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In recent weeks it has come to my attention that certain parties are using my ghost stories and those of my contributors as references for their own commercial enterprises.  If you or someone you know is writing a book on ghosts in the Pacific Northwest, PLEASE DO NOT!!! copy or use the following stories or any other materials within this website as references.  

Jefferson Davis (25 April 2003)






26 April 2003

From Marie M.

Subject:  Ghost Photography


Hi Jeff,
 I looked at the picture of you and the ghostgal but I see a
picture of a skull.  Was she holding the skull? It doesn't look like she is?   Am I seeing things or was their a skull?

Take you time in answering my letter.  I am not going anywhere. Ha Ha  From what I read you are a very busy.

Thank You. Marie


25 April 2003

From Laurel

Subject:  The Althea Room (McMenamins Edgefield)


Hey Jeff

Thanks for your reply. 

Three of us checked into the hotel and were going to be the only ones staying in the administrators house.  We had booked the Althea room because we had read one of your books.  Upon arrival to the house there was immediate feeling that we weren't alone.  On the second floor we attempted to open the door to Althea's.  It was sticky, and hard to pull open.  Once we pulled it...there was a cold blast of air that came down the stairway.

I commented that it was cold and I knew cold was a bad sign.  Nonetheless we all went slowly up the steps.  I swear I heard some thing giggling at us and I told my friends.  They didn't hear it and continued up the steps...  when all of a sudden we heard something like a thud... Like something falling off a shelf and hitting the ground.....  Well that was it.... We were outta there.

We ended up staying in 307 where the cat in the attic lives.. : ) it was a quiet night from then on then next day we requested to inspect the Althea room....in the daylight...figuring it would be safe.  I was scared and wanted to keep both the front and back doors open so I could get outta there if I had to.... My friend Kristi said to close the back door so no one would come in.....

I kept telling her keep it open cause I didn't care who came in.  I wanted to get out of there!!!  She teased me and proceeded to close the back door.  As you know there are 2 back doors.  One leading to the basement and one to the kitchen.  She closed the 1st one.  And as she stared to close the second one she heard the first one open up by itself.  In disbelief she check to see what was happening and saw the door opening all the way by itself.... like it was being pushed.

I teased her back and said see? Althea knows I wanted it open!!!!!!!!   We kept it open and went up the floor 2.  When we got to the second floor, we had no trouble unlocking and opening her door.  There were no cold spots.... as a matter of fact the heater clicked on while we were inspecting the room.  I told my friend it was because I said it was too cold in there the night before... Althea wanted us to stay....  Other than the door opening and the heater turning on....nothing else happened that morning.

We searched the room looking to find what had fallen the night before, but found nothing.  It was a night I wont forget.....  My friends and I want to go back.....and stay the entire night in her room.

We'll keep you posted on what happens next time!!!

glad to share our story : )




18 March 2003

From: Ed B.

Subject:  The Barbary Banjo in Victoria B.C.

The Banjo was a popular nightclub in Victoria from about 1969 to '71/72(?) and was located in the basement of a restored office building in Bastion Square. The Banjo was home to the New Vaudeville Band, an English group that had a gold record and appeared on the Ed Sullivan show. I worked there as a bartender/waiter for a year in my youth and still have fond memories of the place. As the nightclub was open till 230 staff often stayed later to unwind and on occasion may have accounted for the reports of activity in the middle of the night. I don't recall that anyone thought it was haunted at the time.



5 March

From: Gianna

Subject: Childhood Ghost

Hello there,

My name is Gianna and I have a ghost story to tell you. Well ok here we go Iíve been living in this house for a long time and when I was 9 years old I used to wake up in the middle of the night because I saw to little boys bouncing on the end of my bed they were not alive they were ghosts. They never went away until I stayed away from the house for a while I have never seen them since.

Thank you for your time sincerely,




28 February 2003

From Yoli

Subject: Demons as Ghosts

The following entries are a set of emails I exchanged with Yoli between  28 Feb Ė 2 March 2003


(28 February 2003) Hi Jeff,

Thought provoking site but I recommend not reading it at 11:55 PM. You brought up something I found very interesting, by way of explanation, allow me to quote you, "Some ghost hunters subscribe the theory that most ghosts are demons masquerading as the spirits of the dead. Their purpose is to lead us to evil and do harm. Not just houses, but people are open to possession by demons. The ritual of exorcism has been used frequently in the last few decades."  I would like to read more about this theory, where did you get your information?

Thank your for an interesting and enjoyable site, and keep on "spooking."




(28 February 2003) Hi Yoli,

Thanks for the compliments on my website.  The theory that there are no ghosts, only demons is very old.  It dates back to the late  Middle Ages and believe it or not, it its the present policy of the Catholic Church.  The chief ghost hunters who support this theory, at least in part are Ed and Lorraine Warren.  They have been ghost hunting since the 1960s.  Their website URL is: http://www.ghostvillage.com/legends/warrens.htm

I've been to sťances and such and I've found that some of the people who believe this can be soooo serious that I am more frightened by them than the thought of a ghost/demon.  I hope this helps.




From Yoli, (2 March 2003) 

Hi Jeff,

I wonder if you can tell me if the site you sent me, is it the site of the Warrens of a site about them. Are they still living? I have a question for them, as spoken in the Scriptures something about a ,"fathers sins visited on the sons."

I do genealogical research and I was wondering, if let say an ancestor was in to the occult could that person open a "door" so that the families in generations to come somehow "inherit" that "sin" Also, consecrated ground, to make or declare sacred, to devote to the worship of God by a solemn ceremony



23 Feb

From: Duane G.

Subject: More haunted places in southern Oregon


You may also have the The Speak Easy Restaurant and Bar checked out. The Bar Tender at the Leona's Ghost told me they at the Speak Easy has more haunting then they do. Several years ago, I was standing outside the Speak Easy when I had a apparition come around the corner of the building and "bump" into me. It was the figure of a man dressed in the area of the late 1800's. He was walking very fast. I could almost feel the bump on my shoulder. He did not appear to know I was there or maybe he didn't care. The person with me did not see him.

I hear the town of Independence, Oregon have what they call a Ghost Walk sometime in the late summer. They walk around town and into the building that are haunted. They tell stories of the haunting. It is suppose to take place sometime in the late summer in the evening.


Duane G.



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