However, there are many who ARE willing to talk about it. 

Here people see a quaint little town of around 15,000 people, mostly college student (who attend CWU, the local university and life of the city).  Ellensburg is known for being a great place to raise a family, attend college, grow up, etc etc.  But there are those here who know quite a bit more than what is represented on any website, anywhere.  This is no joke. I will not lie to you. Ellensburg has a history, a long history, and a dark history at that.  The "Mane Attraction" is not the only 'attraction' as far as ghosts go.  In fact it barely scratches the surface.  The ghost in the "Mane Attraction" is small time compared to the others all over the town.  I daresay that Ellensburg has more ghosts, more paranormal activity than just about any place on any map, anywhere, period.  This is not simply my own opinion, this is recorded testimony from hundreds of eyewitnesses.  Although I can't explain all of this in one post, I urge you to reply to this message, for furthering your knowledge of ghosts and the paranormal.  There are several locations that definitely house ghosts.  The Palace Cafe, the Elks Club, the Mint bar, the former "Tree of Justice" where murderers and other criminals were hung is in my best friend's grandparents backyard.  

Not to mention the huge, and I do mean HUGE, amount of underground tunnels, dug during the prohibition of the 1930's, and before that.  So much information, that I plan to write a book on this subject.  Certainly Ellensburg, Washington is the epicenter of paranormal phenomenon for the entire Pacific Northwest.  There is no doubt in my mind as to that, I have seen them, studied them, had conversations with them.  I would like to tell you more, but would prefer to hear a response first before I explain further on this. 

Thank you. 

Jon M., Ellensburg, WA



Date: 31 March 2001 (archived story)

From: . Kerry B.

Subject: Ghosts


Just thought I'd let you know my house is  haunted.  our ghost is a "nice" ghost, doesn't scare, throw things or make strange sounds.  you get used to the rocking chair rocking without any in it.  Once the ghost woke me out of a sound sleep to tell me my daughter was upstairs crying (this was around 3:00 a.m.).  Sometimes he just floats in the air about two feet above the floor looking down on our bed.  We've named him, brain.  no reason for the name, it just sounded good.  He's been pretty quiet, only appears when he sense something wrong (a protective ghost?).  

In researching the history of our house (built 1890) we could not find any mention of a tragedy such as a murder, accidental death, etc.  Though in a house this old who knows.  We live about 30 miles south of Spokane in Fairfield, WA.

Kerry B.



Date: 7 September 2001 (archived story)

From: . Keegan B.

Subject: Kennewick, WA

I don't know if you have ever been to Kennewick, but there are some places out there where I have experienced some sort of paranormal activity.  Well not really activity, but I sometimes get a  feeling that there is another presence in the area that I am in.  Sometimes I get really cold and on a few times I will get visions of people or things that have happened in these places.  On a few occasions I have told people what I've seen or felt.  Right after telling someone, the owner of the place or someone who has looked the place up will tell me exactly, almost word by word what I had just told someone.  Now I know you are thinning that the person that I have told goes and tells someone else about it.  That's not the case.  Every single time this has happened the person I have told has been standing right beside me.  

Sometimes while driving down the highways of Washington I get this weird sensation that comes over me.  It's like there is someone else inside my body with me. It's like I'm there, but I'm not alone.  During these moments time seems to slow down.  I don't know if you can tell me what my experiences mean or not.  

Keegan B.




Date: 30 January 2001 (archived story)

From: . Hope C.

Subject: Vancouver Barracks

I own a home near Officer's Row. I lived there for one month. It is a 1909 house.  Shortly after moving in I was sitting on the living room floor and looked up to see a man standing in the front doorway.  He wore a blue top with a high collar and long sleeves and a squarish cap.  I know NOTHING about the military but he was definitely some kind of soldier (or it looked kind of like a bellhop's uniform).  But I was looking at his face.  He was about 40 and looking right at me.  

I saw him one more time.  I always felt safe in that house.  My tenant who now lives there asked me whether the house was haunted and said that she saw a man in the living room.

Hope C.



Date: 26 February 2001 (archived story)

From: . Martin J.

Subject: Ghosts of Roslyn, WA

Hello Jeff,

I am sure you receive lots of letters about ghost or events that happen, but his one is especially interesting since it has been authenticated by the passing of many years.

This story starts off with my Grandmother Merle J., who lived in Roslyn, WA, for quite some many years.  My Grandmother had always told us of a ghost that lived in her house, a mischievous ghost who played tricks.  For example like knock dishes off walls, rearrange small things on a table.  Lots of stuff that of course we did not pay much attention to, since we thought Grandma was just trying to stir things up.  This was about thirty some years ago when I was six or seven.  Two years ago I was traveling east of the mountains visiting some relatives and decided to see if I could find the old house and see if it was still standing.  Well, it did not take me long to find it.  Childhood memories of the town and surrounding streets showed me that things had not changed much.  It was still standing and still looked in pretty good shape.  

While I was stopped in front of the house, a lady came out to greet us.  The house was up for sale and she thought we might be looking at buying it.  I told her I was just looking at the house since my Grandmother had lived there once and I had a lot of memories of the house.  I did not mention anything of ghosts or hauntings to the lady. I asked if I could go in and take a look at the house.  She said, "sure".

Well, as we talked about the old house, she mentioned that it was "haunted", I had forgotten all about the old stories that my Grandma had told us.  I got goose bumps and chills when the lady mentioned it.  She went on to say that she had not actually seen or heard the ghost, but her "small boy" had.  He had seen the ghost and it was a small boy.  Hence the pranks and jokes.

Over thirty years had passed and several people had lived in the house and still the stories had stayed the same.  Very interesting and very believable. 

Martin J.



Date: 3 January 2001 (archived story)

From: . Kelly M.

Subject: Help if you can

Hello Jeff,

My husband and I just bought a house in the South Tacoma area.  We have experienced many things along the lines of "flowery smells" actually seeing spirits and hearing people talking "sounds like whispering".  But we can't understand it.  Our children, both my husband and I have been awakened by cold "touching" and cold air moving across our faces.  

I hope I don't come across as being strange.  My husband wants to move out already after only four months.  I say no.  I don't get the feeling these spirits are "bad".  I'm just curious to any past events that may have taken place in our area.  I know our has has been here since the early 1900s- And there is definitely more than one spirit here.  

Kelly M.



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