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Wednesday, 3 July 2002 

From: Karen A.

 Subject: The Mysterious Creature In Oregon

It was the 4th of July 1995. We were camping in a campground called "Moonshine Park" in Siletz, Oregon. We had arrived late in the day and all the camp sites were taken, so we ended up with a site that was somewhat remote. We could not really see any other campers from our site. We were camped at a site on a cliff overlooking the Siletz River. 

From the cliff you could look down into the water and see solid rock that formed the riverbed at that section of the river.  The water in the Siletz is very clear. After it got dark we noticed the sound of snapping branches, very loud, but paid it no mind. About 9 o'clock that night we decided to go to bed. I went up to the bathrooms about 1/4 mile from our site. As I was coming back my wife was at the cliff with a flashlight shining it into the river.  When I got down to her I could hear her saying, "what is that..?? What is that..??!!" 

I went over to the cliff with my flashlight and looked down.  When I shined my light into the river I saw a thing that was shaped like a person.2 arms, 2 legs. But it had claws with 3 fingers on each claw.  It was floating in the river on the rocks.  It was at the shore moving away from us very slowly. At this point it looked up at us in a very casual way.  When it looked at us I could see its eyes. 

They covered about half it's head, which was shaped like a bullet. Tapered up to a point in the back.  Its eyes reflected back the light from the flashlight like cats eyes would.  Now both my wife and I are asking each other "what the hell is that thing??!!  Its body was covered in short brown hair, with "whisps" of hair on the top of the head.  So at this point we got really scared.  What absolutely scared me was it had no fear of us.  We went and slept in our truck that night because we were too tired to drive 3 hours back home.  We could hear a camper's dog barking like crazy all night. When we looked in the morning it was of course gone. So what you think it was?

Update: 07/2002: We have seen photos of the Chupracabra, and that is what it looked like to us! Any comments write us at: FairyRain67@Yahoo.com Paul & Karen A.






Tuesday, 9 July 2002

 From Marcie M. 

Subject: Hot Lake Hotel in Union Oregon















10 July 2002 

From Rodreb  wrote:

Subject: None




I enjoyed looking at your site!  It's very informative, and helpful, especially to those who don't know much about the subject.  I seem to have been made aware of my ghost "magnetism" when I was a teenager.  We moved into a haunted house, and after three years of terror for me, my parents finally moved.  To this day, when I walk into a new place, I "open up" to get the feel of it--if I get that "something sitting on my chest" feeling, I get the heck out... As a result of this early experience, a normal girl (me) developed an intense interest in all things psychic, and I tried to get more used to the continuing experiences I have had, and less scared of them. 



My biggest fear is that "they" are always so seemingly aware of me-trying to get my attention etc-that I am afraid of being taken over, used as a speaking instrument, possessed etc.  This may sound strange or far out, but that is my biggest fear.  It's like sometimes, I am the one who they notice, and I am aware of them too, so they desperately try to get my attention, to say what they want to say perhaps, or communicate in some way.  It is still scary for me. I have a very psychic family history, and over the course of years since that first experience, I got into other related subjects.  (Only not Satanism!) (I am a Christian, from a Christian family) 



I read palms, have ESP related experiences, and of course, the apparition type things.  I am wondering mostly, how is the best way to approach a haunted location, to sort of open myself up to the presence there, to try to understand why, what, where, etc., without being in danger of being taken over, or followed home! LOL (my husband's worst fear) 



I am a professional musician, and play at a very old warehouse, now turned into a bar and fine dining establishment.  I went into the attic with the manager and some friends to see it, after hours.  I sensed many things; saw movement, turned to leave after developing the "crushing/asthma attack" sort of feeling I am so familiar with, in my chest.  And got down one flight of stairs, stood waiting for my friends to follow me down, and was pinched lightly on the bare waist (had a short top on) with ice cold fingers...needless to say, I was a little unnerved.  SO to make a longer story short, I am there again next Friday.  My friends want me to gather my courage and go up with them to ask what it wants, why it's there etc. 



How do I protect myself?  I was into white witchcraft for a while and we used a circle of salt-is this the way to go?  I am still fearful and maybe just need to look at them as sad remnants of lives, rather than potential dangerous entities... Thanks for any advice you can give me, sorry this is so long! Debra.





