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In recent weeks it has come to my attention that certain parties are using my ghost stories and those of my contributors as references for their own commercial enterprises.  If you or someone you know is writing a book on ghosts in the Pacific Northwest, PLEASE DO NOT!!! copy or use the following stories or any other materials within this website as references.  

Jefferson Davis (25 April 2003)



Date:  30 March 2007

From:  Joyce  

Subject;  Prune Hill, Camas, Wa.  Need Help?

I came across your e-mail by luck.  I was searching burial grounds, Chinook Indians etc.  I live on Prune Hill in Camas.  I know it was once called LaCamas, Strawberry Knoll.  Also, I am not sure but Camp Bonneville was once located around here some where?  I am curious if you know anything about Prune Hill area? 

I have always felt something was not right.  I feel an evil presence in my home.  We are the original owners, but it seems to me that maybe the land here was once occupied by Indians or something.  I could be wrong, but I was just curious if you knew anything.  I live on top of the hill by the Water Tower.  Please e-mail any information you have.  I read about the bowling alley and Lacamas Lake.  But I am not close to that.  My husband came down with a rare illness called Guillian Barre Syndrom, and I just always feel like there is an evil presence tormenting us.

Well, again if you have anything, it would be helpful to put my suspicion to rest.
Sincerely, Apr


Date:  31 March 2007

From:  Gretchen  

Subject:  Ghost Stories

 I do actually have a story to tell about a house in Tacoma, Wa.   However, I thought I would wait to here from you to make sure this is real.  Also, are the stories anonymous as my family thinks I'm a little weird.

Also, I have a close friend whose daughter lived in a house in the Ruston, WA area.  I'm trying to find out more info on it, (and not this is not me or my daughter, I only have dogs and cats).  I was just told the story and it is fascinating.  From what I understand at this point, a doctor built it and also committed suicide there.

 Any info would be of interest



Date:  7 April 2007

From:  Chilsea H

Subject:  Officerís Inn

 Hello, my name is Chelsea H   I was so glad to have found your website since I have been looking for ones about the Officer's Inn history. (near Astoria, Oregon.)

My Grandmother owned that Inn a couple years back and I love that place! I have stayed there just a couple times, one with just my immediate family, and the other was a family get together. I felt really weird about that house the first times I went there to stay for a day and the other to spend the night. I explored the house, going in the basement and all of the rooms since it wasn't too popular of a place yet. As I said, I just got really weird vibes from the place and just did not like that Inn at all when I stayed there the first time. I have always been a skeptic about hauntings and what not and felt that there just might be something a little "off" at that building.

The second time I stayed was, like I said, with a bunch of my extended family including 3 cousins, who I had never met before. The 3 people were easy to bond with and we hung out a lot then. Little did I know, they were very "interesting" people.  I found this out when on one of those nights we stayed there, they asked my sister and I if we wanted to go on a "ghost hunt" since it would be a full moon. One of my Aunts told my sister and I not to go since she did not trust them but we went anyway, due to our growing curiosity.

We set out right away around 10PM to go to Fort Stevens.  Please understand that my cousins are crazy!  They wanted to sneak into the Fort during closed hours because then we could really get in on some paranormal action over there.  It would have been freaky yeah, but I was glad they decided against it when we got to the gate and saw that it was closed but unlocked. We went back towards the Inn and kept going down the street facing the Inn, on the opposite side of the park.  Down that road, we found ourselves at the military Cemetery and decided to not go in once again.

So, as we walked back towards the Inn, we passed the stop sign where you can either keep going straight or turn right which leads eventually to more house, the Inn, or to the main road taking you back to the main part of Hammond.  Now, I cannot base this on being true but my Aunt felt like she was being followed very closely once we passed that stop sign. She kind of yelled and freaked out and walked faster to get away from that area.  We all got back to the porch and faced the park in front of the Inn and just sat there. As we talked about ghosts and what not (they are definite fanatics), my cousin Matt pointed out something near the stop sign we had passed a while ago. 

We all looked and stared.  This, I can base on something reasonable and not too crazy because I, again, am a skeptic.  It might have been a tactic to get my sister and I freaked out, but when we all looked at the stop sign, there was a very distinctive silhouette of a man passing probably 10 feet from the stop sign, then towards the house next to it, and back.  Just back and forth that entire time.  It was so clear.  I cannot say how far it was but since you have been there, it was on the side of the porch farthest from the fort.

It's the stop sign you can see to your left that is diagonal from the top right corner of the park. So as I was saying, this figure we could see was a distinct shadow in a grey-ish sort of shade. It was clear that he was carrying a gun, the type they used in the First World War, cant remember what it's called, it has the spear on the tip of it...  Anyways he just passed back and forth like it was a post he was guarding.

