July to August 2005 Ghost Stories


In recent weeks it has come to my attention that certain parties are using my ghost stories and those of my contributors as references for their own commercial enterprises.  If you or someone you know is writing a book on ghosts in the Pacific Northwest, PLEASE DO NOT!!! copy or use the following stories or any other materials within this website as references.  

Jefferson Davis (25 April 2003)



DATE:  7 July 2005

FROM:  Tyler S. 

SUBJECT:  In Regards to Ghost Hunting

 Dear Jeff,

 Hello, my name is Tyler and Iím an amateur ghost hunter. I've been hunting now for a couple months and have become very interested.  I've purchased three of your four books and have read about most of the locations around Vancouver/Portland (where I live).

 What Iím really curious about, is how did you get the chance the stay the night in the Hospital at Fort Vancouver, or even gain a tour of the place?  I talked to a security guard one night while hunting on the grounds late at night, and he told me that he himself had indeed seen strange things behind the windows, which even spooked him.  Then he told me the place had been locked up and closed for quite some time. Any information would help me greatly.

 I've recently taken a picture of the Howard House at Fort Vancouver, and in the photo three of the windows have what seem to be faces. One of the windows has a head, which takes up nearly the entire pane, and is hard to miss.  The details are incredible (at least to me). You can see eyes, nose, mouth, hairline, ears. It's crazy! During the day, the same day we took the pictures of the house, my two partners and I were inside the house talking to the receptionist. I had my digital voice recorder in hand, recording everything. During the time in the room with the receptionist, you can hear a man screaming in the background.  The recording is plain as day, and you don't even need headphones to hear it. 

 I've recently made contacts with another woman in Hazel Dell, and while at her house did a few recordings. She claims that the entire apartment complex is haunted. She stated that her doors/windows will become unlocked. TV's unplugged etc. And on the recordings that we took, it seems that this ghost is "playing" with us? As we ask a question or make a noise, it responds by knocking on things nearby.  

Sorry for rambling on, but I just wanted to say that your books and websites have been a great help in my hunting. And if it would be possible to give me any information on the right people to contact about the Fort Vancouver Hospital. 

Also, have you ever heard of camera's batteries dying while trying to take pictures where ghosts are supposed to be? It's happened now twice to me, and Iím beginning to become curious. 

 Thank you once again, and happy hunting!



DATE:  8 July 2005

FROM:  Sharon A. 

SUBJECT:  Msg from Sharon A.

 Hello Jeff,

 I live in a large apartment complex in Vancouver, Washington that appears to have ghosts in several of the buildings, including mine.  I became aware of this phenomenon about two years ago when I came home on different occasions to find things out of place.  Such as, sliding glass door and bedroom window unlocked, TV and radio unplugged, and various items in my apartment out of place. The big topper was when I woke up one morning to discover the cold-water valve unplugged under my bathroom sink.  As time when on, I listened to the stories of various tenants in this complex.  One young tenant even attempted to conduct research on this particular property by utilizing the resources at the Clark County Historic Museum Library. Discovery Park Apartments are located one block East from Highway 99 in Hazel Dell. The cross streets are 88th St. and 15th Ave.

 Presently, I am assisting three young Clark College students with their research of ghostly activities in the Clark County area. However, they cannot seem to locate any information about this particular piece of property in which I live.  If you have any information about the history of this land, or where else to research, I would greatly appreciate it.



DATE:  8 July 2005

FROM:  Christine S. 

SUBJECT:  Old City Hall Tacoma Washington

  Good morning Jeff, my name  is Christina I live in Tacoma Washington State There is a hunted old city hall here where it once was a old prison  if you go inside there is many old cells where prisoners have died and cell which is death row .  I tried to go in them but certain once are off limits to me and a lot of the staff are afraid to go down there but I am not.  There is rumors of haunting in there, but my daughter and I have witnessed one of an old man who appears to be in black around 29.  He stands on the bottom of the stair way then disappears.  I would like to know how to get more information on this matter of the old city hall hunting.  The web address I have does not tell me much I am very interested, since I work there.  I am not afraid I welcome them and tell them I want to help them please e-mail back on this matter. 

 Thank you for your help




DATE:  8 July 2005

FROM:  Julie S.