From Jeff Davis 

To: rodreb Sent: Friday, July 12, 2002 

Subject: Visitors


Hi Rodreb,


Thanks for emailing. I've got a couple of questions.  If you wear a watch, does the battery wear out quicker than normal?  Does reality sometimes fade in the background when you are playing your instrument?  (what is it by the way?) That sometimes includes the sound of the music.  Do strange animals bond to you quickly?  Or do they stay away from you?  How about time, does it sometimes seem to pass slowly around you when you are at normal speed?  If you answer yes to most of these questions you are probably some kind of spirit medium or psychic. 



I know you want an answer about your problem most.  OK, I'm going to sound like an anthropologist for a while, but I hope what I say makes sense.  The ritual you use to protect yourself isn't as important as having yourself believe the ritual will work.  For example, in all the old Vampire movies, when they take out the cross and show the vampire.  It turns away in fear. What if the Vampire was Jewish?  It is not the faith of the "others" that matters, it is your faith.  To armor yourself against something latching onto you, you have to develop a ritual that makes sense.  If it makes sense, then it will work. Faith is a funny and wonderful thing.



 I can give you some examples of what works for some people.  For instance, someone else described what you want to do like this, "what you do is to coat yourself with psychic Teflon.  So that spirits can cook on you, but they don't stick." It sounds funny, but here's how he described it. 


The way he achieved this was through meditation.  You know, quietly just breathing and you can feel your consciousness floating free?  What he did was to sit quietly for a while and tried to harness his energy.  What he did then was to move it from inside himself, and then just mentally wrapped it around his body, from toes to the top of his head.  All the while he concentrated on it as a kind of purpose.  To defend himself from sticky ghosts. I hope that kind of description makes sense too. 



Just think through any changes you decide to make.  Please feel free to email again.  As a matter fact, I would really like to hear how your night goes.  Are you and your husband living in the northwest?  If so, I might be able to put you in touch with my psychic friend Janet.  She's pretty busy now, but might be free later. 




Jeff Davis





12 July 2002 

From: Rodreb 

 Subject: Visitors


Hi Jeff, 


Thanks so much for your quick response!  I am in Ohio, so a ways from the northwest.  I can say yes to about all your opening questions.  Animals love me, follow me, etc. My son has the same thing with animals, and small children. I have noticed the watch thing at different times in my life--at one point about ten years ago, I actually had a watch run backwards a couple times.  That sounds ridiculous, but it's the only way I can account for what was going on at the time. 



I stay away from Ouija boards--I asked for one for Christmas when I was about 12 or so--tried it a couple times, then threw it aside.  But then we moved to the "haunted" house-and I often wonder if I didn't open some door with it and that's why things started happening to me.  When I read a palm, I have finally figured out recently, I think I am going into some kind of zone or trance.  Because I can't remember what I have said to the person.



It's like I am aware of everything at the time I'm talking to them.  I completely lose the details of what I have just told them!  It's kind of weird! Almost total memory loss afterwards.  I would sort of like to develop this gift, but do still have a fear of it after a lifetime of dreams that came true, "things" contacting me, "something" pulling on a pen as I was trying to write down gifts at a friends wedding shower--so many of these kinds of things happening. 



The friends who want to go into the attic are very quiet and serious about it, so that's not a problem there.  The place has a history of being haunted by a ghost they call "Phoebe".  Recently while a family from England was eating there, a very young child was talking to her apparently-he described a young woman with a shawl etc, in his limited vocabulary.  The parents asked the waitress if the place was haunted because of this. I had never been in the dining area.  (I play in the basement bar area, which also has a corner that's a little strange feeling to me.)  Anyway, I didn't know where this family had been seated when she appeared to the boy. 



They took me on a tour, it's a fairly large room.  I could immediately tell where the spot was--they confirmed it for me. One young waitress has been touched by Phoebe, had hair tugged etc.  The rest are scared, but she ignores them.  I want to mention that I just read all their palms on Wed evening at my last performance there-and the young waitress that phoebe likes, had something big wrong with her lines--I didn't want to say it out loud with all her co-workers around her, but hinted at it and got enough confirmation from her to know for sure--it struck me suddenly that it was some sort of sexual abuse from a parent.  I whispered that to her while the others were talking. She confirmed it quietly and said she'd tell me about it next Friday, when we go to the attic after my gig there.