Another instance, which I cannot really base on anything concrete, was when we were still on the porch and we were just gazing out at the park, just straight ahead to the left of the swing set and merry-go-round.  I donít know if there is a name for it, since it was at night and I could have just imagined it, but all 5 of us could see at one time or another, men in military uniform walking in different areas around the park. I would see one man wearing a sort of cape with his uniform and the next second he'd be gone.

The figure would be visible for maybe 3 seconds, then vanish, and then come back and it happened like this for a while.  Again, I have never had a supernatural experience except for that night.  It was dark, and my insane cousins I guess were leading my sister and I into believing these things... group hysteria might be the name.  I could probably say that the men on the field might have been my imagination, though I cannot explain why it was that we saw the same thing.  The man at the stop sign, passing, was one instance in which I cannot explain.

This email was incredibly long and I am sorry for that. But after that night, I no longer felt harsh feelings about that building. I was more intrigued than anything and wish to return there someday for another visit.  But to know about the history more in depth would be great and to see photographs of these men, like in uniform or at the Inn would be awesome, since I am a history photography buff anyway.  But I hope that these things I wrote do add something to what you experienced at the Officer's Inn. Obviously, and unfortunately my Grandmother left ownership of that house to other people.  Recently after staying at that house for the family get-together. Again, I am sorry for the long email, I only wanted to really help you imagine what it was that was seen and experienced.  Thanks!


HI Chelsea,
Thanks for emailing me.  You are right, it was a long email.  Don't get me wrong, it was very interesting, and filled with detail, which I do not usually get.  I am afraid that you will be disappointed if I do not answer all of your questions.  However, I will try.

Since you visited my website, I won't go into the history of the building too much.  The uniforms you described are accurate.  Many officersí dress uniforms had capes, and some of the wet weather coats worn by ordinary soldiers had a kind of duster/cape flap on them.  The rifle used during WWI was the 1917 Springfield, which was very long, and the bayonet for it was about a foot long as well.  There are a few photographs at a store in Astoria, called the Compleat Photographer you might want to look at.

The current owners of the Officer's Inn are very much into the history of the buildings, and though they do not completely believe in ghosts, they are willing to talk about it.  They also have some memorabilia, and perhaps have a photo album or two?  The Fort Stevens museum has some interesting books on the history of the place, as well as pictures.  The people working at Fort Stevens are a bit closed mouth on the subject of the ghosts there though.  Sorry.

I am sure that if you go back a time or two, you will have more experiences.  Sometimes people stay over in larger groups, with ghost themed activities.

I hope this helps.  I know that you sent me another message; I'll get to it next. 

Jeff Davis


Date:  7 April 2007

From:  Chilsea H

Subject:  North Portland Ghost

Hello, I just emailed you but had another little bit to add.  I live in North Portland and my house was built in 1905.  I remember one night I was in bed sleeping when I just woke up for a minute to look at the clock (I wake up a lot at night), suddenly as I looked at the clock, a dark figure walked across my view of the clock and that was it.  It was a completely black, non-transparent figure.  My best friend who now lives with me also saw something of the same sort. She was doing something with the light hanging in my room and saw a dark figure pass between her and the ceiling.

Once more, when my sister was doing laundry in the basement, and I was upstairs, she yelled for me. I walked downstairs and she asked me how it was I was just in the basement.  Well, it wasnít me, but she just thought it was me, to make it seem more logical. She also saw a dark figure in the basement.  I do not know where she was in the basement when this happened but she was pretty freaked out by this. I have heard there was some way to find out the history of one's house/neighborhood.  Mine is pretty old and was wondering if there was a website with archives of house owners and maybe even more about those people. Do you know of any of these websites?  Great site by the way.  Thanks!




Date:  23 April 2007

From:  Terry Charlet  

Subject:  Vancouver Barracks Ghost Walk (thanks)

 In late April 2007, I gave a free ghost walk around the Vancouver Barracks for Portlandís (Yahoo) Ghost Meetup Group.  Here is one of the emails from an attendee

I wanted to just say thank you very much for your tour on Sunday, it was very interesting to say the least.  I did capture a couple of orbs in the Red Cross bldg. and after the tour we went to the Grant restaurant and had dinner.  The staff was very nice and allowed us to tour, (wander aimlessly), the bldg and take photo's after dinner. They even brought out the plaque from SWWPS that deemed their restaurant "haunted" and seemed quite proud of the fact. I'm going to attach photo's of the tour and restaurant, feel free to post these on your website or use in your book, you have my permission.


   I really enjoyed meeting you. Look forward to seeing you again.

Terry Charlet
p.s. I included a third picture, it's of the hospital, there were lots of dust particles on the window and the flash, but on the left hand side there's 2 possible anomalies ( orbs ) what's your take on these, dust? Or possible orbs?



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