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In recent weeks it has come to my attention that certain parties are using my ghost stories and those of my contributors as references for their own commercial enterprises.  If you or someone you know is writing a book on ghosts in the Pacific Northwest, PLEASE DO NOT!!! copy or use the following stories or any other materials within this website as references.  

Jefferson Davis (25 April 2003)



DATE:  5 March 2009

FROM:  Dave  dave@paranormalleagueofamerica.org

SUBJECT:  Link Exchange


 Just wanted to shoot you a message and let you know I enjoy your books.  I head up a team here in Portland and will be speaking at the Mount Hood Ghost Conference.  Not sure if you will be attending or not, but if you are would love to meet you.

Dave Galvan
Paranormal League of America



DATE:  7 March 2009

FROM:  Julia 

SUBJECT:  Ghost Stories?

I live in Four lakes, Washington.  In my house I have seen a dark "male" figure standing at a window looking out. I also saw many times a small animal like a dog running and playing in the living room. In addition, this house is a rental. The history of the tenants has been turbulent. Every married couple that I could track down had gotten divorced while living here. One young mother and her children were so upset that they had to leave. While I do not personally feel affected in a negative way, my boyfriend has been tormented with nightmares and anger. While we continue to recognize and work through things, it has been very difficult at times. Also my dogs (big) have all been lined up and barking at something that I could not see. I have experiences some pleasant smells like perfume. At times I swear have been touched somewhere on my body (no one but me was at home). Items have gone missing only to show up in a very weird place.

Julia F 

Hello Julia,

 I am sorry not to have responded to your email sooner.  I don't know what happened, other than I had so many emails in my inbox that I did not answer.  I try to at least say "hello" within a week of receiving an email. 

 It sounds like your house is "inhabited" by a jealous male spirit.  I hope that you and your boyfriend can continue to work things out.  Have you thought about moving? Separate from trying an exorcism, you might just try talking to your spirit, and acknowledge him, and ask him to lay off.  That sometimes helps.
 Jeff Davis


Hello Jeff,
Thank you for responding! You mentioned a jealous male spirit; can a spirit cause a living man to fell threatened? And what about the shadow animal I have seen? What is even more weird is that I can not find my address at the county auditors office. I even had a friend look it up and she can't find the address either. I will try talking  to the spirit as you suggested and see what happens. Thanks again for responding I appreciate it.

Julia F

HI Julia,

I do not want to sound melodramatic, or panic you into doing something extreme like moving.  We are all feeling our way in the paranormal investigation field.  There are some people who believe that at a subconscious level some people can be influenced, or picked on by some spirits.  I have had a lot of folks email me with stories where they believe that certain personality changes in friends or families happened when the moved into a haunted house.  Other people disagree, and cite lifestyle changes, and the stress of moving for short term personality changes.  In either case, if the person who has changed is aware that they have changed for the worse, I believe that if they want to, they can reverse the changes.

As far as your address, that's interesting.  I would think the County would have it, if only to tax you all.  Can you find your house on Google Earth?  Good luck in making contact.



Hello Jeff, Thank you for responding! You mentioned a jealous male spirit; can a spirit cause a living man to felt threatened? And what about the shadow animal I have seen? What is even more weird is that I cannot find my address at the county auditorís office. I even had a friend look it up and she can't find the address either. I will try talking to the spirit as you suggested and see what happens. Thanks again for responding I appreciate it.

Julia F


DATE:  13 March 2009

FROM:  Cougar  Cougar@sasws.net

SUBJECT:  Link Exchange

Our page at www.sasws.net is fully up and running now and we would be very grateful if you added us to your links page under Northwest Ghost Hunters. So what are you up to, we haven't heard from you in such a long time? How is Weird Oregon doing? Were you able to get the approval of your editor to increase our investigation report of Wolf Creek Inn to 1500 words?

Looking forward to seeing you again, if you get to the Eugene area, and maybe doing an investigation together sometime.



DATE:  30 March 2009

FROM:  Brian H

SUBJECT:  Tacoma Hunt


Wanted to add The Grand Cinema to the Tacoma list. I personally saw a man in the projection room while delivering for the company I worked for. Was looking for a signature on an invoice. I saw this man in the projector room and thought it was the normal guy. When I approached the man he walked away from me and disappeared. I then came down stairs and the lone employee asked what I was doing. I told him what happened and he had told me I seen the resident ghost. Apparently there have been multiple sightings.

Brian H




DATE:  5 April 2009

FROM:  Billy J 

SUBJECT:  Samuel Pepys House



The house in your photo is not Samuel Pepysís old home...you have taken a photo of the house next door....however if you type in the 12 Buckingham St. London address on the google earth street camera you will notice a round plaque on the wall with Pepys name on it....also, as you are interested in ghosts, if you scan up to the top windows there's a spooky face looking down.

 Best wishes
 Tom J  

Tom is probably right.  When I took the tour in 2002, I was under the impression that in Pepys' Day, his "house" extended through several rooms in the building.  This would include the building where the blue medallion is placed, but the rooms next door.  I thought that they had divided the house in later years, but this is probably wrong.  For the original article I wrote, follow this link: 









DATE:  6 April 2009

FROM:  Chris P.  

SUBJECT:  Balls of light

After seeing your web page on photography and the photos that you have displayed, I feel that you may be interested to know that recently I was shown some photos by a friend whom works, on staff at Sharborne Castle, Somerset, England. In these photos that was taken of my friend and his co workers who had been doing painting decorating etc. In every photo that was taken in several different locations  throughout the castle, was a number of  perfect Balls of light, In every photo  surrounding the workers, as if the balls of light where following the workers  to the different locations. These balls of light was not abstract as in the example on your web site but most definitely there, .