My thinking is that any kind of "off" type thing like this might have made her vigilant to an extreme, for self-protection.  Able to notice and pick up on "phoebe" and for Phoebe to notice her more.  Does that make any sense to you? The building has 4 floors, with offices above the main floor dining, then the attic, which looks untouched for about 200 years!  I did not "feel" a woman, I felt a man's presence, and a dark, sort of scary one, BUT I am still scared of them all, so that may just be me! 



The place is located in a complete town, all restored and a very big tourist area-it is basically a small Williamsburg.  It's called Roscoe Village.  It was built along the Ohio Erie Canal, and unchanged as the modern town of Coshocton grew up around it just a short distance away.  I think I need to look at these things in a different way--apparently being so terrified at age 13 has sort of stuck with me... so even now, I react with the gut feelings of that 13 year old... sort of a instant flashback or something.  I need to try to tell myself they can't hurt me etc, and to try to coat myself like you say. 



I will work on that. By the way, in a nutshell, I am a songwriter, singer, acoustic guitar player, and producer; play a little keyboard, that sort of thing.  I am booked full up in my area, (we play cover/ popular music, everything from Sheryl Crow, to Eric Clapton, 70's classics etc.) but focus on songwriting as my serious love.  I have my own studio, & I work with several publishers in Nashville and LA, and they "pitch" my songs to major acts.  I also recently got 3 short stories in the book "Music Horror Stories", my first published writing of that kind! 



Thanks again "Reb"  





18 July 2002 

From rodreb 

Subject: Visitors



Well we went to the attic of the place, took a video camera, and by the time it was all set up, people tagged along.  We ended up with ten people!  I hadn't really wanted so many... it was very hot up there, and so was very noticeable when we got cold breezes and cold spots while we were there.  At one point, when I was asking it if it was a man several times, with pauses to see if there was any response.   I asked if it was "Phoebe", the name they give the ghost-and as soon as I said that, something tugged on the back of the filmer's shirt.  (There wasn't really much to be seen on the videotape, there were a couple of strange looking shadows in recessed areas, but being an old attic warehouse, it may be just the normal shadows of the place.)  That was the biggest thing to happen, except cold air would brush by us at times-one person would feel it, then the next etc.  We may go up again tomorrow night. 



"Reb" Robs





14 July 2002

 From: Elisabeth  L. 

Subject: Another Haunted Place you might want to check out for yourself


I don't know if I would get into trouble for this but I can tell you from experience that the staff don't care too much to talk about it. I used to be a student at Tongue Point Job Corps Center in Astoria Or.  It used to be a naval based at one point in time and boy howdy does it have a history to tell.  Many of my friends and myself included have had many experiences with malevolent and benevolent ghosts.  



For instance, one of my friends was attacked by a spirit in the area that was the former brig. residence one down stairs in the culinary classroom and storage area for the culinary class.  As the story goes, she was walking alone and with her keys swings from their tether freely, an unknown/unseen presence reached out and attacked her angrily trying to get her keys.  Believe me she had some pretty good markings that would have been difficult to fake.   She learned the hard way to never walk that section again by herself.  



Residence three is another haunted building too.  When I lived on the third floor of residence three for my first three weeks there, I used to hear three officers (two men and a woman talking about what I don't know) and a radio playing faintly but clearly.   I was able to hear what was playing (often times country from the '40s or so).  All this would happen after quiet hour. 



 There another story that an ex-boyfriend had experience and this had happened by the docks (Tongue point is a man made isthmus, land surrounded by water on only three sides instead of four).  Well anyway the story told of a ship being docked there for repairs or something rather and a ship mate fell off the dock getting caught between the ship and dock.  The other ship mates unable to save him even after trying, the man drowned.  It is told that at certain times you can hear water splashing and men yelling/panicking but there is no one there.  



The hangar (now the recreation hall and some classrooms) is also haunted with various sounds (people walking especially women).  Different apparitions and such.  There behind the hangar on the half that is fenced off and off limits to students, there are shadows and other apparitions as well.  In the last room I resided in before I left job corps I had experienced and elderly couple reflected in my mirror but no way for the to reflect (a mirror apparition of sorts).  



