July to August 2007 Ghost Stories


In recent weeks it has come to my attention that certain parties are using my ghost stories and those of my contributors as references for their own commercial enterprises.  If you or someone you know is writing a book on ghosts in the Pacific Northwest, PLEASE DO NOT!!! copy or use the following stories or any other materials within this website as references.  

Jefferson Davis (25 April 2003)



 DATE:  7 July 2007

FROM:  anakin skywalker 

SUBJECT:  Hey Jeff!

 My Grandma has this old flag that was my Grandpa's before he died of a heart attack. My Grandpa liked the marines and owned that flag for a long time. After he passed away, my Grandma kept the flag. Last year around July we put it up and a day after it was put up, I was reading by the window and I could see the flag out of the corner of my eye, then I saw a man in a marines uniform walk by the window and wave, and smile at me. he hasn't appeared since. sorry that I didn't put names in but I want to remain anonymous. 


DATE:  8 July 2007

FROM:  Darrell N

SUBJECT:  Governorís Hotel

 Hello Jeff,
I live in West Linn, OR.  Anyway, I'm still trying to find out more about the Governor's Hotel. Supposedly, my niece knows a girl who's dad owns it.  I'm hoping to stay there for a night.

From what I heard (can't confirm my sources yet, and you might have heard), they were doing some demolition to re-do the hotel, and from what I've heard (need to confirm) they found an old ballroom behind a wall they demoed <sp>.  I've heard the hotel is haunted, but haven't confirmed anything, or read anything. If I should find any more information, I will let you know.  I do plan before the end of this year to stay a night, but with meeting in CA for my work, etc., don't know yet.  I don't know if you know, but Jason and Grant from Ghost Hunters will be on the Queen Mary in early Dec.  I will be going to the convention and going ghost hunting. 

If you know of any places to have Ghost Hunters go to in Oregon, please let me know and I will forward it, or you can email them from scifi.com.

Thanks Jeff!  Still want to met you some day.



DATE:  24 July 2007

FROM:  Christina H.

Subject:  Ghosts

 Hey Jeff
 I'm just wondering.
I have like the biggest interest in Ghosts.
I do.
I want to go to someplace thatís haunted.
I do.
Is it dangerous?  Dangerous going there alone?


 HI Christina,

Sorry it took so long to respond to your email.  I have been finishing a book, and got way behind.  It is finished now, and I can answer emails.  I know a few places that are haunted, and pretty scary hauntings.  However, I don't know any that are what I would call dangerous.  Most of the time, dangerous applies to some of the people around the haunt.  There are a few cemeteries, in some bad neighborhoods.  What kind of haunts are you interested in?

Jeff Davis


 Thanks for replying.

I'm not sure which kind of "haunt" I'm looking for.  I know my mom said that we once lived in a haunted house, but my luck, I'm too young to remember. And whenever I'm home I always watch "A Haunting" every day at 2 on the discovery channels.  Those just caught my interest, and to experience some paranormal activity, would be even better than watching..

I guess, any kind?

 Does anyone have any suggestions?  If so, email me, and I'll forward messages along.  jddavis@rocketmail.com





DATE:  29 July 2007

FROM:  Kristie T.

SUBJECT: A question about paranormal tours in Spokane

 I was thinking about starting up a group at Meet-up.com and was wondering if you knew of anyone who offers tours of haunted places in Spokane, WA.

 Sincerely,  Kristie T.

Does anyone have any suggestions?  If so, email me, and I'll forward messages along.  jddavis@rocketmail.com




DATE:  12 August 2007

FROM:  James 

SUBJECT:  Daughter ghosts?

 Hello my name is James, and I live in Liberty Lake Washington.  The past few weeks my 3 year old daughter has been waking up afraid saying she's seeing a figure similar to her 8 year old brother coming through the wall in her room and taking her toys.  My 8 year old son has been getting woke at night and doesn't know why.  Last night 8-12-07 about 3 am my wife awoke out of bed to someone "knocking" on our wood bed frame.  Thinking it was our 3 year old daughter wanting in our bed she turned the light on to help her up, no one was there.  while my wife was awake she heard the knocking on the bed again.  She woke me up and it stopped.  My wife has been hearing a child's voice saying "mommy" coming from areas in the house that no one is in, or when all children are asleep.  I am used to all this, been dealing with it for the 28 years of my life.  Contact me please I have Years of stories to tell/    
THANKS&nbs p;