SUBJECT:  Feedback on an old photograph, please


Hi Jeff -

I just read your web page on photographic mistakes that can be interpreted as "ghostly,Ē and I wanted to ask you a question about this photograph.  (I didn't take it, and I don't even know if it was digital or film.)  Is there some simple explanation for that glowing spot? 

Tracy, the singer in this photo, was the life partner of Dave Carter, a phenomenally talented singer and songwriter.  He died suddenly of a heart attack, just as their career was starting to get really big, leaving Tracy alone and somewhat without direction.  Dave and Tracy are both very kind, VERY spiritual people.  This photo was taken in one of the very first concerts that Tracy did alone after Dave's death, and I've always interpreted that glowing orb as a visible sign of Dave's presence, and his love and support (which was almost tangible, especially during the early shows.) 

Here's a link to their web page.  There's more info about Dave, and some links to the songs.   http://daveandtracy.globalhosting.com/press.php   -------  some articles written about them

 http://daveandtracy.globalhosting.com/music.php   <-------   clips from the songs, and the lyrics.  Particularly check out "When I Go", from the album of the same name, and "Gentle Soldier of My Soul", the last tune on the last album they recorded together, Drum Hat Buddha.  Somehow, I'm sure that Dave knew that he was destined to die early. 

For several years after Dave died, Tracy ended all her shows with "Gentle Soldier", as well as performing it (beautifully) at Dave's memorial service.  I can't imagine how she did it.  She's an amazing person, and a phenomenal musician.

 Thanks, Jeff.  I've been curious about this picture for a while.




 Hi Julie,

 I looked at the photo you sent me, and I hate to say this, but I think the orb is a bit of dust in front of the camera lens.  Sometimes the flash on a digital camera is so close to the camera lens that the light hits pieces of dust, illuminates them, but they are so close to the lens, that they are out of focus, and instead of solid specks, they turn out looking like transparent globes.

 Even so, I do not doubt that Dave continues to watch out after Tracy.  Thanks for sending me the photo, and sharing her story with me.

Jeff Davis




DATE:  12 July 2005

FROM:  Jenne W.

SUBJECT:  Question

 I recently had an odd experience which I am not sure was paranormal, or a dream, though still is very uneasy for me.  I was lying in my bed a bluish gray light came into my room and I became paralyzed with, I think, perhaps fear.  I was very warm and felt a soft hot pressure on my side where I believe whatever it was in my room was touching me with hands.  You'll have to excuse me, I am paraphrasing. I tried to scream, but the harder I tried, the more quiet I became until I could hardly breath. I eventually passed out.  The next day I believed it to be a dream but all my muscles ached as if I had been doing some sort of strenuous exercise. I don't know what this is, and any advice or anything you might know about it would be appreciated. Please write back.

Sincerely, Jenne W.



 HI Jenne,

 Have you ever suffered from sleep disorders like sleep walking, sleep apnea or insomnia?  I do not know how old you are, but when some people reach their late teens, they can develop these problems.  There is a rarer sleep disorder called sleep paralysis, where your body is still asleep, and your biological switch that allows you to move is turned off, but your mind is awake.  When some people reach that state, it is like they are in a sensory depravation tank, and they can develop hallucinations and false feeling sensations. 

I do not know if this is true in your case.  Have you had something similar happen to you before or since?  Had you been without sleep for a long time before this incident?  I am sure you would rather find that this was a natural sleep disorder, rather than a paranormal event.
I hope my questions and explanations helped.

Jeff Davis



DATE:  18 July 2005

FROM:  Adele H.

SUBJECT:  Hauntings on a farm

 I lived on a blueberry farm in North King County for a year from 1987 to 1988...it was a truly haunted place and I suppose because of my great faith in God, I never felt threatened except after we moved out.   It was to be the reconciliation place for my second husband and I to start over again after being separated for about two months.   

It was an old farmhouse and like some other old places I've lived in, it had it's peculiarities as far as noises and just being down right weird looking.  The things that happened when we lived there were so many that I filled up two sides of a legal pad sheet of paper and that was just the outlines or the titles of the happenings.  I hadn't even gone into detail...but here is how I had them listed in bold....then I go into detail in regular font: 

The first night there:  Lots of activity in the house at night.  Heavy footsteps in the hallway, living room and noises coming from the basement.  You could hear things through the heat registers for the oil furnace - it was summer time and we did not have the heat on.   