My husband had an experience with two ghosts in his room during a power outage.  He had told me that these two spirits would whisper back and forth just loudly enough that it would disturb his ability to sleep.  It was enough to put his imagination and such on edge basically enough to cause him to be scared a little bit.  Tongue Point Job Corps Center is an excellent place to ghost hunt and such to the likes because of it's history .  Also Astoria in it's entirety is a great city to check out because of it's haunted history (underground shanghai tunnels and such) 



One fact that is interesting is that the city was named after John Jacob Astor (yes the very one who died on the titanic). Anyways happy hunting



Elizabeth L.





From: Jeff Davis <jddavis@rocketmail.com

To: Elisabeth L.


Hi Liz,


I've always had a liking for Astoria.  It's been about a year since I was in Astoria last.  I hope the weather is nice and mild.  Pardon me for chattering a bit. I've had a long hot day today in Kuwait. The thermometer read 120 degrees at 1 PM.  I don't know what the temperature really is, since that is the top of the glass.  I'm curious about the jobs corps center.  I would like to come down there when I have some time.  Unfortunately that won't be soon.  I'll be in Kuwait for some time.  Since you seem to have so many strange experiences, do you think you are psychic?  Or do you just keep your eyes open?  Anyway, I am going to save our letter and I will do my best to make it down your way.  



Thanks, Jeff





Date: 23 July 2002 

From: Elizabeth L.

Subject: Astoria's Ghosts


Hello Jeff, 


I don't live there anymore but I have some friends that still do.  I went there about three years ago but I am seriously considering going back.  I mostly keep my eyes open but I am most open to the fact of possibly being psychic.   I do know that Astoria also has a website and I looked that one up too if you would like that link as well.  I wouldn't mind f you contacted me if you like. Anyway I must get going





19 July 2002 

From Mike F. 

Subject: An experience


Jeff Davis,



I came across your website after searching for website about "haunted" buildings in Portland.  I moved here nearly two months ago.  Before that I lived in Moscow, Idaho.  For about 5 months I rented from a friend who had a basement apartment in his house in the neighboring town of Pullman, WA.  The house was built around 1920 and is on High St.  He had been a friend for some time and he had told me the house was haunted by the old lady who had lived there many years.  She had died in the house before shortly before he purchased it.  



One story in particular was right after he purchased it him and a friend were fixing it up before he moved in.  They commented on how horrible the old doormat looked on the way to the hardware store, and my friend stated that he was going to throw it out. When they got back the doormat was in the trash.  He went on to tell me that the ghost could no longer be felt in the house.  I don't believe in ghosts, or maybe I should say I didn't.  It was about a year later that I rented the basement apt.  I didn't have the story in my mind and hadn't really thought about it.  After moving in, everything was fine for a few weeks. 



It was about my 3rd week there that one night something happened.  I just had an uneasy feeling in the apt when I went to bed and the light was out.  I was a student at the time and I had stacks of papers on the carpeted floor.  Some of it was stuff that I wanted to go through before I moved but I didn't have time so I just moved it.  That night lying in bed I heard as if someone was walking around the bedroom.  Then I heard papers start to rustle. It was as if I was sitting down picking papers off one stack and then setting them down in a new stack.  That is how it sounded. The papers were feet from my bed.  There was no wind that night, and even if there was the house had been sealed up tight.  Plus on top of that the bedroom was mainly underground, with only a small window to the outside at the top. 



There was absolutely no draft nor was there any mice or rodents of any kind.  I was scared to death so I waited to see if it would go away.  It didn't, in fact if anything it started to get progressively worse.  I couldn't take it anymore so I got up, turned on the light and looked around.  Of course there was no one there and the sounds stopped.  I went back to bed, and shortly the sound started once again.  Again I turned on the light and found nothing. The third time a stack of papers that was on a couple of college textbooks fell over, making quite a noise and of course by this time I was very scared. 



I remembered the story my friend Craig had told me so I said, "enough already" and then asked it to please stop.  Whatever it was quieted down and I fell asleep.  The house was empty as Craig was out of town.  This happened one other night about a month and a half later.  There was the same rusting of some papers, although there was much fewer and the same footsteps sounding as if they were in the room.  Also on several occasions I heard someone walking around upstairs when Craig was not home. 



