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In recent weeks it has come to my attention that certain parties are using my ghost stories and those of my contributors as references for their own commercial enterprises.  If you or someone you know is writing a for profit book on ghosts in the Pacific Northwest, PLEASE DO NOT!!! copy or use the following stories or any other materials within this website as references without my permission.  

Jefferson Davis (25 April 2003)




FROM:        Twyla M.

DATE:          1 July 2004

SUBJECT:   Ghosty Ghosty

 Hello there and how the hell are ya?  Seen any freaky ghosty's lately or have any good stories??  I've had a few strange things happen to me lately but only one that really sticks in my head. I was out for a long hike yesterday and as I was on my route home I seen this dust devil. The strange thing about it was that there was no wind, and as it went by me it was humming a tune. I watched for a minute or so and it disappeared into some bushes. I knew it wasn’t just a dust devil.

There's a girl that works at the gas station that I frequent. The more I go in there the more we talk. A few days ago she was saying that the day before her outside wedding the weather was all crazy. The power all went out and the weather channel said it probably wouldn't be back on for a day or so (this was the blackout in the east a few years back).  She mind you was quite worried for the fact that it was an outside wedding with quite a few Christmas lights and such. Plus I guess the sky was getting even more black and grey and started to rain. 

Seeing as she thought her day was doomed for failure she decided to take a walk once everyone was asleep to try to clear her head to write her speech. She said it was around3am when she got to the river. It wasn't raining anymore, but the sky was still clouded over and the power still out. So, she decided to check with her deceased relatives. She proceeded to confide in them her fears of a disastrous wedding. She said to all of them (6 in all) if they could possibly give her some sign if her wedding will come through and the weather to boot. She told me about 3 minutes went by and from across the river at 3am came 6 church bells. She said that was a good enough sign and went to sleep. The next morning she awoke to blue skies, no rain, and power. She says no one ever believes that, but I told her I did.

 I am still contemplating on getting a group of friends to stay the night at Riverview here in Vancouver. Actually, Port Coquitlam. The more people I talk to about the experiences there the more seem interested in trying to stay in the haunted building for 12 hours or so. No sleeping will occur that night! So, anything new with you? Well email back if ya have a chance. 

Have a great day... 



FROM:         Paul K.

DATE:          3 July 2004

SUBJECT:   Hood River Hotel


I was just visiting your website and wanted to let you know about my experience at the Hood River Hotel this past week.  First off let me say that nothing spectacular happened.  That said, the moment I entered the hotel I knew it was haunted.  My wife absolutely forbids me from talking about this stuff with her so my only options were to discuss it with the front desk people.

I eventually came to find out that one of the owners, Ola, resided in room 319 and her presence has been sometimes felt in that room and on the third floor.  I can definitely attest to the sense of something curious but not threatening on the third floor.  Our room was 307 and a couple times I walked down the hall and stood outside of 319.

I had hoped to sneak out our last night and ask if I couldn’t peek in 319 as it was unoccupied.  My wife didn’t want me leaving the room though.  I had a great time there.  The hotel is magnificent and the supernatural aspect was totally positive.

Also, we visited Timberline Lodge.  I also sensed something there but it was darker and a bit more menacing.  I have no knowledge of ghosts there.  It was my first visit.  I may just be remembering scenes from the “Shining” !

 Paul K.


FROM:        Kristen H.

DATE:          8 July 2004

SUBJECT:   Haunted House in Clatsop ST, Portland, OR

Dear Jeff;

 I lived in a house that had once been a split level one family dwelling. At some point It was divided into an upstairs and downstairs unit. We rented the lower apt. in the early summer of 1995. At first I didn't notice anything all that unusual. I just felt funny-like I was being watched all the time. My boyfriend began working shortly afterward, and as soon as he left in the morning and my upstairs neighbor went to her job, I began to hear tiny little footsteps above my head. I met my upstairs neighbor just a few days after I began hearing the noises.

I honestly didn't think too much about them except that they weren't there when she had gone to work previously. I was outside washing my car one afternoon as she was coming to her front door. I introduced myself and she did likewise and I mentioned to her that these noises were occurring in her home after she left and did she have someone living with her, as almost immediately after she left in the a.m.'s these tiny footsteps began.  She looked so startled, like I'd kicked her in the shin. She told me that "No", she had "no roommates" &often she'd come home to her "home in disarray”, drawers open, closet doors she knew she'd closed were wide open as if "teasing" or "laughing at" her !  