The beveled mirror top to my dresser crashing down in the middle of the night - it was propped up against the wall:  The address (which it didn't dawn on us until after we moved out):   20911

Our exotic bird going crazy in his cage the first night there: Our bird was going back and forth on his perch the first night he and my husband spent alone in the house.  My husband was not one for believing in anything supernatural so for him to mention it was something else.    

Noises coming from the living room and it was empty:  I was always hearing things in the living room and when I would go out there, there was no one.

The screen door:  When my husband was at the house alone painting inside, he heard the screen door slam and creek on the back porch...it was propped up against the detached garage down the steps of the porch.  There were no screen doors on our immediate neighbor's trailer.  Other houses were too far away to be able to hear their screen doors slam and creek.    

The creaking of the hallway floorboards and a huge cold spot: At night you could hear like someone with heavy boots on was walking in the hallway and when I would get up to investigate (even try to surprise them) there would not be anyone visibly however the hallway was cold even on hot August nights.     

The lamp in the spare bedroom falling over 3 times and always around 3 am:  My daughter had a torchiere lamp with a large round base on it.  3 times that lamp fell over even after she moved it the first time and she nor anyone else was near it so she didn't kick it over in the middle of the night...and she told me it was always around 3 am that it would  do that.    

The nightmare I had the 3rd night we lived there: I dreamt I was standing on the back porch looking out over the back 40 acres and it was a bright moonlit night.  I happened to see my husband and some guy standing out there looking down at something in the ground.  I floated off the porch and flew over to them and hovered in the air above them - they could not see me.   They both bent over to pick something up and when I looked it was the naked body of a dead girl and they swung her back and forth and then dropped her in this grave they had dug.  My husband said "That will teach the bitch."   

I reeled back really fast in the dream back to the porch in horror and then I woke up with sweat from head to toe.  He was in reality sleeping next to me snoring.  I was soaked from head to toe with sweat and I had to get up out of bed it was so horrible.  Later on after we moved out, I found out from the previous tenants that a dead girl's body was found on the property when they lived there - she had been killed somewhere else and her body dumped there in the back part of the blueberry bushes.   I didn't find out about that until after one year after my dream 

The pool table balls rolling around downstairs: My neighbors kid liked to hang out at our farm so she came down one night to spend the night and was sleeping on our couch in the living room which was directly above the room in the basement that had a pool table in it.   She woke me up in the morning and told me she could hear the balls rolling around and clinking next to each other like someone was down there.  You had to go through the outside door to get in the basement and we kept it locked because of my husbands upholstery equipment down there.   He said he hadn't been down there all night - I knew that already because he was asleep next to me and I'm a light sleeper.

He went down there to investigate it and he came back upstairs with his face all white...I asked what was wrong...he said the balls were strewn all over the table and not in the triangle holder like he always did when finished.  I asked if he simply forgot and he said no, that our friend Larry was teasing him the night before about making sure everything was all wracked and ready to go again the next day.     There is still no explanation as  to how that happened.  It was a regulation pool table and was on straight ground - we had made sure with a level when we first set up the table.   

The clanking of  the pipes:  After about two weeks of living there, we would hear loud clanking of the pipes at night and I thought it was just old pipes that were creaking from using the water.   

The old fashioned window shade flipping up into the roll at exactly 11:02 pm two nights  in a row:   After the second night of this happening, I went and stood in the middle of the living room and said "You will not chase me out of here...it is time for you to go now."   The shades never flipped up again.

The new tenants dogs wouldn't come into the house:  After we decided to move out and split up, the new tenants came by a couple of times when I was cleaning up.    Their two large dogs would not step foot inside the house - they would stand by the back door and whine, but not go in.   

 They heard the same sounds we did late at night while they were working on the house:  The screen door, the clanking of the pipes, their dogs' peculiar attitude about the house.  She was afraid of the little cupboard in my daughters room...she said every time she opened it up, she got a really creepy feeling.   I didn't but that doesn't matter I guess.   My daughter kept her shoes in there but she thought it was odd also but that was because she  thought the whole house was weird.   (Later on, I found out from the same person who rented the place before us, her husbandís grandpa and grandma lived and sharecropped on that farm for years - Grandpa died in that room that my daughter was in and it was early morning hours. 