DATE:  15 August 2007


SUBJECT:  Weird WA first video Weirdness online: Curiosity Shop and Fremont

 Jeff and Peg:
Check it out, they're starting to put some of our Weird Washington material online at the Hertz Rent-A-Car site: http://www.upyourbudget.com/weird/ye-olde-curiosity-shop-cornuco/#more



DATE:  20 August 2007

FROM:  DeAndre 

SUBJECT:  Questions

 Hi. My name is DeAndre. I need some help on identifying what's happening to me. About six months ago, I was washing dishes in my kitchen. Now, the way my apartment is set up, the only light that is seen in my kitchen is the one that is installed. So I was washing dishes and this beam of light scrolled down my peripheral on my right side. It kinda freaked me out at first, but I just passed it off as just my imagination. About two days later, it happened again, only this time, I was in my bedroom...with the lights out...and no light was coming through my blinds. So for the past six months, it's been happening about three times a week. Up until about a month ago, I became accustomed to the light. So when it stopped, a month ago, I didn't think much about it. But, out of the blue, it happened to be again last night in my bedroom. I'm not afraid of the light.....but I would like to make sense of it. The only traumatic thing that's happen to me was the death of my grandmother. She about two years ago. I just wanted your opinion on this. Thanks.

 Hi DeAndre,

 Thanks for emailing me about your lighting situation.  I had not heard of anything like this happening before.  Perhaps there is a correlation with other stressful, events in your life.  Did anything happen, not necessarily the death of a family member, around the time that you noticed the light for the first time?  Someone new in your life?  New neighbors?  What about the time the light stopped, and began again?

 I will post your experiences on my website and hopefully someone will have a similar experience, or explanation to share.
Jeff Davis

 Well, at the time, I was ill, I believe that was the reason why it frightened me the most, because there were no reasons for the light. I feel my grandmother's spirit with me all the time, but the light is just unexplainable. Thanks for your input on this situation.

Does anyone have any suggestions?  If so, email me, and I'll forward messages along.  jddavis@rocketmail.com



 DATE:  20 August 2007


SUBJECT:  Weird Washington Story Submission

 This is a forwarded email from someone suggesting locations for Weird Washington.

 The haunted theater he's talking about is the building next to the Museum of the Mysteries. 

---------- Forwarded message ----------
DATE: Aug 20, 2007 1:22 AM
FROM: Ricky O.
SUBJECT: Weird Washington story submission

To Whom It May Concern,
I actually have a couple stories for the Weird Washington book. I'm not sure how far along you are or if I'm late in sending this in, but hopefully I will be at the least somewhat helpful.

The first thing I would like to tell you about is an old abandoned house off of Maple Valley Highway in Renton, WA. It sits literally right next to a brand new housing development, and can hardly be seen from the road. The windows are boarded up and part of the back porch roof is caved in. It has three floors and the basement is eerily drafty. Behind the house, there is a broken down three car garage, and down a trail is another three buildings. One seems to be some sort of maid's house, a shed, a horse's stable and a barn. I assume there was another building there at one time because there is a huge pile of wood that vines have grown over. Also, there is a broken down old pickup truck that vines have grown over into the vehicle. I've been there multiple times and haven't had any seriously scary experiences, except for hearing twigs break as if someone lurking in the bushes, and dripping coming from areas I couldn't figure out. All in all, it's probably one of the coolest things Iíve come across in Washington state.

Another thing is there's an old theatre off of Broadway in downtown Seattle that used to be used as a women's rights meeting group back in the early 1900's. A women hung herself on the second floor, and supposedly doors and drawers open and close by themselves. They have closed off the second floor to the public and converted it to a theatre some time ago.

That's all I can think of right now, if I come up with anything else, i will be sure to let you know.

-Ricky O (Seattle, WA)


DATE:  22 August 2007
FROM:  John B.  

SUBJECT:  Possible haunted places you might want to check out


 I was browsing your website, and I was curious. Have you checked out  the Gray's River covered bridge? It's a historical marker on Highway 4  headed to Long Beach. According to some rumors, there's a ghost or two that  haunt around that area. Also, in the Longview/Kelso area, there's an old  cemetery that has been 'restored' called the Catlin Cemetery near Columbia  Heights Road. This cemetery is supposedly haunted by a female ghost and her two daughters. I haven't experienced anything around there, as I live just  up the hill a ways, but I've had quite a few folks tell me stories about  the site.