Over time our friendship grew and so did the noises upstairs. It got to the point where I ran out the front door and up to her front window and peered in while my 8 year old daughter stayed in our unit listening.  The noise sounded as if there was a demolition crew up there but as I looked in the window I saw only an empty quiet apt. inside.  Shortly after these noises escalated, my 4year old started climbing in bed with us at night and crying because she was afraid of the "prunes” that were "flying around her room", and "through the walls".

I didn't pay too much attention to it until I saw what the hell she meant by "prunes". The prunes were these balls of light that came flying through my bedroom walls at night from one wall to the other, zoom, zoom...leaving a faint static electricity smell. Also, once I called the water dept. because of "bubbling" noise in the walls that got so loud I couldn't hear my phone ringing ! 

It was as though I was inside an aquarium. Many, many, more events occurred, but I think you understand my point,  the house wasn't your normal dwelling at all! The house was located on Clatsop St. in Portland. I'm not quite sure of the house # but I could look it up. My neighbor friend Stacy may still live there she'd been there 7 years when I moved in. I'm sure she'd be glad to let some investigators into the house to see or in this case hear the phenomena that occurs almost daily.                                                                                                                                      Sincerely,

Kristen H.


FROM:         Amy A.

DATE:          11 July 2004


This is a picture I took of the front door way of my house is SW Portland, OR.  Its about 2 AM.  I used night scene on my digital camera. I was surprised to see what was taken here is the picture.

 I am 15.My name is Amy A.



FROM:        Suzanne

DATE:          11 July 2004

SUBJECT:   Ghost in S. Surrey/White Rock area


A few weeks ago on TV, we heard of a very sad love story where a teen was killed crossing the street by White Rock beach several years ago. The next day her lover committed suicide by walking into to the ocean.  The story goes on to say the pub/grill/restaurant? across the street is haunted by their ghosts.  We are interested in finding out which pub or establishment this is. Are you familiar with it?

It's in South Surrey or White Rock BC.

Thanks, Suzanne

 It was on a show called "creepy, or haunted Canada"  We've actually decided to get married at Gallow Mews on Halloween :)



 FROM:         Dan S.

DATE:          19 July 2004

SUBJECT:    Hey There


I just got thru going thru your website reading some of the stories which I found very entertaining. I live here in the Wenatchee Valley and was a little surprised that there weren’t any ghostly happenings, needless to say, I was a little bummed, oh well, such is life. I've never seen a ghost, at least not yet. I do plan on moving to Vancouver, WA  though soon and look forward to meeting up with an earthly spirit sometime.

Incase you didn’t know, Wenatchee is in the middle of the state on the Columbia river, but, you probably knew that already, anyway, great site, I'm going back  to it to read more. thanks


 FROM:        Kirstie H.

DATE:          20 July 2004


 Hi Jeff,

I am a fan of your writings. I've written to you before! Are you still in the Middle East?  

Well I went to Europe. Let me tell you it was great!! There were ghosts EVERYWHERE!!! It was brilliant. Linlithgow Palace is a great place. oh yeah, I remember I was the only person to ask if there was a person in that one photo of the hallway. (that may help you remember me) if not I don't care!

If you want to hear some stories, just ask! I'll have to write them up for you (I am a writer so they have to be perfect!)

 I hope you are doing good!

~Kirstie H.



 FROM:        Rebecca A.

DATE:          29 July 2004

SUBJECT:   My Friendly Ghost


My name is Rebecca and when I was visiting my dad in baker city Oregon we found a basketball and we got it down  well a couple nights later at about 10:00 I went down stairs to feed the fish and the ball had moved since the night before and when I was feeding the fish I felt something hit my heels at that point I got a little scared I turned around and the popped basketball was at my heels nobody was down in the basement with me and I saw a figure of a little girl she was in a white dress with pink trimming and pink bows in her hair I threw the ball back and she disappeared I went back upstairs and told my dad what had happened and the next day I did research I found out that her name was Kayla hammington she died about

1982 I believe right in front of our house chasing after a ball she got hit by a car

she told me that she didn't like me playing in the street!!! I’m 11 years old and I can talk to ghost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I’m not lying nobody believes me.