The person/figure in the window as I was driving away the last night:  The very last night I was there to pick up some things in the outside garage.  I was driving out of the driveway and I happened to look back at the house and the spare bedroom had a dim light on (or it could have been the moon.)  I definitely saw a figure of a man/shadow in the window and nobody was in the house at the time.  The new tenants had the only keys to the house.    

The landlord telling me "the house loves you, why couldn't I stay?  You had brought it back to life again."  When I was gathering up the last of my stuff at the house, the landlord showed up and asked if there was anyway I could stay there by myself without my husband's help and I said No I can't afford it and I can't take of 40 acres of blueberries.  I told him I loved the house (I did a lot of work before we moved in including stripping all of the wood floors inside and we all painted the outside of the house - some said it looked like the house years ago when it was newer).  When I told him I loved the house, he said "The house loves you too.... it has come back to life since you moved it.Ē  Creepy.... the hair on the back of my neck stood up.     

A portion of the blueberry bushes I would not walk...later found out there used to be sacrificial rituals in that field next to the blueberry bushes.  Some investigation of the place later on after we moved out turned out that occult worshippers used the land for live animal sacrifices and bones were found all over the property.  This is just hearsay and I don't have proof of that but knowing what I do know about the place, I wouldn't be surprised.

 Dead animals around the house in a perfect circle.   The new tenants told me over the phone that the last night they were there to pick up their stuff and not move in, there were dead birds, a rat, a chicken and a "mink" in a circle around the house and there were no birds up in the trees or around the property that they could hear or see.    

New tenants after us gave up a $900 deposit and first month's rent after they had their minister research the place and he wouldn't even step foot on it to bless the property.  He gave them a blessing to say.  They were freaked and told me that they went back to the house that same night I was there for the last time and they said no lights were on.... the fan they had left running in the bathroom was running when they got there.  They said the whole time they were gathering up all of their tools and equipment to get the hell out of there, the whole house came alive with noises and they literally left the house running - even left the washer/dryer they bought from me that was in the basement.  I never went back and got it or the double stove I had purchased....  I just left it there also.   

I'm not one to get run out of a house but we were divorcing and I couldnít' afford it but I don't think I could have stayed there alone with my daughter after all that had happened.   

I hope you believe my story because it is all true and when I doubted anything or thought there could be another explanation I have noted that.   The one thing I can tell you is that my husband's temper got worse when we moved there.   He got really mean and even got sick one week with a really high temperature and became despondent.  He wouldn't let me take him to the hospital so I just kept giving him water and finally he came out of it a couple of days later but I had never seen him so sick as that week



DATE:  22 July 2005

FROM:  Karl W


 Me and my brother were going to sleep one night as I roll over to get comfortable my brother starts to freak out and cry mumbling to himself "no, no don't touch me."  I roll over to see what the hell was going on and crawling on the floor looked like a crazy twitching body crawling close to my brother when I see this I canít speak.  Iím in a frozen state, my dad hears my brothers sobs and comes running in to the room. That night I slept in my dads room and my brother moved away with our mom I never slept in that room alone again.  I've asked my friends if they have seen anything weird go on in my house and to my surprise they saw the same thing in the middle of the night



 DATE:  25 July 2005

FROM:  Jenne W.

SUBJECT:  Question

 I recently got your email, and what you said really helped a lot.  I just got back from a mission trip to Mexico and before I went I had to have a physical, and my doctor asked me some questions about my sleeping habits.  Of course, I hadnít told him about this particular dream, thinking it would have nothing to do with it.  My sleeping habits, he said, didnít seem normal, and he wants to do a sleep study on me.  I had no idea that what I described could have been part of a sleep disorder, so now I know that I should tell him!  I am in my late teens; 17 years old and I have been suffering from a sleep disorder since I was 12, as it turns out.  I wake up late in the night and can't get back to sleep for hours and I always have really bad dreams.

 Now that I know it's something that is serious, I can tell my doctor that, so thanks a lot!  I'm really glad you told me that, I certainly had no explanation, and I'm glad to know that itís not something weird, that it can be treated. Thanks a lot for your help,




DATE:  27 July 2005

FROM:  My Aunt Betty

SUBJECT:  Photos



Been trying to get through to you for months now but didn't think of the web search until last night.  Have spent half the morning reading some your material on ghosts. How interesting. Intend to finish up with reading over the rest of your web sight to learn more.  I've known about your books and sorry to have missed the "signings" and the television appearance I learned of.... always after the events are done and over with.