In one case I called up there and got his answering machine because I thought it was one of the nights he was out of town.  It is easy to hear someone walking around in the upstairs kitchen and is very loud downstairs when someone is walking around.  After getting his answering machine I got him on his cell phone and sure enough he was out of town.  He had me check upstairs and no one was there.  I had someone over for the first time a little over a month after the last incident.  After being in the house for a couple of hours he asked me if an old lady had died in or around the house.  I was shocked because I hadn't mentioned anything to him.  I asked him why and he said he had seen a semi transparent image of an old lady standing in the corner of the my bedroom for a couple of seconds. 



He seemed very calm about it and said that he had seen a ghost before. I was not calm.  I told him an old lady had died in the house and asked him if someone had told him.  He said no, which made sense to me, because he really didn't know anyone that would have known about it.  In typing this it all sounds unbelievable to me.  I never believed in ghosts or anything along those lines but living there changed that.  There was no explanation for the sounds I heard and I had not watched a scary movie nor had I thought about the stories Craig had told me before I moved in.



Well I hope this story helps your research.






From: Jeff Davis <jddavis@rocketmail.com

To: Mike F.

Subject: Thanks for sharing >

Date: Sun, 21 Jul 2002 


Hi Mike,


Thanks for sharing your story. It sounds pretty typical of the ghost of someone who perhaps loved her house a little too much to leave behind. It also sounds like she liked to neaten things up a bit every now and then. You handled it pretty well too. Was this the last time you had anything happen or did you move out as soon as you could?




Date: 24 July 2002 

From Mike F.

Subject: Thanks for sharing




I never noticed anything moved except for the stack of papers that had been knocked over.  Renting from Craig was a temporary thing and we had a falling out so I moved shortly after that.



Your website is very interesting. Especially the sound files.  I find the clip with the creaky bedsprings and the sounds of doors opening and closing very interesting.  Have you ever thought of doing a TV series?  Has anyone ever recorded an apparition or even things moving on tape?  I wish that night I had a camcorder that had night vision.  I have no doubt I would have seen my papers moving.  Unfortunately with the lights off my room was pitch black and of course whenever the lights were on nothing happened.




Date: 5 August 2002

From Becky S.:


I live in Boise, Idaho and in 1985 we had a house built in the southeast area of town, directly below a bench of land where the Oregon Trail passed.  Upon moving into the house, we immediately started noting strange occurrences in the house; toilet "happenings", things being moved, etc.  We always made light of these, saying it must be the ghost of the duckling that was buried in the lot before when we had the house built.  In May of 1987,  I was 7 months pregnant with my daughter and was waking frequently during the night to visit the restroom.  On one warm night I had been sleeping with the window open.  When I awoke, I heard from outside a sad tune being whistled.  



I assumed that it was a dairy worker walking past our house on his way to work, however, the tune did not move or change.  I went outside to try and determine the direction that this sound was coming from. I could not pinpoint it. It seemed to be coming from everywhere. I woke my husband to come and listen and see if he could figure it out.  He said he felt a strange breeze around his ankles while we were investigating.  Not being able to figure it out, we returned to bed. The tune continued as I drifted back to sleep. 



The next night I woke at around the same time and again, the tune was outside.  I went outside again to see if I could locate the source.  Again no luck.  This was the last time that I heard the tune, or "the whistler", as we refer to it.  When I think of it now I can still hear it, not a tune I recognize.  It was so sad sounding and I had such a sad "feeling" around the whole thing.  For the next few years life around the house was pretty normal (toilet "happenings", etc), but when my daughter was 2 1/2 - 3 we began to notice her saying some very "creepy" things, as if she had another adult friend around the house.  



I don't recall the exact things she said, but I remember my husband and I feeling alarmed enough to dig out the cross (not strongly religious) we had been given as a wedding gift and hang it on the entryway wall.  It was around this time that the land area directly above our house was being developed.  For several years it had been a tavern and mobile home park, but when they tore this all out and started to develop it, I went to see what was being done.  (Big houses, great views) Much to my surprise, there amongst the construction was an old Idaho State marker.  On that marker was the explanation that it was at this exact point that the Oregon Trail entered the Boise Valley.  So, perhaps it wasn't the duckling after all!  For many years before our subdivision had been developed, it had only been pastureland... before that, probably nothing.  