The Photos as far as I am aware where taken with a digital camera and the balls of light where discovered when the prints where done. If this of interest, I could ask him if I may Photo copy some of his prints or scan them for you to look at. From Chris P., England...   




DATE:  6 April 2009

FROM:  Kris J

SuBJECT:  Multiple spirits in one home in Walla Walla, WA  99362

Warning, some readers may find this story disturbing.

My name is Kris J, and I am writing you about a home my family has been around for the past 70 years.

The house is located at XXXX Old Milton Hwy., I write because it is haunted.  No other way to put it, I will first give you the history of the house and then some of the disturbances.

 The house was purchased by my great grandfather and grandmother in the 1930's and was remodeled excessively in the 40's and 50's.  during this time, my grandfather and grandmother were school teachers, and farmers.  Needing extra help they brought on my Great Uncle and Aunt, and a family of migrant Hispanic workers.  This is where the story goes from absolute fact to family legend.  According to family legend, which was passed from my great grandfather on his deathbed, to my brother.  The legend stated that, the family of migrant workers a father, mother and two sons, Were at the time living on the property (which at the time spanned a good 40 acres or more). The mother and father went onward to find more crops to pick in Washington and Oregon.  While the children stayed behind.  This is where it gets dark; According to legend.  My great Uncle was molesting these young boys.  And apparently killed one in the process of penetration, with the child screaming the other child went to get my grandfather to unlock the barn so he could help his brother.  They arrived on a bloody mess, the child being hemorrhaged and bled out. To keep the secret safe my great uncle had killed the other boy as well, which implicated my grandfather as an accomplice.  A month or two later the parents showed up, and "disappeared" more than likely killed to keep this a secret. With the story out, I will start to get to my personal experiences, and those of my mother, uncle, aunt, brother, multiple cousins, and friends of the family.

 I grew up in that house, playing as a child during summer, we liked to dig holes, in the soft rock free dirt.  We were digging in a spot that we were told to stay clear of, and was quickly yelled at by grandpa and escorted by grandma back into the house.  The week after that grandpa poured a concrete slab over where we were digging.  to this day, I canít walk over this spot without feeling a presence of being watched.  Friends and family that werenít in this event, also have had the same feeling of being watched when in this area of the yard. 

In the basement of the house, there is a fruit cellar/storage room.  I have seen two boys approx. 10 years of age in this room, and they were definitely malicious and menacing.

 Also in the basement there is a bedroom, where I have never been able to sleep being too uncomfortable to do so, (which is odd for me, because I can sleep anywhere and pride myself in the ability to do so).  reports from my uncle, mother, aunt, and multiple cousins that have stayed in this room, have stated that a woman in her 30's would hover over the bed while they were trying to fall asleep, she would show up in a mirror when they were looking into it, when they turned around it would be gone, The closet in the room goes under the main stair well, and my Cousin went in to put his coat away, the door locked from the outside, and laughing was heard, there was no one else in the home at the time.

 On the Main Stairwell, on multiple occasions, I have been accosted by a spirit above the closet of the downstairs bedroom, while walking the stairs, the first time when I was 8 years old, a force grabbed me by my chest and threw me back into the basement as I tried to go up the stairs.  The second was later that year where I was grabbed on the ankle/leg by a force that to this day scares the living shit out of me.  This also happened to a few of my cousins.

 On the secondary Stairwell, one of my younger cousins, 3 at the time was seen floating in the air over the stairwell and then dropped down the stairs during a family holiday.  If I am not mistaken it was Thanksgiving, shortly after this happened a sulfuric smell surrounded the stairwell, and caused a few of us to become sick.

 There is no doubt in my mind, that the family legend is true, but still being covered up,  I am also very sure that there are bodies buried on that property that remain unmarked, unclaimed, and mostly forgotten.  Which would piss me off enough to stick around and make people take notice of my presence.

 The current owners of the property are my grandfather and his wife, and it was suggested that he was also a conspirator in keeping this secret buried. Evidence to back this up has been discussed by a few of us, as in blackmailing my great grandfather for a new car, vacations, and finally the house.  I would highly doubt that my grandfather would allow any type of investigation to happen on this property. Seeing how he could be indicted if any actual evidence of a crime would appear.

 What you do with this information is up to you, but i am not a crazy individual, I am pretty skeptical when it comes to the supernatural, but I have seen enough in this house to know that it exists, and I have always had a feeling of dread when going onto and into certain parts of the house and property, as have EVERYONE i have taken into them.  One claiming to be "attuned" gave a pretty close description of the family legend, when she didnít know about it. 

Thank you kindly, and have a wonderful day

 Chef Kris J



DATE:  20 April 2009

FROM:  Matthew P.

SUBJECT:  St. Johns Theatre happening

I have never really had a "ghost" experience before, but last night at St. Johns theatre and pub we had a strange happening. My girlfriend, her friend and I were sitting in the theatre watching a movie and a glass of wine was ejected off the table all over my girlfriend. We tried to debunk the situation but we could not come up with any reasoning to how it happened than something supernatural..
1. The wine glass was 5-6 inches in from the table edge.
2. We all watched the glass launch directly forward, not topple over.
3. Wine was all over face, chest side, not just on lap or floor.
4. Table only shifts side to side not forward and back incase bumped.
5. No one was intoxicated-first drinks.
I know the building has some history, and there have been some other haunting situations according to some of the staff. Pretty interesting. I am curious to your thoughts on this.

Thank you for your time.
Matt P





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