FROM:        Jodi J

DATE:         1 August 2004

SUBJECT:  My Ghost Story

 Hi Jeff.  I'm looking forward to reading the updates on your website.  I don't know what it is, but I love to read scary stories.  I'm currently reading a book called "Real Ghosts, Restless Spirits, and Haunted Places."  It's awesome. Yes, things have quieted down, but if I have anymore visits, You will be the first to know.  Take care.


FROM:       Twyla M.

DATE:        4 August 2004

SUBJECT:  Hello Hello

  I am on vacation until Sept.3rd here in the sunny Okanagan BC. Actually in Vernon, part of the Okanagan.  Tomorrow night I am going with a large group of people on a ghost tour here in Vernon. Each pays $5 and meet at the Vernon Museum and get a tour of all the haunted places throughout Vernon, quite looking forward to that!  As well, a girlfriend of mine may be coming from Vancouver tomorrow for the weekend, and is very interested in catching that tour.  Hope you are finding time to enjoy your summer! I have been staying a lot at my cabin on Okanagan Lake..OGOPOGO!! My cabin is right on the water, so I have been enjoying constant swimming, paddling, partying, and roasting in the sun.

It's been fun. So, if I don't here from you that's OK.  I know your always busy so I won't take offense if it takes awhile to get back to me! No worries! So enjoy yourself, have fun, meet women and try to partake in all what is left of summer activities! Take care....Twyla


From:    Jeff Davis 

DATE:      Saturday, July 31, 2004 9:19 AM

To: Paul K.

Subject: Re: Hood River Hotel

 Hello Paul;

I like the Hood River Hotel too.  It's interesting that you were able to pinpoint events to a specific room.  Did the desk clerk cofirm your feelings too?  I'll have to go back soon.  About Timberline Lodge, I have not heard of any hauntings there, but I would not be surprise.  It's an old building and who knows how many people who were hurt or suffering from extreme cold were brought there before being evacuated to a hospital.  I'm sure that the good and bad vibes are strong there.

Thanks for writing,


Jeff Davis


Hi Reply to my email


FROM:       Paul K

DATE:       4 August 2004

SUBJECT:  Hood River Hotel


 The Hood River Hotel has information that does confirm that the original owner lived in room 319 where the most activity has occurred.  However, the third floor was the original registration area.  Activity has also been witnessed on the third floor and in the antique elevator.

 Its interesting that as an 11 year resident, I have never heard of or known anyone who has heard of the “bandage man” that is supposed to attack people at the north 101 entrance.  Do you have any information on that?



FROM:  MmDice

DATE:  4 August 2004

SUBJECT:  Sounds

 I recently used a Ouija board to contact the spirit of the former owner of my house. I taped it with both a camcorder and a rape recorder. We didn't see anything on the video except a sort of green light that pauses in front of the camera as if it is watching us and then seems to "walk" off screen. But when we went back to listen to the sound tape, we heard voices. A woman whispering "help me", "no", "okay", and some breathing. There was also a second voice that sounded more masculine whispering some things and two voices together, it sounded like, saying "we know".

I copied the files to my computer but it is very very difficult to hear them because of the fuzziness of the tape. Do you know of a program, like the type used with CSI and police work, that can separate different sounds in a sound file? I've been searching on google but I'm not really sure what to call such a program so it's difficult. Thanks for your help


 FROM:       BP

DATE:         4 August 2004

SUBJECT:  curious question


Hello - I have enjoyed your website immensely.....after having lived up in the Wash. area and thinking of going back there, a good friend gave me your link (I was thinking of purchasing an old B & B )......one question I have for you which is not noted in any of your articles/website is the Ann Starett Mansion (b&b)........is there no record there of hauntings?  Would appreciate feedback before purchase (owners are not necessarily inclined to talk to you about it- i understand however they no longer live on premises)  Thank you in advance for your efforts on this  subject, Cheers, Diane

ps your site and books inspire me to buy the books and take the tours.....keep up the good work



 FROM:      Sherri J.

DATE:        4 August 2004


 Hi Jeff,

I’m Sherri and I got couple ghosts stories that I’ve experienced.

My husband I lived in a small town.  The house we were renting is an old house, which btw as a young boy my husband lived there.

We were sitting at the kitchen table playing cards.  We both saw a small shadow kept running by the table.  Every now and than it would stop and stand on tiptoes to look above the table and see what we were doing.