We sold that house some time later, but I have often wanted to return to ask the new owners if they have had similar experiences. I wonder if "the whistler" has ever returned or if we were the only audience for that very sad tune.  Have you heard any stories similar to this?  I'm sending you a map of the area... just for the heck of it. :) 


Thanks much, Becky S.

Boise, Idaho





From: Jeff Davis [mailto:jddavis@rocketmail.com

August 06, 2002

Subject: Re: Oregon Trail phenomenon?


Hi Becky,


Thanks for writing.  It's been a few years since I was in Boise.  I worked for the Boise National Forest around 8 years ago.  I've heard some weird phenomenon associated with the Oregon Trail before.  In a couple of cases, people have seen ghostly pioneers traveling down the trail not too far from where a wagon train was ambushed.  There was also a wagon train being led astray by Joe Meeks' brother, and abandoned in Eastern Oregon.  Some of them went for help and found (and lost) the blue Bucket gold mine. They lost it because they stumbled back to the wagon train talking about gold before they died.  They are supposed to hang around the vicinity of Antelope Oregon. 



I have heard of whistling or musical ghosts in remote areas.  Perhaps your ghost is not associated with the trail itself.  There would be a lot of traffic along the trail.  Even though the old tavern you saw torn down was probably "modernish" dating to the post WWII era, it may have been built on top of an even older establishment.  This might be very true if the tavern was between 9 - 15 miles from the older city limits.  That's about a half-day's ride by horse and buggy.  Just enough to have people stop somewhere for a late dinner or to stay the night when traveling into town. You could also have picked the very spot where the only farmhouse for miles had stood. 



That might account for some of the phenomenon associated with the bathroom. I knew some people who built a house on the same site where a man had built a small shack.  He had lived there from the 1930s to the 1960s.  When he died, his son buried him next to the house and had the shack bulldozed.  The land was used as a pasture until the 1980s, when they built the house... over the old house and grave.  The house portions built over the older house foundations were haunted, but not the rest of the new house. 



If you were still living there, I would suggest you look up the old county records to trace back the past ownership.  These might have located where on the tax lots there might have been an old farmhouse and/or family cemetery.  There were a lot of small homesteads given to families during the depression as a hand up rather than having them join the bread lines.  Perhaps your property has a similar history.  Did you note any special circumstances where the whistling occurred, such as time of year, time of day, weather, people present?  Sometimes ghosts have an affinity to people or similar settings will activate them.  I hope that this helps? 



Please let me know if I have set off any alarms in your memory.


Jeff Davis





Date: 6 August 2002 

From Becky S.

Subject: Oregon Trail Phenomenon



Thanks for getting back to me so soon Jeff.  Your email makes perfect sense, especially about the tavern being away from town. Where our house was located would have been a perfect stay-over on the way back to town.  It's hard to say at this point what the origin of the phenomenon would be.  Federal Way, which is the road up on the bench, was the main road into town from the southeast for many years before the interstate was built.  I know that the area was considered sort of "rough" for quite some time. It's good to know though, that whistling isn't an uncommon occurrence. 



I was reading the bit on your site about poltergeists and how they often attach to children.  I now wonder even more about my daughter.  After we sold the house we lived in an apartment (new complex) while the new house was being built.  I took pictures in this apartment of my daughter's birthday party and every single photo of her came out with a strange bright white "blob" in them.  I attributed it to an error in film or photo processing, but they were only on the pictures of her... the other photos were fine.  



She's a funny kid (15 now) and seems to have a keen sense about her. She says she "tastes" electricity around power poles and has had experiences at her dad's house (now divorced) where the previous owner had died in the house.  I know she's not fabricating these things, as her eye's water profusely whenever she talks about them, just as mine have always done.  I hope this "door" doesn't close, as she becomes an adult.  Having this sort of ability makes a person more "in-touch" with all the world.  I'm a firm believer that the spirit world coexists with our physical world.  