 There's also stories surrounding this area about the "Sale Barn" auction house in Kelso, and even the new visitor's center up near Mt. St.  Helens.  Some say that at night if you're on the grounds at the Johnsonville Ridge, you can feel the Spirit of Harry Truman wander the place, looking for his home that was taken in the 1980 explosion.

Just thoughts that you might like to check out!

Jon B



DATE:  25 August 2007
FROM:  Steve and Carol  
SUBJECT:  Haunted vacations:

 I had my first brush with the paranormal at the Fort Casey Inn on Whidbey Island some years ago.  There's a row of officer houses that were built in 1905 and are presently being rented out.  They're owned by the Seattle University.  When we stayed there it was a night my family and I will never forget.  I was pretty ambivalent about ghosts until that night.  Since then I've been searching for answers. 

I had an interesting experience with a nickel and EMF meter at Thornewood.  It seems everytime I removed a nickel from a table the EMF readings would shoot up somewhere between 4 and 9 if memory serves.  I had the sense to grab my video camera at one point to record what was happening.  My hubby the skeptic was at a loss for any explanations.  I have also heard footsteps and tinkling sounds.  I'm always careful to keep in mind some hotels may be looking for publicity though. 

Manresa Castle in Port Townsend was interesting.  We stayed in room 306 a couple of years ago and I could swear I could feel something sit down next to me on the bed.  I yelled for it to get off and scared the heck out of hubby who was sleeping on the other double bed.  The neatest thing was about a year later when my sister and I stayed there (room 302 this time)  I ran into a man in the lobby who had had a similar experience in room 306.  He said he felt something lay down next to him on the bed.  He also claimed a drawer opened up on it's own in a small night stand.  The manager of Manresa Castle who at this point was quite amused (non believer) was nice enough to take my sister and I on a tour of the attic.  Very creepy especially the hangman's noose that was hung there by a film crew. 

I don't know what to make of the Palace hotel in Port Townsend.  Took some awfully strange pictures and had some poltergeist activity.  Anyway I won't go on and on.  I'm sure you're much more knowledgeable about WA than I am.  I look forward to reading your books including the new one. 

I'll let you know if I get anything unusual this weekend.  I'm planning a trip to Northumberland England next year.  There is a haunted castle (Chillingham) near the Scottish border that you can actually stay at.  I'm not quite sure how the residual energy from the torture chamber will feel like.  Apparently thousands of Scots were tortured and killed there.  They have "ghost tours" depending on activity and all night "ghost vigils" around Halloween.  hmmmmm

 She followed up with more possible holiday  haunts:

Palace Hotel -
 Miss Claire's room (#4). According to one of the staff (Jeff) a guest had to check out of this room in the middle of the night. Other interesting tales of activity in here as well.

Not sure if you're interested in spirit photography. I'm pretty much skeptical when it comes to pictures. These are some unusual pictures from the Palace Hotel In Port Townsend. They still keep the ghost book behind the counter at the main desk. Much of it is probably over active imaginations but some accounts have a ring of truth. Someone stole the 2 ghost books from Manresa Castle.

 Hubby and I are booked in for the Tokeland Hotel on Sunday night.  I couldn't reach anyone at the St. Helen's Manor and they didn't return my call.  The Lake Quinault Lodge sounds good for Monday night.  Thanks for the tip.





DATE  29 August 2007

FROM:  Steve and Carol

SUBJECT:  More Haunts

 The Tokeland Hotel was interesting.  I don't think I've ever stayed in such a creaky hotel.  I guess the owners live upstairs and you can hear the creaky footsteps as they walked around and ran the water.  We stayed in room # 11.

I spent some time in room # 7 as I was advised that things happen in there often.  I did get quite dizzy which is interesting as I'm never prone to dizziness.  There was no poltergeist activity.  I only had orbs in pictures taken in the main lobby/dining room area late at night (midnight).  I heard some noises coming from the kitchen when I was down there. I also had disturbing dreams about a cat being trapped and when we went out to the car in the morning there was muddy cat foot tracks on the hood.  That was kinda weird.