The shadow would run into the hallway.  We didn't feel threatened by the shadow.  One day my husband was in the kitchen carrying his splitting maul and he drops it onto the floor.  Yelling to me because he thought he hit my cat and killed it.  I saw the shadow dart by the kitchen table and run into the hallway.  I told him the cat is ok and what you saw was the shadow we've been seeing.

Our friends came over to play cards.  And we wanted to tape music from her cassette.

We couldn't tape the music...or anything else... our voices.  Everything played backwards except it did finally tape my husband reading from the bible.

I had to to drive behind my friend to her house, on the way there, my headlights started flickering on and off.

We have other experiences too here in Cali if you want to know some more...email me



FROM:  hid

DATE:  8 August 2004

SUBJECT:  Sheridan, Oregon

 I read on a website and have heard talk of a male entity residing in the city park, in Sheridan, OR.  I am interested to know what you may know or can find out about him?



FROM:  Jennifer C

DATE:   13 August 2004

SUBJECT:  Wayne the Ghost

 Hi!  My great-uncle Wayne is the ghost at the Mission Mill Museum in Salem, OR.  May sound strange, but he was the janitor for years there and was quite a character.  We all loved him and as a child, when he died, I remember going to his funeral and I believe his funeral was there at the mission as well.  I remember walking by the casket and it was the first time I saw a dead person up close.  He was a great man and I hear that he still goes to work there everyday in the afterlife.  Let me know what you've found out.  I've never experienced his ghost since I live in Bakersfield, CA now and have never visited the museum since I was little, but my mom just sent me a card today letting me know she heard that stories about him are starting to surface all over the US.  My mom was really close to his daughter, Gloria (my mom's cousin).  Wayne married my grandpa's sister, Irene Keuscher.  I hope you can tell me something more about his ghost and what people have experienced  Thanks.  Jenny C



FROM:  Paul K

DATE:   16 August 2004

SUBJECT:  Hood River Hotel


 I will try to check out some of the other haunted areas in Cannon Beach and get back to you.  The only other place where I really felt something strong was the Edgefield Hotel in Troutdale.  It’s a part of the Mcmenamin’s chain of pubs and hotels.  I was there about 14 years ago and was very aware of some negative spirits there especially in the upstairs ballroom.  The whole place is a little creepy.

 By the way, some of my friends once encountered a blackish object about the size of a buffalo on the beach at night.  They didn’t know what it was but said that it kind of hovered and moved back and forth.  Due to its size they were a little alarmed.  Eventually, all three of them turned and ran away at full speed.  To this day it creeps them out a little remembering the incident.  No one is really sure what they saw on the beach that night.



FROM:  Sheri M.

DATE:   22 August 2004

SUBJECT:  Ghosts, critters, etc.

 HI there, 

I just had to send you a little note to say I love your site. However, I am absolutely driven nuts by the submission from Barbara M. regarding the paranormal experience in Queensland. I think it is a beautifully written story, but I think that is just what it is...a story. I noticed a few things immediately in the story and honestly just couldn't bring myself to waste SO much time reading such a long story, when there are contradictions like, "He wore dark long trousers.  I can still remember him quite clearly." and then, "The only unusual feature was the fact his legs disappeared (or just weren't there) at some point around the knee area.  At the time, it didn't seem unusual, however.  And he is the second ghost I've seen who didn't appear to have any legs below the knee area, for some reason."

 So my next thought is, I wonder if she can tell me what kind and color of shoes the second ghost that she saw was wearing?

Attention to detail (maybe too much..)



FROM:  Jenni R

DATE:  24 August 2004

SUBJECT:  Hot lake


I was searching your site for info on Hot Lake and could only find a few postings.  Hot Lake is located just outside of La Grande in eastern OR. 

Do you have any others?  In addition to the postings on your site, I wanted to tell you about my friend's experience there.  She and a couple of friends went inside the building near sundown.  They said they heard whispers all around them and high heeled foot steps coming from the ball room.  Upon running outside, there was a huge gust of wind.  The wind had not been blowing when they went inside.  

Another time, a friend was inside and said that as he was walking down a hallway, the light bulbs on strings above him began to swing back and forth.  The place was also featured on the show Scariest Places on Earth.   I don't know a lot about the place though. 

I'm attaching a black and white photo I took from the road of the building (it's private property)   Here is a link to a pic of what it originally looked like  http://gesswhoto.com/hot-lake.html  quite different from it's current state.  Also, last I heard, someone had bought the place and was attempting to renovate it.  I haven't been back by it since though.  Thanks for any info you have!









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