 Am attaching 6 photos taken at my  Rossiter Lane address within the last 3 years. There has been about 12-13 disposable cameras involved so cannot pin-point exact dates or which cameras took how many of the pictures. Will venture the first 4 pix were taken with at least 3-4 different cameras though. A completely different camera took the last two pictures on November 26, 2004, in the front yard. They were taken about 3-5 seconds apart as a matter of fact.

Shaun, my youngest daughter, and I had an actual physical experience together on or about September 5, 2003.  Shaun was about 6 months pregnant.  Two different events at the same time. Actually, it was quite pleasant for both of us.

If you're interested in this please let me know and I'll send an email explaining the events and the pictures as briefly as possible.

 Much love from your,
Aunt Betty



DATE:  29 July 2005

FROM:  Adele Hall adele.hall@Metrokc.gov

SUBJECT:  Haunting on a farm

 The house and farm was torn down a couple years later after we moved out to build a huge Fred Meyer store.   By the way, my second husband that lived at the blueberry farm with me committed suicide a few years after we moved out.   Forgot to mention that...he was definitely a tortured soul.   Not sure if it had anything to do with the farm but he gradually got worse after we lived there.   When my daughter and I moved away from the farm and rented a townhouse in downtown Bothell, I called the Catholic Church to see if a priest could come and bless our townhome as I wasn't sure if the entities had followed us there (I read someplace that sometimes they do).   

The priest recommended we come to church as they do not go out and bless homes any longer....even after I told  him what had happened at the farm.   Go figure....I guess you know I didn't step foot in their church.   I just prayed and drank for the next year or so until my daughter decided to move to California to live with her Dad as I had become too weird for her.   I did finally get sober and started going to AA which did me a whole lot more than if I would have started going to that church - they didn't get me sober.   I was able to piece a lot of things together after that.   Anyway, blessings to you and thanks for replying



DATE: 2 August  2005

FROM:  Aunt Betty

SUBJECT:  Ghosts?

 I lived at XXX  Rossiter Lane one year before moving across the street to XXX Rossiter Lane. 

 I began cleaning and painting the new apartment September 2001 to finish by October 1st and move in. While painting the kitchen I looked out my patio door to see a neighbor standing at her front door watching me.  I was experiencing major hardships climbing up and down the ladder at this point and was extremely embarrassed to find someone watching me struggling so I closed the curtains. Didn't see that neighbor again.

 Three  months after I moved into this apartment I learned that neighbor had died in her apartment. Could not get the manager of those apartments to give me any information about the woman or details of her death. Whether this is connected to the apparitions or not is anybody's guess.


Once moved in, after several months I noticed opossums and raccoons foraging through my back yard and managed to capture what I thought were several nice pictures of these nocturnal creatures. Over a period of about 2 1/2 to 3 years, and 12-13 disposable cameras later, I thought it time to develop the pictures. Some went to Fred Meyer 1-hour service and others to the 2-3 day turn around. I am unable to specify which pictures were taken with which cameras nor am I able to pin down a specific date for at least 4 of those pictures. Just making a broad guess, those pictures were taken between January 2002 and February/March 2004.

The picture of a rose bush? Close look at the bush shows half the leaves are deformed while the other side is normal. Even the flowers reflected this abnormality. The bush grows right at the point of most of the strange mist sightings and if you look closely enough you can see raccoons and opossums behind the mist in some of the pictures.

 The last two pictures were taken on November 26, 2004 about 8:00-8:30 am. (a full moon was scheduled for that night).

 My daughter, Shaun and her 2 boys were visiting from Yakima and had never seen my apartment decorated for Christmas. To save lengthy long distance calls describing the lights I'd decided to take some pictures in the early morning hours hoping to get some nice pictures because I didn't have special lens or what ever it takes to take night pictures. Those two pictures were taken in the front yard about 3-5 seconds apart, if that much. I wanted as many lights to show in the picture as possible and thought I'd taken the blank bedroom picture. 