Hubby thought it would have been too much driving for a 2 day trip so we didn't make it to the Lake Quinault Lodge.  We'll go there another time. We stayed at Thornewood Castle on Monday night and were the only guests there.  I had a long conversation with Deanna and she told me about some of the other guest's experiences.  I only captured one orb on a picture.  When we stayed there in March every picture I took had orbs.  It almost ludicrous.  Dozens of orbs both inside and outside the "castle".  Maybe a spirit convention?

Once again I had unusual readings on the EMF meter while in the Grandview room.  I swear it reacts to my questions.  When I asked if "Tom" was there, the EMF shot up to 8.5.  I had previously captured an EVP where he answered "Tom" in answer to my question "What is your name?"

I have 2 digital recorders, about 30 hours worth so it's going to take me a while to get thru them.  I can only listen to EVP for 15 minutes or so at a time. I set the video cam in the hallway after going to bed so I'll see if anything happened there.  Normally I investigate on my own and Thornewood has never made me feel uncomfortable.  I swear I heard breathing in one of the rooms and for some reason that ended the night's investigation.  I'm hoping it was picked up on the recorder.

I'm going back on Oct 29 for the "ghost" tour.  I know...cheesy but I'm interested to see the basement and hear more about other paranormal occurrences. 

The camera was working fine and I did not get the same odd photos that I took at the Palace Hotel in PT.  I haven't been to the ER Mansion in Steilacoom yet.  That may be interesting.  It's a shame the Bushhouse Inn never reopened, I think it closed in 2002.  We took a trip there and looked through the windows.  It reminds me alot of the Tokeland.  Very creepy looking inside.  If I win the lottery I'll buy it.  It's sad when a historical place gets neglected and forgotten.  I was tempted to contact the John I Scott realtor to see if I could get inside.

 Thanks again for shipping those books!  
Much appreciated.

(Next trip Mirabeau in Spokane)




DATE:  30 August 2007

FROM:  Jason H.

SUBJECT:  Ghosts in Keizer, OR

Hey, stumbled upon your site looking for ghost hunters in Salem, or. In Keizer, there's the Chemawa Indian School, but at the original location which is on Old Indian School Road, near some railroad tracks just south of the I-5 onramp, there's something unusual going on there. I haven't been too close, but it seems angry. Some sort of spirit. Just thought I'd let you know.




DATE:  31 August 2007

FROM:  Doug C.

SUBJECT:  I need to ask a question, this is serious

Have you any record of the Elochamen fish hatchery near Cathlamet Washington? Few years back the Longview newspaper did a big article on it. Several people saw what I did only it goes a bit further with me, I went so far to contact the manager of the hatchery and in detail he told me what I saw. How can life, rather a solid looking human appear then disappear into thin air? 

Many people have seen the same as I over several years, only I know what I saw, as the father called my home in 1997 and told me, problem is the father died several decades ago with his son at the same time, I know you probably think Iím crazy, but this is the truth and as I said several people have seen what I did, everyday I think about what I saw and what the father told me.

1983 January 2nd at 5:30am appx. I arrived at the hatchery to go fishing as I crossed the small bridge going 5mph a boy was walking in front of me appx age 13 his back was turned and walking away from me I'd say 30ft. away it was lightly snowing and the hatchery lights were on I clearly saw him, after about 15 seconds I thought whereís his dad no one was around just him and me, he finally turned looked right at me, looked startled looked like he was going to run and put his arm out then just vanished into thin air, let my dog out he ran right to the spot circled and ran back to the truck whining and shaking, this was a big dog not even afraid of bear. I made a u turn and went back out to the highway found a phone and called the police and filed a report.

The manager described this boy to a T. he claims heís seen him on numerous occasions. But the phone call I got he went into detail how they fell into the river and could see his son floating away from him underwater, and wanted to know when I was coming back down, once again you may think I'm nuts, but I assure you this happened; I've never seen any ufo or bigfoot or bump in the night, did I really see what I saw and how can the dead talk to you? And why me? It's like I feel I'm the only one in the world who knows there is more to life after death, a different dimension, please contact the Longview newspaper you will see not just me but several people have had this experience

I would like to go back there and try to contact them but how? Or what can I do to see them again, you see I have terminal cancer and before I die I have wanted to go back, guess this is my dyeing declaration to you.

Thank you,
Doug C.r













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