I worked at a local hospital here for 14 years and experienced the "feeling" in a patient's rooms that had just expired. Quite a few nurses can't tolerate this feeling (you know you're not alone) and I would often assist them in preparing the body for the morgue.  It was interesting; some spirits would leave the area shortly after, some would hang around for a period, and apparently others hung around indefinitely.  



We had one of a man who, in life, always had to have the last word. He had quietly expired in the early hours of the morning (around 3 am is the usual time).  His body was taken down to the morgue but his personal items were left in the room for his sons to pick up.  Moments before his sons arrived, the emergency call-light went off in the empty room.  The morning shift was just starting and an unsuspecting nurse went in to answer the light, only to discover a dark and empty room.  Just as this poor (and very pale) nurse came to my desk to tell me what happened, around the corner came the man's sons to get his items.  We didn't have any more occurrences from him after that, but it seems he had the last word again. 



We apparently had spirits who were around quite a bit longer.  For 9 years I worked on the wing of the hospital that was the original structure.  We had many occurrences over those years of the water faucets being turned on (particularly the one in the medication room) and seeing things out of the corner of your eye. A couple of years ago I had the unexpected, but wonderful experience of "feeling" my grandfather.  I was driving through town when it hit me.  It felt so warm and good and, again my eyes watered profusely. I said "Hi Grandpa" and then it was gone. 



 I thought I must be crazy, but the feeling was so strong and up to that point, he had not entered my mind whatsoever.  I wonder if we will ever know (in the physical world) why some spirits continue to manifest themselves so strongly and some only come through occasionally.  Perhaps some of it is an "energy" impression, others may be unfinished business, and others yet may be an attempt to make contact.  If you ever decide to expand your Pacific Northwest writings into Idaho, let me know.  I know of a few; the Idanha Hotel of course.  I haven't heard what "life" is like there since the recent remodel.  The Morris Hill Cemetery, a house in Hailey, and a house near Idaho Falls.



Thanks so much for your time,

Becky S.






Date 23 August 2002

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 I have always wanted to share my experience with people and now I have the chance. First off lets start with the location Steele Lake Park, Federal Way Washington.  I got hired on as a night nurse at a brand new assisted living/ retirement home that held 120 apartments very large facility.  But at the time only 12 were occupied and were scattered through the 3-story building.  Things were cool the first couple of weeks the residents were getting comfortable in their new apartments as I too.  One night I felt someone watching me hard.  The way the front desk was facing I could look right up into a vacant apartment and I could tell that was were the stares was coming from. 



So I called some one from the lock up unit on the other side of the facility to come over.  So we walked up stairs and went into the empty room and closed the blinds and relocked the room and went down stairs.  By the time I got to the front desk the blinds were back up.  I didn't sit at the front desk any more.  Other occurring act were a resident called complaining of a couple fighting above her so I responded.  We could hear them plain as day.  Scary thing that she was the only apartment occupied on that side of the building.  Let's just say she moved a week later. 



There was other things that happed the so called normal for ghosts.  Like the lights going on and off and pulling call lights in empty rooms and while I came to turn the call light off he/she would turn microwaves on.  I couldn't handle these thing any more I documented every thing that happened and so they agreed to let me have an assistant.  The Ghosts must have loved me the way they treated the new lady.  We were walking down the hall to show her the medication pass routine and the cart started going on its own down the hall then next thing I know the new lady was on the ground claiming some one or thing pushed her.  



She didn't finish the shift. And didn't see here again. So the supervisor decided to work the night shift with me.  We got on the elevator the door started to close then a brown boot or shoe opened it again there was no one there.  Then you know when someone steps on the elevator, it drops a bit. My sup. jumped off as fast as h***.  Two another things that happened was down stairs, were they have a coffee spot and the TV room. And there are two windows you can see this spot. One at the beginning of the hallway one on the end. And it is about 15 feet long. 



I walked pass one window saw the back of some ones head sitting in one of the chairs and the radio was on I could tell cause the light.  By the time I hit the next window the radio was off and no one was there.  There was no way possible that person could have up and left plus they would have had to walk past me. Second occurrence was down stairs in the TV room.  The TV is in between those two windows.  Any ways I was watching the TV and then all of sudden some one was banging on the windows I'm shocked they didn't break.  



That was my last night. Thank you for letting me share my story.





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