I took one huge step forward to get past that bedroom window. As you can see, the morning was clear in the first  picture and we have this huge cloud of mist that appears to be rushing into the view of the camera to have its picture taken in the second one. Looking close, you can see there isn't much difference between the two pictures except the big puff of mist that looks like it was rushing to get in front of the camera for the picture. 

The first 4 pictures were taken with disposable cameras. I now have a digital and am sure I won't capture any more apparitions. When I found these strange formations in the pictures I was surprised. I did purchase another disposable camera and took pictures 3-4 every night between 9:00 and 11:30pm until the film was gone. Absolutely nothing strange happened. That's why it was a complete surprise when the mist appeared in the front yard for those November 2004 pictures.  


September 1-5, 2003, Shaun and the boys were again visiting, this time for Shaun's birthday.  Shaun was 6 months pregnant. Not feeling well she had gone to bed early and I followed about 10:30-11:00 pm. Leaving the lights off so not to wake Shaun, I walked past the foot of the bed and I felt my cat rub against the back of my hand and wrist with a "kitty headbutt." At this same moment Shaun burst into giggles. When I asked what was so funny she told me how I'd just poked my fingers between her toes and tickled her. She thought it was funny and laughed.  

Shaun couldn't explain how I could have accomplished this feat without her feeling me lift the blankets in the dark to place my fingers between her toes without fumbling around to find them. And, we both knew there wasn't much chance that I stuck my fingers through the blankets to do this either. Yet she insisted she felt my fingers between her toes and it tickled. 

So then, I described my own experience to Shaun. When that "kitty" rubbed against me to "headbutt" I had this momentary flash thought of 'how odd the whiskers felt'. My cat is a light-weight, fine, furry hair-ball of a cat with very soft whiskers. What I felt was an animal a bit larger than my cat. More like a small beaver, an opossum or even a raccoon. The whiskers were very wiry and very stiff. Larger than you'd find on my average size cat. 

 At first Shaun was scared and she didn't like talking about it. I reminded her that her experience had made her giggle and I thought my cat was expressing his love for me. Neither of these experiences seemed threatening or scary. We had an excellent nights sleep without further incident.

 Shaun and I have had a few experiences like this when we are together. Usually not frightening. Sometimes, like this one, kind of pleasant.

Let me know what you think.

 HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN. Hope to talk to you soon.  

Aunt Betty



DATE: 2 August 2005

FROM:  Natalie S


I have this ghost in my house and I know its there.  But the thing won't show itself to me like most of them do.  Also it's leaving the front and back door open to the house when we aren't home and when we are asleep in bed, breaking planets, killing my pets one by one slowly, reset the clock's, and set's the house alarm to go off.  This has been going on for at least a month. Itís starting to get a little out of hand.  I really don't see how we got a ghost because my parents build it there so we have been living there for 16 years. 

 So I want to know... how can I get the ghost to stop?  Also how can I find out why its there?

 Write back,



DATE:  31 August 2005

FROM:  Rodney B

SUBJECT:  Possible haunted site

I know this is still a fairly fresh site, but you may want to investigate more after the trial is said and done, thereís a cop guarding the site momentarily.  Onto the story and location.  my girlfriend is native to this area so knows alot about it.  I, being in the air force, donít.  She took me out to show me where the really good steak house was in Wolf Lodge Idaho so I could take my parents there when they came up for a visit. We got up there and saw it, and she mentioned looking for the Groene house.  Which Iím sure you heard since it was on national news, is where the guy killed the adults with a hammer and kidnapped the children. 

 We drove down the road about a half-mile and there it was... All boarded up with a cop sitting out there to make sure no one disturbed the site.  We sat there for a minute, and we both kinda freaked out. Now, I believe in ghosts and paranormal activity, but even I canít say if it was just the thought of what had happened there or if it was something extra special.  But, we both had extreme chills and felt an urgent need to leave. 

Even right now Iím getting heavy chills as I recall it all. Iím certain, because of the violent nature of the deaths, that the place is haunted now.  I was reading a book a friend brought into work tonight about ghost stories in Washington and it reminded me of that. I decided to look up some of the stuff online today and it brought me to you.  I have never seen anything weird, just felt things. Id like to see proof someday that my feelings on this subject are right. But, Id prefer it to be with a benign entity.

 Anyway, its the end of my day and I was tired, so if I rambled I apologize. Just thought I may interest you with a new site to keep your eyes on. 

Rodney B.






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